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Slaves Who Died During the Year Ending June 1, 1850.

Slaves Who Died During the Year Ending June 1, 1860.


























Adams, Joe; born:Jan 15,1855; died: Feb 16, 1930; [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]
Son of Louis Adams, wife was Julia

Adams, Milam; born:unknown; died: Jan 24, 1889;
Son of A. F. Adams

Adams, Minnie; Born: Sep 1, 1905; died Sep 27, 1963l; [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]
Daughter of Gus and Rose (Mason) Brown

Adams, Nancy; born: May 1856; died: Jan 7, 1921;
Married Daniel Adams, killed by Connie Ward

Adams, unknown; born: c. 1912; died: Apr 16, 1917;
Child of Frank Adams.. accidently burned to death

Adams, unknown; born: c. 1910; died: Apr 16, 1917;
Child of Frank Adams., accidently burned to death

Adkins, W. L.; born:unknown; died: 1858;

Adkison, I.; born:c. 1870; died: Dec 17, 1917;
Shot by John Batla 

Ahrens, unknown; born:c. 1885; died: Aug 13, 1885;
Child of W. Ahrens [ Moved to Weimar Odd Fellows which is where a sibling who died two years later is buried. DA]

Albert, Auguste Regine; born: Nov 6, 1888; died: Nov 25, 1888; [buried in Geiger Cemeter in Lavaca County]
Child of Gustav Albert 

Albert, Frederick Henry Charles; born:Jul 5, 1798; died: Oct 25, 1885; 
Buried in Smoothing Iron Cemetery in Lavaca County

Albert, Wendell Norbert; born: May 7, 1941; died: Jan 20, 2003;
Son of Oscar John and Regina (Meischen) Albert, married Karen Hahn Jun 16, 1962

Aldaco, Facunda; born: c. 1877; died: Jul 9, 1917;
Killed by M. L. Anderson

Aldis, Horace; born:c. 1825; died: Nov 1869; cem: Alleyton
Veteran of Mexican War, Confederate veteran

Aldredge, Sofronia; born: Feb 14, 1870; died: Jun 2, 1932;
Daughter of Henry and Eliza (Cawfort) Carter [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]

Aldrich, Noah; born:c. 1865; died: Dec 1869;

Alex, Cora; born: 1905; died Jul 1931;
Daughter of Kitt and Virginia (Toliver) Collier, married Will Alex [buried Jul 11 at Altair per death certificate]

Alexander, Clarissa; born:unknown; died: Jun 25, 1896; 

Alexander, L. W.; born: unknown; died: c. 1875;

Alexander, Lelnory; born Aug 12, 1905; died Apr 9, 1931;
Son of Howard and Clara Alexander [buried in Columbus per death certificate]

Alexander, Paul; born: unknown; died: Jan 21, 1911;
Killed by Tom Lewis

Alexander, Tom; born:unknown; died: Jul 28, 1917;
Shot to death

Alexander, W. F. S.; born:unknown; died: Jan 12, 1879;

Allen, Alexander R.; born: c 1820; died: Dec 7, 1885;

Allen, Ira Bird; born:c. 1875; died: Oct 20, 1888;
Son of Cornelius Allen

Allen, James T.; born: unknown; died Jan 11, 1902;
Shot to death

Allen, Jim; born: unknown; died: Feb 17, 1902;
Died in a well cave-in

Allen, John F.; born:c. 1864; died: Dec 12, 1890;

Allen, Manuel; born: unknown; died: Dec 2, 1903;
Burned to death

Allen, Mathew R.; born:Feb 10, 1827; died: Sep 26, 1881; [Buried in Allen Cemetery in Lavaca County]

Allen, Mose; born:unknown; died: Nov 1897;
Killed by Jim Gibson

Allen, Vincent; born:c. 1829; died: Mar 5, 1877;

Allen, Virginia; born:c. 1835; died: Jun 30, 1875;
Nee Wilson, married Vincent Allen Feb 24, 1853

Alley, Albert; born:c. 1868; died: Aug 1869; 

Alley, Bernice; born: Nov 27, 1912; died: Dec 23, 1923;
Daughter of Peter Hoover and Ollie (Lange) Alley

Alley, Bill; born: Nov 1, 1871; died: Nov 20, 1933;
Son of Tom and Classie (Buch) Alley [buried in Columbus per death certificate]

Alley, Fielding; born: c 1877; died: Nov 1, 1932;
Killed in gravel pit accident

Alley, Joe Thomas; born: Sep 17, 1957; died: Apr 16, 2013;
Son of Wylie Wayne and Mary Laura (Cook) Alley

Alley, Shellie; born:Dec 1881; died: Aug 14, 1922;
Son of George and Emma (Harbert) Alley, murdered [Info from death certificate, census record, obit and burial records]

Alley, unknown; born:c. 1906; died: May 5, 1914;
Accidentally killed by his brother

Alley, William; born: unknown; died: c. 1869

Alley, William; born: unknown; died: c. 1875

Alley, William Clay; born: Jun 5, 1918; died: May 16, 2008;
Son of Emmett Marvin and Lucy (Watkins) Alley

Alleyn, Shirley J.; born: Dec 1, 1951; died: Jun 16, 2008;
Daughter of Ladik and Elsie Khrovjak, married Mike Alleyn

Alstadter, Simon; born: c. 1866; died: May 21, 1886;
[Possibly buried in Weimar Odd Fellows-Boettcher owned a lot designated as Boettcher Employees.]

Alton, James H.; born:c. 1858; died: Nov 12, 1881;
Son of George W. and Celey Alton

Ames, Tuck; born:c. 1888; died: Jul 13, 1912;
Drowned in the river

Amos, Carrie A. Blake; born: Nov 17, 1894; died: Oct 23, 1939;
Daughter of Archie Amos, married John Amos [Info from death certificate]

Amos, George; born: 1893; died: Jul 14, 1921;
Son of Arch and Cora Amos [Info from death certificate]

Amos, Joe Lester; born: May 17, 1949; died: May 25, 1949;
Son of Charlie Lee and Margaret (Davis) Amos [Info from death certificate]

Amos, Rose; born: c. 1890; died: Feb 7, 1915;
Daughter of Tony and Mattie (Jackson) Autrey [Info from death certificate]

Amthor, Henry; born:Apr 2, 1833; died: May 26, 1899;
Came to Texas in 1839

Anders, F. J.; born: unknown; died: Jul 12, 1921

Anderson, Carrie; born:unknown; died: May 7, 1890;

Anderson, E.H.; born:unknown; died: Nov 1885;

Anderson, Fannie; born: unknown; died: May 19, 1879;
Nee Harbert, married Max Anderson Aug 6, 1876, killed by Max Anderson

Anderson, Mary Walker; born:unknown; died: Nov 26, 1876;
Daughter of Angus and Rebecca Jane (Adams) McNeill, married ? Harper, married Thomas Scott Anderson

Anderson, Robert; born:unknown; died: Jan 1892;
Shot by his brother-in-law, Henry Thomas

Anderson, Sarah; born: Jul 1840; died: Apr 26, 1916;
Married George Anderson [birth date and husband from census]

Anderson, Stadford; born:unknown; died: Jan 18, 1889; 

Anderson, Stan Ford; born:unknown; died: Jan 31, 1934;

Anderson, Wanda; born:Jan 17, 1949; died: Feb 4, 1999;
Daughter of George B. and Ruth (Isreal) Hemphill, married Louis Anderson 

Anderson, Will; born:c. 1872; died: Apr 17, 1887;
Run over by a train

Anderson, Willard McVay; born: Jul 6, 1935; died: Oct 30, 2008;
Called Buddy

Andrews, Mary; born:unknown; died: Mar 1, 1852;
Married Reddin Andrews

Anthony, David L.; born: unknown; died: Mar 5, 2007;
Veteran of World War II

Anthony, Elizabeth Boynton; born: May 31, 1925; died: Jan 12, 2009;
Daughter of Harold and Annie (Busiel) Richmond; called Betty…married David Loren Anthony

Archer, George N.; born:c. 1851; died: Oct 18, 1876;
Son of P.W. Archer, a physician

Argo, Verlin Eugene; born: Jan 7, 1937; died: Apr 2007; [Buried in Oklahoma]
Son of Frankie Benjamin and Sally Margaret (Tucker) Argo

Armstrong, Charity; born:1868; died: Jul 1869; 

Arnold, Nick R.; born: Oct 30, 1953; died: Jan 15, 2013;
Son of Emil R. and Lola (Clanahan) Arnold, married Janis Peacock

Arthur, James A.; born: c. 1866; died: Nov 15, 1892;

Ashford, William J.; born:c. 1869; died: Apr 1918; 
Son of William E. and Lucinda V. Ashford

Austin, Blanche Elizabeth; born:Oct 27, 1828; died: Sep 1, 1885;
Née Woolsey, married William Austin, Dec 23, 1845, [Buried in the Austin Cemetery in Lavaca County, Texas.]

Austin, Charles William Tate; born: May 29, 1863; died: Jan 16, 1889;
Son of William and Blanche Elizabeth (Woolsey) Austin, married Ella Black, [Buried in the Austin Cemetery in Lavaca County, Texas.]

Austin, Clifford L.; born: Sep 5, 1942; died: Oct 20, 2004;
Son of Clifford Lee and Ruth Thelma (Hardison) Austin 

Austin, Inez; born: Aug 4, 1896; died: Oct 8, 1934;
Daughter of Harkless and Tommie (Smith) Hardison [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]

Avalos, Senaida; born: Apr 28, 1935; died: Nov 21, 1935;
Daughter of Raymond and Feliciana (Fuentes) Avalos [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]

Axel, Patient; born: c. 1846; died: Jul 8, 1927;
Daughter of Mark Ervin


Badder, unknown; born: 1892; died: Dec 17, 1892;
Son of Henry John Craighill and Clara Matilda (Reed) Beals Hamilton Badder

Bailey, E.J.; born:Apr 11, 1920; died: Apr 15, 1999;
Veteran of World War II 

Bailey, Poleta; born:c. 1904; died: Aug 7, 1938;
Née Pettus 

Baker, Alafair S.; born:unknown; died: Aug 1, 1877;
Married William M. Baker 

Baker, Martha Lee; born: c1841; died: Mar 1860; 
Lived in the household of William M. Baker [19, female, married, born in Georgia, died in March of typhoid fever after an illness of three months per 1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Baker, Mary H.; born:unknown; died: Apr 21, 1869;
Married James H. Steele, married J.M. Baker, May 1, 1859

Baker, Unknown; born: unknown; died: Jul, 1893;
Married Joe Baker, killed in a wagon accident  

Baker, William M.; born:unknown; died: Jan 1884;
Committed suicide

Balfour, Joe E.; born: Oct10, 1896; died: Oct 19, 1957; buried at Columbus
Son of Jim and Susan (Davis) Balfour [death certificate]

Balhorn, Ernst; born: 1858; died: Jun 1859;
Lived in the household of Henry Balhorn, male, born in Texas, died of a fever after an illness of three days [1860 Census Mortality Schedule] [Probably son of Heinrich and Barbara (Whittlew) Heinman Balhorn who were married July 9, 1857 and buried at St. Roch]

Ball, Parphne; born:unknown; died: Apr 15, 1924;
Daughter of Walter Dabiels, married Sam Ball

Ballard, B.; born:unknown; died: Aug 22, 1898;
Bitten by a mad dog

Ballard, Harrison; born: May 4, 1862; died: May 30, 1941; [buried at Eagle Lake]
[info from death certificate]

Ballard, James; born: Jun 20, 1876; died: Oct 21, 1935; [buried at Eagle Lake]; Son of James and Charlotte (Johnson) Ballard [info from death certificate]

Ballard, Jim; born: Jan 2, 1906; died: Mar 10, 1966; [buried at Eagle Lake]
Son of Jim Ballard, Sr. [info from death certificate]

Ballard, Johnie; born: c. 1902; died: Jun 14, 1924; [buried at Eagle Lake]
Son of James and Rosa (Blake) Ballard [info from death certificate]

Ballard, Morris; born: Jun 15, 1900; died: Oct24, 1955; [buried at Eagle Lake]
Son of Jim and Rose (Blake) Ballard [info from death certificate]

Ballard, Phoebe; born: c. 1866; died: May 20, 1921;
Daughter of Stanford and Sarah (Stiff) Anderson [info from death certificate]

Ballard, Rose; born: Jan 10, 1898; died: Mar 18, 1948; [buried at Eagle Lake]
Daughter of Joe Ballard [info from death certificate]

Ballard, Scharlett; born: c. 1862; died: Sep 15, 1923; [buried at Eagle Lake]
Daughter of Will Johnson [info from death certificate]

Ballard, unknown; born: c. 1886; died: Oct 19, 1888;
Son of C. H. Ballard

Ballard, Will; born: unknown; died: Sep 1925;
Shot by Special Deputy Claire McClanahan at Matthews

Ballverde, George; born:c. 1862; died: Dec 24, 1917;
Found murdered 

Ballverde, Peter; born:c. 1857; died: Dec 24, 1917;
Found murdered

Banks, Lem; born: unknown; died: May 22, 1903;

Banks, Lucinda; born:c. 1869; died: May 1870;

Banks, Moses; born:c. 1860; died: May 1870; 

Barber, W.A.; born:c. 1871; died: Aug 15, 1931;
Killed in a railroad accident

Barclay, unknown; born:c. 1826; died: Apr 14, 1886;
A physician

Bargett, John; born: unknown; died: Mar 7, 1909;

Baring, Norena; born:c. 1903; died: Jan 1906;
Daughter of A. L. Baring

Barnard, Fred; born:c 1837; died: Feb 22, 1890;
Confederate veteran

Barnett, Fred A.; born: unknown; died: Jan 17, 1969;
Son of Fred A. Barnett, killed in Vietnam

Barnett, Harold Lloyd; born: Sep 7, 1935; died: Sep 12, 2004;
Son of Harold Montgomery and Daisy (Hile) Barnett

Barrett, Charlie; born: Sep 5, 1879; died: Feb 2, 1886;
Son of L. and H. B. Barrett

Barrett, Tom; born: May 10, 1911; died: Dec 7, 1941; [buried at Rt.1, Eagle Lake]
Son of Henry and Rose Barrett, shot to death in Eagle Lake [info from death certificate]

Barton, Alvin Milton Jr.; born: Jun 1, 1949; died: Jan 26, 2006;
Son of Alvin Milton and Margurite Barton, Vietnam veteran

Barton, Andreas; born:unknown; died: Jun 1, 1887; [now know to be buried in Dubina Catholic Cemetery, Fayette County]
Died of injuries received when thrown from his horse 

Barton, Andrew; born:unknown; died: Dec 22, 1884;
Accidentally shot by Joseph Bartha

Bartosh, Richard Claude; born: Mar 30, 1921; died: Nov 23, 2006;
Son of John J. and Willie Mae (Chambles) Bartosh, veteran of World War II

Battle, O. L.; born:unknown; died: Mar 7, 1886;

Beason, Ann; born:c. 1839; died: Feb 17, 1929;

