Williams Paradise Cemetery

also known as Chartie Williams Community Cemetery

Notes from Nesbitt Memorial Library:

1. On August 23, 1954, Chartie M. Williams petitioned the Colorado County Commissioners Court to designate five acres of his property for use as a cemetery, specifying in the petition that the cemetery was to be called the Chartie Williams Community Cemetery. The commissioners voted to accept the cemetery on September 13, 1954, and recorded the land as such in Colorado County Deed Records, Book 180, p. 146. Since that time, the cemetery has more frequently been called Williams Paradise Cemetery.

2. Dora Dervin, an aged black woman, provided a list from her memory of persons she believes to have been buried in the cemetery. Many of the burials have been confirmed through other sources. These have not: Albert Banks, Ella Mae Banks (wife of Shirley Banks), Joe Bots, Ruth Calvin (daughter of Will Axel), Johnny Cotton, John and Lizzie Dabney and their sons Buddy, Henry, John, Neal, and Walter, Thomas F. Dervin (son of Richard Dervin), John Harris, Clem Johnson, Mattie Johnson (wife of Oran Johnson), Meady Johnson (nee Nichols, married Clem Johnson), Carlton Kuykendall, Clara Kuykendall (wife of Jim Kuykendall), Warren and Indy Lowe and their children Essie, George, Jim, and Plot, Leola McGrew (nee Turner), Nux McGrew, Wady Nichols, John Pettis, Laurie Indy Pettis (nee McGrew, married John Pettis), Jack Phoenix, Ethel Polk (wife of Will Polk), Liza Polk, Nora Polk, Will Polk, Clarence Robertson, Bill Shaver, Charles Shaver, Doris Shaver, Mathilda Shaver, Perline Shaver, Spencer Shaver, Stacy Shaver (daughter of John and Lizzie Dabney), Mattie Shelly (daughter of John and Lizzie Dabney), James Smith, Mary Smith (wife of James Smith), Emilie Turner, Jim Turner, Rosalie Turner, Jesse Ward, Jesse Ward (son of Jesse and Juanita Stapleton Ward), Mary Wick, Annie J. Williams (wife of Tuck Williams), Shelly Williams (son of Tuck and Annie J. Williams)























Aldridge, Clarece Yvonne; born: Sep 3, 1923; died: Aug 5, 2006;
Daughter of Johnnie Louis and Ella (Anderson) Vann, married Booker T. Dabney, married Harris Aldridge, Dec 22, 1990

Alexander, Annie Bell; born: Aug 20, 1897; died: Nov 24, 1950;
Daughter of Bob and Mahala (NIchols) Williams [Parents' names from death certificate]

Alexander, Bruce; born: May 30, 1894; died: Sep 3, 1981;

Alexander, Charlie; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Alexander, Henry; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Son of Henry and Sylvia Alexander

Alexander, Isaac; born: Nov 10, 1910; died: Nov 30, 1971;
Son of Charlie and Susie (Dancy) Alexander

Alexander, John; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Son of Henry and Sylvia Alexander

Allen, Charlie; born: Apr 26, 1883; died: Sep 20, 1980;
Daughter of George and Henrietta (Collier) Washington

Amos, Alonzie; born: Jan 23, 1933; died: Apr 1991;
Son of Frank and Erma (Williams) Amos

Amos, Alonzie; born: Oct 15, 1956; died; Oct 16, 1956;
Son of Alonzie and Josephine (Mitchell) Amos [Info from death certificate]

Amos, Carrolyn Joyce; born: Apr 23, 1958; died: Apr 23, 1958;
Daughter of Alonzie and Josephine (Haynes?) Amos [Info from death certificate]

Amos, Erma; born: Jul 31, 1907; died: Apr 12, 1991;
Daughter of Rufus and Pearl Williams, married Frank Amos

Amos, Gerald Wayne; born: Feb 20, 1959; died: Dec 26, 1959;
Son of Alonzie and Josephine (Mitchell) Amos [Info from death certificate]

Amos, Robert Earl; born: Feb 5, 1881; died: Sep 29, 1961;
Son of Frank and Ruby Lee (Montgomery) Amos

Amos, Ruby Lee; born: Feb 26, 1943; died: Jan 9, 2009;
Daughter of Willie B. Robinson and Emmit Montgomery

Anderson, Lizzie Edward; born: Sep 19, 1944; died: Mar 1, 2000;
Daughter of Martin and Josephine (Washington) Dancy, married Venneh Anderson

Ashton, Eulilia; born: Jan 1, 1915; died: Jun 19, 1983;
Daughter of Harry and Ellen (Thomas) Harris, married Roadell Ashton

Ashton, Josh, Jr.; born: Mar 1, 1922; died: Jan 23, 1983;
Son of Josh and Lena (Booker) Ashton, veteran of World War II

Austin, Ben; born: Jun 12, 1909; died: Nov 3, 1965;
Son of Wash and Mary B. (Polk) Austin, killed in an automobile accident

Austin, Clifford L.; born: Mar 7, 1916; died: Feb 18, 1999;
Son of Philmore and Westavia (Wright) Austin

