Colorado County Cemeteries

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Dahse Cemetery

Boecker, Heinrich; born: Sep 22, 1867; died: Jan 1, 1887; (tombstone photo)

Dahse, Wilhelmine; born: Oct 12, 1837; died: Mar 19, 1890; (tombstone photo)
Née Koehn, married Christian Dahse, Mar 15, 1870 in Texas

Seim, Minnie; born: unknown; died: c. 1892;
Née Spindler, married Emil Seim

Dittman Cemetery

Flournoy Homestead Cemetery

  • Location: on the south side of County Road 273, very near its intersection with County Road 212
  • Earliest known year of death: 1869
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Surveyed by Jim Kearney, Anders Saustrup, and Bill Stein om March 14, 1990
  • Number of known burials to date: 1

Flournoy, Sarah Ann; born: Dec 1, 1857; died: Sep 13, 1869; cem: Flournoy
Daughter of Mordecai Gibson and Martha Jane Flournoy


Floyd Cemetery

  • Location: at the southern extremity of Secates Road
  • Earliest known year of death: 1925, earliest marked grave is 1941
  • Racial mix: all black
  • Surveyed by Allen Ruhmann and Bill Stein on March 10, 1993
  • Comments: 
    The cemetery contains a great many more graves than gravestones. One partially legible marker was not included in the cemetery records. It records the burial of someone named Nora who lived to be 61 years old. Another marker inscribed with only "Darden" may mark the grave of Eugene, Frank, or possibly William Darden.
  • Number of known burials to date: 17

Darden, Eugene; born: July 6, 1920[?]; died: Jun 30, 1925;
Son of William and Jennie Darden [unmarked; info from death certificate]

Darden, Frank J.; born: c. 1904; died: Oct 31, 1957;
Son of Luke and Mary (Robinson) Darden [unmarked; info from death certificate]

Darden, Mandy; born: May 23, 1892; died: Jul 30, 1941;
Daughter of Orange and Caroline (Brown) Roland [birth date and parents' names from death certificate]

Darden, Mary; born: Mar 15, 1865; died: Feb 3, 1943;
Daughter of Bill Robertson

Floyd, Wallace; born: Jun 10, 1880; died: Mar 25, 1941
Son of Lee Y. and Miley (Winn) Floyd [parents' names from death certificate which states birth year as 1887]

Hodge, Josie Leola; born: Jan 19, 1918; died: Jun 24, 1956;

Massey, Alberta; born: Apr 15, 1909; died: Sep 11, 1958

Miller, Pauline Ella; born: Jun 1, 1942; died: Dec 8, 1942

Munson, unknown; born: Dec 13, 1893; died: Feb 3, 1961

Orise, Dinah; born: Apr 9, 1914; died: Jul 17, 1933
Daughter of Willie and Salina (Anderson) Orise [unmarked; info from death certificate]

Patterson, Irene; born: Aug 2, 1907; died: Jul 18, 1932;
Daughter of Anderson and Chady [Charity?] Fitzgerald

Satterfield, Edmond; born: 1892; died: Feb 23, 1968;

White, Lillie; born: Mar 8, 1887; died: Oct 17, 1955;
Married Richard White

White, Margarett; born; c. 1865; died: Jun 6, 1927
Daughter of Richard and Sarah (Clifton) Williams [unmarked; info from death certificate]

White, Richard; born: Jun 1, 1886; died: Mar 24, 1946
Twin son of Thadeus and Margrett (Winn) White [parents from death certificate]

White, Richmond M.; born: Jun 1, 1886; died Mar 20, 1957
Twin son of Thadeus and Margrett (Winn) White [unmarked; info from death certificate]

Williams, Gladys B.; born: May 6, 1931; died: Nov 27, 1973;

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Gaedecke Cemetery

  • Location: north of Bostik Road
  • Earliest known year of death: c. 1926
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Number of known burials to date: 5
  • The cemetery that is called "Gaedecke" on the United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey 7.5 Minute Series Topographical Maps is actually the Kretzschmar Cemetery. The Gaedecke Cemetery is some distance to the northwest, very near the Hinks Cemetery, marked simply "Cem."