Beadus, Caleb; born:unknown; died: Dec 1888;
Shot by Jack Gordon

Beasley, Mose; born:c. 1867; died: May 19, 1922;
Hanged near Alleyton [See Bosier, Mose]

Beck, Albert; born:c. 1862; died: Jun 21, 1897;

Becker, Ernst; born 1839; died: Mar 1860;
Lived in the household of F. Becker, farmer, born in Prussia, died of pneumonia after an illness of four days [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Becker, Jacob; born: c. 1836; died: Mar 27, 1910;
[approximate birth year from death certificate]

Beckman, L.C.; born:c. 1846; died: Feb 4, 1885;
[Obit says he was interred in Simon's burial ground near county line]

Bedford, Melissa; born:c. 1897; died: Feb 20, 1914;

Beeler, Jack; born:c. 1879; died: Aug 16, 1913;
Drowned in the river

Beken, Baby Girl; born: Dec 1928; died: Dec 1928;
Daughter of August and Clara (Rahlwes) Beken

Bell, Ella; born: Nov 23, 1882; died: Nov 23, 1945;
[dates from death certificate]

Bell, J. R.; born: c. 1867; died: Nov 30, 1907;
Killed by cars on the Cane Belt road

Bell, John; born:unknown; died: Dec 18, 1903;

Bender, Frank; born: unknown; died: Feb 10, 1910;
Committed suicide

Bennett, G. W.; born: c 1845; died: Mar 11, 1885;

Benton, Henry; born:unknown; died: Jan 2, 1884;
Committed suicide

Bernard, A. S.; born: unknown; died: 1886;

Berry, Basset; born: unknown; died: Mar 22, 1892;

Berry, John F.; born: c1832; died: Jan 5, 1860;

Berry, unknown; born: Aug 6, 1909; died: Aug 11, 1941; buried at Columbus
Daughter of C. J. and Carrie (Stansberry) Williams, married John Henry Berry [listed as John Henry Berry on death certificate]

Berthold, unknown boy; born:c. 1889; died: Sep 3, 1894; 
Son of Mr. Berthold, the butcher

Besch, Emile; born:c. 1839; died: Sep 28, 1878;
Son of Ferdinand and Antonia (Bick) Besch, Confederate veteran

Biacent, Ada; born:c. 1870; died: Dec 1941;

Bidales, Tomas; born: Sep 23, 1937; died: Jun 19, 2010;
Son of Tomas Sr. and Herminia (Longoria) Bidales

Binkley, Cornelia; born:c. 1835; died: Sep 1869;

Birkmann, John; born: Feb 1859; died: Mar 27, 1901; Buried in Ross Prairie Cemetery in Fayette Co., TX

Bishop, A.L.; born:Feb 20, 1869; died: May 30, 1896; 

Bishop, Christina; born: Dec 1895; died: Oct 24, 1918;
Daughter of John and Mittie Morrow; married Billie Bishop

Bishop, Mose; born:unknown; died: Feb 11, 1899; 

Bittner, Rosa; born:unknown; died: Sep 3, 1889;
Daughter of Charles and Magdalena (Billimek) Bittner, buried in the Bittner Cemetery at Holman, Fayette Co., TX 

Bittner, Magdalena; born:Apr 4. 1844; died: Aug 6, 1928;
Nee Billimek, married Charles A. M. Bittner, [buried in the Bittner Cemetery at Holman, Fayette Co., TX ]

Blair, R. John.; born:unknown; died: Mar 31, 1887;
Killed by his step daughter, Mary Wetherell

Blake, Joe; born:c. 1820; died: May 12, 1918;
Born in Alabama a slave of Reese Blake, latter owned by J. J. Jamison 

Blanchard, Patricia Ann; born: Dec 23, 1937; died: Apr 8, 2012;
Nee Sonnier, married Bobby Michael Blanchard Nov 5, 1955

Blanton, Carey; born: unknown; died: Aug 22, 1891;

Blanton, Hattie P.; born: Mar 11, 1860; died: Feb 2, 1882; cem: Brushy Creek (Guadalupe County)
Nee Deal, married B. F. Blanton, Mar 10 1881.

Blanton, Mose; born:c. 1871; died: Nov 11, 1922;
Son of Carey and Alice (Bailey) Blanton [death certificate says burial in Eagle Lake]

Blaschke, Antone; born: c. 1855; died: Apr 23, 1890;
Drowned in Clear Creek

Blaschke, unknown; born:unknown; died: Dec 1892;
Nee Hamlin, married Charles Blaschke in 1892

Block, John; born:unknown; died: Jan 4, 1885;
Run over by a train 

Boatright, L.; born:c. 1855; died: Oct 20, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Boecker, unknown; born:1894; died: Mar 21, 1896;
Daughter of Herman Boecker 

Boedeker, Mary; born:unknown; died: Oct 1912; 

Boeer, unknown; born:1895; died: May 14, 1895;
Child of Charles Boeer 

Boehme, Charles; born:unknown; died: Mar 16, 1899;
Killed in a gun fight

Bond, George; born:c. 1861; died: May 1870; 

Bonds, A.J.; born:c. 1815; died: Oct 13, 1860; 

Bonds, A.J.; born:unknown; died: Oct 25, 1873;
Died of yellow fever 

Bonzana, John; born: unknown; died: Jul 27, 1879;
Killed by Constable Otho H. Crebbs

Booker, Lizzie; born: c. 1876; died: Mar 6, 1927;
Daughter of Lee and Bessie (Lampkins) Richerson [death certificate says buried at Altair]

Booker, Mary; born:c. 1895; died: Aug 22, 1920;
Daughter of George Woods [Daughter of Jordan and Sofa Raye Booker and buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate] 

Bork, Marjorie Roche; born:Mar 17, 1934; died: Nov 27, 1990;
Daughter of William Reynolds, married ? Boyette, married Hugh Robert Bork, May 11, 1985

Bosier, James; born: unknown; died: Nov 1906;

Bosier, Mose; born: c1867; died: May 20, 1922;
Hanged in Alleyton by a mob [aka Mose Beasley]

Bostick, Levi T. Sr.; born: 1778; died: 1832;
Son of James and Comfort Bostick

Bostick, Martha; born: c. 1785; died: 1840;
Nee Hill, married Levi T. Bostick, Sr. c. 1801

Botcher, W.A.; born:unknown; died: Mar 10, 1879;

Bowden, Mary Debra Story; born: Nov 30, 1952; died: Apr 15, 2010
Daughter of John William Sr. and Willa (Payne) Story

Bowe, Herman; born: Feb 1860; died: Mar 1860;
Born in Texas, died of spasms after an illness of three weeks [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Bowen, unknown; born: c. 1828; died: Nov 1891;

Bowmer, W.; born:unknown; died: Jan 8, 1881; 

Bowyer, Anna B.; born:c. 1833; died: Jul 29, 1860;
Married Napolean Bonaparte Bowyer

Boyd, Birt; born: c1895; died: Oct 17, 1918; [buried Eagle Lake per death certificate]
Daughter of Paul and Lizzie (Brown) Hunter…died of influenza

Boyd, Celia; born: unknown; died: Dec 25, 1927

Boyd, James; born: Sep 11, 1919; died: Sep 11, 1919; buried at Eagle Lake
Son of James Sr. and Willie (Johnson) Boyd [info from death certificate]

Boyd, James Jacob; born: unknown; died: Oct 28, 1918; (buried RFD #1, Weimar per death certificate)
Son of Jake and Celia Boyd, died of influenza , called Buddie

Boyd, Mattie; born: c. 1876; died: Jan 6, 1917; buried at Rt. 1 Weimar
Daughter of Bill Clark [info from death certificate]

Boyd, Milton; born: unknown; died: Jun 24, 1882;
Killed by Robert Armstrong

Boyd, Pearl; born: Mar 29, 1900; died: Feb 17, 1958; buried at Weimar
Daughter of Wood Garner [info from death certificate]

Boyd, Robin; born: Nov 27, 1882; died: Jan 4, 1918; buried near Columbus
Son of Robert and Phoebia (Houston) Boyd [info from death certificate]

Boyd, Seeley; born: May 27, 1867; died: Dec 22, 1927; buried at Weimar
Daughter of Wood Garner, died from burns [info from death certificate]

Boykens Mary; born: ca 1862; died: July 24, 1940;

Boykin, Nellie Dawn; born: Aug 1884; died: Oct 11, 1893;
Daughter of W. H. Boykin

Boykin, Richard; Oct 8, 1887; died: Nov 23, 1932; [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]
Son of Mitchell and Lucinda (Brown) Boykin, [obit says mother was Lucinda Johnson, wife was Rosie Lee]

Boykins, Dan; born: c. 1871; Jul 7, 1926; cem: unknown [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]

Boykins, Isaac; born: c. 1867; died: Mar 12, 1925; cem: unknown [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]
Son of Harry Boykins, he was a barber

Bracket, Jefferson; born: ca 1868; died: Apr 23. 1887;
Was a boarder along with Amey Bracket, 10, in the household of Alsey Hoffman in 1880

Braddock, Johnny David; born: Mar 11, 1965; died: Aug 31, 2012;
Son of Hugh Braddock and Francis Cline Sepeda

Braden, Adam; born:c. 1819; died: Oct 8, 1884

Brasher, Betty; born: Oct 5, 1927; died: Dec 30, 2012;
Daughter of Cade Bethea Standley and Camilla Golden Coats, married Jack Brasher Sep 17, 1949

Brazil, Willie Mae; born: Jul 24, 1915 died: Sep 28, 1931; buried at Columbus
Daughter of Mat and Willie Booker [death certificate]

Brassac, Jean; born:unknown; died: 1886;

Breeding, Clara; born: c. 1882; died: Mar 31, 1912;
Married Houstus Breeding

Breeding, Johnson; born: unknown; died: Feb 1898;

Briggs, H. F.; born:c. 1822; died: Nov 2, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Briggs, James; born:unknown; died: Sep 3, 1877 

Brigham, Angus; born:unknown; died: Sep 16, 1886;
Son of John E. and Mary (McNeill) Brigham 

Bringholf, D.M.; born:c. 1844; died: Sep 29, 1914;

Brink, Ladislaw; born: Sep 1859; died: Oct 1859;
Lived in the household of Andreas Brink, born in Texas, died of spasms after an illness of two days [1860 Census Mortality Schedule] 

Brinson, Peter; born: unknown; died: April 1886;

Broadbridge, unknown; born:c. 1885; died: Aug 1, 1885; 

Broaddus, Achilles; born:unknown; died: Dec 19, 1911;

Brookins, Mildred; born: Dec 31, 1929; died: Feb 5, 1940; buried at Columbus
Daughter of T. C. and Mannie (Hollis) Brackins [death certificate]

Brooks, Ben; born: c. 1860; died: Nov 25, 1882;
Son of Stephen Brooks, killed by James Williams

Brooks, George; born:unknown; died: Jul 12, 1886;
Killed in a wagon accident 

Brosch, unknown; born: unknown; died: Dec 1906;

Brossman, Edgar James; born:Jun 22, 1929; died: Feb 28, 1968;
Killed in Vietnam [buried at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio]

Brown, Anala; born: c. 1903; died: Oct 15, 1918; (buried Eagle Lake per death certificate)
Son of Biego and Lette (Carter) Brown, died of influenza

Brown, Bashie; born:unknown; died: Aug 25, 1896;

Brown, Charlie; born:unknown; died: Dec 20, 1912;
Committed suicide

Brown, Elmo; born: Jul 3, 1917; died: Dec 2, 1943; buried at Columbus
Son of Dee and Estella (Sanford) Brown [death certificate]

Brown, Frank; born: unknown; died: Jun 8, 1887;
Called Frenchy, also known as Frank Broom or Bosmer, killed by Frank Putney

Brown, Mack; born: Dec 16, 1855; died: Dec 18, 1940;
A former slave born on the C. C. Herbert plantation [Son of Nelson Brown, buried Eagle Lake per death certificate]

Brown, Emma; born:c. 1841; died: May 6, 1929; 

Brown, Jessie W.; born:c. 1834; died: Sep 8, 1898;
Married John W. Brown 

Brown, John; born:unknown; died: Oct 9, 1898;
Killed by Ed Johnson

Brown, John Duff; born:Jun 13, 1880; died: Nov 17, 1881;
Son of John Duff and Kate C. (Kinnard) Brown 

Brown, John Wesley; born:unknown; died: Nov 20, 1882;

Brown, Kate; born:unknown; died: Sep 1906;

Brown, R. B.; born:unknown; died: Oct 30, 1884;
Son of D. Brown 

Brown, Sam; born:c. 1878; died: Jan 30, 1938; 
[Death certificate gives date of birth as May 15, 1886, date of death as Feb 10, 1938(day he was found); he was a barber and the son of Aron and Mary (Johnson) Brown; burial Eagle Lake area]

Brown, Sam E.; born:unknown; died: Apr 30, 1881;
Son of Dr. Brown, killed wife and committed suicide [buried on their farm in Fayette County]

Brown; Snale; born: c. 1903; died: Oct 15, 1918;
Son of Diego and Lettie (Carter) Brown, died of influenza [Info from Death Certificate. burial in Eagle Lake area]

Brown, T. J. Judkins; born:c. 1860; died: Sep 1869;

Brown, unknown; born:c. 1862; died: Dec 20, 1912;
Married Charlie Brown, killed by Charlie Brown  

Brown, unknown; born:unknown; died: Apr 30, 1881;
Married Sam E. Brown, killed by Sam E. Brown [name was Eliza McClellan Brown, buried on their farm in Fayette County]

Brown, unknown; born:unknown; died: Dec 15, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Brown, unknown; born:unknown; died: Oct 19, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Brown, Unnamed Infant; born: Sep 2, 1912; died: Oct 7, 1912;
Daughter of John and Johana (Beaty) Brown [Info from Death Certificate, burial place stated as Gold Coffin which was an interpretation for Sold Coffin that Hubbard wrote on some of the death certificates]

Brownschidel, Alice M.; born: Feb 9, 1935; died: Sep 21, 2002;
Daughter of C. W. and Erma (Dunn) Henderson, married Arnold Emil Brownschidel Oct 22, 1975

Broze, Leona; born: May 16, 1913; died: May 17, 2004; 

Brueckner, William H.; born:c. 1841; died: Aug 21, 1886;
Married Emilia (Schmidt) Hillmer, widow of Carl Friedrich Hillmer

Brummie,Baby Boy; born: unknown; died: Nov 16, 1886;
Son of Charles and Rosie Brummie

Bryan, John B.; born: Jun 1859; died: Jan 1860;
Born in Texas, died of pneumonia after an illness of four days [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Bryant-Jones, Carla Renee; born: Jul 20, 1962; died: Oct 22, 2006;
Daughter of Leo Dillard and Ethel Bell Bryant, married Otis Jones

Buckner, Joe; born:c. 1883; died: Sep 26, 1895;
Accidentally shot by Will Sterling 

Buckner, John; born:unknown; died: Mar 31, 1894;
Killed by Charlie Fields 

Buehler, George John Jr.; born:Jun 20, 1921; died: Aug 5, 1999;
Son of George John and Alice (Stone) Buehler