Austin, Ora Lee; born: Oct 14, 1916; died: Mar 26, 1977;
Daughter of Henry and Everline (Ellis) Robinson

Austin, Philmore; born: Jan 1, 1892; died: Feb 8, 1975;
Son of Wash and Mary B. (Polk) Austin, called Dock

Austin, Ruth Thelma; born: Nov 17, 1918; died: Feb 25, 1971;
Daughter of Argia and Zenolia (Spann) Hardison, married Clifford Austin

Austin, Westavia; born: Aug 30, 1902; died: Oct 21, 1975;
Daughter of Richard and Tisha (Washington) Wright, married Philmore Austin

Axel, Doris Lucille; born: Jan 8, 1925; died: Aug 16, 1989;
Daughter of William Berk and Cora Lee (Collier) Axel

Axel, Emma; born: Feb 15, 1902; died: Nov 27, 1966;
Daughter of Manual and Alice (Toland) Smith

Axel, Fannie; born: Jul 7, 1932; died: Oct 26, 1979;

Axel, Finest Jack; born: Oct 15, 1915; died: Dec 19, 2000;
Son of Ned Roy and Vera (Kilpatrick) Axel

Axel, Hattie; born: Jun 9, 1897; died: Feb 26, 1964;
Daughter of Lee Richardson

Axel, John Wesley; born: Aug 24, 1905; died: Jan 25, 1971;
Son of Isiah and Fannie (Binkley) Axel

Axel, Irene Mary; born: Sep 16, 1917; died: Jan 9, 2002;
Daughter of Andrew and Minnie Alley, married Finest Jack Axel Jan 11, 1942

Axel, Lawrence Earl; born: Jul 2, 1928; died: Nov 15, 1991;
Son of William Berk and Cora Lee (Collier) Axel

Axel, Lester; born: Oct 7, 1921; died: Sep 17, 2009;
Son of John and Emma Axel

Axel, Madison J.; born: Jan 13, 1897; died: Jul 4, 1960;
Son of Isiah and Fannie (Binkley) Axel

Axel, Mae Etta; born: Feb 20, 1915; died: Jun 1, 2002;
Daughter of William and Cora Axel

Axel, Mamie; born: Feb 23, 1902; died: Jan 6, 1979;
Daughter of Jim and Mattie (Williams) Whidby

Axel, Michael Lester; born: Mar 25, 1960; died: Jun 13, 1995;
Son of Lester and Ora Lee Axel

Axel, Ned Roy; born: Feb 11, 1886; died: May 20, 1962;
Son of Nathan Axel [Father's name from death certificate]

Axel, Ora Lee; born: May 1, 1916; died: Apr 22, 1990;
Daughter of Neil and Sarah (Thomas) Nickson, married Lester Axel, Dec 16, 1953

Axel, Vera; born: Mar 12, 1888; died: Dec 30, 1975;
Daughter of Kane and Sarah (Kilpatrick) Stanly/Stanley, married Ned Roy Axel. [Death certificate gives Mar 12, 1910 as her birth date.]

Axel, William Berk; born: Nov 17, 1898; died: May 28, 1969;
Son of Isiah and Fannie (Binkley) Axel

Axel, William Burk; born: Apr 7, 1917; died: Dec 23, 1994;
Son of William and Cora (Callier) Axel


Banks, Albert; born: Apr 26, 1913; died: Jul 11, 1987;
Son of Henderson and Clara (Coleman) Banks

Banks, Ella Mae; born: Jan 6, 1915; died: Dec 17, 1985;
Daughter of Otto Shirley and Ellen Champ Shirley, married Shelly/Shirley Banks

Banks, Joslin; born: Jun 28, 1968; died: Jun 28, 1968;
Daughter of Arthur and Jessie Mae (Turner) Banks [Information from death certificate]

Banks, Kennith; born: Jan 23, 1960; died: Jan 23, 1960;
Son of Arthur Charles and Jessie Mae (Turner) Banks [Information from death certificate]

Banks, Shirley; born: Sep 8, 1912; died: Nov 8, 1958;
Son of Henderson and Clara (Coleman) Banks

Bankston, Debby Arlean; born: Jun 26, 1965; died: Mar 26, 1966;
Daughter of Morris and Jose (Dancy) Bankston [Parents' names from death certificate]

Bankston, Morris; born: Jun 8, 1940; died: Nov 28, 1975;
Son of Ruben and Iva (Hurd) Bankston, killed in an automobile accident

Binkley, Arthur; born: Nov 9, 1906; died: Oct 18, 1986;
Son of Madison and Josie (Robinson) Binkley, veteran of World War II

Binkley, Jerline; born: unknown; died: Nov 12, 2006;

Binkley, Lavo; born: May 7, 1910; died: Feb 14, 1986;
Son of Madison and Josie (Robinson) Binkley

Binkley, Trula Beatrice; born: Oct 7, 1913; died: Feb 11, 1985;
Daughter of Jesse and Carrie L. (Allen) Lewis, married Lavo Binkley, Feb 2, 1932

Booker, Lizzie; born : c. 1876; died: Mar 6, 1927;
Daughter of Lee and Bessie (Lampkins) Richerson [Information from death certificate]