Gaedecke, Anna; born: Feb 1891; died: Jan 1919;
Daughter of William Gaedecke

Gaedecke, Elizabeth; born: May 15, 1863; died: Aug 6, 1948;
Daughter of Heinrich Turgotte and Marie (Litzmann) Dittmar, married William Gaedecke, May 15, 1899

Gaedecke, Kenney; born: Jun 19, 1921; died: Jul 23, 1921;
Son of Charles W. and Albertina (Kretzschmar) Gaedecke; unmarked [probably one of the unnamed infants of Carl Gaedecke listed below; info from death certificate]

Gaedecke, unknown; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Married William Gaedecke (his first wife)

Gaedecke, unnamed infant; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Child of Carl and Tina (Kretschmar) Gaedecke

Gaedecke, unnamed infant; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Child of Carl and Tina (Kretschmar) Gaedecke

Gaedecke, William; born: c. 1855; died: Feb 1, 1926;
Son of William Gaedecke

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Garwood Cemetery

Atkinson, A.; born: Oct 31, 1875; died: Dec 17, 1917;

Brown, Coleman F.; born: Jul 2, 1891; died: Aug 27, 1914;
Son of G. N. and Susie (Forbis) Brown

Brown, Robert W.; born: Jul 26, 1899; died: Aug 5, 1917;

Chapman, LaVerne W.; born: Jan 31, 1919; died: Oct 8, 1922;
Son of William S. and Myra I. (Williams) Chapman

Chapman, Myra Isabel; born: Jun 12, 1896; died: Jun 9, 1968;
Daughter of William Deming and Mary C(Dummings) Williams, married William S. Chapman

Chapman, William Seagler; born: Nov 3, 1886; died: Dec 19, 1958;
Son of George S. and Eleanor A. (Lide) Chapman

Colborn, Trula; born: Aug 26, 1901; died: Jan 3, 1982;
Daughter of Warwick Meredith and Callie Caledonia (Sheffield) Griffitts

Cornelius, Audye Lee; born: Feb 14, 1904; died: Feb 17, 1974;
Son of Luther Elmer and Lydia Gertrude (Krumpholtz) Cornelius, called Jack

Cornelius, Evelyn Fay; born: May 21, 1912; died: May 31, 1912;
Daughter of Luther Elmer and Lydia Gertrude (Krumpholtz) Cornelius

Cornelius, Luther Elmer; born: Jan 31, 1872; died: Sep 3, 1950;
Son of Hardin Cornelius

Cornelius, Lydia Gertrude; born: Aug 29, 1883; died: Apr 11, 1970;
Daughter of Frank and Eva (Burttschell) Krumpholtz, married Luther Elmer Corneilus

Dixon, Edward Vance; born: May 12, 1905; died: Apr 14, 1916;
Adopted son of Will Dixon

Griffitts, Callie Caledonia; born: Aug 13, 1888; died: May 26, 1913;
Née Sheffield, married Warwick Meredith Griffitts

Griffitts, Ella Idella; born: Jul 7, 1910; died: May 5, 1912;
Daughter of Warwick Meredith and Callie (Sheffield) Griffitts

Griffitts, Ruby Mae; born: Nov 28, 1916; died: May 27 1918;
Daughter of Wayman O. and Bartie (Turner) Griffitts, died in a house fire

Griffitts, Warwick Meredith; born: Apr 22, 1861; died: Jan 15, 1945;
Son of John and Laura (Smith) Griffitts

Hodges, Bert; born: 1918; died: 1919;
Son of John and Martha (Lavirt) Hodges

Hodges, John; born: 1876; died: 1919;

Hodges, Martha; born: 1878; died: Aug 17, 1962;
Née Lavirt, married John Hodges

Horne, Mary Ellen; born: Jan 24, 1837; died: Jan 5, 1928;
Daughter of T.W. and Martha (Whidley) Cuthrell, married Thomas Walter Horne

Horne, Walter Herbert; born: Feb 24, 1867; died: Feb 10, 1945;
Son of Thomas Walter and Mary Ellen (Cuthrell) Horne

Jackson, Pearl; born: Jan 22, 1897; died: May 14, 1979;
Daughter of Warwick Meredith and Callie Caledonia (Sheffield) Griffitts

Littleton, John Wessly; born: Apr 6, 1878; died: Sep 13, 1953;
Son of Alex Littleton

Littleton, Laura Viola; born: Dec 6, 1890; died: Jul 18, 1987;
Née Griffitts, married John Wessly Littleton

McFry, Mrs.; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Lived 81 years

Northcutt, Billie; born: 1917; died: 1925;

Otto, Dollie Alma; born: Jan 29, 1880; died: Jun 26, 1916;
Née Wilson, married Franklin Otto, Feb 22, 1905