Bunge, unnamed babies; born: unknown; died: Oct 1903;
Children of Louis Placide and Ida Marie (Heller) Bunge 

Burbson, Henry; born:unknown; died: Aug 20, 1898;
Killed by Bernethy Vaughan 

Burford, Grandma; born:unknown; died: Mar 12, 1881;

Burford, Harriet B.; born: Jun 13, 1804; died: Feb 12, 1880;
Daughter of William and Deborah (McRee) Campbell, married Weston B. Yates, married Jonathan Burford Jun 23, 1839

Burford, Mary; born:unknown; died: Nov 1887;
Former slave

Burford, Wesley; born:unknown; died: Dec 22, 1876;
Shot in the head 

Burger, H.; born:unknown; died: Aug 11, 1886;
Married C. Burger

Burger, Marie Anne; born: Dec 18, 1825; died: Dec 19. 1972; [Buried in the Live Oak (St. Mary's--Ellinger Catholic Cemetery) in Fayette County] [tombstone photo]
Daughter of Jean and Elizabeth (Welcker) Lutringer, married Theodore H. (Jean Thiebaud) Burger

Burke, Thomas; born:c. 1856; died: Jan 6, 1891;
Committed suicide

Burks, David; born:c. 1832; died: Mar 1870 

Burley, Francis; born: c. 1874; died: Apr 7, 1910;
Daughter of Ming and Jane (Perry) Bown [Info from Death Certificate, burial in Borden area]

Burley, Nathan; born: Mar 11, 1833; died: May 20, 1915;
[Info from Death Certificate, coffin purchased from Jno. C. Hubbard]

Burton, Eliza; born:c. 1802; died: 1914; 

Burttschell, Frank; born:Dec 27, 1825; died: Jun 29, 1893; 

Burttschell, Joseph; born:unknown; died: Sep 15, 1888;

Busselman, James Gregory; born: Jun 11, 1956; died: Mar 16, 2012;
Son of Donald and Patsy Busselman, married Valerie Schertz Oct 17, 1981

Butler, Henry; born:unknown; died: Mar 22, 1939; 
[Info from death certificate: Son of Rachel McCellen, born: Jan 8, 1886; died Mar 17, 1939, burial Eagle Lake]

Butler, Rose Rita; born: May 27, 1924; died: Apr 24, 2006;
Daughter of John Mican and Julie Kutach, married Oliver Butler, Jan 14, 1956

Butler, Wess/West; born: 1934; died: Jan 13, 1909

Byars, Emma P.; born:Feb 1870; died: Feb 1870; 

Byars, Katie; born:1883; died: Nov 2, 1884; [Father buried in Columbus City Cemetery}
Daughter of Victor H. and Mollie (Neal) Byars 

Byars, Lucy T.; born:c. 1869; died: Feb 1870;

Byars, unknown; born:1891; died: May 28, 1891; [Father buried in Columbus City Cemetery}
Daughter of Victor H. and Mollie (Neal) Byars


Cabiness, Charles; born: unknown; died: Dec 2, 1903;
Burned to death

Cabron, John; born:1870; died: Mar 1870;

Callison, unknown; born:c. 1900; died: Jan 9, 1900;
Child of J.M. Callison

Camacho, Plutarcho; born: unknown; died: Oct 18, 1918; [buried Eagle Lake per death certificate]
Son of Cornelio and Gabina (Ramirez) Camacho, died of influenza

Camarillo, Antonio; born: unknown: died: May 4, 1928;
Struck by lightning

Campbell, Jim; born:c. 1818; died: Jul 31, 1888;
Former slave of the Insall family

Campbell, Kern; born: unknown; died: May 12, 1883
Ran over by a train while asleep on the track

Campbell, Texanna; born: unknown; died: Aug 28, 1954;
Obit says "buried at Altair"

Cantwell, Cadince Kay; born: 2006; died: Mar 1, 2007;
Daughter of Ryan and Lanna Kay Cantwell

Cappy, Robert C.; born:Dec 24, 1824; died: Nov 28, 1874;

Carlton, James E.; born:unknown; died: Sep 4, 1899;
Confederate veteran

Carlton, Sanders; born: c1813; died: Mar 1860;
Married, trader, born in New York, died when "murdered by Mexicans" [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Carnegie, unknown; born:c. 1895; died: Jun 27, 1897;
Daughter of Hugh Carnegie

Carothers, Durell M.; born:Aug 25, 1909; died: Sep 1, 1994;
Son of H. Walter and Mary (Towell) Carothers

Carreon, Vicente; born: c 1945; died: Aug 2, 1986;

Carroll, Adam; born: unknown; died: Feb 1, 1913;

Carroll, Keiona Dashonell Ann; born:Dec 2, 1996; died: Dec 16, 1996;
Daguther of Adrian J. Carroll and Shamica L. Moore

Carson, Etta; born:May 27, 1875; died: Nov 28, 1896;
Daughter of H.S. Carson

Carson, unknown; born:c. 1888; died: Jan 18, 1888;
Child of H.S. Carson

Carter. Alonzo; born: c 1837; died: May 1850;
Died at house of Amsted Carter [1850 Mortality Schedule]

Carter, Amstead; born:c. 1795; died: Aug 4, 1851;

Carter, Calvin; born:c. 1913; died: Jul 31, 1926;
Son of Lola Evans, drowned [Buried in Eagle Lake area]

Carter, Charles R.; born: c. 1850; died: Oct 31, 1875;
Married Mary Francis (Miller) Bray Dec 17, 1874; committed suicide;

Carter, Dick; born:unknown; died: Jun 25, 1881;
Son of E. D. Carter, drowned

Carter, Ed; born: unknown; died: Apr 27, 1901;
Shot to death

Carter, Elizabeth Ann; born:Aug 8, 1848; died: Oct 31, 1938;
Daughter of Dennis and Lucinda (Johnson) Crawfort, married Henry Carter [Parents' name from Death Certificate which gives place of burial as Eagle Lake, her name as Eliza and date of death as Nov 2, 1938]

Carter, Hattie; born: Mar 22, 1904; died: Apr 5, 1933; buried in Eagle Lake
Daughter of George and Mary (Gibson) Blanton

Carter, Lavina; born:c. 1848; died: c. 1857;
Daughter of Amstead and Susan Carter

Carter, Lucinda; born:c. 1846; died: Aug 1869;
Died in childbirth in the home of George B. Halyard, along with her child.

Carter, Mary Frances; born: c. 1847; died: May 16, 1905; cem: unknown
Nee Miller, married Sheppard Franklin Bray Dec 20, 1868; married Charles R. Carter Dec 17, 1874, called Mollie

Carter, Robert; born: c 1902; died: Jun 24, 1921;
Killed by brother Will Carter

Cassel, Henry; born:unknown; died: Jan 23, 1899;

Castillo, Alicia S.; born: Oct 24, 1949; died: Jul 16, 2010
Daughter of Julio and Sarah Sosa

Castle, Jesse; born:c. 1917; died: Jan 14, 1928; [buried at Eagle Lake]
Son of Garvey and Lettie (Amar) Castle, shot to death [parents from death certificate]

Castleberry, Simeon; born:c. 1806; died: Oct 28, 1882;

Cejka, George; born: Sep 1, 1917; died: Mar 13, 1918;
Son of Adolf F. and Rosie (Lee) Cejka, twin to Davis W. Cejka[death certificate states burial at St. Michael, but no stone or church record of burial at St. Michael; family lore states burial at Live Oak Cemetery]

Cernosek, unknown; born: unknown; died: Aug 14, 1902;
One of the twin babies born to Mr. and Mrs. Cernosek

Chambers, Mary E.; born:c. 1856; died: Mar 1870;

Champion, Mrs.; born:unknown; died: Feb 13, 1888;

Chapman, David Madison.; born:c 1844; died: Nov 1893;
Son of William and Esther (Seagler) Chapman, Confederate Veteran

Chapman, H. T.; born: unknown; died: 1858;

Chapman, Jo; born:unknown; died: Feb 11, 1878;

Chapman, William; born: unknown; died: Aug 29, 1898;
Killed by George Henry

Chatman, unknown; born:c. 1883; died: Jan 16, 1893;
Daughter of Sam Chatman

Cherry, Lillian; born:Aug 9, 1914; died: Jan 31, 1992;
Née Doubrava, married Harry Vernon Cherry

Cherry, Samuel G.; born:Oct 22, 1818; died: Oct 14, 1878;

Chesnut, Hazella; born: c1877; died: Oct 30, 1906; (possibly Myrtle Cemetery)
Daughter of Cornelius and Jane (Hooper) Hutchins, married James David Chesnut

Childers, unnamed boy; born:Oct 1869; died: Oct 1869;
One of a set of twins

Childers, unnamed boy; born: Oct 1869; died: Oct 1869;
One of a set of twins

Chova, William/Shover, Spencer; born: unknown; died: Dec 2, 1918;
Shot and killed by John Cotton

Christal, Ira; born: Feb 18, 1896; died: Mar 22, 1939; buried at Eagle Lake
Son of Dick Christal [info from death certificate]

Christal, Shellie; born: Aug 15, 1902; died: Nov 6, 1937; buried at Eagle Lake
Son of Dick and Martha (Gipson) Christal, married Zellia Christal

Christen, Carl Otto, Jr.; born: Oct 30, 1949; died: Apr 22, 2011;
Son of Carl Otto, Sr. and Dorothy (Svetlik) Christen

Christol, Dick; born:c. 1863; died: Nov 2, 1935; buried at Eagle Lake
[Death date is incorrect. Death was reported in November 1, 1935 Headlight.]

Christol, Leo; born: Feb 1895; died: Oct 17, 1946; buried at Eagle Lake
Son of Pick and Maratha (Chris) Christol [death certificate]

Claiborne, William; born:unknown; died: unknown;

Claiborne, James Willis; born: c1855; died: May 30, 1860;
Son of Robert Z. Claiborne

Claiborne, Lena; born: Dec 25, 1895; died: Jan 24, 1949; buried at Columbus
Daughter of Peter and Angeline (Satterfield) Woodson [death certificate]

Clapp, Eli D.; born:c. 1854; died: Feb 12, 1917;
Buried at Ramseyville per obi t, father of Joe Clapp

Clapp, Flemming M.; born:c. 1869; died: May 19, 1888;
Son of Suffield Clapp, drowned in the river

Clapp, Jacob; born:c. 1816; died: Jan 1870;

Clark, Sallie; born:c. 1877; died: Sep 24, 1895;
Daughter of Ben Clark

Claussen, George J.; born: unknown; died: Apr 21, 1865;

Clay, Dennis; born:unknown; died: May 26, 1886;
Accidentally killed himself

Clayborne, Wilbert; born:Jan 7, 1931; died: Sep 18, 2000;
Son of Pryor and Ida Mae (Junious) Clayborne, Korean and Vietnam veteran

Clayton, Jodie; born:Oct 28, 1911; died: Dec 8, 1994;
Daughter of Mose and Fannie Rim, married Hollis Clayton [Possibly buried at Farmers Improvement Society, that is where her husband and son are buried.]

Clipson, Anna Lou; born:c. 1920; died: c. 1920;
Daughter of John Milton and Pearl (McNéer) Clipson

Clower, Mattie V.; born: c. 1858; died: Oct 1880;
Née Jackson, married Walter F. Clower, Feb 27, 1878

Cockrell, Wylie; born:c. 1826; died: Mar 3, 1924;

Coffee, Mansel; born:unknown; died: May 6, 1891;

Coffee, Woodson; born:c 1827; died: Oct 4, 1880;
Veteran of Mexican War, Confederate veteran,

Coger, unnamed boy; born:Mar 1870; died: Mar 1870;

Coggins, unknown; born:c. 1821; died: Jan 24, 1893;

Cole, David; born:unknown; died: 1870;

Coleman, Carolina; born:Aug 15, 1867; died: Dec 4, 1929; [buried in Columbus]
[dates and burial place from death certificate]

Coleman, Cebron: born: Sep 27, 1901; died: Jan 14, 1932;
Son of Joe and Maggie (Perry) Coleman [Parents’ names and birth date from death certificate]

Coleman, Martha; born: Sep 13, 1892; died: Nov 5, 1929; buried at Glidden;
Daughter of Felix Garner [info from death certificate]

Coleman, Mrs. Ed.; born: unknown; died: Jul 13, 1900
Married first to ? Rhodes, married second to Ed Coleman of Shiner

Collier, Kitt; born: c. 1810; died: unknown;
Married Patience ?, [died between 1880 and 1900]

Collier, Kitt; born: 1845 or 1852; died: unknown;
Married Virginia Toliver [died between 1920 and 1930]

Collier, Luella; born: Jan 3, 1856; died: 25 Jan 1945;
Daughter of Robert and Lucinda Tatum [buried at Altair per death certificate]

Collier, Patience; born: c. 1810; died: unknown;
Married Kitt Collier (born c. 1810) [died between 1880 and 1900]

Collier, Virginia; born: 1865; died: unknown;
Daughter of William and Celia Toliver, married to Kitt Collier (b. 1845 or 1852) [died between 1920 and 1930

Collins, Powaten.E.; born:c. 1825; died: Apr 22, 1878;

Compton, Mary Barnard; born:Sep 28, 1860; died: Dec 1, 1873;
Daughter of William Thomas Swan and Jane (McKinstry) Compton, died of yellow fever

Compton, William Thomas Swan; born:Oct 7, 1808; died: Dec 1, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Cone, A.B.; born:Sep 18, 1914; died: Aug 8, 1993;
Son of Curtis Freeman and Manerva Jane (Jones) Cone, veteran of World War II

Cone, Bettie; born:unknown; died: Jul 21, 1898; (Skull Creek Cemetery?)

Cone, Cynthia; born:c. 1820; died: May 23, 1881;

Conner , Asa; born: unknown; died: May 6, 1904;
Son of Sandy Conner

Conner, Elliott; born: ca 1879 ; died: Jul 1897;
Grandson of Anderson Putney; drowned near Borden

Conner, unnamed infant; born:Jan 1870; died: Jan 1870;

Connor, Louis Vaughan; born:Jul 16m 1891; died: Dec 5, 1913;
Son of Grant and Eliza (Campbell) Connor, drowned in flood on the Colorado River

Connor, Norma; born: Jun 12, 1924; died: Oct 27, 2008;
Daughter of J. L. and Gertrude (Nephew) Josserand, married Frank P. Connor in 1959

Contreras, Maria G.; born: Mar 1, 1926; died: Dec 6, 2009;
Daughter of Pedro and Mary (Garcia) Valadez, married Matias Contreras Dec 12, 1958

Cook, Andrew Jackson.; born:Aug 23, 1823; died: Dec 17, 1881; cem: possibly Alleyton
[License issued Jan 18, 1868 to marry Kate Hill but was not returned.]

