Osage Cemetery 

  • Location: at the intersection of County Roads 205 and 208
  • Earliest known year of death: 1860
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Designated a Historic Texas Cemetery in 2016

The 2024 general meeting of the Osage Community Cemetery Association, Inc. is Thursday, July 18th at 10 a.m. in the Nesbitt Memorial Library's meeting room in Columbus. Please contact Rox Ann Johnson for more information.

The Osage Community Cemetery Association, Inc. provides for the care and maintenance of this cemetery. Visit their web site for more information.

If you have any corrections, additions or obituaries pertaining to this cemetery, please contact the Rox Ann Johnson.

Dorothy Albrecht and Rox Ann Johnson, great-great and great-great-great granddaughters, at the dedication of the Citizens of the Republic of Texas medallions for James and Eliza Ann (Morgan) McMillan in April 1989.

The following was written by Dorothy Wallace Albrecht, who researched the cemetery in great detail. Her files are now in the possession of Rox Ann Johnson.

My first recollection of the Osage cemetery was a "cemetery cleaning," probably in 1934. I remember the long row of white cloths filled with food of every description and people with hoes, rakes, and other tools for cleaning. I also remember my Uncle "Mitt" taking me to the back edge of the cemetery to show me a grave of a little girl whose parents were on their way to somewhere when the child became ill and died.

This work started with an old inventory of the cemetery that Bill Stein had in the Nesbitt Memorial Library archives. Then there was a yellow legal pad where he had written names and death dates of those he had found in old Colorado Citizens. I then began looking at my family research, and the records of the old Osage Methodist Church. Finally, I started reading the old Weimar Mercury newspapers for additional information. Thus, it is that we have a listing of many more burials than you will find headstones in the cemetery. Assisting with on site research were members of the Monument Hill Chapter of the Children of the Republic of Texas, Rox Ann Johnson, Aunt Grace Kocurek and George "Doug" Goode. The rest of the information has been gleaned from the Colorado Citizen (later the Colorado County Citizen), Weimar Mercury, Austin American, Eagle Lake Headlight, Banner Press, Osage Methodist Church records on file in the Nesbitt Memorial Library archives, the James and Eliza Ann McMillan Family Bible, and various other resources including descendants of those buried (here) there. (In all of my research, I have not found who that little girl was nor exactly where she was buried.)

A monument with the names and dates of those buried in unmarked graves was erected at the entrance of the cemetery in July 2001. This was a project of the Taylor-McMillan family reunion with help from some of the relatives of those named on the marker.

While reading the old obituaries, I became as interested in them as I was in recording information about the people buried. Thus came the decision to reference the obituaries to the listing of burials. You will note that some are but a sentence or two long; while others go on for columns. But what I hope you will note is all of the extra information about the area, the times, the people and how they arrived at this part of Texas.



























Addicks, Albert August; 8 May 1863; 15 May 1944;
Son of Friedrich Johann and Wilhelmine (Tesch) Addicks; married Bertha Pawelecheck (Paweleck) 15 Oct 1891

Addicks, Bertha ;16 Sep 1869; 26 Dec 1938;
Born in Germany; daughter of Friedrich Heinrich and Dorothea (Guentha) Pawelcek; married Albert August Addicks 15 Oct 1891

Addicks, Robert; 10 Sep 1892; 11 Feb 1960;
Unmarked grave; son of Albert August and Bertha (Pawelcek) Addicks


Blair, Elmer David; 4 Mar 1874; 16 Jun 1936;
Son of James H. and Kate (Campbell) Blair; married Florence Graves 28 Nov 1895

Blair, Florence Neeley; 22 Jan 1877; 9 Nov 1945;
Daughter of Emanuel and Ellender Rebecca [Rebecca Elinder] (McMillan) Graves, married Elmer David Blair 28 Nov 1895

Blair, George R.; 27 Jun 1881; 28 Jan 1893;
Son of James H. and Kate (Campbell) Blair

Blair, Lester; 4 Sep 1896; 16 Sep 1900;
Son of Elmer David and Florence Neeley (Graves) Blair

Bock, Harmon L.; 22 Jun 1866; 21 Mar 1898;
Son of Henry and Amelia (Dreyer) Bock, married Sallie F. Burford 24 Nov 1886

