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Warner Cemetery

Warner, Ann Ophelia; born: unknown; died: Jan 2, ????;
Daughter of John Thomas and Martha Ann (Bevill) Welch Warner

Warner, Martha Ann; born: c. 1825; died: Sep 1, 1889;
Nee Bevill, married Thomas T. Welch Apr 5 1841 in Lowndes Co., MS, married John Thomas Warner Apr 25, 1863 in Winston Co. MS

Washington Cemetery

Turner, Julia B.; born: Jan 28, 1801; died: Aug 12, 1852;

Washington, Lawrence A.; born: Apr 28, 1841; died: Aug 12, 1852;
Son of Lawrence Augustine and Martha (Shrewsbury) Washington

Wearden Cemetery

Wearden, Addie Mary; born: c. 1869; died: Sep 22, 1915;
Daughter of Alphonso Baker and Loretta (Bacon) Halyard, married Robert John Wearden

Wearden, Ruth Mary; born: Nov 21, 1916; died: Dec 3, 1916;
Daughter of William G. and Augustine Wearden

Wearden, Walter; born: Jun 23, 1900; died: Jun 18, 1916;
Son of Robert John and Addie Mary (Halyard) Wearden

Weishuhn Cemetery

Reger, Otto J.; born: Feb 1, 1899; died: Jan 31, 1906;

Weishuhn, Ernst F.; born: Oct 25, 1849; died: May 6, 1935;
Son of Ernst F. W. and Fredericke F. (Koenig) Weishuhn

Weishuhn, Ernst F. W.; born: Mar 6, 1824; died: Jul 27, 1891;

Weishuhn, Fredericke F.; born: Oct 1, 1826; died: Feb 13, 1910;
Daughter of Ernst and Martha (Hampton) Koenig, married Ernst F. W. Weishuhn

Weishuhn, Fritz; born: Jan 24, 1861; died: Nov 23, 1872;
Son of Ernst F.W. and Fredericke F. (Koenig) Weishuhn

Weishuhn, Mary; born: Aug 28, 1864; died: Jan 26, 1885;
Daughter of Ernst F.W. and Fredericke F. (Koenig) Weishuhn

Weishuhn, Otto; born: Dec 17, 1859; died: Jan 21, 1885;
Son of Ernst F.W. and Fredericke F. (Koenig) Weishuhn

Weishuhn, Sophie; born: Jan 16, 1852; died: Oct 22, 1932;
Daughter of Frank and Henrietta (Ernst) Ordner, married Ernst F. Weishuhn, Jan 9, 1877

Weishuhn, Sophie; born: Jan 6, 1868; died: Nov 3, 1873;
Daughter of Ernst F.W. and Fredericke F. (Koenig) Weishuhn

Edward Weishuhn Cemetery

Doescher, Heinrich; born: 1824; died: 1894;

Dunlavy, Emil August; born: Mar 28, 1892; died: Jul 27, 1892;
Son of Alex and Margaretha (Weishuhn) Dunlavy (Unmarked grave)

Dunlavy, Margaretha; born: Jul 12, 1865; died: Apr 25, 1892;
Daughter of Edward Weishuhn, married Alex Dunlavy, called Meta

Weishuhn, Edward Sr.; born: c 1825; died: June 9, 1909;

Wilson Family Cemetery

Regla, C. A.; born: c. 1873; died: Aug 11, 1901;

Wilson, Elizabeth; born: 1820; died: Jan 28, 1896;
Daughter of Daniel Morgan, married John Calhoun Wilson, Sep 3, 1840

Wilson, George Shearard; born: May 1850; died: Dec 30, 1907;
Son of John Calhoun and Elizabeth (Morgan) Wilson

Wilson, John Calhoun; born: 1810; died: Aug 1873;

Wind Chapel Cemetery

Holms, Eddie; born: 1898; died: Aug 25, 1928;

Patterson, Frances; born: 1880; died: Sep 23, 1967;

Thomas, Charles F.; born: c. 1892; died: Dec 5, 1964;

Thomas, Louisa; born: c. 1851; died: Dec 25, 1956;
Née Fluellen

Thomas, Peter; born: Feb 17, 1862; died: Nov 9, 1943;
Son of Ben Thomas

Wooldridge Cemetery

Edwards, C. Henderson; born: Aug 10, 1861; died: Apr 16, 1886;
Son of Neversen G. and Sarah F. Edwards, married Mrs. Kate L. (Catherine L. Frazier) Wooldridge on Dec 31, 1885 (tombstone photo)

Fowlkes, Caroline F.; born: c. 1813; died: Mar 27, 1880;
Married Augustus B. Woolridge, married Ethelbert Bruce Fowlkes

Ivey, Teresa E.; born: Nov 1816; died: Oct 3, 1890;
Née Woolridge, married Jesse Ivey

Spears. Jerry; born ca 1810; died: Jan 14, 1894;

Wooldridge, Augustus B.; born: c. 1808; died: Oct 14, 1856; (tombstone photo)

Wooldridge, Dof; born: unknown; died: Jul 1, 1890;
Son of Thomas A and Katherine L. (Fraizer) Woolridge

Wooldridge, Thomas A.; born: Aug 18, 1852; died: Nov 27, 1883;
Son of Augustus B. and Caroline F. Woolridge, married Catherine L. Frazier on Dec 22, 1875 (tombstone photo)

Illegible Tombstone in Wooldridge Cemetery

Woolsey Family Cemetery

McFall, unknown; born: 1890; died: May 18, 1891;
Son of Charles McFall [Charles McFall was a grandson of John M. Woolsey]

Woolsey, Chester Laidly; born: unknown; died: Nov 25, 1887;
Son of J.P. Woolsey (Buried Woolsey Family Cemetery per statement of J.P. Woolsey in Weimar Mercury, September 25, 1908, page 8)

Woolsey, Ina M.; born: Sep 1890; died: Dec 23, 1893;
Daughter of Ed Woolsey (Buried Woolsey Family Cemetery per obit. Tombstone erected in Jul 1894. Mercury Jul 14, 1894, page 2 )

Woolsey, Mathilda A.; born: Jul 21, 1824; died: Jan 11, 1899;
Née Blount, married John Monroe Woolsey, Jan 7, 1840 (Buried Woolsey Family Cemetery per obit- Oak Grove Cemetery in Lavaca County per Sammy Tise book)

Woolsey, Mattie; born: 1889; died: Nov 10, 1889; Woolsey Family Cemetery
Daughter of Sid Woolsey (Buried Woolsey Family Cemetery per obit)

Wright Family Cemetery

Sphinks, Sam; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Walker, Joseph; born: Mar 5, 1851; died: Nov 27, 1906;
Son of Kidder Columbus and Catherine (Parker) Walker, married Rebecca Schulze, May 5, 1882, died from a spider bite

Wright, Hiram M.; born: Jan 16, 1837; died: Dec 3, 1873;
Son of Elija and Lucy Wright

Wright, Laura A.; born: Aug 30, 1867; died: 1867;

Wright, Lucy M.; born: Oct 14, 1868; died: Oct 14, 1868;

Samuel Wright Cemetery

Wright, Samuel; born: 1862; died: Aug 18, 1922; cem:
Son of James Johnson

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