Cook, Addie; born: ca 1883; died: Sep 6, 1919;
Daughter of Lulu Guzdin [buried at Eagle Lake according to death certificate]

Cook, Kate; born: c. 1844; died: Feb 10, 1897; cem: possibly Alleyton
Daughter of ___ and Eliza Hill, married Andrew J. Cook license issued Jan 18, 1868 but was not returned.

Cook, Richard V.; born:unknown; died: Aug 29, 1877;
Confederate veteran, State Senator (1866), buried in Moore Cemetery, Fayette County

Cooper, Cornelia; born:unknown; died: Jun 3, 1891;
Nee Casle, married Rev. E. E. Cooper who is buried at Oakland Hills

Cooper, Elmira; born: Jun 1 1839; died: Oct 24, 1927; Crasco Cemetery?
Daughter of Seaborn and Margaret (Robertson) Stapleton, married William Jasper Cooper in 1860 [Since 3 of her 4 children are buried at Miller Creek Cemetery, I have put her there for now. DA]

Cooper, Ike Jr.; born: Oct 16, 1869; died: Oct 17, 1930; buried in Eagle Lake
Son of Ike Cooper [info from death certificate]

Cooper, Lucinda; born:c. 1818; died: Aug 20, 1878; possibly Columbus City Cemetery
Née Fondren, married Dillard Cooper Nov 1832

Corrigan, Pat; born: unknown; died: Mar 7, 1909;

Cotton, Evaline E.; born May 20, 1814; died Jun 24, 1886;
Sister of Sidney Lu (Yoakum) Williams Cole

Countee, Sam; born:unknown; died: Nov 7, 1891;
Son of Alfred Countee, stabbed by Willie Mathias

Cousins, Shelly Clifton; born:unknown; died: May 21, 1883;
Son of William M. and Sallie (Farmer) Cousins

Cox, Mary Jane; born:May 7, 1821; died: Nov 1, 1882;
Daughter of George J. and Maria Cherry, married George W. Cox, Feb 3, 1842

Cox, Robert A.; born: c 1837; died; Aug 1859;
Born in Texas, died suddenly after falling from a horse [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Coy, Charles DeHaven "Chuck"; born: Sep 20, 1931; died: May 29, 2009;
Son of William Henry and Waive Olga (DeHaven) Coy

Craft, Billy; born: Mar 6, 1918; died: May 6, 2010;
Son of Stanley and Ruth Craft

Craige, Maggie; born:1882; died: May 21, 1884;
Daughter of Samuel Leander Craige

Cranek, Karen Jane; born: Apr 6, 1948; died: May 11, 2012;
Daughter of Adolph and Evelyn (Kosler) Dornak

Crawford, Jane O.; born: c. 1854; died: Sep 29, 1896;
Daughter of John and Johnette Miller, married George B. Crawford, May 17, 1874

Crebbs, Katie; born:c. 1871; died: Jul 31, 1877;
Daughter of William C. Crebbs

Crier, Andrew; born:unknown; died: c. 1875;

Cripps, Anthony Ray; born: Mar 26, 1952; died: Jun 10, 2008;
Son of Louis and Amanda Dantone

Crook, Gus; born:unknown; died: Jan 1898;

Crowder, Duff; born: Feb 10, 1872; died: Jun 14, 1937; buried at Eagle Lake
Married Shack Crowder; info from death certificate

Crowder, Ike; born:c. 1837; died: Jul 13, 1927; buried at Matthews, Texas [Boykins Cemetery?]
[Death certificate says he was 79, which would make birth year about 1848]

Crowder, Jim; born: Aug 19, 1873; died: Jun 27, 1944; buried at Matthews, Texas [Boykins Cemetery?]
Son of Ike and Jane (Gordon) Crowder [info from death certificate]

Crowder, Willie B.; born: Dec 29, 1912; died: Dec 21, 1961; buried at Matthews, Texas [Boykins Cemetery?]
Son of Shack and Precious (Thomas) Crowder [info from death certificate]

Crume, Timothy; born: Feb 16, 1971; died: May 20, 2009
Son of Carl and Rosalie (Carr) Crume

Crusak, unknown; born: unknown; died: May 1881;
Burned to death

Crusak, unknown; born: unknown; died: May 1881;
Burned to death

Cruz, Clemente G., Sr.; born: Nov 23, 1938; died: Apr 27, 2012;
Son of Jose Garza and Eufracia G. Cruz, married Irma G. Torres Nov 17, 1957

Cryer, Polly; born: unknown; died: Jan 26, 1853;
Married John Cryer

Cunningham, Martin; born:unknown; died: Nov 15, 1879;
Killed in a railroad accident

Cureton, Ida Bell; born: Sep 27, 1921; died: Mar 3, 2006;
Daughter of Ernest and Katy Boatman, married Aaron Darlus Cureton
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Dabney, Booker Talieferio Jr.; born: Nov 2, 1944; died: Feb 27, 2008;
Son of Booker T. Dabney and Jessie Bell Harris, Vietnam veteran

Daeschner, Don Wesley; born: Aug 31, 1932; died: Jul 28, 2009;
Son of Milton Davis and Rose Marie (Hathaway) Daeschner

Daily, Anthony; born:c. 1858; died: May 7, 1923;

Dale, Herbert; born:1897; died: Nov 4, 1898;
Son of E.M. Dale

Dancy, Harriet; born:unknown; died: Feb 11, 1898;
Married Dave Dancy, killed by Dave Dancy

Dancy, John; born: c 1860; died: Oct 1918;
Son of Nathan and Fanny Dancy

Daniel, Bradley B.; born:c. 1867; died: Oct 1869;

Daniels, Cynthia: born: c. 1805; died Apr 13, 1889;
Married Williamson Daniels

Daniels, Patsey; born: c1814; died: Nov 1859;
Married, born in North Carolina, died of pneumonia after an illness of two weeks [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Daniels, Si; born: unknown; died: Apr 1909;

Darden, William; born: Nov 22, 1882; died: Oct 24, 1959;
Son of Louis and Jane (Warner) Williams [info from death certificate which states burial in Mt. Pilgrim Cemetery in Colorado County (Mt. Pilgrim is in Fayette County); burial place may be Floyd Cemetery]

Davenport, Coleman; born:unknown; died: Jun 8, 1919;

David, Perrine M.; born:May 29, 1908; died: Dec 15, 1999;
Married Herd J. David

David, William; born: Nov 19, 1799; died: Jun 8, 1876;

Davidson, Ann Ragsdale; born:1857; died: Dec 21, 1860;
Daughter of A.H. and R.T. Davidson

Davis, Jane; born c 1834; died July 1924;
Was once a slave

Davis, Mahaley; born:unknown; died: Apr 14, 1908;
Married Will Davis, murdered, called Mollie, sister of Mat Robinson

Davis, Robert B.; born: Dec 24, 1885; died: Apr 18, 1941;
Son of Frank Davis [buried at Eagle Lake according to death certificate]

Davis, Ronald Eugene; born: Apr 28, 1957; died: Apr 18, 2005;
Son of Ruby L. Davis

Davis, Shelly; born:unknown; died: Jun 9, 1919;
Son of Cooper Davis, shot to death

Davis, unknown; born:unknown; died: Feb 1899;
Child of Sarney Davis

Davison, Belle J.; born:unknown; died: May 2, 1877;

Dawes, Charles; born: unknown; died: Apr 9, 1895;
Killed by George Howard

Dawson, Edward; born:c. 1896; died: Dec 28, 1941;

Dawson, Fayette; born: unknown; died: May 1901;
Grandson of Thomas Dawson

Dawson, Joe J.; born: Nov 6, 1849; died: Sep 9, 1934; buried in Eagle Lake
Son of Billie and Eliza (Woodfork) Dawson, married Harriett ? [info from death certificate]

De la Cruz, Imalda; born:c. 1973; died: Aug 4, 1992;
Killed in an automobile accident

Deakle, Martha; born: April 29, 1859; died: June 28, 1900;
Married Charles W. Deakle Jun 4, 1876 [we now know that she was buried in the Wortham Cemetery in Freestone County]

Dean, Peter; born:c. 1966; died: Jan 11, 1998;
Son of Ernest S. Dean, Jr.

Deckard, Isaac, born: May, 1820; died: Jan 26, 1901;

Delaney, Celia; born:unknown; died: Jul 14, 1878;
Shot to death by William Thomas

Delany, Gabriella Rebecca; born:Mar 18, 1831; died: Sep 1, 1861;
Daughter of John Elliott and Rebecca (Hutchinson) Shropshire, married William Shelby Delany Jul 14, 1850

deLemos, Charles; born:unknown; died: Apr 21, 1896;

Dement, unknown; born:c. 1878; died: Aug 21, 1880;

Dement, William John; born:unknown; died: Oct 2, 1877;
Son of Ira Bradford Sr. and Sarah (Shores) Dement of Rains County, married Isabel Green White, buried and suffocated while repairing a well

Denisch, Mary; born:c. 1873; died: Jul 9, 1895;

Denley, Ben Earnest; born: Dec 12, 1934; died: Dec 20, 1964;
Son of Clay and Virgie (Campbell) Denley

Denley, Clay; born: Jun 15, 1897; died: Dec 5, 1979;
Son of John and Mary (Johnson) Denley

Dennis, Abe; born:c. 1903; died: Dec 26, 1917; [interment at Ramseyville cemetery]
Killed in a hunting accident

Dennis, Paul; born:unknown; died: Jun 12, 1897;
Son of R.W. Dennis

Dewees, Bluford; born:unknown; died: Sep 2, 1882;
Son of William Bluford Dewees

Dewees, Lydia G.; born:unknown; died: Mar 1847;
Married William Bluford Dewees

Dial, Martin; born:c. 1814; died: Feb 1870;

Dick, Ben H.; born:unknown; died: Aug 4, 1891;
Son of Jacob J. and Susan Ann (Campbell) Dick, killed in a railroad accident [his parents are buried in Columbus Odd Fellows Rest]

Dick, G. S.; born:c. 1830; died: Jul 6, 1895;

Dick, Jacob Jerome; born:c. 1881; died: Jul 20, 1881;
Son of Jacob J. and Susan Ann (Campbell) Dick [his parents are buried in Columbus Odd Fellows Rest]

Dick, Joseph F.; born:c. 1878; died: Jan 10, 1889;
Son of Jacob J. and Susan Ann (Campbell) Dick, killed in a railroad accident [his parents are buried in Columbus Odd Fellows Rest]

Dick, Lillian Louise; born: Mar 3, 1889; died: Nov 8, 1890;
Daughter of Jacob J. and Susan Ann (Campbell) Dick [her parents are buried in Columbus Odd Fellows Rest]

Dickey, Wilbur; born: Jun 20, 1922; died: Sep 27, 1936; [buried in Eagle Lake]
Son of Virgil and Polas (Bean) Dickey [Information from death certificate]

Ditrich, unnamed boy; born:Nov 1869; died: Nov 1869;

Dixon, W.M.; born: c 1820; died: Feb 21, 1885;

Dobresky, Unknown; born: unknown; died: May 11, 1914;
Daughter of Joe Dobresky and wife

Dodson, Dick; born:unknown; died: Dec 17, 1887;
Killed by Coley Jackson

Dolejsi, Ella; born:Jan 3, 1946; died: Apr 10, 1999;
Daughter of Otto John and Beatrice Marie (Sanders) Simmank, married Roger E. Dolejsi, Apr 6, 1963

Dolin, James; born:unknown; died: Dec 21, 1891;
Killed by Joe M. Duke

Donald, Holman D.; born:c. 1836; died: Jul 30, 1893;
Confederate veteran

Doodlesing, Mrs.; born:unknown; died: Jan 9, 1898;

Doree, Mrs. Leo; born:unknown; died: Sep 3, 1896;

Dougan, Pat; born: unknown; died: March 1881;

Douglass, William; born:c. 1843; died: Nov 18, 1893;

Drane, William Hargrove; born:1818; died: 1870;

Drisdale, Isac; born: Jul 1853; died: Oct 10, 1903;
Called Ike

Duddleston, Marvin Frank; born: Nov 7, 1947; died: May 30, 2012;
Son of Charles N. and Dorothy Smith Duddleston, married Beverly J. Mathis

Dudley, June; born:c. 1808; died: Dec 1888;

Dudley, unknown; born:c. 1884; died: Mar 6, 1884;

Duerr, Caesar Christian; born:unknown; died: Aug 25, 1890;
Committed suicide

Duerr, Emilie Dorothea Charlotte; born:1853; died: Aug 9, 1890;
Daughter of Charles and Antonette (Malstaedt) Jordt, married Caesar Christian Duerr

Duke, Emma Minnie; born:Jul 5, 1836; died: Nov 17, 1903;
Daughter of Herman and Ann (Rivers) Tracy, married David H. Rhine, Oct 31, 1852, married Herbert Duke Mar 11, 1875

Duke, James; born:c. 1807; died: Aug 1869;

Duke, Marmion; born:c. 1885; died: Nov 26, 1885;
Son of Monroe Jackson Duke

Duke, Mattie; born:Nov 22, 1868; died: Dec 24, 1880;
Daughter of Joseph M. and Sallie (Benton) Duke

Duncan, Bob; born:unknown; died: Mar 5, 1899;

Duncan, Davis; born: Jun 1883; died: Oct 4, 1902;
Named Utt

Duncan, Mari Hannah; born: Nov 28, 1928; died: May 23, 2008;
Daughter of Henry Tanner and Betty Lee (Castles) Walker, married Massey Duncan

Duncan, Turner; born:c. 1859; died: Nov 15, 1934;

Duncan, Unknown; born: 1900; died Nov 7, 1901;
Daughter of J. A. Duncan

Dunlavy, Alexander; born:unknown; died: Oct 27, 1877;

Dunlavy, William Thomas; born: Jul 1, 1815; died: Aug 28, 1873;
Son of John and Joannah (Combs) Dunlavy

Dunn, Frank; born: unknown; died: Aug 12, 1890;

Dunnegan, Joe; born: c 1859; died Jan 8, 1887


Eanes, Eliza; born: May 1828; died Apr 2, 1911; Weimar Area

Earle, Frank; born: c 1861; died: Nov 1909;

Eason, Adam; born:c. 1830; died: Mar 8, 1890;
Former slave

Eason, Clarissa Ann; born:c. 1828; died: 1871;
Née Hancock, married Needham W. Eason, Sr.

