Colorado County Cemeteries

Most of the information contained here is the result of the diligent work of Bill Stein, former director of the Nesbitt Memorial Library, and his volunteers in surveying cemeteries within the county.

There are direct links from this page to information, including directions and an up to date list of burials, for every known cemetery in the county. We appreciate John Konesheck's help in extracting the names of those buried from the Nesbitt Memorial Library's data. At the request of a patron, we have added the following designations: (W) all White or White/Hispanic burials; (B) all Black burials; and (M) mixed burials.

There are also lists of those believed to be buried in the county, but where the name of the cemetery is unknown (see Burial place unknown or Cremated).

Colorado County cemetery records are also available online at the Nesbitt Memorial Library web site in the form of an alphabetical listing of all known burials in the county.

Lists of Cemeteries

A - B

C - G

H - L

M - O

P - S

T - Z


Abell Cemetery (W) Barton Cemetery(W) Bretschneider Cemetery (W)
Adams Cemetery (W) Batla Cemetery (W) Carl Bretschneider Cemetery (W)
Adkins Cemetery (W) Besch Cemetery (W) Britton "Grave Site"
Alexander Cemetery (B) Boeer Cemetery (W) Brown Family Cemetery (B)
Allen Cemetery (W) Boetcher/Boettcher Cemetery
(See Bottger Cemetery)
George W. Brown Burial Site (W)
Alley Family Cemetery (W)
Borden Cemetery (W) Brownson Cemetery
(See Golden Rod Cemetery)
Alleyton Cemetery (M)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Bottger Cemetery (W) Brownsville Cemetery
(See Union Hill Cemetery
Amthor Cemetery (W) Boykin Cemetery (B) Brune Cemetery (W)
Bachelor Cemetery (W)
(See Zoar Lutheran Church Cemetery)
Braden Cemetery (W) Ludwig Brune Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Bratton Cemetery (W) Burttschell Cemetery (W)

C - G

Carlton Cemetery (M) Devil's Pocket Cemetery
(See Clear Creek Cemetery)
Gaedecke Cemetery
(See Kretzchmar Cemetery)
Carter Family Cemetery (W) Dittman Cemetery (W) Garwood Cemetery (W)
Cheetham Cemetery (W)
Eagle Lake Cemetery East (B) Garwood Methodist Cemetery (W)
(See Lehrer Cemetery)
Clear Creek Cemetery (W)
Designated a Texas Historic Cemetery
Eagle Lake Cemetery North (B)
Gay Hill Cemetery (B)
Columbus City Cemetery (M)
Eagle Lake Community Cemetery
(See Eagle Lake Cemetery North)
German-Methodist Cemetery
(See Lehrer Cemetery)
Columbus Confederate Cemetery
Eagle Lake Masonic Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Gerstenberger Cemetery (W)

Columbus Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery (W)
Updated 9/15/20

Farmer's Improvement Society Cemetery
(See Eagle Lake Cemetery East)

Glaiser Cemetery
(See Alley Family Cemetery)
Corner Cemetery (B)
Fitzgerald Cemetery (W) Glidden Cemetery (B)
Cox Family Cemetery (W)
Flournoy Homestead Cemetery (W)

Golden Rod Cemetery (W)

Cremated (M)

Floyd Cemetery (B)
Pisek/Lone Oak

Good Hope Cemetery (B)
Updated 6/26/23

Dahse Cemetery (W) Gaedecke Cemetery (W) Grace Cemetery (W)

H - L

Hadden Cemetery (W)

Hurr Cemetery (W)

Kelch Cemetery (W)

Hahn Cemetery (W)
(See Nada Cemetery)

Ijams Cemetery (W)
(See Pleasant Grove Cemetery)

Kellner Cemetery (W)
(See Bretzschneider Cemetery)

Halyard Cemetery (W) Independent Methodist Cemetery (B) Kollmann Family Cemetery (W)
Harvey's Creek Cemetery
(See Pleasant Hill Cemetery)
Jacobs Cemetery (W) Kretzschmar Cemetery (W)
Hasse Cemetery (W) Johse/Jokse Cemetery (W) Laas Cemetery (W)
Hebrew Benevolence Society Cemetery (W) Jones Cemetery
(See Abell Cemetery)
Lakeside Cemetery/Lakeside Latin
Eagle Lake

