Oakes Cemetery



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  • Location: on the east side of FM 106, about 7.5 miles, following the meanders, north of its intersection with Highway 90A
  • Map: 2996-311, Rock Island Quadrangle (not marked)
  • Earliest known year of death: 1869
  • Earliest known year of birth: 1820
  • Most recent known burial: 1908
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Number of known burials to date: 10
  • Comments: The cemetery contains one footstone with the initials "L. S. T." for which no headstone could be found. There are informal markers for at least five more graves. It's believed there are many more which are unmarked.
    Surveyors: Vernon Rabel, Juanita Rabel, Regena Williamson, Norma Hooper, and Bill Stein
    Date surveyed: May 10, 2006

Leona Townsend marker

The bottom half of Leona Townsend's stone was unearthed after a 2013 rain.
Photo courtesy of Katie Kunz

Chester, Robert Henry; born: Oct 15, 1878; died: Sep 5, 1880;
Son of James M. and Kate Chester

Chester, William Fred; born: Oct 1, 1882; died: Jan 4, 1884;
Son of James M. and Kate Chester

Johnson, Dandridge; born: Oct 6, 1829; died: Jun 27, 1893; (tombstone)

Little, Frank; born: May 2, 1856; died: Sep 6, 1908; (tombstone)

Oakes, John C.; born: Oct 31, 1870; died: Sep 11, 1889;
Son of John Calvin and Malissa Adeline (Cooper) Oakes

Oakes, John Calvin; born: Sep 8, 1828; died: May 3, 1911;
Son of Ebenezer and Drusilla (Drown) Oakes, married Malissa Adaline Cooper Mar 21, 1854 [unmarked grave]

Oakes, Malissa A.; born: Sep 23, 1865; died: Oct 5, 1880;
Daughter of John Calvin and Malissa Adaline (Cooper) Oakes

Oakes, Malissa Adaline; born: Aug 26, 1839; died: Dec 1, 1891;
Daughter of Dillard and Lucinda (Fondren) Cooper, married John Calvin Oakes, Mar 21, 1854

Townsend, Leona; born: c. 1859; died: August 22, 1866; (tombstone)
Daughter of Henry Sumner and Emeline (Tinkler) Townsend. [Date of birth is taken from the 1860 census.]

Townsend, R. L.; born: Jun 24, 1863; died: Sep 16, 1869;
Daughter of Thomas Lewis and Sylvania E. (Stapleton) Townsend, called Tuppie

The initials L. D. T. are on this stone.

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