Eason, Lucretia J.; born:c. 1858; died: May 26, 1887;
Married William Eason

Eason, Mollie; born:unknown; died: Apr 14, 1889;
Daughter of James R. Eason, [buried in County Line Cemetery, Lavaca County, TX]

Eason,Needham Ward, Jr.; born: Jul 4, 1841; died: Aug 9, 1889;
A physician [buried in County Line (Shimek) Cemetery, Lavaca County, TX]

Eason, W.T.; born:unknown; died: May 25, 1887;

Edwards, C. H.; born:c. 1861; died: Apr 16, 1886;
Constable (1884-1886)

Edwards, Dot; born:unknown; died: Jul 1, 1890;
Son of Kate Edwards

Edwards, E. H.; born:Oct 1, 1804; died: Aug 2, 1879;

Edwards, Oliver; born:unknown; died: Feb 2, 1917; [See Alleyton Cemetery]
Murdered by Joe Gilbert

Edwards, Polk; born: unknown; died: Dec 26, 1896;
Killed in Ellinger by Otto Meyer, [said to have been buried on Gay Farm near Columbus ]

Edwards, William Webster; born:Jan 8, 1871; died: Oct 25, 1874;
Son of N. G. and S. A. Edwards

Eichlers, Ernst, born: unknown; died May 21, 1884;
Step-father of Mrs. F. Gaertner

Eikut, unknown; born: unknown; died: Jul 25, 1885;

Ellison, Thomas Dryden; born: unknown; died: Oct 21, 1863;

Emmerson, T. T.; born: unknown; died: Sep 15, 1899;

Engelhardt, Henry Julius; born:1881; died: Nov 26, 1882;
Son of W. A. and Elizabeth Engelhardt

English, James L..; born:c. 1871; died: Dec 1895;
Son of James Samuel and Sarah Elizabeth(Whittington) English

English, James Samuel; born: Aug 18, 1839; died Aug 14, 1871;
Son of Henry and Elizabeth (Blair) English, married Sarah Elizabeth Whittington,Confederate veteran [The birth and death dates from Sarah (Whittington) English's Confederate pension application. ]

Erere, Abarato; born:c. 1875; died: Jul 6, 1915;

Espey, Augusta; born: c1860; died: August 27, 1878;
Nee Walther, married Julius Espey, Jan 23, 1976

Espey, unknown; born:unknown; died: Apr 23, 1883;
Child of Julius Espey

Esterling, Bill; born:Nov 14, 1926; died: Aug 26. 2000;
Son of William and Margaret (LaFranz) Esterling, veteran of World War II

Evans, Augustine; born: c. 1912; died Oct 21, 1918;
Daughter of Jack Evans, died of pneumonia following influenza [Information from death certificate; buried in Eagle Lake area]

Evans, Dorothy; born: Oct 18, 1928; died: Jun 19, 2008;
Daughter of John and Laydell (Trammel) Cook, married Thomas R. Evans, Dec 1, 1951

Evans, Louis; born:unknown; died: May 11, 1899;
Drowned in the river

Evans, Marida/Mariah; born: Aug 11, 1865; died: Feb 11, 1940;
Daughter of Aron Flowers, married Sila Evans [Information from death certificate; buried in Eagle Lake area]

Evans, Rubin; born: Sep 5, 1899; died: Feb 10, 1947;
Son of Silas and Mariah (Flowers) Evans [Information from death certificate; buried in Eagle Lake area]

Evans, Silas; born: Feb 4, 1870; died: Aug 16, 1940;
Married Mariah Flowers [Information from death certificate; buried in Eagle Lake area]

Evans, Tom; born: Jan 10, 1852; died: Dec 21, 1931;
Son of Cread and Frances (Branch) Evans [Information from death certificate; buried in Eagle Lake area]

Everett, unknown; born:unknown; died: May 21, 1885;
Child of Tom Everett

Everett, unnamed infant; born:c 1886; died: Nov 3, 1886;
Child of Thomas Everett


Faber, Augusta; born:unknown; died: Nov 1, 1893;

Fahrenthold, Bertha Wilhelmina "Sophie"; born: Mar 26, 1868; died: Sep 6, 1888;
Daughter of August and Augusti "Emma" (Fiebig) Fahrenthold [Probably buried on the Fahrenthold farm in Fayette County]

Faner, unknown; born: unknown; died: Dec 3, 1886;
Killed by Todd Fitzgerald

Farmer, P.; born: c1857; died: Dec 1859;
Male, born in Texas, died of fever after an illness of five weeks [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Fennel, Sammie; born:c. 1906; died: Nov 24, 1920;

Ferguson, Denis Jr.; born: May 30, 1886; died: Jun 1, 1938; buried at Glidden
Son of Denis Sr. and Irene (Cohn) Ferguson, married Ida ?

Ferguson, unknown; born:c. 1889; died: Jul 5, 1889;
Daughter of Henry Ferguson

Ferguson, unknown; born:unknown; died: Aug 3, 1858;
Killed by ? Shaver

Fernace, Clara; born:unknown; died: May 26, 1893;
Married W.C. Fernace

Ficklen, John F.; born: Mar 1844; died; Jul 4, 1900;
Died in Eagle Lake

Fields, James W.; born:c. 1830; died: Dec 1, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Finch, J. A.; born:unknown; died: Aug 19, 1890;

Finkelstein, William; born:unknown; died: Oct 21, 1879;
Killed by Sam Lewis

Finney, Clark; born:c. 1824; died: Oct 7, 1886;

Finney, Kenneth Ray; born: Feb 6, 1956; died: May 23, 2008;
Son of Robert Lee and Laura (Pickell) Finney

Finney, Isabella; born:c. 1836; died: Jun 27, 1893;
Married Clark Finney

Finucane, Lyle; born: c. 1874; died: Mar 27, 1912;

Fisher, Annie; born:Jan 19, 1868; died: Nov 26, 1889; [Buried in Luling City Cemetery]
Daughter of J.Q.A. Carter, married Thomas D. Fisher, son of Rufus L. and Mary Ann (Slack) Fisher on Dec 23, 1888

Fitzgerald, Anderson; born: Dec 10, 1870; died: Aug 25, 1941;
Son of Levia Fitzgerald [info from death certificate which states burial place as Mt. Pilgrim Cemetery in Colorado County (Mt. Pilgrim is in Fayette County); burial place may be Floyd Cemetery]

Fitzgerald, Nathan; born: c 1868, died: Mar 1921;

Fitzhugh, Eloise Alston; born:Nov 27, 1903; died: Nov 19, 1990;
Daughter of Jesse Burette and Addie Alston (DeGraffenried) Holman, married James Venable Fitzhugh [Last Residence 78259 San Antonio, Bexar, TX]

Fitzsimmons, Robert; born:1918; died: Sep 11, 1920;
Son of Robert and Daisy Fitzsimmons

Flanagan, Benjamin Neil II; born: Mar 10, 1942; died: Feb 1, 2006;
Son of Benjamin Neil and Mary (Harrville) Flanagan

Flatt, Donald Ray; born:Dec 17, 1944; died: Feb 22, 1995;
Son of Lucie Landon

Fleming, Rena; born: unknown; died: Jan 4, 1886;
Mother of Wyatt Fleming

Fleming, Robin Scott; born: May 30, 1965; died: Apr 3, 2005;
Son of Michael James and Susan (Little) Fleming, married Robin Marie Orange, Aug 2, 1986

Flores, Andrew; born:c. 1907; died: Sep 1922;
Son of Peter Flores

Flores, Guadalupe Jr.; born: c 1965; died: Jul 3, 1985;
Shot by Chief Deputy Sheriff Bufford Ashley, called Lupe

Flores, Refugio; born: c. 1873; died: Oct 15, 1918;
Died of influenza

Floyd, Pauline Ella; born: Jun 1, 1942; died: Dec 8, 1942
Daughter of Virgielee Floyd [info from death certificate which states burial in Mt. Pilgrim Cemetery in Colorado County (Mt. Pilgrim is in Fayette County); burial place may be Floyd Cemetery]

Floyd, Leola; born: Nov 15, 1905; died: Feb 22, 1953
Daughter of Thomas and Whitefield Burton [info from death certificate which states burial in Colorado Co. Cemetery at Fayetteville, Tex.; burial place may be Floyd Cemetery]

Floyd, R. L.; born: c. Dec 2, 1943; died: Dec 3, 1943;
Son of VergeLee Floyd [info from death certificate which states place of burial or removal as Leolia Floyd]

Flowers, Edmund; born: Jul 8, 1858; died: Dec 7, 1933;
Son of Edmon Flowers Sr.

Flowers, Taylor; born:unknown; died: Apr 2, 1912;
Murdered by Saville Howard

Folts, Walter Dallas.; born:Aug 22, 1876; died: Oct 3, 1953;[death certificate gives Brookside Memorial Park Crematory]
Son of Alexander J. and Mary Frances (Carney) Folts

Foote, Lillie; born:unknown; died: Jul 11, 1880;

Ford, Jerry; born:unknown; died: Oct 2, 1891;
Killed by Ed Champ

Ford, Michael Foxx; born: Oct 3, 1964; died: Sep 6, 2012;
Son of John Paul and Mary Jane (Ford) Ventura

Ford, unknown; born:unknown; died: Oct 1882;
Daughter of Fannie Ford

Foshay, Harman A.; born: c. 1829; died: Mar 24, 1855;
Son of Jesse Foshay

Foster, Burk; born:c. 1867; died: Aug 20, 1885;
Son of Mrs. J. G. Wilborne

Foster, William Newton; born:Jun 11, 1917; died: Nov 14, 1943;
Son of F.R. Foster, killed in World War II

Francis, Doris Mae; born: Jan 11, 1927; died: Feb 24, 1960;
Daughter of Theodore and Olivia (Williams) Dorn, married Ben Francis

Francis, George; born:c. 1808; died: Jul 15, 1908;

Franklin, William Leonard; born:Aug 10, 1927; died: Jan 15, 2000;
Son of William Henry and Verna Bess (Davis) Franklin

Franz, Anton Andrew; born:Sep 1892; died: Sep 1892;
Son of Andrew and Amelia (Jacobs) Franz

Frazar, Agnes Jane Paget; born: Nov 5, 1852; died: Feb 23, 1886;Eagle Lake/Frazarville area
Daughter of Edward Henry and Leonora Ann (Smith) Smith, born in Hamilton, Bermuda, married James A. Frazar

Frazar, Almira C.; born: Nov 2, 1828; died: Sep 25, 1886;
Daughter of Jams Azariah and Nancy Ann (Basye) Kimbro, married Isaac James Frazar July 19, 1849 in Rutherford Co., TN[Born in Tennessee, she was the mother of James A. Frazar]

Frazar, Fitzie Kimbro; born: c 1886; died: Jul 1, 1886;
Child of James A. and Agnes Jane (Smith) Frazar

Frazar, Isaac J.; born: Dec 4, 1827; died: Aug 25, 1874;
Son of James Watson and Sara Sally (Jamison) Frazar

Frazar, Micajah; born:c. 1808; died: Dec 8, 1873;
Son of James and Susannah (Oldfield) Frazar, born in NC

Frazar, Unknown Infant; born: c 1888; died: Nov 24, 1888; Eagle Lake/Frazarville area
Child of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Frazar

Frazer, Archibald; born: unknown; died: 1854;

Frazer, John Parks; born:c. 1877; died: Mar 29, 1914;
Son of Fannie Frazer

Frazier, Julia; born: Oct 16, 1852; died: Jul 7, 1939;

Froehlich, Ferdinand; born: Dec 16, 1821; died: November 13, 1908;

Freis, Elna A.; born: Dec 22, 1959; died: Aug 17, 2010;
Daughter of Otto and Clara Haveman

Frels, Louis; born: Apr 13, 1860; died: Dec 14, 1905;
Son of Gerhard and Louise (Wichmann) Frels

Frerichs, Frederick; born:c. 1785; died: Sep 1870;

Frnka, Joseph; born: 1822; died: Apr 10, 1902; [buried at New Ulm, Texas]

Frnka, Meteor Noska; born:Oct 6, 1903; died: Jan 20, 1985;
Son of Joseph Vinc and Annie (Noska) Frnka

Frnka, unknown; born: c 1896; died: Jun 27, 1900;
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frnka

Fuchs, Elton; born: Aug 5, 1930; died: May 1, 2008;
Son of John Henry and Clara (Iselt) Fuchs

Fuller, Gracie Jeanne Vincent; born: Aug 2, 1913; died: Apr 8, 2009;
Daughter of Charles Louis Vincent and Sarah Davis Lott, married Roger Eugene Fuller


Gage, Lawrence; born: c 1916; died: Jan 1, 1945;
Found dead on Hwy. 90 two miles east of Weimar, married Bernice Clayborne

Gagne, Gene Arthur; born: Dec 23, 1934; died: Oct 28, 2002;
Son of Arthur and Maderline (Fortin) Gagne

Gainey, Gererd; born:unknown; died: Dec 11, 1898;

Gant, Dick; born:unknown; died: May 17, 1899;
Killed in a gunfight

Gant, John; born: Aug 1879; died: Mar 6, 1914;

Garcia, Blassa; born:c. 1864; died: Jun 15, 1911;
Burned to death

Garcia, Cartanio; born:c. 1888; died: Jun 24, 1912;
Killed in a railroad accident

Garcia, Jose; born:unknown; died: Jul 29, 1907;
Killed in a railroad accident

Garcia, Sipirana; born: c. 1870; died: May 31, 1910;
Née Vijile, married Apolonia Garcia

Gardiner, Samuel K.; born:unknown; died: Mar 6, 1898;
Son of Arthur Gardiner

Garner, Adam; born: Dec 1880; died: Feb 7, 1909;
Killed by Constable J. Ernst Schuetterle

Garner, Henry; born:unknown; died: Jul 8, 1888;
Killed by Gus Simpson and J.B. Durham

Garrett, Joseph P.; born:c. 1845; died: Oct 1869;

Garrett, unknown; born: c 1883; died: Oct 11, 1886;
Daughter of Silas Garrett

Garza, John H.; born: Jun 25, 1943; died: Jun 7, 2010;
Son of Tony and Adela Garza

Gaskin, Lewis; born:unknown; died: Jul 1876;

Gaskins, James; born:unknown; died: Dec 22, 1882;
Killed by Bill Johnson

Gaskins, Katheryn; born:c. 1824; died: Apr 19, 1924;

Gates, Kizzie; born:unknown; died: 1922;
Née Moore, married John Gates

Gates, Meridith; born:c. 1867; died: Aug 29, 1923;
Son of Sam and Emma (Brown) Gates

Gates, Solomon; born:unknown; died: Sep 30, 1923;
Son of Meridith Gates, shot on train

Gautreaux, Donald Ray; born: Feb 9, 1954; died: May 26, 2006;
Son of Simon and Mary (Reagan) Gautreaux

Gay, Larry; born: 1840; died: Feb 26, 1909;

Gay, Mandy; born: c. 1824; died: Jan 7, 1928;
Former slave of W. W. Alley Family

Geason, Elijah; born:unknown; died: Aug 13, 1892;

Gee, Emma Play; born:Nov 19, 1874; died: Apr 30, 1877;
Daughter of Ben F. and Orlanda Gee

Gegenworth, Andrew; born:c. 1836; died: Jul 1869;

Gegenworth, Betty; born:c. 1846; died: Mar 1870;

Gentry, Mrs. M.E.; born:unknown; died: Sep 1913;

German, James Milton Sr.; born: Dec 19, 1955; died: Aug 9, 2006;
Son of Milton and Harolyn (Beach) German

Gibbs, Will; born:unknown; died: Aug 30, 1896;
Killed by Robert Rayford Stafford

Gibson, C.A.; born:c. 1828; died: Nov 30, 1878;
Married O.L. Gibson

Giles, Grant; born: unknown; died: Jun 1933;

Gillespie, Andrew; born:c. 1869; died: Dec 31, 1884;
Son of Thomas B and V (Paterson) Gillespie, kicked by a horse

Gillespie, Julia; born:unknown; died: Dec 3, 1897;

Gillespie, V.; born: unknown: died: May 1883;
Nee Paterson, married Thomas B. Gillespie in 1866

Gillman, Willie Jr.; born: Jan 13, 1944; died: Mar 10, 1944; buried at Columbus
Son of Willie and Ruby (Tooker) Gillman [death certificate]

Gillmore, Clyde Allyne; born:May 14, 1869; died: Aug 16, 1881;
Son of John D. and Martha E. Gillmore, [probably buried in Odd Fellows Rest since that is where his father is buried.]