Hehr Cemetery (W)

Judyville Cemetery (B)

Lehrer Cemetery (W)
Heinsohn Cemetery (W) Kaiser Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Lilie Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Himly Cemetery (W) Kansteiner Cemetery (W)

Live Oak Cemetery (W)
Updated 10/2/11

Hoppe Cemetery (W)

Kansteiner 2 Cemetery (W)

Lostracco Cemetery (W)

M - O

Max Cemetery (W)

Miller Creek Cemetery (W)

Nativity Cemetery (W)
Eagle Lake

McDowell Cemetery (B)

Miller High Hill Cemetery (B)

New Bielau Cemetery (W)

McGrew Cemetery (B)
Miller Oak Grove Cemetery (W) Oakes Cemetery (W)
McLeary Cemetery (W) Montgomery-Thatcher Cemetery (W) Oakland Cemetery (B)
Mentz Catholic Cemetery
(See St. Roch)
Mount Zion Cemetery
(See Boykin Cemetery)
Oakland Hill Cemetery (B)
Mexican Cemetery Muckleroy Cemetery (W) Obenchain Family Cemetery
(See Pinchback Cemetery)

Meyer Family Cemetery (W)

Myrtle Cemetery (W)
Rock Island

Obenhaus Cemetery (W)
Miller Cemetery (W) Nada Cemetery (W) Old Osage Cemetery (W)
Gerhard Miller Cemetery (W) National Cemetery
(See Nada Cemetery)
Osage Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Updated 6/28/24

P - S

Paradise Gardens Cemetery (B)
Updated 3/17/24

Rees Cemetery (W)

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery (W)

Perry Cemetery (W)

Reichardt Cemetery (W)

St. Roch Catholic Cemetery (W)

Pest Camp Burial Grounds (B) Richardson Homestead Cemetery
(See Rock Island Cemetery)
Sam Houston Cemetery (B)
Pinchback Cemetery (M)
Updated 1/22/2023
Riesing Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Shaw Cemetery (W)
Pleasant Grove Cemetery (W) Rising Star Cemetery (B) Shaws Bend Cemetery (B)
Pleasant Hill Cemetery (B) Rock Island Cemetery
Shepard Memorial Cemetery (B)

Poenitzsch Cemetery (W)

Ruhmann Cemetery (W)

Sommerlatte Cemetery (W)
Prause Cemetery (W)
Designated a Texas Historic Cemetery
St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery (W)
Steitz Grave
Private Colored Toland Chapel Cemetery
(See Gay Hill Cemetery)
St. Mary Catholic Cemetery (W)

Suggs Cemetery (W)

Reels Bend Cemetery (M)

St. Michael Catholic Cemetery (W)
Slaves Who Died During Year Ending June 1, 1850
Slaves Who Died During Year Ending June 1, 1860

T - Z

Tait Cemetery (M)

Warner Cemetery (W)

Wind Chapel Cemetery (B)

Tanner Cemetery (W)

Washington Cemetery (W)

Wooldridge Cemetery (W)

Taylor Cemetery (W) Wearden Cemetery (W) Woolsey Family Cemetery (W)
Thomas Family Cemetery
(See Wind Chapel Cemetery)

Weimar Masonic/Odd Fellows Cemeteries (W)
Designated A Historic Texas Cemetery

Wright Cemetery (W)
Tipp Cemetery (W) Weishuhn Cemetery (W) Wright Family Cemetery (W)
Toland Cemetery (B) Edward Weishuhn Cemetery (W) Samuel Wright Cemetery (B)

Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery

White Cloud Cemetery
(See Rising Star Cemetery)

Zimmerscheidt-Leyendecker Cemetery (W)
Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery
Uhlig Cemetery (W) Chartie Williams Community Cemetery (B)
(See Williams Paradise Cemetery)
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery
(See Zoar Lutheran Church Cemetery)
Union Hill Cemetery (B)
Williams Paradise Cemetery (B)

Zoar Lutheran Church Cemetery (W)

Vox Populi Cemetery (B)
Willing Workers Cemetery (B)

Burial place unknown
If you know where any of these people are buried, please contact the county coordinator.

Wilson Family Cemetery (W)

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