Boyd, James Walter; born: Apr 5, 1891; died: Oct 17, 1955;
Son of Walter and Mariah (Dawson) Boyd

Brown, Ethel Mae; born: Sep 1, 1923; died: Jun 2, 1975;
Son of Horace and Mary (Guidry) Wilridge


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Calvin, Virginia Ruth; born: Apr 12, 1924; died: Mar 31, 1955
Daughter of William and Cora (Coller) Axel [Info from Death Certificate]

Carter, Alvin Sr.; born: Mar 18, 1952; died: Nov 11, 2011;
Son of Reed Sr. and Dorothy Lee (Johnson) Carter

Carter, Lonetha M.; born: 1961; died: 1980;

Carter, Reed; born: Mar 3, 1928; died: Aug 1, 2003;
Son of Lee and Josephine Carter, called Wedy and Gill

Champ, Cora B.; born: Sep 15, 1919; died: Dec 26, 1968;
Daughter of Sam and Ida (Davis) Scott, married Clyde Melvin Champ [Parents' names, husband's name and months and days from death certificate]

Champ, Ellen F.; born: Jan 22, 1882; died: Nov 27, 1977;
Daughter of Eddie Champ

Charleston, Mary; born: Nov 2, 1903; died: Oct 31, 1972;
Daughter of Oliver Williams

Chavis, Luevenia; born: Dec 16, 1909; died: Nov 10, 2003;
Daughter of John and Hannah Sutton…married William Chavis, Jun 17, 1939, Called Aunt Lue

Chavis, Matilda; born: Mar 4, 1880; died: Mar 9, 1977;
Daughter of Charlie and Sarah (Richardson) Turner, married William S. Chavis

Chavis, William S., Jr.; born: Apr 25, 1904; died: Dec 2, 1989;
Son of William S. and Matilda (Turner) Chavis

Chavis, Willis; born:Sep 22, 1910; died: Mar 26, 1999;
Son of Will Spencer and Matilda Chavis, veteran of World War II, called Dutch

Coleman, Iowa; born: Jan 5, 1896; died: Aug 4, 1980;
Son of Grant and Phennie Coleman, veteran of World War I

Coleman, Martha Victoria; born: Jun 18, 1903; died: Mar 2, 2000;
Daughter of ? Mack and Mary Seabrooks Reed, married James Boyd, married Iway [Iowa?] Coleman

Coleman, Sarah; born: May 1, 1888; died: Oct 23, 1957;
Daughter of George and Sennie (Rhodes) Presly [Information from death certificate]

Collier, Irma Pauline; born: May 9, 1898; died: Jun 5, 1974;
Daughter of Christopher "Kitt" and Virginia (Toliver) Collier

Collier, Mack Alvin; born: Jul 24, 1934; died Jun 23, 1998
Son of Irma Pauline Collier, married Minnie Mae Eleby

Collier, Robert Blaine ; born: Jan 22, 1928; died: Dec 31, 1994;
Son of Irma Pauline Collier, called Sonny

Collier, Woodie Vivian; born: Apr 6, 1931; died Feb 7, 1986;
Daughter of Irma Pauline Collier


Dabney, Henry, born: unknown; died: June 12, 1826;
[Death certificate gives age as 70 however that doesn't match with census info.]

Dabney, Lealer, born: Dec 26, 1903; died: Jun 7, 2011;
Daughter of Sam and Jane King, married Walter Dabney, Sr.

Dabney, Virginia E.; born: Jun 2, 1937; died: Apr 24, 1994;
Daughter of Patience Brown, married Booker T. Dabney

Dabney, Walter Lee; born: Jul 27, 1903; died: Mar 22, 1967;
Son of Henry and Elizabeth (Clay) Dabney [Info from Death Certificate]

Dabney, Walter Neal; born: Jun 6, 1924; died: Apr 23, 1981;
Son of Walter Lee and Lealer (Black) Dabney

Dancy, Alberta; born: 1872; died: Jan 9, 1936;
Daughter of Albert and Sarah (Richerson) Williams/Williamson, married Daniel Dancy [Parents' given names and death month and day from death certificate]

Dancy, Anna; born: Dec 6, 1910; died: Apr 10, 1994;
Daughter of Austin and Martha Nichols, married Jerry Dancy, Mar 19, 1946

Dancy, Daniel; born: Nov 24, 1864; died: Nov 16, 1961;
Son of Jerry and Martha (Phoenix) Dancy [Parents' names and death month and day from death certificate]

Dancy, Daniel; born: Dec 14, 1902; died: May 18, 1974;
Son of Daniel and Alberta (Williams) Dancy [Parents' names from death certificate]

Dancy, Dorothy Nell; born: Oct 23, 1941; died: Mar 2, 1996;
Married Freemon Dancy Sr. Apr. 21 1962

Dancy, Elizabeth; born: Apr 17, 1915; died: Feb 27, 1995;
Daughter of Sam and Ida Scott, married Elvy Dancy

Dancy, Elvy; born: Mar 17, 1899; died: Sep 12, 1983;
Son of Daniel and Alberta (Williams) Dancy

Dancy, Jeremiah; born: Dec 16, 1910; died: Jul 15, 2006;
Son of Daniel and Alberta (Williams) Dancy

Dancy, Josephine; born: Aug 22, 1908; died: Dec 3, 1996;
Daughter of George ane Everlene (Nichols) Washington, married Martin Dancy, Mar 14, 1924

Dancy, Lehmon; born: May 9, 1930; died: Mar 8, 1990;
Son of Martin and Josephine (Washington) Dancy

Dancy, Martin; born: Jun 7,1898; died: Jan 4, 1984;
Son of Daniel and Alberta (Williams) Dancy [Source on dates Social Security Death Index; Source on parents census.]