Bock, Sallie F.; 21 Dec 1867; 19 Dec 1887; (tombstone photo)
Daughter of Francis Marion and Cordelia Ann (Shaw) Burford, married Harmon L. Bock 24 Nov 1886

Brinkley, Mary; unknown; 23 Jul 1894;
Married John Brinkley [unmarked]

Burford, Arthur Lee; 17 Oct 1876; 15 Jan 1900;
Son of William Thomas and Mattie R. (Pinchback) Burford; shot to death on a street in Bastrop by a group of men, including Walter Reese

Burford, Charlotta Eldora ;26 Jul 1857; 6 May 1881;
Nee Clayton, Married John E. Burford 21 Dec 1879

Burford, Charlotta Eldora; 3 Oct 1880; 3 Jul 1893;
Daughter of J. E. and Charlotta Eldora (Clayton) Burford, drowned

Burford, Cordelia Ann; 25 Jul 1831; 26 Nov 1889; (tombstone photo)
Born in Hardeman County, TN; daughter of Thomas T. and Euphemia (Hamilton) Shaw; married Francis Marion [Dick] Burford

Burford, Francis Marion; 26 Nov 1823; 8 Aug 1877; (tombstone photo)
Born in Bolivar County, TN; son of Dr. Jonathan and Euphemia (Chafin) Burford; a planter and slave holder; married Cordelia Ann Shaw; came to Texas in 1850

Burford, Robert F.; 9 October 1857; 30 May 1890; (tombstone photo)
Son of Francis Marion and Cordelia Ann (Shaw) Burford; married Davie Hubbard 16 Oct 1881

Burford child; 17 Apr 1867; 17 Apr 1867;
Son of William Thomas and Mattie R. (Pinchback) Burford

Burford, Willie; 21 Oct 1891; 28 May 1892; (tombstone photo)
One of twin daughters of William Thomas and Mattie R. (Pinchback) Burford


Caldwell, Ferd E.; 23 Oct 1823; 23 Oct 1903 ;
A Confederate soldier age 80 yrs. Served in Co A 5 Regt Texas Cav CSA; born in SC; came to TX from Haywood Co., TN in 1854; never married

Campbell, Amey L.; 15 Oct 1873; 29 Jun 1909;
Daughter of Williamson M. [Will] and Letitia [Lettie] (Kenan) McMillan; married John J. Campbell 15 Sep 1892

Campbell, Elizabeth H.; 22 May 1867; 8 Dec 1924;
"Mother" Daughter of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore; married Fred C. Campbell 12 Jun 1884

Campbell, Fed. C.; 11 Aug 1864; 22 Apr 1943;
"Father" Born in Dancyville, TN; son of Robert M. and Sarah E. Campbell; married Elizabeth (Bettie) Moore 12 Jun 1884

Campbell, John Jones.; 20 Mar 1860; 10 Nov 1932;
Born in Dancyville, TN; son of Robert M. and Sarah E. Campbell; married Amey L. McMillan 15 Sep 1892

Campbell, Sarah E.; Dec 1821; 14 Sep 1889;
Age 67 years & 10 mos; nee Caldwell; Wife of Rob't M. Campbell

Campbell, Sarah; Fay 17 Aug 1893; 24 Dec 1897;
Daughter of John J. and Amey L. (McMillan) Campbell

Carey, Mary E.; 1860; 30 Jul 1911;
Unmarked grave; daughter of James K. and Amey (King) Kenan; m 1) William L. Williford 14 Dec 1890; 2) H. E. Carey, Sr. 5 Jan 1904

Chapman, Rev. Abner; Jun 1872; 2 Jul 1935;
Unmarked grave; son of George S. and Eleanor Adair (Lide) Chapman; m 1) Jimmie Sullivan; 2) Lena

Chapman, Eleanor Adair.; 9 Jan 1849; 14 Sep 1923;
"Mother" Daughter of Jesse Holloway and Martha Ann (Lane) Lide, married George S. Chapman,Oct 18, 1867

Chapman, George S.; 23 Dec 1837; 6 Jun 1906;
"Father" Son of William and Esther (Seagler) Chapman, Confederate veteran