Gillmore, W.D.; born:unknown; died: Sep 17, 1891;
[This could we William, born ca 1861, son of John D. and Martha E. Gillmore]

Gilmore, Lucy; born: unknown; died: Jul 1906
Killed by Henrietta Edwards

Gipsy, Charley; born:c. 1867; died: Jul 1, 1887;

Gloger, Anna; born:unknown; died: Sep 25, 1878;

Glover, Ora Lee; born: c 1911; died : Sep 20, 1956; cem: unknown (Altair area)
Married R. C. Glover

Glover, R.C.; born:unknown; died: Jul 10, 1926;

Glover, Tom; born:unknown; died: Jul 19, 1877;
Drowned in the river

Glueck, Otto; born: c 1915; died: Jan 22, 1931;
Son of Joseph and Rosalie Glueck

Goedecke, Henry; born:Sep 1813; died: Nov 2, 1880;

Gomez, Andrew; born: c. 1894; died: Jan 29, 1906;

Gonzales, Juan: born: unknown; died: Jan 2, 1909;
Killed by Dennis Montana

Gonzales, Margaret; born: July 25, 1951; died: Oct 29, 1953; buried in Eagle Lake
Daughter of Marcus and Hilda (Soliz) Gonzales [info from death certificate; Is this the same person as Margarita Gonzales buried at Lakeside Cemetery? Dates on tombstone are somewhat different.]

Good, Gamaliel; born:Nov 22, 1803; died: Mar 28, 1888

Goode, James R.; born: unknown; died: Jul 1868
Married Mary L. Nave August 20, 1867, killed at Columbus defending a prisoner in his custody

Gooden, unknown; born: unknown; died: Oct 1885;
Daughter of Steven Gooden

Goodwin, George Washington; born: unknown; died: Aug 1890;

Goodwin, Joe; born: unknown; died: Feb 9, 1902;
Killed by Frank Summer

Goodwin, Mollie; born: unknown; died: Jul 12, 1887;
Shot to death

Gordon, Aaron; born:unknown; died: Aug 18, 1881;
Killed in a railroad accident

Gordon, Annie L.; born: Sep 18, 1935; died: Jan 25, 2004;
Daughter of Lewis Washington

Gorden, Dan; born:Jan 14, 1834; died: Apr 21, 1932;

Gordon, Polly; born:unknown; died: Jul 20, 1885;
Married A.T. Gordon

Goudy, Ollie; born: Sep 19, 1902; died: Oct 15, 1984;
Daughter of James And Minnie (Barr) Anderson, married ? Spivey, married ? Goudy

Grawbow [Grabow],Mary; born: Apr 1860; died: May 1860;
Born in Texas, died of teething after an illness of four days [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Grace, Robert Earl; born:c. 1942; died: Mar 1956;
Son of Ella Grace, drowned in the Colorado River

Grace, Tina; born: 1857; died: Sep 1859;
Lived in the household of T. J. Grace, born in Texas, died of unknown causes after an illness of four months [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Graham, unknown; born: unknown; died: Feb 1902

Granger, Dick; born:unknown; died: Jun 16, 1885;

Grant, Scott; born:unknown; died: Jun 24, 1896;

Graves, Elinor E.; born:Sep 28, 1909; died: Dec 23, 1998;
Married Claude C. Graves, Dec 13, 1930

Gray, George; born:Jan 1870; died: Jan 1870;

Gray, Margaret; born:Dec 25, 1906; died: Aug 10, 2001;
Daughter of Ezra C. and Clara (Bullock) Stanard, married Shapleigh Gray, Sep 29, 1928

Gray, Shapleigh G.; born:May 11, 1903; died: Aug 27, 1983;

Green, Bat; born: c 1903; died: July 26, 1921;
Son of Mandy and Dan Green

Green, Davis; born:unknown; died: Mar 24, 1888;
Shot to death by H. A Lehman, A. J. Downing, and H. H. Moore

Green, Hamp; born:c. 1829; died: Feb 4, 1909;

Green, Henry G.; born:unknown; died: Dec 1896;

Green, Homer; born:c. 1918; died: Jun 29, 1948;

Green, Johnnie; born: Aug 9, 1888; died: Dec 8, 1955;
Son of Hubert and Julia (Burton) Green, died in a house fire in Weimar [Death certificate states that he was buried in Columbus Colored Cemetery]

Green, Leonard; born: Mar 19, 1938; died: Apr 8, 1955;
Son of Eligah and Macy (Scott) Green, knifed to death [death certificate says born in October]

Green, Lucius Adkins; born: c. 1880; died: Oct 18, 1882;
Son of Rowan and Nora (Adkins) Green??

Green, Mary M.; born: Dec 6, 1850; died Sept 1, 1883; [Buried Schulenburg City Cemetery]
Daughter of John S. Black, married Harris Taylor Green Dec 18, 1879

Green, Matilda; born:May 1840; died: Jul 22, 1909;
Died of injuries received in a hurricane

Green, Rowan; born:1833; died: Feb 4, 1888;

Green, Tom; born: c. 1894; died: Aug 1934;

Gregory, Bobby Lee; born: Sep 19, 1933; died: May 5, 2008;
Son of Charley Everett and Julia Keel (Garrett) Gregory

Gregory, Mary; born:Jul 15, 1818; died: Feb 27, 1884;
Daughter of Francis and Sallie Hewit, married Umbleton Gregory in 1844

Griffith, Thomas; born:unknown; died: Jun 15, 1882;
Killed by City Marshal George H. Allen

Griffitts, Jane; born:Feb 2, 1889; died: Nov 8, 1891;
Daughter of Warwick Meredith and Callie Caledonia (Sheffield) Griffitts

Griffitts, Nepey; born: Sep 1859; died: Apr 1860;
Female, born in Texas, died suddenly of unknown causes [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Griffitts, Percy M.; born:Mar 24, 1887; died: Mar 24, 1892;
Son of Warwick Meredith and Callie Caledonia (Sheffield) Griffitts

Griffitts, Price; born:Feb 28, 1876; died: Mar 19, 1887;
Son of A. A. Griffitts

Grigsby, Nannie; born:unknown; died: Dec 10, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Grillet, unknown; born:unknown; died: Jun 17, 1883;
Son of J.B. Grillet

Grillet, unknown; born:unknown; died: Nov 12, 1886;
Child of J.B. Grillet

Grimaldo, Roberto; born: c. 1974; died: Sep 14, 2006;
Killed in an automobile accident

Grobe, Nellie; born:c. 1892; died: Nov 25, 1892;
Daughter of Albert J. and Eliza E. (Allen) Grobe

Grobe, unknown; c 1894; died: Feb 7, 1895;
Son of Albert J. and Eliza E. (Allen) Grobe

Grobe, Vinie Golden; born: unknown; died Jul 14, 1885;
Infant daughter of William C and Martha Grobe

Grodhaus, Katherine; born: c 1834; died: Mar 1921;
Married Theo Grodhaus

Grodhouse, Theodore H.; born: Nov 1868; died: Aug 17, 1903; cem: [could be Miller Creek]
Son of Theo and Catherine Grodhouse

Grodhaus, Willie; born:c. 1866; died: Oct 1869;
(1870 Census Mortality Schedule)

Guthrie, unknown; born:c. 1895; died: Nov 22, 1897;
Daughter of George R. Guthrie

Gwinn, Frank; born:unknown; died: May 3, 1888;

Gwinn, unknown; born:c. 1876; died: May 3, 1888;
Son of Frank Gwinn, drowned in Skull Creek
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Haacke, Theodore; born:unknown; died: Aug 1885;

Haddon, Thomas; born:c. 1857; died: May 1870;

Hagen, George; born:c. 1859; died: Jun 14, 1885;

Hahn, Elizabeth H. ([no further information given])
[1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Halada, Maria; born:unknown; died: Aug 11, 1887;
Nee Herbacks, married Valentine Halada Jun 13, 1875

Halada, Valentine.; born:unknown; died: Sep 26, 1898;

Hall, David Lee; born: Feb 12, 1953; died: Jul 14, 1977;
Accidentally electrocuted at Gifford Hill gravel pit in the Alleyton-Eagle Lake area

Hall, David Lee; born: c. 1953; died: Jul 14, 2006;

Hall, Laura; born:c. 1843; died: Jun 1869;

Hall, Tim; born:unknown; died: Jul 17, 1881;
Drowned in the river

Hall, unknown; born:unknown; died: Mar 20, 1881;
Child of Frank Hall

Hallmark, J. D.; born: c 1880; died: Nov 27, 1955;

Halyard, George William Baker; born:unknown; died: Nov 5, 1878;

Hamerley, Stoffel; born:c. 1831; died: Mar 1870;

Hammond, Pierce; born: unknown; died: June 6, 1903
Accidently shot whill carrying the body of Marshal W. R. Kinard into a saloon.

Han, Adolph; born: ca Jul 1860; died: Jul 1860;
Died of cramps after a four day illness [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Hancock,Marina/Rhina; born: c. 1824; died: Jan 4, 1886;
Burned to death

Hanes, Nelse; born:c. 1867; died: May 6, 1923;

Hannon, Obbie; born:c. 1850; died: Jan 9, 1923;

Harcourt, John Jay; born:unknown; died: Oct 2, 1893;

Harcrow, Fred L.; born: Jan 25, 1932; died: Jul 3, 2005;
Son of Marion and Gladys (Smith) Harcrow

Hardeman, Bob E.; born:Apr 1, 1850; died: Apr 3, 1888;

Hardeman, J. B.; born:c. 1829; died: Jun 27, 1874;

Hardeman, Thomas P.; born:unknown; died: Jun 1884;

Hargrove, Earl; born:Dec 15, 1888; died: Jan 1971;

Hargrove, Louella; born: Aug 18, 1889; died: Feb 15, 1946; buried at Columbus
Daughter of Tom and Cora (Glover) Hargrove

Hargrove, Mary; born:c. 1817; died: Jan 19, 1890;
Nee McCarty, married James Caller, married S. P. Hargrove

Hargrove, William R.; born:c. 1811; died: Apr 1870;

Harness, Jim: born: unknown; died May 7, 1905;
An old fisherman

Harper, Ruby Mae; born: Feb 4, 1914; died: Oct 9, 2003;
Daughter of Gustav and Frances (Glaiser) Goeckler

Harrell, James; born: unknown; died: July 23, 1893;
Killed by Horace Dibrell

Harris, Bennie J.; born:c. 1881; died: Aug 7, 1887;

Harris, Caroline Sharp ; born: May 23, 1825; died: Jan 15, 1861;
Daughter of Jonathan and Nancy (Chaffin) Burford, married Thomas Wilkerson Harris in Fayette Co., TN Aug 21, 1843

Harris, Cass; born:c. 1892; died: Aug 9, 1926;

Harris, Gertrude; born: c. 1891; died: Jun 14, 1902;
Murdered by Charles Sanders

Harris, John R.; born: Sep 22, 1835; died: Jun 20, 1904;
Buried in Lavaca County at Andrews Chapel Cemetery

Harris, Jonnie Kathlena; born:c. 1872; died: Mar 31, 1874;
Daughter of John R. and Mary J. Harris Since her mother and father are buried there she is probably buried in Lavaca County at Andrews Chapel Cemetery

Harris, Joseph P.; born: c. 1839; died: Oct 30, 1915;
Son of Ira Albert and Dilue (Rose) Harris

Harris, Patrick McNéely; born:1871; died: 1873;
Son of Joseph P. and Bettie Harris

Harris, Solomon; born: c 1868; died: Nov 28, 1894;
Shot and killed by John Craft

Harris, T. H. ; born: c 1860; died: Jan 15, 1894;
Son of Elizabeth Harris, hit by a train, called Hatt or Hattie, married Sarah York May 23, 1880.

Harris, Thomas Wilkerson; born: Jan 29, 1821; died: c 1867;
Married Sarah Burford, Confederate Veteran

Harris, unknown; born:c. 1871; died: Oct 27, 1873;
Son of Joseph P. Harris, died of yellow fever

Harris, W. C.; born:unknown; died: Mar 27, 1888;

Harrison, Alex; born:unknown; died: Dec 24, 1877;
Shot in the head

Harrison, George Little; born: Sep 1887; died: Jul 1918;
Son of Robert H. and Hattie (Little) Harrison, killed in France in World War I

Harrison, Riss; born: unknown; died: Oct 1886;

Harrison, Rosanne Stephen; born: Oct 6, 1915; died: Sep 8, 2009;
Married William H. Harrison in 1938

Harrison, Van H.; born:c. 1835; died: Nov 24, 1896;
Son of Jesse and Margaret (Hulce) Harrison

Hart, Nancy; born: c. Jul 1886; died: Oct 11, 1907

Hart, S. J.; born 1837; died: Aug 1859;
Male, farmer, born in Mississippi, died of whooping cough after an illness of five days (1860 Census Mortality Schedule)

Hartsfield, Carrie; born:1860; died: Dec 21, 1860;
Daughter of R.S. and Sallie Hartsfield

Harvey, Tom; born: Aug 7, 1894; died: Oct 2, 1937; buried in Weimar
Son of Frank and Anna (Thomas) Harvey [info from death certificate]

Harvey, unknown; born: c. 1890; died: Oct 1900;
Son of Frank and Anna Harvey

Harvey, Wash; born:unknown; died: May 1883;

Haskell, Mary E.; born: c1840; died: Apr 1860;
Born in Kentucky, died of congestion of the lungs after an illness of five days [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Hastings, unknown; born:Jan 4, 1884; died: Jan 11, 1884;
Child of Renatus A. Hastings

Hattermann, Madeline; born: Aug 19, 1931; died: Jul 31, 2013;
Daughter of Aaron W. and Lillie (Thumann) German, married Charlie Hattermann, Jr. [husband buried in Weimar Masonic Cemetery]

Hawkins, Jessie May; born: ca 1916; died: Oct 16, 1918

Hawkins, Mary; born: unknown; died: Nov 17, 1906;
Killed by Tobe Caldwell, Jr.