Dancy, Whidby; born: Jan 16, 1901; died: Nov 18, 1980;
Son of Daniel and Alberta (Williams) Dancy

Davis, Gracie; born: Nov 9, 1885; died: Jun 23, 1979;

Dean, Dell; born: May 1, 1881; died: Dec 1956;

Dervin, Christenner; born: Jun 23, 1882; died: Jan 1, 1982;
Daughter of Eddie and India (Dancy) Champ, married Thomas F. Dervin, Jan 6, 1914

Dervin, Dora A.; born: Jul 10, 1894; died: Nov 5, 1995;

Dervin, Thomas F.; born: 1888; died: Oct 18, 1964;
Son of Richard and Laura (Williams) Dervin [Death Certificate has birth date as Oct 20, 1899 which could be a typo since 1930 census lists him as 47]

Douglas, Erma Jewel; born: Feb 11, 1937; died: Aug 13, 1984;
Daughter of Irma Pauline Collier, married Mildred Douglas


Edwards, Isisah, Jr.; born: Sep 2, 1929; died: Feb 4, 2002;
Son of Isisah and Ella (Moses) Edwards, called June


Farrow, Freeman; born: Sep 25, 1911; died: Oct 24, 1973;
Son of Ferdinand and Annie (Gale) Farrow, called Ninety [Parents' names from death certificate]

Farrow, Roosevelt; born: Jun 27, 1908; died: Jul 5, 1971;
Son of Ferdinand and Annie (Gale) Farrow [Parents' names and months and days from death certificate]

Farrow, Sarah M.; born: Mar 15, 1913; died: Jun 18, 2004;
Daughter of Daniel and Alberta (Williams) Dancy, married Gus Farrow, Mar 25, 1936, called Madea

Felder, Linda Lou; born: c. 1942; died: Mar 23, 2003;
Daughter of Lester D. and Magnolia Ford, married Joseph Cephus Felder

Ford, Lester Dee; born: Jan 16, 1918; died: Mar 4, 1964;
Veteran World War II [Names of parents unknown per death certificate]

Ford, Magnolia S.; born: Jan 2, 1922; died: Jun 4, 1998;
Daughter of Richard Sullivan and Susie (Axel) Smith


Garner, John Weldon; born: Oct 19, 1936; died: Jun 1, 1980;
Son of Sylvester and Eula Mae (Robinson) Garner

Glover, Clifton G.; born: Aug 2, 1938; died: Aug 31, 2004;
Son of General Jackson and Oda Lee (Axel) Glover

Glover, General Jackson; born: Nov 6, 1912; died: May 7, 1965;
Son of Jack and Cynthia (Barnes) Glover

Glover, Joe Lee; born: Nov 14, 1946; died: Mar 10, 1995;
Son of General Jackson and Oda Lee Glover

Glover, Mary Elsie; born: Jan 25, 1905; died: Oct 28, 1976;
Daughter of Daniel and Hatti Hurd, married Alfred Glover

Glover, Oda Lee; born: Dec 13, 1913; died: Jul 9, 2013;
Daughter of John and Emma Axel, married General Jackson Glover, Jr. Dec 11, 1935

Glover, Thomas Earl; born: Nov 6, 1959; died: Feb 11, 2010;
Son of Ernest and Marie Glover; called Ponce

Grimes, Robert E.; born: Nov 9, 1935; died: Jan 3, 2001


Harbert, Cornell; born: Jul 14, 1924; died: Jul 19, 1988;

Harbert, John W.; born: Sep 30, 1922; died: Jan 6, 1967;
Veteran of World War II

Harbert, Ophelia; born: 1909; died: 1990;
[There is a Vero Ophelia Harbert in the Texas Death Index, her death is listed as Aug 4, 1990]

Hawkins, Hazel; born: Apr 26, 1906; died: Feb 1, 1991;
Née Ward

Haynes, Gladys May; born: Feb 11, 1955; died: Feb 16, 2012;
Daughter of Robert Lee and Narsetta (McGrew) Haynes

Haynes, Narsetta McGrew; born: Feb 12, 1933; died: Aug 16, 2009;
Daughter of Willie Sr. and Mamie (Campbell) McGrew, married Rogery Lee Haynes, Sr. in 1955

Haynes, Robert Lee; born: Jun 12, 1917; died: Mar 21, 1981;
Son of Willie and Annie (Woods) Haynes

