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Sam Houston Cemetery

Evans, Sarah; born: Dec 24, 1866; died: Jul 20, 1951;
Daughter of Henry Herin [unmarked, information from death certificate]

Gilliam, Willie; born: c. 1868; died: Feb 29, 1928;
Son of Cliff and Bertha Gilliam

Gilmore, Omie ; born: c. 1903; died: Aug 3, 1914;
Daughter of Wallie and Kansas (Jones) Gilmore [unmarked, information from death certificate]

Hillard, S. D.; born: Nov 5, 1924; died: Apr 12, 1925;
Son of Rob. and Pearl (Gardner) Hillard [Information from death certificate]

Johnson, Emmett; Jul 28, 1934; Aug 18, 1934;
Son of Rosa Koontz [Info from death certificate]

Jones, Irene A; born: c. 1858; died: Dec 23, 1944;
Daughter of Miles and Louise (Greene) Green, married Ned Jones [info from death certificate which states death year as 1940]

Lemons, Viola; born: c. 1874; died: Jul 19, 1954; (grave marker)
Daughter of Ned and Irene (Green) Jones [Parents'names and approx. birth date from death certificate]

McKennon, Scillar; born: Jan 6, 1867; died: Feb 21, 1940;
Daughter of Mase and Dellar (Brown) Mamerson and Dellar Brown, married Frank McKennon [unmarked, info from death certificate]

McMillan, Louis Henry; born: Aug 16, 1944; died: Aug 20, 1944; Son of Wells and Alberta (Newton) McMillan [unmarked, info from death certificate]

McMillan, Nathaniel; born: Mar 1922; died: Nov 28, 1931;
Son of Arthur and Vera Idella (Woodson) McMillan [unmarked, info from death certificate]

McMillon, Bettie; born: c. 1877; died: May 27, 1933;
Daughter of John and Jane (Holt) Curtis, married Sherman McMillon

McMillon, Elizabeth; born: 1919; died: 1927;

McMillon, Neal; born: Jul 1, 1863; died: Nov 12, 1936;
Son of Len McMillon

McMillon, Nellie; born: Jan 1, 1875; died: Dec 25, 1941; (grave marker)

McMillon, Tempie; born: Nov 29, 1898; died: Dec 20, 1925;
Daugther of Walter and Littie (McHenry) Boyd, married Neal McMillon [Parents' names from death certificate which gives birth date as Mar20, 1897 and death date as Jan 20, 1925. Informant was Neal McMillian.]

Washington, Sallie; born: Dec 25, 1890; died: Sep 18, 1944;
Daughter of Jerry and Persillar (Roy) Woods

Young, Bell; born: Dec 25, 1895; died: May 10, 1957;
Daughter of Felix Gardner [Info from death certificate]

Young, George; born: c. 1841; died: Jan 10, 1911;
Son of Ruf Young [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Young, Howard; born: c. 1912; died: Sep 5, 1932;
Son of Arthur Sr. and Rosa (Smith) Young, killed in an automobile accident [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Young, Len; born: c. 1880; died: Oct 22, 1958;
Son of George and Marie (Townsend) Young [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Young, Lightly; born: c. 1897; died: Sep 19, 1919;
Veteran of World War I

Young, Lizzie; born: Feb 5, 1891; died: Nov 14, 1968;
Daughter of Jake and Scelie (Garner) Boyd

Young, West; born: May 3, 1875; died: Sep 20, 1952;
Son of George and Martha (Townsend) Young [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Shaw Cemetery

Cravens, James Rorick; born: Apr 15, 1903; died: Aug 18, 1976;
Son of James Raines and Augusta (Ferguson) Cravens, veteran of World War II

Cravens, Mary; born: Oct 24, 1901; died: Apr 1, 1996;
Née Cullinan , married James Rorick Cravens

Shaw, Thomas; born: Apr 6m 1787; died: Feb 1, 1859;

The story goes that Shaw was buried at this location in order that he might "see" the sun rise over Shaw's Bend. The picture to the left is of that view in 2004. One hundred forty plus years ago, the trees were surely much smaller and a clearer, through probably no less spectacular, view available.

