Colorado County Cemeteries


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Laas Cemetery

Laas, Anna; born: Feb 16, 1869; died: Feb 6, 1882;
Daughter of Christoph and Annie (Pelzer) Laas

Laas, Charles A. Gerhard; born: Jul 1, 1881; died: Nov 9, 1883;
Son of H. Laas

Pearce, George Franklin; born: Apr 27, 1855; died: May 6, 1885; (tombstone photo)
Son of Lovick Arnold and Susan Caroline (Holt) Pearce

Pearce, Fasie; born: Nov 28, 1879; died: Nov 16, 1881;(tombstone photo)

Tooke, Elizabeth; born: c. 1814; died: 1855;
Née Williams, married James Holt, married John Tooke

Tooke, John B.; born: Feb 23, 1846; died: Sep 11, 1874; (tombstone photo)

Tooke, Sarah; born: c. 1847; died: c. 1855;

Tooke, William; born: c. 1840; died: c. 1855;

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Lilie Cemetery

  • Location: On "Bee Branch Ranch" off Brunes Mill Road about two miles north and west of Dungens Mill Road
  • Earliest known year of death: 1885
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Surveyed by Wayne Penello and Leslie Pagels in 2002
  • Number of known burials to date: 2

Lilie, Frederick; born: Mar 21, 1828; died: Aug 30, 1885;
Confederate Veteran

Lilie, Frederika; born: Mar 15, 1833; died Oct. 29, 1888;
Nee Malsch

The two middle pictures are of the remains of an old log cabin that is on the same property as the cemetery. First four photos courtesy Wayne Penello current owner of the property. Dorothy Albrecht took the photo opposite of Mr. Penello at the site.

Live Oak Cemetery

  • Location: on the north side of FM 2434, near its intersection with County Road 222
  • Earliest known year of death: 1888
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Surveyed by Bill Stein in 1988
  • Number of known burials to date: 74

To the right are Leona Wagley and her son, Vernon, as I caught them in their work clothes. They had been taking great care of this cemetery since Vernon moved back to the county in 2000. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2007. There is no association for the cemetery.

Aldenburg, Hattie; born: c. 1874; died: Nov 1, 1896;
Daughter of Harper Sledge, married Henry Aldenburg

Anderson, Effie Estelle; born: Apr 28, 1890; died: Nov 9, 1959; (tombstone photo)
Daughter of Tom and Dortha (Guin) Morton, married Thomas Creed Anderson [Mother's name from marriage records]

Anderson, Thomas Creed; born: May 11, 1877; died: Aug 31, 1963;
Son of Wade Hampton Anderson, veteran of World War I

Barton, Marvin; born: Dec 4, 1929; died: Dec 20, 1929;
Son of Owen and Ella (Winkler) Barton [Parents' names from death certificate]

Bennett, John W.; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Married Sarah Frances Butler

Bowen, Mrs. E. N.; born: Feb 9, 1813; died: Nov 1891;

Burleson, Bobby; born: Sep 24, 1934; died: Nov 14, 1934;
Son of Harry and Edna Burleson

Butler, Henry; born: Apr 25, 1874; died: Aug 12, 1912;
Son of W. T. C. and Susie Butler [Parents' names from death certificate]

Butler, Maggie; born: Aug 2, 1879; died: Jun 20, 1905;
Née Glaze, married J.T. Butler

Butler, unknown; born: c. 1910; died: Mar 17, 1910;
Daughter of Henry Butler

Cook, Delilia Caroline; born: Feb 8, 1839; died: Oct 29, 1924;
Daughter of William Boyd, married William Rodgers, Jun 10, 1857, married Nathaniel Cook

Halyard, John Henry; born: May 3, 1850; died: Feb 14, 1921;

Harrell, Wilhelmine; born: c. 1852; died: Aug 1930;
Married J. H. Harrell

Harris, Emma Bennett; born: Sep 9, 1888; died: Aug 14, 1913;
Daughter of John W. and Sarah Frances (Butler) Bennett, married James Harrison

Huebel, Carolina; born: Jan 5, 1859; died: Oct 24, 1918;
Daughter of Volentine and Rozine (Gully) Hans, married John Huebel

Hutchins, Lemuel "Lem" M.; born: Sep 1872; died: Mar 4, 1914;
Son of Cornelius and Jane (Hooper) Hutchins, married Anna Laura Justice, Apr 9, 1893, shot to death

Hutchins, Roy B.; born: Jan 30, 1907; died: Jan 12, 1908;
Son of Lemuel M. and Anna Laura (Justice) Hutchins

Insall, unknown; born: 1906; died: Mar 12, 1907;
Child of John Insall

Justice, Anna.; born: Nov 14, 1838; died: Jul 14, 1902;
Daughter of Lunsford A. and Harriet Byron (Booth) Sledge, married William Harrell, married Francis Marion Justice Jan 8, 1864