Haynes, Robert Lee; born: Mar 24, 1936; died: Feb 2, 1973;
Korean veteran

Hemphill, Rosie Lee; born: May 27, 1934; died: May 11, 1973;
Daughter of Frank and Erma (Williams) Amos

Hewitt, Cynthia Marie; born: Dec 14, 1948; died: Jun 20, 1969;
Daughter of Lear Benjamin Sr. and Flossie Mae (Newton) Hewitt [Parents' names from death certificate]

Howard, Arsenia; born: May 23, 1917; died: Mar 1, 1988;
Daughter of Charlie and Lizzie (Booker) Austin, married Walter Lee Howard

Howard, B. Ethel; born: Mar 18, 1913; died: Dec 2, 1991;
Daughter of Jeff and Mattie (Baker) Person...married George Howard

Howard, Edna Mae; born: Feb 11, 1926; died: Jul 13, 1975;
Daughter of Jesse and Earley (Derving) Howard [Parents' names from death certificate]

Howard, George; born: Nov 20, 1909; died: Mar 26, 2004;
Son of Wesley and Myrtle Howard

Howard, Walter Lee; born: Jul 12, 1924; died: Oct 10, 1991;
Son of Robert and Annie (Gails) Howard

Hurd, Daniel; born: Feb 10, 1901; died: Mar 15, 1967;
Son of Jake and Rose (Mason) Hurd

Hurd, Hattie; born: Aug 28, 1901; died: Apr 19, 1961;
Daughter of Mary Gates, married Daniel Hurd [The informant on her death certifcate, Alma Williams, did not know her father's name. On her son's dc her name is given as Hattie Hicks. Birth and death dates from death certificate]

Hurd, Nathan; born: Sep 28, 1914; died: Dec 10, 1930;
Son of Daniel and Hattie (Hicks) Hurd [Info from Death Certificate]

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Ingram, Pauline; born: Sep 2, 1903; died: Feb 17, 1978;
Daughter of Sam and Josephine (Williams) Banks


Jackson, LaKeisha Rena; born: Aug 10, 1970; died: Feb 11, 2005;
Daughter of Willie and Shirley Jackson

Jackson, Lee; born: Nov 29, 1902; died: Apr 4, 1971;
Son of Lee Howard and Emma (Turner) Jackson

Jackson, Leila; born: Apr 13, 1903; died: Jun 9, 1998;
Daughter of Richard and Perline (Wilkerson) Brooks, married Lee Jackson, Feb 6, 1921

Johnson, Amelia; born: Dec 29, 1899; died: Feb 13, 1962;
Daughter of Austin and Martha Nichols, married to Clem Johnson [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Johnson, Dorothy Mae; born: Nov 12, 1928; died: Dec 16, 1986;
Daughter of Ernest and Anna (Nichols) Hurd, married Ulab Johnson

Johnson, Earna Almania; born: May 10, 1914; died: Oct 1, 2005;
Daughter of Bob and Martha Mahalia (Nicholes) Williams, married Frank Smith, married Thessie Johnson Jan 30, 1938, called Almania

Johnson, Fathie; born: Sep 11, 1916; died: Jan 16, 1992;

Johnson, James; born: Dec 20, 1894; died: Aug 6, 1976;
Son of Susie Robinson, veteran World War I [Mother's name and veteran status from death certificate]

Johnson, Jo; born: Oct 17, 1955; died: Oct 29, 2007;
Daughter of Nathan and Patience (Brown) Johnson, married Joe Johnson

Johnson, Leon; born: Oct 14, 1894; died: Feb 23, 1971;
Son of Frank and Emma (Ford) Johnson, veteran of World War I [Death certificate gives Columbus City Cemetery as burial place. This was filled in at a VA hospital]

Johnson, Marcella; born: Nov 16, 1929; died: Dec 7, 2007;
Daughter of Lemmie and Mary McGrew, married Robert L. Scott, married Horace Johnson, Jun 24, 1991

Johnson, Marvin L.; born: Dec 1, 1949; died: Mar 12, 1995;
Son of Fathie Godley

Johnson, Mattie; born: 1898; died: 1992;

Johnson, Oran; born: 1888; died: Sep 21, 1982;
Son of Dick and Jenny (Dancy) Johnson

Johnson, Patience B.; born: Sep 9, 1922; died: Dec 26, 1961;
Née Robertson, married Nate Johnson [Death Certificate gives parents as Wesley and Beatrice (Scott) Brown]

Johnson, Thessie; born: Jan 8, 1918; died: Aug 2006;
Son of James Henry Johnson and Trula Williams, called "Granda"

Johnson, Ulab; born: Nov 1, 1921; died: Apr 9, 1992;
Son of James Henry and Trula Johnson

Jones, James Earl; born: Feb 2, 1937; died: Jul 2007;
Son of James and Alberta Jones, married Jessie Mae Bivins in 1958

Jones, Elex; born: Jan 1, 1866; died: Aug 22, 1958;
[Information from death certificate]

Jones, Sharon; born: Mar 1, 1964; died: Nov 13, 2005;
Daughter of James and Delphine Sewell, married Freddie Jones in 1999