Pinchback, John (Tony); born: Nov 8, 1880; died: Dec 26, 1946;
Son of John J. and Almanor Howland Pinchback

Pinchback, Pearl A.; born: Mar 19, 1885; died: Aug 31, 1916;
Née Hopkins, married Tony Pinchback, Feb 1909

Pinchback, unnamed boy; born: Aug 31, 1916; died: Aug 31, 1916;
Son of Tony and Pearl A. (Hopkins) Pinchback

Shoop, unnamed girl; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Smith, Lan; born: May 30, 1888; died: May 30, 1948;
Son of Larance L. and Mary Ellen (Bennett) Smith, veteran of World War I

Smith, Larance L.; born: Apr 14, 1862; died: Sep 12, 1912;
Son of Sterling and Harriet (Gilbert) Smith

Smith, Mary Ellen; born: Jul 30, 1867; died: Apr 7, 1951;
Daughter of William and Francis Jane (Cook) Bennett, married Larance L. Smith, Sep 1885

Snyder, Dorothy Pearl; born: Mar 26, 1933; died: Mar 30, 1933;
Daughter of Gus R. and Sophie (Hayek) Snyder:

Stricken, Paul Leopold; born: Aug 31, 1900; died: Jul 30, 1914;
Son of John Stricken

Turner, Claude August; born: Jul 21, 1892; died: Jun 19, 1944;
Son of R. S. Turner

Turner, Edna Mae; born: Dec 23, 1935; died: May 30, 1937;
Daughter of August Claude and Luda (Mangum) Turner

Walker, Maude; born: Apr 13, 1893; died: Jan 6, 1915;
Daughter of Larance L. and Mary Ellen (Bennett) Smith, married Will Alfred Walker (his first wife)

Williams, Flora C.; born: Aug 27, 1854; died: Feb 23, 1932;
Daughter of George Attood, married John H. Williams

Williams, John H.; born: Feb 17, 1850; died: Sep 29, 1925;
Son of Sylvester Chancellor and Nancy Emazilla (Deming) Williams

Williams, Lena; born: May 10, 1857; died: Jul 7, 1935;
Married ? Passent, married William Deming Williams in 1917

Williams, Mary; born: Jan 13, 1867; died: 1914;
Daughter of Jacob and Rebecca (Shouse) Cummins, married William Deming Williams, Sep 27, 1885

Williams, William Deming; born: Dec 10, 1858; died: Nov 27, 1935;
Son of Sylvester Chancellor and Nancy Emazilla (Deming) Williams

Garwood Methodist Cemetery

Gerstenberger Cemetery

Gerstenberger, Johann Gottfried; born: Aug 20, 1797; died: 1886;
Son of Siegmund and Anna Maria (Blasien) Gerstenberger

Gerstenberger, Maria Rosine; born: Sep 12, 1798; died: c. 1875;
Daughter of Gottlieb and Anna Rosina (Hoffmann) Lichey, married Johann Gottfried Gerstenberger


From the Content neighborhood comes the news of a horrible occurrence. It seems that about two weeks ago some parties without the fear of God, man or the devil in their hearts, entered the family cemetery of Mr. Edward Gerstenberger, wherein lay his father and mother, and, after lifting the panel fence which surrounded the graves up from the ground and moving it away, opened the grave of his mother and removed there from the entire skeleton, with the exception of a bone of the arm, a bone of the leg, and a portion of the skull and jaw bone. A small piece of the coffin box was also left in the grave. The coffin and almost the entire box were taken away. The wretches then partly filled the grave and left the place. A few days afterward a neighbor passing along the road observed the open grave, and, supposing that one of the family was dead, stopped at the house to inquire. This was the first intimation Mr. G. had of the affair, and his horror and grief can better be imagined than described. Constable Hatch York was put on the trail, but as the ghouls left no clue whatever, he has not been very successful. Every effort, though, will be made to track the guilty parties. This is a terrible affair, and we trust that the scoundrels may be captured and justice meted out to them.

Weimar Mercury, March 15, 1890, page 4

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Golden Rod Cemetery

  • Alternate name: Brownson Cemetery
  • Location: about half a mile north of Sandy's Road, less than half a mile from the Lavaca County line
  • Earliest known year of death: 1884
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Surveyed by Mrs. H. D. Davis, Mrs. Emil Balusek, James Hopkins, and Mary Elizabeth Hopkins on June 2, 1971
  • Number of known burials to date: 32
  • See pictures taken by Bill Stein following the burial listing.