Justice, Francis Marion; born: Jan 1826, died: Jan 16, 1903;
Son of William and Delitha P. (Norwood) Justice

Justice, Lois/Lola; born: Jun 24, 1898; died: Aug 6, 1899;
Daughter of Luther B. and Mattie (Barton) Justice

Justice, Mattie; born: Jul 17, 1875; died: Jul 21, 1899;
Daughter of James Reed and Eliza D.. (Cook) Barton, married Luther B. Justice, Mar 25, 1894

Kelley, Louie; born: Dec 27, 1882; died: Oct 3, 1888;

Lamkin, Sarah Frances; born: Aug 14, 1869; died: Nov 18, 1941;
Daughter of Wilson T. C. and Susan (Brinkley) Butler, married John W. Bennett, married John Anderson Lamkin in 1892

Lee, Isaac Abraham; born: Feb 28, 1856; died: Feb 28, 1918; (tombstone photo)
Son of Jesse Lee [Father's name from death certificate]

Lee, Isaac Hillard; born: Jan 31, 1893; died: Nov 28, 1918; (tombstone photo)
Son of Isaac Abraham and Emma Lee, served in World War I, died of measles at Camp Mills, NY

Leyendecker, Corine; born: Apr 1897; died: Jan 16, 1933;
Daughter of William and Josephine (Stacks) Vester; married Albert W. Leyendecker

Miles, Ellar; born: Sep 22, 1866; died: Apr 29, 1945;
Née Moran, married Joe B. Miles, Jan 1, 1884

Miles, Esther M.; born: Jun 24, 1860; died: Sep 9, 1943;
Daughter of Bernard and Cordelia Simmons, married Robert Boyd Miles, Jan 31, 1878

Miles, Joe B.; born: Dec 7, 1863; died: Jun 4, 1926;
Son of John Steen and Sallie (Duke) Miles

Miles, John Steen; born: Aug 5, 1824; died: Feb 5, 1890;

Miles, Milton Edgar; born: 1872; died: Aug 1919;
Son of John S. and Sallie (Duke) Miles, married Elma E. Dick

Miles, Robert Boyd; born: Mar 16, 1853; died: Dec 9, 1944;
Son of John S. and Frances G. (Hames) Miles

Miles, Robert E.; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Son of Robert Boyd and Esther M. (Simmons) Miles

Miles, Sallie F; born: May 1847; died: Mar 31, 1902;
Nee Duke, married John Steen Miles Jan 7, 1862 in Calhoun Co. Mississippi

Miles, Vera; born: 1912; died: Jun 1, 1913;
Daughter of Felix W. and Millie Miles

O’Quinn, Fulton Railey; born: Sep 6, 1907; died: Jun 16, 1960;
Son of Fulton H. and Irma (Railey) O’Quinn

Obenhaus, Fred G.; born: 1903; died: Jul 2, 1933;
Son of William Dent and Maud (Sanders) Obenhaus

Obenhaus, Frederick Arnold; born: Aug 14, 1849; died: Nov 30, 1941;
Son of Arnold and Charlotte (Shriver) Obenhaus

Obenhaus, Julius Henry; born: Jan 5, 1852; died: Jul 26, 1939;
Son of Arnold and Charlotte (Shriver) Obenhaus

Obenhaus, Julius Lyle; born: Feb 13, 1916; died: Mar 18, 1979;
Son of John Cleve and Jessie Ann (Lyle) Obenhaus

Obenhaus, Lucy Ida; born: Aug 25, 1849; died: May 15, 1916;
Daughter of John B. and Julia (Plummer) Trott, married Frederick Arnold Obenhaus, Jan 1, 1874

Obenhaus, Mary Emma; born: Mar 3, 1852; died: Sep 4, 1914;
Daughter of John Calvin and Sophronia (Poston) Folts, married Julius Henry Obenhaus, Dec 4, 1882

Obenhaus, Maud; born: Oct 13, 1877; died: Nov 13, 1913;
Daughter of George Washington and Margaret Catherine "Cassie" (Miles) Sanders, married William Dent Obenhaus, Oct 20, 1897

Rodgers, Annie; born: Aug 22, 1896; died: Dec 22, 1991;
Daughter of Charles and Florence (Simmons) Ehlert, married Edgar Rodgers, Dec 10, 1920

Rodgers, Edgar H.; born: Jul 10, 1898; died: Oct 5, 1963;
Son of William Asbury and Lula (Bowen) Rodgers

Rodgers, Emma Catherine; born: Oct 19, 1861; died: Feb 10, 1938;
Daughter of Tom and Elizabeth (Wooley) Bowen, married Dave Washington Rodgers [Parents' names from death certificate]

Rodgers, Homer S.; born: Dec 27, 1896; died: Feb 1, 1972;
Son of William Asbury and Lula (Bowen) Rodgers

Rodgers, infant; born: Jan 17, 1928; died: Jan 18, 1928; cem: Live Oak
Child of Charles and Jewel (Smith) Rodgers