Hawkins, Micajah Thomas; born: c 1825; died: Dec 1859; possibly Columbus City
Son of Joseph J. and Eliza(beth) Savage (Pugh) Hawkins, married Agnes B. Tanner ca 1845 [Death date from 1860 Mortality Schedule]

Hayek, Frank Jr.; born: Mar 6, 1891; died: Jun 5, 1911;
Son of Frank and Anna (Schultz) Hayek [buried in Schultz or Schulz Cemetery in Kollmann's pasture, location unknown]

Haynie, James A.; born:unknown; died: 1887;

Hays, Dave; born: unnown: died: Apr 7, 1888;

Haywood, Lottie; born:unknown; died: Jan 8, 1888;
Married A.G. Haywood

Hazel, Frank; born: unknown; died: Jul 22, 1896;
Murdered by Simon Mitchell

Heard, Charles; born: unknown; died: Nov 5, 1893;
Killed by Newt Rodgers

Heard, Mrs. Quin; born: unknown; died: Jul 11, 1880;

Hearne, William; born: unknown; died: Aug 14, 1890;
Accidentally killed himself

Hefner, Etta; born: c. 1873; died: Sep 4, 1880;

Heinsohn, Henry; born:Jan 15, 1819; died: 1851;
Son of Diedrich and Anna Marie (Rodefeld) Heinsohn

Heller, Joe; born:c. 1844; died: Dec 6, 1891;

Helmcamp, Clara; born: Nov 1890; died: Jul 21, 1900;
Daughter of William and Emilie Helmcamp

Hemphill, James; born:Nov 22, 1928; died: Apr 26, 1995;
Son of James and Martha Hemphill

Hemphill, Rolanda Gay; born:c. 1971; died: Jan 1, 1993;
Killed in an automobile accident

Henderson, Dock; born:c. 1861; died: Apr 30, 1891;
Run over by a train

Henderson, Joe; born:unknown; died: Jun 22, 1898;
Drowned in the Colorado River

Henderson, Pansy; born: Mar 16, 1912; died: Apr 20, 1932;
Daughter of Will Pinno and Annie Gordon, married Josh Henderson [Parents' and husband's names and birth date from death certificate which states she died in Eagle Lake]

Henderson, unknown; born: Dec 1881; died: Jul 9, 1882;
Child of Mr. and Mrs. West. Henderson

Henderson, West B.; born: unknown; died: Jun 26, 1882’

Hendry, unknown; born:c. 1879; died: May 6, 1879;

Henicke, Mary; born: c 1853; died: Oct 1859;
Lived in the household of Joseph Henicke, born in Texas, died of dropsy after an illness of one month [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Henry, Elizabeth; born:c. 1835; died: Oct 25, 1873;
Daughter of Joseph Emmel, married George W. Henrich (Henry), died of yellow fever

Henry, Ethel; born: Aug 28, 1920; died: Aug 2008;
Daughter of Roberta Haven and Sonny Haywood, married Albert Henry

Henry, George W.: born: Feb 1861; died:Jul 29, 1888;
Drowned in River

Henry, Wiley; born:unknown; died: Nov 3, 1898;
Shot by Victor LeTulle

Herbert, Oliver E.; born:unknown; died: Aug 5, 1883;
Son of Nathaniel Herbert, [buried in Jeffersonville Cemetery,Tazewell,VA.]

Herder, Clogene; born:Jan 18, 1922; died: Oct 9, 1995; buried in Durant, OK
Née Laymance, married Charles Herder, Jr. Sep 28, 1963

Hernandez, Antonio; born: Dec 19, 1936; died: Jan 29, 1937; buried at Columbus
Son of George and Jobita (Gonzales) Hernandez [death certificate]

Herndon, Powell; born:unknown; died: Jan 14, 1898;
Son of William and Mary V. (Powell) Herndon [probably buried in area of Ozona, TX]

Herndon, unknown; born: c. 1884; died: Feb 8, 1884;
Child of William Herndon

Herrera, David F.; born: Feb 13, 1971; died: Jul 6, 2010;
Son of Simon Sr. and Mary (Cuellar) Herrera

Herseperger, Oliver H.; born:c. 1828; died: Jan 1854;

Hester, Mollie E.; born: Jun 20, 1894; died: Oct 20, 1963; buried in Paradise Cemetery, Eagle Lake
Daughter of Sandy and Hattie (Wilson) Shepherd [death certificate]

Heuse, unknown; born: ca 1891; died: Apr 29, 1891;
Three month old son of Mr and Mrs. L. F. Heuse

Hewitt, Joe Herbert; born: Jan 14, 1949; died: Aug 27, 2009;
Son of W. W. Pete and Jo Beth (Shaw) Hewitt

Hibbs, Annie; born:c. 1880; died: Aug 9, 1884;
Daughter of Alfred and Pinkey Hibbs

Hickey, Blair Babcock; born:Mar 4, 1937; died: Jun 27, 2000;
Son of Charles Frederick and Hazel Hickey

Hicks, Johnny F.; born:1861; died: Sep 17, 1861;
Son of John F. and Sarah Hicks

Hides, Mary; born unknown; died: 1879;

High, Jimmy Lamar; born:Oct 7, 1943; died: Jan 17, 1998;
Son of Gervis and Ola Lee (Denny) High

Hildebrand, Narnie; born:c. 1883; died: Nov 19, 1888;
Daughter of Jennie Hildebrand

Hilderbrand, Laraine; born:c. 1900; died: Aug 7, 1908;
Daughter of J.H. Hilderbrand

Hill, Alex; born:c. 1853; died: Oct 20, 1912;

Hill, Edward A.; born:Jan 4, 1909; died: Sep 14, 1996;
Son of Frank and Alice Margurite (Kelly) Hill

Hill, Harriet; born:1841; died: Jan 1937;

Hill, Mary; born:c. 1810; died: Jun 1912;

Hillock, Lawrence L.; born: Jun 18, 1924; died: Feb 2, 2010;
Son of Merrill and Valarie (Richards Poirier) Hillock

Hines, Bob; born:unknown; died: Jun 2, 1878;
Drowned in the river

Hines, Minner; born: ca 1889; died: Oct 13, 1945; buried at Columbus
Son of Thomas and Lillie (Booker) Hines

Hines, Square; born:unknown; died: Oct 1918;
Veteran World War I, died of influenza at Camp Bowie

Hinkle, John Matheus; born: Dec 5, 1978; died: Nov 15, 2003;
Son of Johnny Poteete and Mary Elena Hinkle, killed in an automobile accident

Hoadley, Edward Temple; born:Jun 13, 1882; died: Jul 14, 1912;
Burned to death

Hodde, William; born:c. 1854; died: Oct 19, 1887;

Hodde, William; born:Jan 4, 1929; died: Jan 14, 1929;
Son of William Hodde

Hodge, Dave; born:unknown; died: Dec 2, 1908;

Hodges, Lee; born: Unknown; died: Dec 2, 1908;
Kill by Joe Rodensky (Rososki?)

Hodges, Sam Bowen; born:c. 1896; died: Apr 25, 1986;
Veteran of World War I

Hoegemeyer, unknown; born:c. 1868; died: Aug 26, 1888;
Daughter of H.W. Oncken, married Gus Hoegemeyer

Hoffman, Felix Andrew; born:May 23, 1927; died: Apr 9, 1996;
Son of Powell Fredrich and Fannie Bertha (Rodgers) Hoffman

Hogan, unknown; born: unknown; died: Dec 30, 1899;
Married E. O. Hogan

Holbeck, William J.; born:unknown; died: Mar 1881;

Holden, Eldon Jack; born: Jan 21, 1931; died: Feb 4, 2007;

Holiday, Virginia; born:unknown; died: Aug 8, 1875;

Hollingsworth, Martha Jane; born: c 1817; died: Mar 18, 1895;
Nee Hoskins, married Isaiah Barkley/Bartley Hollingsworth

Holloway, Rufus; born:unknown; died: Jun 1935;

Holman, Filmore; born:unknown; died: Apr 6, 1882;
Son of John Holman

Holman, Henry; born: ca 1885; died: Dec 1902;
Ward of Capt. T. A. Hill

Holman, Ida; born:unknown; died: Jun 20, 1892;
Née Taylor

Holman, Mrs. Jas. W.; born: unknown; died Mar 1877;
Married Jas. W. Holman

Holman, Ninnie; born:Feb 25, 1858; died: Feb 16, 1890;
Daughter of James M. Cummins, married Ben Holman, Mar 2, 1881

Holmes, Johnson; born: c1903; died: Oct 24, 1918;
Son of Jessie and Mary Holmes

Holt, Emily; born: unknown; died: Aug 30, 1878;
Nee Hubbard, Married J.J. Holt in 1874

Holt, Rebecca; born: unknown; died: Mar 25, 1877;
Daughter of William Russell, married James Williams Holt in 1874

Holt, William A.; born:Mar 1, 1880; died: Mar 16, 1881;
Son of J. N. and Annie Holt

Holzgraf, Lizzie; born: unknown; died: Jun 22, 1892;
Married Charles Holzgraf

Hoover, Thomas; born: unknown; died: Nov 17, 1887;

Hoover, Tucker; born:c. 1852; died: Feb 17, 1896;
Son of Joseph and Julia Hoover, killed by Jim Coleman

Hope, unknown; born:unknown; died: Nov 20, 1890;
Son of Samuel Marion and Ella (Farmer) Hope

Hopkins, William Henry; born:unknown; died: Aug 29, 1895;
Son of William H. and Margaret (Snodgrass) Hopkins, Confederate veteran

Horak, George; born:Feb 22, 1846; died: Oct 1914;

Horrace, Oliver; born: unknown; died: Jun 12, 1879;

Howard, Garland; born: Jan 31, 1943; died: Dec 16, 2008;
Son of Richard and Lillian (Bernland) Howard

Howard, Grant; born:c. 1888; died: Mar 17, 1907;
Son of Chub Howard, called Curley, accidentally shot to death

Howard, John; born:unknown; died: Feb 1891;

Howard, unknown; born:unknown; died: Dec 1, 1887;
Married Chub Howard, shot to death by Chub Howard

Howland, Eveline; born:unknown; died: Mar 27, 1860;
Née Sinngs, married ? Griffin, married Elijah Pigott Howland, Jun 19, 1844

Hruzek, Adolph J. Jr; born: Jul 1, 1944; died: Mar 17, 2004;
Son of Adolph J. and Frances (Lundquist) Hruzek

Hubbard, John Monroe; born:Feb 3, 1851; died: Mar 14, 1877;
Son of W.C. and E. Hubbard

Hubbard, Lula; born:unknown; died: Aug 21, 1899;
Daughter of Charles G. Hubbard [now known to be buried in Brookshire]

Hubbard, unknown; born:unknown; died: Jun 4, 1907;
Married David Hubbard

Hudec, Edna M.; born: Jan 6, 1928; died: Aug 16, 2010;
Daughter of John and Martha Krolczyk, married Adolph Hudec April 11, 1953

Hudec, Vince; born: unknown; died: Mar 1904;
Committed suicide by taking poison

Hudson, Rosenvelt; born: c1903; died: Oct 16, 1918;

Huepers, Leon Leroy; born: Jan 13, 1934; died: Jan 22, 1934;
Son of Peter E. and Louise B. (Schneider) Huepers, now known to be buried in Brandt Cemetery, Fayette County [Updated 1/3/10]

Huepers, unknown; born: unknown; died: Nov. 1932;’
Little baby of Peter and Louise B. (Schneider) Huepers, now known to be buried in Brandt Cemetery, Fayette County; name was Martha Marie [Updated 1/3/10]

Hunter, Grace; born: Sep 1842; died: Apr 1, 1911; Weimar Area
Daughter of Eliza Eanes

Hunter, Joe; born: Nov 6, 1900; died Apr 4, 1956; buried in "Oak Hill" Cemetery, Weimar [?] per death certificate
Son of Will and Alice (McGrew) Hunter

Hunter, Josh; born:Apr 1835; died: Jul 19, 1917;

Hunter, Si; born:unknown; died: Nov 30, 1876;
Shot to death by an unknown man

Hurd, Arthur; born:unknown; died: Dec 15, 1913;
Son of Frankie Hurd , accidently shot in head, was in the Weimar area.

Hurd, Erissia; born: Jul 30, 1929; died: Jun 12, 2006;
Daughter of Willis and Lillian Grounds, married George Hurd

Hurd, Ernest Earl; born Oct 2, 1939; died: Mar 8, 1940;
Son of Lucille Hurd; [buried 5 miles NW of Eagle Lake per death certificate]

Hurd, Nelson; born: Sep 30, 1885; died Aug 16, 1936;
Son of Nat and Zella (Matthew) Hurd [buried in Eagle Lake per death certificate]

Hurd, Terris La Mont; born: May 10, 1973; died: Jun 7, 1973;
Son of Ervin Hurd Jr. and Leatricia Ann Hemphill [Buried at home of Mrs. George Hemphill per death certificate]

Husk, unknown; born:unknown; died: Oct 21, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Hutchins, Cornelius.; born:c. 1833; died: Aug 21, 1887;
Son of (Sheriff) Merritt and Elizabeth (Stevens) Hutchins, married Mary Gilbert, January 26, 1858, married Victoria Hope, September 1, 1859, married Jane Hooper, after 1862

Hutchinson, C. G.; born: c1822; died: Mar 26, 1860;

Hutchinson, Charles Y.; born:unknown; died: May 12, 1860;


Illg, unknown; born:unknown; died: Nov 3, 1873;
Child of Jacob Illg, died of yellow fever

Ingram, B. W.; born: 1857: died: June 1859;
Male, born in Alabama, died of congestive chill after an illness of two days [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Ingram, Bettie; born: unknown; died: June 24, 1928;

Ingram, Fannie; born:unknown; died: Dec 17, 1909;

Irving, Allen; born:unknown; died: Jul 21, 1932;
Called Bud [obit says he was buried in the Shaw burying grounds northeast of Weimar]

Isaacs, Mollie F.; born: c. 1871; died: Dec 19, 1902;
Married William Isaacs, Jr

Isaacs, Reid; born:1884; died: Jul 13, 1886;
Son of William and Catherine Isaacs

Ivey, D.; born: c1857; died: Mar 1860;
Lived in the household of J. G. Tooke, female, born in North Carolina, died of inflammation of the bowels after an illness of four weeks [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]


Jackson; Alberta; born: Jul 1899; died: Sep 18, 1903;
Daughter of Betty Jackson

Jackson, Andrew; born:c. 1879; died: Jun 5, 1929;
Drowned in the river

Jackson, Andrew; born: Oct 1837; died Feb 18, 1917;

Jackson, Babe; born:c. 1867; died: Sep 1869;

Jackson, Charlie; born: c. 1841; died Dec 1933

Jackson, Dick; born:c. 1897; died: Jan 17, 1915;
Burned to death

Jackson, George; born:c. 1890; died: Jun 25, 1931;
Veteran of World War I

Jackson, McCulloch; born:c. 1893; died: Oct 5, 1912;
Murdered by Will Shropshire

Jackson, Tracy De'Von; born: Aug 15, 1969; died: Jun 28, 2007;
Daughter of Sioux Sanders

Jackson, unnamed boy; born:1869; died: Aug 1869;

Jacobs, Elsie; born:unknown; died: Jul 17, 1983;
Married Max H. Jacobs

Jaksa, Blake Edward; born: Apr 16, 1985; died: Nov 30, 2008;
Son of Edward Albert and Melanie (Rawlinson) Jaksa