    Balusek, Eddie Lee; born: Mar 24, 1955; died: Nov 18, 2007;
    Son of Edwin and Virginia Balusek, married Lori Gail Mayo May 14, 2005

    Balusek, Emil B.; born: Jun 10, 1893; died: Oct 26, 1980;
    Son of John and Annie (Janicek) Balusek

    Balusek, Emil Edwin; born: Aug 15, 1927; died: Apr 6, 2008;
    Son of Emil Bates and Lena Emmagene (Brownson) Balusek

    Balusek, Lena Emogene; born: Feb 27, 1900; died: Nov 16, 1997
    Daughter of Almond Bates amd Lee Estelle (Chambless Brownson, married Emil Balusek

    Balusek, Virginia Lea; born: Feb 7, 1928; died: Jul 4, 2009;
    Daughter of John and Ida (Starustka) Krhovjak, married Emil Edwin Balusek, Apr 16, 1949

    Beckman, Johnie; born: Oct 22, 1890; died: Nov 2, 1890;

    Beckmann, Amanda Pauline; born: Apr 28, 1843; died: Mar 30, 1912;
    Née Cross, married Julius Beckmann

    Beckmann, Henry; born: Oct 12, 1886; died: Jul 8, 1920;

    Beckmann, Julius; born: Mar 27, 1836; died: Jul 4, 1902;

    Beckmann, Lizzie; born: Jun 2, 1882; died: Sep 11, 1884;

    Bell, Eula; born: May 28, 1884; died: Aug 14, 1889;
    Daughter of Nathan Edward and Sarah Catherine (Green) Bell

    Bell, Nathan Edward; born: Dec 29, 1836; died: Aug 29, 1899;
    Confederate veteran

    Brownson, Almond Bates; born: Mar 12, 1871; died: Mar 20, 1939;
    Son of Lewis and Sidney Ann (Harris) Brownson

    Brownson, Charles Idella; born: May 25, 1880; died: Feb 15, 1901;
    Daughter of Lewis and Sidney Ann (Harris) Brownson

    Brownson, Cynthia Ethola; born: Sep 28, 1895; died: Feb 1896;
    Child of Almond Bates and Lee Estella (Chambles) Brownson

    Brownson, Lee Estella; born: Sep 23, 1872; died: May 4, 1958;
    Daughter of James Madison and Amanda Eliza (Barrow) Chambless, married Almond Bates Brownson

    Brownson, Lewis; born: May 3, 1840; died: May 31, 1931;
    Son of Almon Town and Sarah Jane (Love) Brownson

    Brownson, Lewis Edwin; born: Oct 24, 1884; died: Feb 9, 1913;
    Son of Lewis and Sidney Ann (Harris) Brownson, accidentally shot

    Brownson, Sarah Elizabeth; born: Jun 3, 1882; died: Dec 18, 1889;
    Daughter of Lewis and Sidney Ann (Harris) Brownson

    Brownson, Sidney Ann; born: Apr 15, 1849; died: Jan 19, 1918;
    Daughter of John D. and Melissa Harris, married Lewis Brownson, Feb 28, 1869

    Brownson, Richard Brune; born:Aug 1, 1958; died: Aug 2, 1958;
    Child of Richard Brownson

    Craig, unknown; born: unknown; died: unknown;

    Davis, Beulah Ethel; born: Jun 28, 1898; died: Jun 27, 1993;
    Daughter of Almond Bates and Lee Estelle (Chambless) Brownson, married Frank Gaaitenbien Jun 25, 1933, married Hulon D. Davis Jun 23, 1943

    Rollie, Catherine; born: unknown; died: unknown;
    Lived 83 years, 10 months, 10 days

    Selcer, Hulda; born: May 16, 1879; died: Oct 24, 1915;
    Daughter of William and Ottilla (Wilke) Wornat

    Stribling, Daisy; born: unknown; died: unknown;
    Died as an infant

    Stribling, E.S.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

    Townsend, Canzada; born: unknown; died: unknown;
    Née Kolb, married Hamilton L. Townsend

    Townsend, F.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

    Townsend, Hamilton L.; born: unknown; died: Oct 24, 1897;
    Son of Asa and Rebecca (Harper) Townsend

    Townsend, J.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

    Townsend, J.E.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

    Townsend, L.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

    Townsend, M.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

    Photos of Golden Rod Cemetery by Bill Stein

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