Chapman, Hugh L.; born: c. 1893; died: Sep 6, 1897;
Son of George S. and Eleanor Adair (Lide) Chapman (unmarked--added 2002. His obit says Odd Fellows cemetery, Weimar)

Chapman,Jimmie Eugenia; Dec 1878; Sep 1902;
Unmarked grave; daughter of James Wallace and Mary Frances (Burford) Sullivan; married Abner Chapman

Coble, Caroline; ca 1818; 20 Jan 1891;
Unmarked grave; born in South Carolina; married Henry S. Coble

Coble, Henry S.; 4 Feb 1818; 9 Nov 1876;
Age 58 Yrs, 9 Mos & 5 ds (Marker broken in half.) Came to TX from TN about 1851

Colquest, Annie Margaret; 14 Aug 1913; 13 Aug 1919;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Henry and Katie (Nelson) Colquest

Colquest, Charles A.; 26 Feb 1839; 20 Mar 1908;
69 yrs. 23 ds Born in Sweden

Colquest, Frank; 28 Mar 1880; 5 Nov 1927;
Unmarked grave; son of Charles and Mary Colquest

Colquest, Lela Nora; Jun 1908; 11 Aug 1908 ;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Henry and Katie (Nelson) Colquest; age 3 months

Colquest, Mrs. Mary; 1839; 2 Mar 1912;
Age 73 yrs Married Charles Colquest


Dent, Baby girl; 7 Dec 1894; 7 Dec 1894;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Tom and Mary (Slack) Dent

Denton, Mrs. Amanda; 19 Nov 1836; 20 Jan 1913;
Daughter of Adam and Phoebe Burchfield, married John Denton 9 Sep 1857, Kaufman Co., TX


Fanning, Ira A.; unknown; 3 Aug 1898 [unmarked]

Feyrer, Marie A.; 5 Jul 1931; 13 Jan 1939;
Daughter of Stanley and Martha (Manofsky) Feyrer, died from accidental poisoning

Fisher, James H.; 18 Nov 1840; 26 Dec 1875; (tombstone photo);
Son of Thomas Dance and Martha Elizabeth (Blackwell) Fisher [see note below]

Fisher, William Harvey; 6 Apr 1878; 20 Sep 1880;
Son of Rufus L. and Mary Ann (Slack) Walker Fisher


Goode, Alice; 29 Dec 1896; 27 Apr 1982;
Daughter of Obe and Pauline (Hirsch) Goode

Goode, James Allen; 4 Oct 1890; 15 Apor 1922;
Son of Jack and Harriet [Hattie} (Rankin) Goode; married Alma Schiller 17 Oct 1915

Goode, J. C.; 24 Jun 1847; 11 Jun 1920;
Son of William and Lucinda (Johnson) Goode, full name was James Calvin, married R. Ellen McMillan 18 Aug 1870 [birth date from death certificate]

Goode, C.; Age 74 at death [marker is missing]

Goode, Obe(diah); 4 Jun 1859; 29 Jan 1953;
Son of William and Lucinda (Johnson) Goode; married Pauline Hirsch 23 Dec 1891

Goode, Pauline H.; 9 Oct 1877; 27 Jun 1900;
Daughter of ____ Hirsch; married Obe Goode 23 Dec 1891

Goode, Ruth Ann; 22 Feb 1927; 23 Jul 1989;
Daughter of Roy and Inez ( McDorman) Taylor; married Warren Kenneth Goode 6 Jun 1950

Grace, Thomas. J(efferson).; 18 Jul 1830; 18 Aug 1880;
Cotton buyer; Son of Abel and Elizabeth Grace; born in TN; married 1) Eliza Munn, 2) Malissa Ann (Stewart) Hubbard 29 Aug 1865; Confederate veteran

Graves, Bettie; 15 Nov 1874; 28 Nov 1903;
Daughter of Reinhard and Minnie (Berthold) Greak; married Luther L. Graves 11 Jan 1900

Graves, Emanuel; 20 Feb 1835; 24 Dec 1909; (tombstone photo)
Served as Cpl Co H 16 Texas Inf CSA; son of John and Nancy E. Graves; married Ellender Rebecca [Rebecca Elinder] McMillan 15 Apr 1869