Kennedy, Charlie T.; born: 1915; died: Feb 2, 1967;
Died from stab wounds [Burial information from death certificate]

King, Jesse; born: Sep 14, 1909; died: Apr 23, 1991;
Son of Willie and Lucy King

King, Jewel Raye; born: Jan 25, 1945; died: Jan 18, 2004;
Daughter of Jesse and Leola (Smith) King

King, Leola; born: Jul 9, 1913; died: Apr 12, 1979;
Daughter of Sullivan and Susie (Axel) Smith, married Jesse King

King, Leonard; born: Apr 1, 1940; died: Aug 15, 1990;
Son of Jesse and Leola King, called Sonny

King, Willie Henry; born: Jun 19, 1888; died: Apr 2, 1979;
Daughter of Charlie and Lydia (Slaten) King

Knapp, Theora Jorena; born: Sep 21, 1908; died: Jan 1, 1972;
Daughter of Jesse and Juanita (Stapleton) Ward [Name correction–Napp to Knapp and parents' names from death certificate]

Kyle, Dewey; born: Aug 29, 1901; died: Jun 30, 1962;


Lewis, J. L.; born: Aug 27, 1892; died: Aug 12, 1958;
Son of Robert and Nora Lewis. [Death certificate gives birth date as Aug 25, 1902 and death as Aug 12, 1959. Informant was Mrs. Rosie Lewis. In 1900 Colorado Co. census there is a Jesse P. born Aug 1892 listed with Robert and Nora Lewis]

Lowe, Annie Mae; born: Sep 10, 1929; died: Jan 29, 2004;
Daughter of Willis and Mamie (Campbell) McGrew, married Theodore Lowe, Jr. in 1947

Lowe, Arlena; born: Mar 4, 1889; died: Mar 4, 1975;
Daughter of Henry and Martha (Redus) Owens [Parents' names from death certificate]

Lowe, Ben Vineyard; born: Jun 3, 1893; died: Oct 27, 1952;
Son of Warner and Susie (Deney) Lowe, killed in an automobile accident

Lowe, Everett; born: Oct 21, 1888; died: Jan 23, 1956;
Son of Edward and Henrietta (Wilkoram) Lowe [Parents' names from death certificate]

Lowe, Lavalle; born: Jan 16, 1897; died: Mar 18, 1971;
Son of Lavalle and Susie (Dancy) Lowe [Parents' names from death certificate]


McGrew, Catter; born: Feb 8, 1894; died: Sep 5, 1958;
Son of Eliar/Elijah and Rebecca (Nichols) McGrew; veteran of World War I [Parents' names and veteran status from death certificate]

McGrew, Freddie Lee; born: Apr 30, 1937; died: Jan 21, 2002;
Son of Willis and Mamie (Campbell) McGrew, called Bunny

McGrew, Lemmie; born: May 25, 1898; died: Mar 24, 1980;
Son of John and Leah (Veals) McGrew

McGrew, Lemmie, Jr.; born: Feb 20, 1927; died: Dec 13, 1998;
Son of Lemmie and Mary (Dancy) McGrew

McGrew, Leo James; born: Mar 4, 1931; died: May 20, 1999;
Son of Lemmie and Mary (Dancy) McGrew

McGrew, Leola; born: Jan 1, 1913; died: Nov 8, 1966;
Daughter of Robert and Emily (Turner) Hargrove

McGrew, Mamie; born: Feb 7, 1899; died: Sep 3, 1871;
Daughter of Will and Anna (Crockett) Camble/Campbell, married Willis McGrew [Parents' names from death certificate]

McGrew, Marian Virginia; born: Oct 31, 1930; died: Aug 3, 2001;
Daughter of Johnnie Louis and Mary Ella Vann, married Lemmie McGrew, Jr.

McGrew, Mary Summary; born: Jun 18, 1907; died: Jan 6, 1998;
Daughter of Daniel and Alberta Dancy, married Lemmie McGrew in 1926

McGrew, Pearice; born: Apr 14, 1902; died: May 1987;
Daughter of Austin and Martha Nichols, married Laundry McGrew

McGrew, Robert Loyd; born: Jul 29, 1912; died: Feb 26, 1985;

McGrew, Tommy Lee; born: unknown; died: unknown;

McGrew, Wilbert Douglas, Jr.; born: Dec 29, 1963; died: Jan 10, 1964;
Son of Wilbert Douglas and Ella Mae (Sims) McGrew

McGrew, Willie; born: Dec 6, 1893; died: Apr 3, 1960;
Son of Elijah and Rebecca (Nichols) McGrew

Miller, Althea Marie; born: Jun 19, 1927; died: Jan 9, 1988;

Montgomery, Ruth Thelma; born: Nov 16, 1946; died: Sep 9, 2000;
Daughter of Emmit and Willie B. Montgomery

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Nelson, Johnnie M.; born: 1931; died: 1989;

Nichols, Alzaida F.; born: Jan 8, 1927; died: Mar 11, 1958;
Daughter of Joe and Patsy (Stapleton) Brooks, married Doc Nichols