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Shaws Bend Cemetery

Bunkley, Russel; born: c. 1836; died: Mar 21, 1922;
Father of Ella Binkley

Cane, Laura; born: Dec 25, 1860; died: Jun 9, 1912;
Daughter of Dennis and Martha Johnson

Collins, Alque; born: May 5, 1911; died: Nov 15, 1933;
Son of Austin and Fannie (Smith) Collins, fell from a truck [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Countee, Presmer; born: 1847; died: Nov 5, 1910;
Married J. Countee

Dawson, Mary; born: unknown; died: Dec 8, 1904;

Edwards, Susie; born: Oct 6, 1885; died: Sep 25, 1969;
Daughter of Washington "Wash" and Ella (Binkley) Johnson

Hill, Modine M.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Johnson, C. L.; born: Sep 21, 1921; died: Jun 7, 1940

Johnson, Albert; born: Apr 15, 1874; died: Sep 1, 1892

Johnson, Ella; born: Jan. 1853; died: Mar 25,1963;
Nee Binkley (photo), married Washington "Wash" Johnson Sep 30,. 1880 [Death certificate gives father's name as Russell Bunkley and birth date as Feb 14, 1890; informant Susie Edwards]

Johnson, Earnest, born: Aug 4, 1891, died: June 8, 1978;
Son of Washington "Wash" and Ella (Binkley) Johnson

Johnson, Harry; born: Oct 3, 1921; died: Sep 26, 2004;
Son of Leslie and Josephine [Wicks] Johnson

Johnson, Josephine Wicks; born: Mar 2, 1886; died: Nov 2, 1994;
Married Leslie Johnson

Johnson, Leslie; born: Aug 11, 1881; died: Jan 18, 1949;
Son of Washington "Wash" and Ella (Binkley) Johnson [Death certificate gives birth date as Aug 11, 1896]

Johnson, Leslie, Jr.; born: Nov 17, 1924; died: Nov 20, 1985;
Son of Leslie and Josephine [Wicks] Johnson, veteran of World War II

Johnson, Louis; born c. 1862; died: 1925;
"Died 1925 at age 63"

Johnson, Louis Douglas; born: Aug 6, 1930; died: Aug 4, 1981;
Son of Leslie and Josephine (Wicks) Johnson

Johnson, Minnie Ola; born: Nov 2, 1896; died: Dec 14, 1989
Married Earnest Johnson

Johnson, Washington; born: Sep 12, 1859; died: Dec 31, 1932;
Son of Dennis and Martha Johnson, married Ella Binkley Sep 30, 1880, called Wash

Nelson, Marshall R.; born: Jul 17, 1957; died: Jan 17, 2007;
Son of Garland and Ruby (Moore) Nelson

Nelson, Willie C.; born: Nov 10, 1925; died: Jan 7, 1962;
Son of Thomas and Ollie Johnson Nelson, veteran of World War II

Powell, Rhodie; born: Jan 15, 1872; died: Mar 29, 1949;
Daughter of Dennis and Martha Johnson

Woods, Viola; born: Jan 18, 1906; died: Jun 11, 1921;
Daughter of Leslie and Josephine (Wicks) Johnson, married Clinton Woods [Per information of San Marsh]
[Information from death certificate has same dates, given name Violet; parents' names as Oscar and Josephine (Hasted) Collins; informant Tomie Woods]

Sommerlatte Cemetery

Steitz Grave

Steitz, Frank P.; born: Jan 21, 1916; died: Feb 5, 2010;
Son of Frank and Clare Frances (Eagles) Steitz

Suggs Cemetery

Loe, James Calvin; born: 1820; died: Sep 3, 1873

Loe, Margaret J.; born: c. 1841; died: c. 1867;
Daughter of John A. and Mary Ann (Hope) Suggs, married James Calvin Loe

Suggs, Mary Ann; born: c. 1826; died: Feb 10, 1857;
Daughter of John Hope, married John A. Suggs

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