Graves, John; 28 Jan 1870; 14 Jan 1874;
Son of Emanuel and Ellender Rebecca (McMillan) Graves

Graves, Luther L.; 10 May 1875; 6 May 1936;
Son of Emanuel and Ellender Rebecca (McMillan) Graves; married 1) Bettie Greak 11 Jan 1900 , 2) Hallie Campbell in 1906

Graves , Rebecca Elinder; 20 Feb 1851; *18 Jun 1886;
*Actual year of death was 1881; correct name Ellender Rebecca; daughter of James and Eliza Ann (Morgan) McMillan; married Emanuel Graves 15 Apr 1869


Harrell, Lottie Lee; 14 May 1900; 29 Jul 1941;
Nee Jones; married Willie Lafayette Harrell 9 Mar 1920 at Karnes City, TX

Harrell, Nancy; 24 Jul 1832; 17 Mar 1903;
Nee June; married W. H. Harrell

Harrell, Vilena Grace; born: Feb 15, 1928; died: Mar 7, 1928
Daughter of Willie Lafayette and Lottie Lee (Jones) Harrell [unmarked, birth date from death certificate]

Harrell, Willie Lafayette; 27 Jul 1893; 27 Jun 1980
Son of W. H. and Martha Matilda (Denton) Harrell; married Lottie Lea Jones 9 Mar 1920

Harris, Alethia Adeline; unknown; 1 Jan 1898;
Daughter of Colville E. and Emeline (Reeves) Wilson; married William Hardy Harris 4 Jul 1880 [unmarked]

Harris, Sarah (Mrs. Hattie); ca 1858; 9 Dec 1888;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Calvin and Martha J. York; married T. H. "Hattie" Harris 23 May 1880

Harris, Dr. John B.; 21 Jul 1848; 7 Apr 1885;
A physician, son of Thos. Wilkerson and Caroline Sharp (Burford) Harris; married Mary R. Nash (Full name: Jonathan Burford Harris)

Harris, John Nimmo; 28 Mar 1881; 13 Sep 1895;
Son of Dr. John B. and Mary R. (Nash) Harris

Harris, Mary R. [Mollie]; 26 Oct 1847;20 Apr 1881;
Daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Nash; married John B. Harris

Harris, William Hardy; ca 1853; 24 Nov 1888;
Son of Thomas Wilkerson and Caroline Sharp (Burford) Harris; married E(A). Aletha Wilson 4 Jul 1880 [unmarked]

Heinsohn, John ;*22 Mar 1850; 6 Feb 1894;
*Actual birth date is 22 Mar 1854; son of Johann Gerhard and Anna Maria (Meyer) Heinsohn; married Maria Louisa Brune 12 Jan 1886

Hicks, Adella; 1880; 1881;
Daughter of Gaston F. and Ida (Moore) Hicks

Hicks, Ida; 1862; 1937;
Daughter of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore; married Gaston F. Hicks 16 Dec 1877

Hicks, Ora Winnie ; 1882; 1897;
Daughter of Gaston F. & Ida (Moore) Hicks

Hobbs, William Samuel; 14 Jun 1891; 29 Aug 1891;
Unmarked grave; 2 month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hobbs

Hobbs, James McDaniel; 15 Nov 1851; 10 Oct 1891 ;
Unmarked grave; born in Georgia; Age 40; had wife and seven children; lived in Colorado County two years [According to family members he was born in Alabama.]


Johnson, John; born: unknown; died: Feb 26, 1897;
Unmarked grave (Added May 2008)

Johnson, Mrs.; unknown; 24 Feb 1893;
Unmarked grave; resided near Osage

Jones, Cataline C.; 1815; 1892;
Served in Colorado Gray 22nd Brig CSA; married Eliza A. Caldwell

Jones, Eliza A.; unknown; 18 Feb 1892;
Sandstone marker; presumably that of the wife of Cataline C. Jones ; Nee Caldwell

Jones, Eva J. Watson; 1868; 25 Sep 1955; (tombstone photo)
Daughter of Littleberry McLemore and Sarah S. [Sallie] (Jenkins) Newsom; married 1) George Scott Watson 29 May 1889, 2) Edwin A. Jones