Nichols, Loriner; born: Mar 24, 1917; died: Oct 19, 1994;
Daughter of Tuck and Annie J. Williams, married Wady Nichols, Dec 1, 1939

Nichols, Mattie Geneva; born: Mar 29, 1914; died: Apr 20, 1990;
Daughter of Jesse Ward, married Joe Nichols, Jun 9, 1938

Nichols, Wady; bon: Nov 16, 1897; died: Nov 1, 1976;
Son of Austin and Martha (Redus) Nichols [Info from Death Certificate]


Oglesby, Pearl; born: Jun 25, 1894; died: Jul 24, 1987;
Daughter of Daniel Dancy, .married Napoleon Oglesby in 1936

Owens, Cherry Anita; born: Mar 1, 1948; died: Jan 31, 1970;
Daughter of John T. and Bernice (Howard) Ward, married Donnell Owens [Parents' and husband's names from death certificate]

Owens, Robert Tyler; born: Apr 18, 1969; died: Apr 18, 1969;
Son of Donnell and Cherry Anita (Ward) Owens [Parents' names from death certificate]


Perkins, Ray Arthor; born: Jul 15, 1921; died: Apr 9, 1987;
Son of Wade and Mary (Williams) Perkins

Person, Roscoe O.; born: May 23, 1907; died: Jan 26, 1979;
Veteran of World War II

Phoenix, T.J.; born: Nov 24, 1931; died: Sep 8, 1985;

Polk, Rosie Hurd; born: Apr 30, 1909; died: Sep 3, 1981;

Pratt, Inez; born: Oct 12, 1941; died: May 7, 1980;
[Months and days from Social Security Death Index and Texas Death Index]

Pratt, Kashara Monette; born: Jan 8, 1963; died: Mar 2008;
Daughter of Robert T. and Inez L. Pratt


Reethy, Cora Virginia; born: Sep 13, 1918; died: Dec 29, 1973;
Daughter Irma Pauline Collier, married Nathan Reethy

Reethy, Nathan; born: Oct 12, 1901; died: Feb 9, 1988;
Married Cora Virginia Collier

Roberson, Clarence; born: Mar 4, 1958; died: Dec 25, 1978;

Robertson, E.; born: 1898; died: unknown;

Russell, Irene; born: Sep 17, 1935; died: Dec 16, 1994;
Daughter of Jerry and Molly Ann (Weans) Staten, married David Russell, Feb 13, 1952


Sampson, Rosie Bell; born: May 14, 1913; died: Oct 1, 1982;
Née Terrell

Scott, Edward L.; bron: Mar 31, 1937; died: Mar 25, 2008;
Son of Eddie Mae Scott Williams and Elvy Dancy

Scott, Ida; born: Sep 25, 1889; died: Jun 22, 1979;

Scott, Jimmie; born: Jul 29, 1957; died: Sep 2, 2010;
Son of Emmanuel and Lacy Lee (Binkley) Scott

Scott, John H.; born: Jul 22, 1926; died: Mar 10, 1982;

Scott, Robert Lee; born: Oct 1, 1924; died: Mar 27, 1999;
Son of Sam and Ida (Davis) Scott

Scott, Sam; born: Jun 4, 1890; died: May 4, 1971;
Son of Sidney and Esther (Axel) Scott

Sewell, Delphine; born: Jun 27, 1927; died: Oct 18, 1998;
Daughter of Tom and Georgia Jones, married James Sewell in 1947

Sewell, James; born: Sep 8, 1919; died: Oct 14, 2001;
Son of George and Estella Sewell, veteran of World War II

Smith, Cherletha Arvel; born: Oct 2, 1965; died: Apr 14, 1993;
Daughter of Willie and Cora B. (Pimpleton) Smith

Smith, Willie; born: Jan 9, 1929; died: May 21, 1990;

Spann, A. C.; born: Jul 10, 1897; died: Jan 21, 1962;
Daughter of A. C. and Frances (Carter) Booker, married Steve Spann

Spann, Emma; born: Apr 29, 1898; died: Sep 19, 1976;
Daughter of Abe and Nancy (Carter) Turner

Spann, G.; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Son of Steve and Anna (Reed) Spann

Spann, Walter; born: Jul 1, 1920; died: Jul 23, 1969;
Son of Steve and A. C. (Booker) Spann

Stapleton, Leana E.; born: Oct 15, 1897; died: Apr 10, 1967;
[Maybe the same person as the following entry]

Stapleton, Lena E.; born: Dec 2, 1897; died: Mar 10, 1967;
Daughter of Washington and Mary B. (Polk) Austin [Info from Death Certificate]

Stapleton, Lloyd; born: Feb 18, 1894; died: Dec 20, 1957;
Son of Martin Vann and Woodie (Walker) Stapleton, veteran of World War I [Parents' names from death certificate]

Stapleton, Swift W.; born: Apr 21, 1887; died: Sep 10, 1967;
Son of Martin Vann and Woodie Walker Stapleton

Staten, Diana Rena; born: Aug 29, 1950; died: Oct 10, 1999
Daughter of Jerry and Irene Staten