James, Harvey Lee; born:Jan 25, 1939; died: Dec 27, 2000;
Son of Joe H. and Grace Lee (Sims) James

Janacek, Rheimund; born:unknown; died: Jan 1, 1898;
Shiner Gazette obituary states death date as Dec 26, 1897

Janak, Emil Peter; born:Apr 6, 1908; died: Dec 10, 1991;
Son of Theodore and Julia Janak

Janus, Joe; born:unknown; died: Mar 27, 1892;

Jarmon, Robert B.; born:unknown; died: Dec 6, 1886;

Jarmon, unknown; born: unknown; died: Jul 3, 1903;
Married Ed Jarmon

Jefferson, Calvin; born:c. 1846; died: Jul 1869;

Jemison, W. D.; born: Jan 1859; died: Sep 1859;
Lived in the household of A. R. Jemison, male, born in Texas, died of unknown causes after an illness of two weeks [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Jenkins, J. S.; born: c. 1830; died: Jul 1908;

Jenkins, John M.; born:Oct 23, 1830; died: Jul 1, 1896;
Confederate veteran

Jenkins, William D.; born:Feb 24, 1874; died: Sep 26, 1880;
Son of J.C. and Mattie Jenkins

Jerrells, Ann Maria; born:c. 1840; died: Aug 1869;
Born in New York, at home, died of a disease of the brain, from household number 307 [1870 Census Mortality Schedule]

Jerrells, Benjamin F.; born:c. 1847; died: Sep 1869;
Born in New York, farm laborer, died of a fall from a tree, from household number 307 [1870 Census Mortality Schedule]

Johnson, Ann; born:c. 1844; died: Aug 1869;

Johnson, Anna; born:unknown; died: Mar 30, 1890;
Married Peter Johnson

Johnson, Ben; born:c. 1869; died: May 1870;

Johnson, Bob; born:unknown; died: Oct 22, 1886;
Killed by Sheriff Light Townsend

Johnson, Cato; born:unknown; died: Nov 30, 1887;

Johnson, Clarence Gilbert, Jr.; born: Feb 9, 1928; died: Mar 19, 2010;
Son of Clarence Gilbert and Flora Isabel Johnson, called CG

Johnson, George; born: Jan 19, 1956; died: Aug 9 2010;
Son of Fathie Godley Johnson

Johnson, Joe Willie, Jr.; born:c. 1952; died: Aug 23, 1990;
Killed in an automobile accident

Johnson, John; born:unknown; died: Jan 10, 1880;
Shot to death

Johnson, John; born: Feb 1885; died: May 19, 1906;
Son of Lewis and Mary Johnson

Johnson, Lee; born: c. 1883; died: Mar 9, 1907;
Committed suicide

Johnson, Lorenza; born: c 1887; died: Nov 1, 1918;
Shot to death in Eldridge by John Debro

Johnson, Manuel; born: unknown; died; 1905;

Johnson, Mary; born: 1858; died: Nov 29, 1934;
Daughter of Abraham and Phillis Moore, married Jim Johnson [info from death certificate]

Johnson, Mattie Mae; born: Jun 28, 1882; died: Aug 29, 1928;
Daughter of Kitt and Virginia (Toliver) Collier [buried at Altair per death certificate]

Johnson, Oscar; born: Oct 8, 1869; died: Jul 2, 1940;
Son of Joe and Laura Johnson [info from death certificate]

Johnson, Pearl; born: Jul 31, 1913; died: Dec 29, 1937; buried in Columbus;
Daughter of Stomey and Lila (Wright) Caldwell, married Sam Johnson [info from death certificate]

Johnson, Robert; born:unknown; died: Nov 26, 1888;
Drowned in Redgate Creek

Johnson, Romy; born:c. 1886; died: Aug 28, 1889;
Son of J.B. Johnson

Johnson, Rustler; born: Nov 23, 1877; died: May 8, 1878;
Son of T.P. and Harriet Johnson

Johnson, Sam; born: c 1859; died: Oct 30, 1924;

Johnson, unknown; born: unknown; died: Nov 1892;
Son of Lewis Johnson

Johnson, unknown child; born: unknown; died Sep 4, 1902;
Small child of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnson

Johnson, unknown: born: unknonw; died: Jul 20, 1887;
Married John Johnson

Johnson, Unnamed Baby; born: 1917; died: Oct 16, 1918;
Child of Jesse and Mamie (Small) Johnson, died of pneumonia

Johnson, unnamed child; born: unknown; died: Mar 12, 1889;
Child of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Johnson

Johnson, Vincent; born:unknown; died: Aug 22, 1891;
Killed by Solomon Harris

Johnson, Wright C.; born: Apr 20, 1900; died: Oct 25, 1924; buried at Weimar
Son of Frank and Maria (Hunter) Johnson [info from death certificate]

Jones, Eugene E.; born:Feb 1867; died: Sep 26, 1917;
Son of William H and Sarah Elizabeth (Snavely) Jones, shot to death

Jones, Frances; born: Dec 31, 1917; died: Feb 6, 2003;
Daughter of Raymond and Frances Supak, married Clyde Jones, May 7, 1969

Jones, Fannie Leah; born:unknown; died: Aug 3, 1877;
Daughter of W. H. Jones

Jones, Gladys Lee; born: Oct 2, 1910; died: Jun 21, 1935; buried in Columbus
Daughter of Dave and Emma (Stallion) Jones, married Shelly Gillis [info from death certificate]

Jones, Gus; born: unknown; died: Aug 27, 1902;
Killed by Henry Burttschell

Jones, Gussie; born: c. 1857; died: Aug 11, 1949;
Nee Hodge, former slave

Jones, Harry; born:unknown; died: May 1, 1915;

Jones, Henry; born: unknown: died: Nov 26, 1899;
Killed in railroad accident.

Jones, Henry; born:c. 1800; died: Nov 9, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Jones, J. W.; born:unknown; died: Nov 3, 1886;
Run over by a train

Jones, James Henry; born:Apr 20, 1872; died: Nov 26, 1899;
Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, killed in a railroad accident

Jones, Lucinda; born: ca. 1870; died: Nov 21, 1930;
Married Nathan Jones

Jones, Maria; born:unknown; died: Oct 27, 1860;
Married Robert H. Jones

Jones, Milton; born: ca 1893; died: Dec 1922;

Jones, Minnie; born:1876; died: Sep 3, 1884;

Jones, Mose; born:c. 1867; died: Aug 26, 1932;

Jones, Nancy Elizabeth; born:Mar 16, 1880; died: Mar 20, 1881;
Daughter of W. H. Jones

Jones, Polly, born: 1880; died: Sep 28, 1900;
Daughter of Wilis Jones

Jones, unknown; born: unknown; died: Feb 1895;
Married Sam Jones

Jones, Will; born:unknown; died: Jun 21, 1896;

Jones, William H.; born: c. 1832; died: Sep 4, 1881;
Married Sarah E. Snavely Jan 8, 1860

Jones, William Naill; born:Mar 28, 1869; died: Nov 4, 1893;
Son of Camillus and Annie (Naill) Jones

Jordan, George Van; born:1882; died: Dec 28, 1884;
Son of John and Ellen Jordan

Jordan, L.S.; born:c. 1843; died: Jan 7, 1929;

Jordt, Hermann Emil Mathias; born:Jul 31, 1822; died: Jul 22, 1863;
Son of Detlef Thomas Friedrich and Dorothea (Heeder) Jordt, died while in the Confederate army

Judson, Mary; born: unknown; died: Jul 24, 1921;

Juenger, Joseph; born:c. 1861; died: April 1912;

Juenger, Louise; born:Aug 1867; died: Jan 28, 1891;

Juergens, unnamed; born:Mar 16, 1888; died: Mar 16, 1888;
Child of Emil Juergens


Kahlden, Minna Johanna; born:Feb 18, 1876; died: Apr 3, 1974;
Daughter of Elbert and Wilhemenia (Westing) Brandt, married Charles Kahlden, Jan 3, 1899 [now known to be buried in the Brandt Cemetery, Fayette County]

Kahn, Rosa; born:unknown; died: Jul 22, 1885;

Kainer, unknown; born:unknown; died: Jun 30, 1896;

Kaiser, Larry Kurt; born:Sep 3, 1943; died: Apr 30, 1970;
Son of Samuel G. Kaiser, killed in Vietnam

Kane, Mitchell; born: c. 1857; died: Jul 27, 1889;
Son of Rowan and Caladonia Kane, killed in a railroad accident

Keelings, James; born: c. 1819; died: Feb 12, 1927;
Federal veteran of Civil War.

Kelch, Ellender; born:unknown; died: Apr 27, 1853;
Daughter of John and Margaret (Edwards?) McMillan, married William Earp, married James Dickson, Sep 28, 1843, married Christian Kelch, Sep 30, 1847

Kelley, Caledonia C.; born: unknown; died: Feb 22, 1879;
Married Oscar Kelley

Kelley, S. J.; born: c 1896; died: May 27, 1931;
Killed by John Norman

Kelly, Betty; born:Jan 6, 1947; died: Dec 26, 1994;
Daughter of Jim and Cora Farrow

Kelly, Eliza; born:unknown; died: Jul 9, 1878;
Beaten to death by Jim Jones

Kemp, Charles; born:c. 1810; died: Apr 1870;

Kemp, Dan; born:unknown; died: Feb 14, 1954;

Kennon, Will; born:unknown; died: Jun 23, 1889;

Kerl, Katie; born:c. 1894; died: Feb 12, 1898;
Daughter of Charles Kerl

Kerr, unknown; born:unknown; died: Oct 20, 1873;
Died of yellow fever

Kersten, unknown; born: unknown; died: Jul 15,1892;
Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kersten

Kessler, Hannah; born: unknown; died: Jan 1883;
Married Chas. Kessler

Kesler [Kessler], Orlena; born: c1824; died: Apr 1860;
Lived in the household of H. S. Obenchain, born in Virginia, died of flux after an illness of two weeks [1860 Census Mortality Schedule]

Kessler, Peter; born:c. 1869; died: Mar 1870;

Key, Carol Louise Cookenboo; born: Jul 31, 1925; died: Oct 29, 2009;
Daughter of Carroll Charles and Elizabeth (Rhoades) Cookenboo, married William Earl Key in 1945

Key, Helen Blanche; born:Apr 12, 1865; died: Sep 24, 1890; [now known to be buried in Austin Cemetery in Lavaca County]
Daughter of William and Blanche Elizabeth (Woolsey) Austin, married Robert N. Key, Dec 26, 1889

Kincheloe, Alma; born:c. 1892; died: Oct 12, 1914; (Vox Populi)
Née Lanam, married William Kincheloe, Jun 25, 1914, shot by William Kincheloe

Kincheloe, George; born:unknown; died: Apr 12, 1890;
Shot to death

King, Cleo; born: Jul 1, 1922; died: Jun 9, 1947; buried at Eagle Lake
Son of Arthur and Merlenda King

King, Dave; born:unknown; died: Aug 17, 1881;
Shot to death as he was escaping from jail

King, John David; born:c. 1967; died: Nov 2, 1998;
Son of George and Leah (Wilson) King

King, unknown; born:c. 1884; died: Feb 6, 1884;
Child of Charles King

King, unknown; born:c. 1924; died: Jan 13, 1928;
Son of Willie King

King, unnamed; born: Mar 1912; died: Mar 15, 1912;
Infant of Mr. and Mrs. King

Kirby, West; born:unknown; died: Dec 22, 1886;
Shot by Ed Osborne

Klair, unknown; born: unknown; died: Apr 7, 1928;
Mother of Willhelmina Sommer

Klockmann, unknown; born:unknown; died: Aug 30, 1881;
Daughter of Alexander and Annie Mary (Meier) Klockmann

Knipscher, M.E.; born:1807; died: Apr 1, 1880;
Married George Boetcher in 1833, married John Knipscher in 1842

Knowles, Temperance T.; born: c. 1857; died: Jan 2, 1927;
Died on train en route to Califonia

Knox, Jack Kenneth; born: Jan 3, 1929; died: Jul 9, 1987;
Son of John and Lucille (Herring) Knox

Knox, unknown; born:unknown; died: Oct 13, 1898;
Killed by Jesse Crawford

Koch, Henry; born:c. 1841; died: Jan 1870;

Koch, Mary; born: c 1826; died: Apr 1915; [Riesing Cemetery]
Married Fritz Koch

Kocurek, Josef; born:unknown; died: Oct 13, 1883;
Killed by Ed Dunerson

Koehn, Werner; born: 1912; died: Jul 1913;
Son of H. C. Koehn

Koenig, unknown; born: unknown: died: Jul 24, 1903;
Child of Mr. and Mrs. Koenig [This is probably Joseph and Annie Koenig; but I can’t prove it now]

Koenig, unknown; born: Jan 1898; died: Sep 25, 1898;
Baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Koenig

Koepsel, Eunice May; born:Oct 3, 1908; died: Aug 11, 1993; buried out of the county
Daughter of Fred Henry and Gertrude Sophia (Berthold) Koepsel

Koester, Charlotte; born:1869; died: Dec 1869;

Kohle, unnamed girl; born:Dec 1869; died: Dec 1869;

Kohleffel, C.; born:1806; died: Jul 26, 1888;

Kolb, John Allen; born: Nov 24, 1822; died: Feb 26, 1892;
Confederate veteran

Koller, Louis; born:unknown; died: 1918; [possibly New Bielau Cem]
Son of L. G. Koller, killed in World War I

Kollman, Robert Wilhelm.; born:Feb 13, 1864; died: Nov 24, 1914;
Son of Edoward and Margretha (Sensel) Kollmann

Koons, A. W.; born: unknown; died: Jan 13, 1913;
Nada student at A & M College

Korenek, Anton; born:c. 1858; died: Jan 13, 1939;

Koym, unknown; born: c. 1903; died: May 1903;
Daughter of Richard Koym

Krenek, Peter; born: unknown; died: May 1900;

Krenek, Rubye; born: Sep 10, 1916; died: May 14, 2006;
Daughter of John W. and Ima (Napper) Menefee

Kretzschmar, Emil; born:c. 1863; died: Jan 2, 1927;
Son of Karl and Amalia (Augerman) Kretzschmar

Kristoff, Ignac; born:c. 1909; died: Feb 23, 1920;
Son of Frank Kristoff

Krueger, Fritz; born:unknown; died: Mar 14, 1891; cem: [Possibly the Laas Cemetery]

Kubesch, Ed; born: unknown; died: Oct 8, 1913

Kunetka, Keaton Wayne; born: Oct 27, 1989; died: Dec 29, 1989;
Son of Kenneth and Kim Kunetka

Kunschick, unknown; born: Jun 9, 1894; died: Jun 23, 1894;
Child of A. Kunshek/Kunschick

Kuykendall, Robert S. Isreal; born: Nov 21, 1938; died: Jul 21, 2006;
Son of Henry Kuykendall and Gerline Isreal

Kyle, Willis; born: unknown; died: Apr 12, 1902;
Shot by Robert Wooderds


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