Jones , Madge ; 1921 ; 12 Mar 1956 ; (tombstone photo)
Daughter of Edwin A. and Eva J. (Newsom) Watson Jones,


Kenan, Amey Elizabeth ; 21 Dec 1828; 21 Jul 1886;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Michael and Scenie (Oates) King of Sampson Co, NC; married James K. Kenan

Kenan, James K.; 2 Oct 1817 ; 25 May 1889;
Unmarked grave; born in NC; married Amey Elizabeth King; came to Texas from Dyer Co, TN in 1867

Kenan, James K. Jr.; 6 Sep 1852; 14 Mar 1898;
Unmarked grave; son of James K. and Amey Elizabeth (King) Kenan; married Emma Everett 15 Apr 1884

Kenan, Mary; ca 1892; 9 Aug 1895;
Unmarked grave; three year old daughter of James K. Jr. and Emma (Everett) Kenan

Kimbrough, E. T. ; 19 Mar 1848 ; 9 Nov 1876 ; [Marker was in very bad shape located near foot of Mrs. Kimbrough, now missing]

Kimbrough, Mrs. E. T. [Sarah]; 5 Feb 1801; *31 Aug 1880;
*Church record states 20 Aug 1880; born in Ogelthorp Co, GA; mother of J. T. Kimbrough

Koehl, Cynthia; born: Dec 27, 1955; died: Nov 20, 2008; cem: Osage
Daughter of Robert Oscar and Grace (Bowdon) Rosewall, married James Harold Koehl March 22, 1997

Koehl, James Harold; born: Apr 15, 1944; died: Sep 21, 2008; cem: Osage
Son of Milton and Annie (Chollett) Koehl

Kolberg, Gail Brown; 27 Nov 1885; 20 Jan 1968;
Daughter of Leon Darwin and Clara Sophia (Clark) Brown; married Olaf Gustav Kolberg 11 Sep 1913, Duluth, MN


McLeary, Gideon Blackburn; 11 Feb 1834; 1 May 1860; (tombstone photo 1) (tombstone photo 2)
Born in TN; son of James A. and Eliza Allen (Moore) McLeary; married Sarah Jeanette Willis 4 Jul 1855 Holly Springs, Marshall, MS

McLeary, James A.; 28 Apr 1788; 5 May 1873; (tombstone photo 1) (tombstone photo 2)
Born in VA; son of John and Elizabeth (Ewing) McLeary [McCleary]; married 1) Eliza Allen Moore 6 Aug 1809. Lincoln Co., KY; 2) Mary [Bonnie} Sterrett (Hogg) Weller ca 1855 

McMahan, Truman R.; 16 Apr 1915; 12 Jan 2002;
Son of Henry L. and Rosa (Denman) McMahan; married Elizabeth "Liza" McLeary, February 2, 1946; called "Mac"

McMahan, Liza (McLeary); 8 Aug 1906; 24 Jul 1993;
Daughter of Dr. Sam and Mamie (Kindred) McLeary; married Truman McMahan in 1946; owner and publisher of the Colorado County Citizen

McMillan, Baby; unknown; 25 Jan 1903;
Unmarked grave; infant of Henry and Hermina (Blair) McMillan 

McMillan, Baby Girl; unknown; 13 Nov 1904;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Arthur McMillan

McMillan, Eliza Ann; 17 May 1831; 18 Jun 1898; Born in Tennessee; daughter of Robert Green and Ellender [Sally] (Shook) Morgan; came to Texas ca 1845; married James McMillan 2 Nov 1847 . "Citizen of the Republic of Texas" marker (tombstone photo)

McMillan, Flora; ca 1862; 7 Oct 1880;
Unmarked grave; daughter of John and Elvira (Morgan) McMillan 

McMillan, Hardy Jefferson; 5 Jan 1907; 27 Aug 1960;
Son of William Jefferson and Clara (Harrell) McMillan; married Leona Addicks 5 Nov 1935

McMillan, Harvey Whitfield; 17 May 1892; 23 Oct 1895;
Unmarked grave; son of James "Robert" and Florence (Whitfield) McMillan