Staten, Jerry; born: Aug 26, 1918; died: Jan 9, 1976;
Son of John L. and Pauline (Banks) Staten

Staten, R. Lee; born: Oct 21, 1915; died: Dec 8, 1976;
Daughter of Josh and Lena (Booker) Ashton, married Jerry Staten


Taylor, Shepherd; born: Aug 6, 1943; died: Apr 9, 1975;
Son of Charlie and Ollie V. (Ward) Taylor

Thibodeaux, Rita Lavon; born: Oct 15, 1956; died: Jun 17, 1999;
Daughter of Preston and Rosie (Amos) Hemphill, married Wilbert Thibodeaux

Turner, Stephen; born: Apr 15, 1884; died: Mar 2, 1966;
Son of Chalie and Sarah (Richardson) Turner [birth date Apr 15, 1895 per death certificate]

Turner, Surlener; born: Jan 22, 1891; died: Feb 20, 1985;
Née Champ, married Stephen Turner


Upson, Amanda E.; born: Feb 5, 1884; died: Feb 22, 1987

Upson, Maude Ester Ward; born: May 26, 1929; died: May 7, 1964;
Daughter of Morris Milligan and Mattie Ward


Ward, Bernice; born: Feb 20, 1924; died: Aug 15, 1988;
Daughter of Early and Jessie Howard, married John T. Ward, Feb 19, 1941

Ward, Boyd; born: Jul 20, 1907; died: Apr 4, 1972;
Son of Shepherd Kyle and Cherry (Tyler) Ward [Parents' names from death certificate]

Ward, Cherry; born: Oct 6, 1888; died: Dec 31, 1963;
Daughter of John Tyler [Father's name from death certificate]

Ward, Ethel Mae; born: Feb 27, 1916; died: Apr 7, 1987;
Daughter of Moltie and Beulah (Noble) Stevenson

Ward, John Tyler; born: Jun 14, 1915; died: Sep 29, 1999;
Son of Shepherd Kyle and Cherry (Tyler) Ward [Mother's name from death certificate]

Ward, Juanita; born: Feb 8, 1887; died: Feb 26, 1991;
Daughter of of Martin Vann and Woodie Walker Stapleton, married Jessie Ward

Washington, Adolph; born: Mar 18, 1899; died: Jan 3, 1961;
Son of Louis and Sarah (Perry) Washington...veteran of World War I

Washington, Arilla; born: Jul 4, 1895; died: Mar 26, 1985;
Daughter of George Washington

Washington, Davie; born: Jan 23, 1876; died: Mar 16, 1963;
Son of George and Henrietta (Collier) Washington

Watson, Lydia Mae; born: Nov 5, 1932; died: Jun 9, 2003;
Daughter of Erna Almania Williams-Smith and Frank Smith and adopted by Thessie Johnson, married Allen Leo Williams in 1950, married Earnest Watson

Williams, Allen Leo; born: Sep 24, 1921; died: Jun 27, 2009;
Son of of Tucker and Annie J. (Hammonds) Williams

Williams, Annie J.; born: Jun 19, 1900; died: Sep 9, 1967;
Daughter of Edd and Hattie (Jackson) Hammond [Info from Death Certificate]

Williams, Dorothy Rosa; born: Jun 6, 1928; died: Mar 7, 1986;
Daughter of Tucker and Annie J. (Hammonds) Williams

Williams, Eddie Mae; born: Sep 8, 1921; died: Feb 24, 2003;
Daughter of Sam and Ida (Davis) Scott

Williams, Jesse; born: 1910; died: 1950;

Williams, Jolious; born: 1920; died: 1980;

Williams, Lena; born: Apr 4, 1888; died: Dec 30, 1968;
Daughter of Pink Booker [Birth date listed as Apr 4, 1899 on death certificate]

Williams, Mary Ann; born: Jul 5, 1946; died: Aug 24, 1960;
Daughter of Shelly and Vina Williams

Williams, Shirley; born: Jul 20, 1919; died: Nov 18, 1980;

Williams, Tonie Quinn; born: Sep 8, 1917; died: Jan 4, 2011;
Son of Sol and Charity Williams

Williams, Tuck; born: May 12, 1889; died: Oct 23, 1964;
Son of Tuck and Amanda (Alley) Williams

Williams, Vinnie Mae; born: Apr 28, 1920; died: Aug 31, 1997;
Daughter of Mary Williams, married Shirley Williams, Mar 20, 1938

Winns, Verna Mae; born: Apr 8, 1947; died: Sep 24, 1967;
Daughter of Robert Lee and Marcella (McGrew) Scott, married Richard Winn

Woods, Ire Stean; born: Aug 9, 1951; died: Nov 16, 2006;
Daughter of Marshall Harris and Doris Axel


Young, Daisy Mae; born: Dec 30, 1912; died: Aug 27, 1969;
Daughter of Mack and Mattie (Collier) Johnson


Zollicoffer, Lois Faye; born: Nov 3, 1927; died: Oct 19, 2009;
Daughter of Johnnie Louis and Mary Ella Vann, married Willie James Boston Oct 3, 1946, married Willie Gill, married Charlie Zollicoffer Dec 10, 1965

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