Rodgers, Jewel Smith; born: Feb 9, 1904; died: Aug 20, 1929;
Daughter of Price and Adaline (Shoemaker) Smith, married Charles Rodgers [Parents' names from death certificate]

Rodgers, Lester G.; born: Feb 6, 1902; died: Jan 21, 1932;
Son of William Asbury and Lula (Bowen) Rodgers, killed in an automobile accident

Rodgers, Lula; born: Oct 2, 1871; died: Mar 20, 1952;
Née Bowen, married William Asbury Rodgers Feb 14, 1889

Rodgers, William Asbury; born: Aug 23, 1864; died: Feb 1, 1947;
Son of William and Delila Caroline (Boyd) Rodgers

Rogers, unknown; born: unknown; died: Jan 1893;
Child of A. Rogers

Rutledge, Georga Annie; born: Aug 24, 1866; died: Sep 8, 1930;
Nee Einkauf, married Jesse C. Latham, Oct 8, 1896, married Isaac Abraham Lee, married Rufus Rutledge.

Sanders, George Washington; born: Nov 18, 1851; died: Feb 10, 1922;
Son of James and Elizabeth (Holder) Sanders [Parents' names from death certificate]

Sanders, James; born: Jan 4, 1883; died: Jun 19, 1941;
Son of George Washington and Margaret Catherine (Miles) Sanders

Sanders, Margaret Catherine; born: Jan 7, 1850; died: May 9, 1931;
Daughter of John Steen and Frances G. (Hames) Miles, married George Washington Sanders, Jan 7, 1875, called Cassie

Sanders, Melva Irene; born: Jul 11, 1911; died: Aug 20, 1912;
Daughter of John Oscar and Annie Laura (Campbell) Sanders, body moved to Weimar Masonic Cemetery

Sanders, William Boyd; born: Dec 26, 1886; died: Aug 15, 1912;
Son of George Washington and Margaret Catherine (Miles) Sanders

Scheller, Edward Charles; born: Nov 30, 1924; died: Jan 31, 1971;
Son of Jesse Scheller and Jettie Mae Obenhaus

Scheller, Henry Charles; born: Sep 8, 1885; died: Sep 3, 1968;
Son of Louis and Mary Jane (Berthold) Scheller

Scheller, Jesse C.; born: Mar 26, 1896; died: Sep 9, 1973;
Son of Louis and Mary Jane (Berthold) Scheller

Scheller, Jettie Mae; born: Jul 23, 1899; died: May 17, 1991;
Daughter of W. D. and Maude (Sanders) Obenhaus, married Jessie C. Scheller, May 13, 1917

Scheller, Vera; born: Jan 21, 1886; died: Mar 31, 1971;
Daughter of Julius and Emma (Foltz) Obenhaus, married Henry Charles Scheller, Oct 5, 1910 [Parents' names from death certificate]

Simmons, Ben; born: unknown; died: Dec 1888;

Simmons, Cordelia; born: c. 1838; died: Nov 24, 1929;
Married Ben Simmons

Sommer, John T.; born: Feb 10, 1897; died: Dec 5, 1922;
Son of John Traugott and Wilheminia (Voss) Sommer

Sommer, John Traugott; born: Jun 13, 1854; died: Mar 25, 1937;

Sommer, Wilheminia; born: Feb 11, 1865; died: Jul 8, 1945;
Daughter of August Voss, married John Traugott Sommer

Vester, Albert;born: Mar 9, 1898; died: Jan 14, 1913;
Son of Will and Josephine (Fountain) Vester

Vester, Josephine; born: Jul 1864; died: Apr 1947;
Daughter of Jonathon Malachi andTabitha (Burge) Fountain, married ? Stack, married Will Vester in 1887

Vester, Will; born: Nov 12, 1867; died: May 21, 1908;

Vester, William Marcus; born: Jun 1894; died: Jun 15, 1954;
Son of Will and Josephine (Fountain) Vester

Wagley, Lillie Pearl; born: Jan 3, 1894; died: Dec 19, 1964;
Daughter of William Asbury and Lula (Bowen) Rodgers

Wagley, Oliver M.; born: Nov 11, 1899; died: Apr 27, 1963; (tombstone photo)
Son of John Will and Clara (Coody) Wagley, veteran of World War II

Lostracco Cemetery

  • Location: on the east side of County Road 250, near the southernmost point at which it turns west
  • Earliest known year of death: 1983
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Number of known burials to date: 1

Lostracco, Geri; born: Mar 3, 1942; died: Dec 10, 1983;
Daughter of Leo and Mary (Hillard) Blake, married Tony A. Lostracco, Jan 8, 1982

Lostracco, Tony Angelo Jr.; born: Oct 3, 1958; died: Jul 6, 2006;
Son of Tony Angelo Sr. and Kathleen Virginia (Herring) Lostracco, called TAL; memorial, cremated and ashes spread

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