McMillan, Ira Sinclair; 6 Apr 1889; 21 Jun 1889;
Son of John Thomas and Mary Lula [Mollie] (Hand) McMillan

McMillan, James; 12 Nov 1822; 20 Apr 1909;
Was in Texas by 1842; son of John and Margaret (Edwards) McMillan; married Eliza Ann Morgan 2 Nov 1847.   "Citizen of the Republic of Texas" marker (tombstone photo)

McMillan, James Williamson; 28 Feb 1877; 16 Oct 1880;
Unmarked grave; son of Williamson M. and Letitia [Lettie] (Kenan) McMillan

McMillan, Leona; 20 Jun 1913; 18 Sep 1963;
Daughter of Albert August and Bertha (Pawelcek) Addicks; married Hardy Jefferson McMillan 5 Nov 1935 [unmarked]

McMillan, Lettie K. [Letitia]; *15 Nov 1850; 13 Jun 1912;
Born in NC; *death certificate states birth date as 15 Oct 1850; daughter of James K. and Amey Elizabeth (King) Kenan; married Williamson McMillan ca 1872

McMillan, Maria [Clara]; 21 Nov 1885; 26 May 1955;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Wm. Harrell; married William Jefferson McMillan 

McMillan, Nleda [Nelda]; Oct 1897; Oct 1902;
Unmarked grave; daughter of James "Robert" and Florence (Whitfield) McMillan 

McMillan, Ollie Bradford; 12 Aug 1891; 15 Oct 1892;
Son of John Thomas and Mary Lula [Mollie] (Hand) McMillan 

McMillan, Wilben L. 'Max"; 3 Aug 1936; 10 Apr 1994;
Unmarked grave; son of Hardy Jefferson and Leona (Addicks) McMillan; U.S. Army vet of Vietnam War

McMillan, William James; 8 Aug 1847; 8 Aug 1902;
Age 55 years (Masonic emblem) Son of John J. (Sr.) and Cecilia Frances (Hastings) McMillan; born Linden, Marengo, AL; married Sarah Ellen Strode

Mc Millan, William J.; 13 Jan 1882; 31 Dec 1960;
William Jefferson McMillan; son of William James and Sarah Ellen (Strode) McMillan; married Maria Clara Harrell

McMillan, Williamson M.; 27 Jan 1849; 31 Jan 1924;
Son of James and Eliza Ann (Morgan) McMillan; married 1) Laura Reeves 28 Oct 1869, 2) Letitia [Lettie] Kenan ca 1872

McNeill, Annie T.;6 Sep 1864; 29 Jul 1886;
Daughter of James A. and F. McNeill; (Enclosed in iron fence with father.)

McNeill, James A.; 30 Oct 1831; 22 Dec 1888;
A teacher at Osage Academy (Enclosed in iron fence with daughter.)


Martin, Mattie; 22 Jan 1869; 11 May 1895;
Unmarked grave; daughter of James and Eliza Ann (Morgan) McMillan; married James M. Martin 18 May 1887; died from accidental poisoning

Matthews, Eder [Eda]; 19 Dec 1875; 22 Feb 1900;
Daughter of Charles A. and Mary Colquest; married John Young Matthews 17 Nov 1892 

Matthews, John Young; 13 Jun 1869; 10 Apr 1932;
Son of Thomas W. and Mary Debora (Burford) Matthews; married 1) Eder Colquest 17 Nov 1892, 2) Lella May (McMillan) Taylor 19 Nov 1901

Moore, Aletha Perlie; 1848; 14 Nov 1917;
Daughter of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore

Moore, Charlie Barnett; 22 May 1865; 13 Feb 1958;
Son of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore; never married

Moore, Elizabeth; 11 Nov 1849; 14 Apr 1909;
Daughter of William and Lucinda (Johnson) Goode; married Francis Drake Moore 24 Aug 1870

Moore, Francis Drake; 1 May 1846; 18 Jun 1937;
TX Pvt Crumbars BN Confederate States Army; son of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore; married Elizabeth Goode 24 Aug 1870 (tombstone photo)

Moore, Henry; 23 Dec 1860; 1 Nov 1936;
Son of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore; never married 

Moore, James B.; 1820; 1867;
Born in SC; married Winnie Adeline Moore; came to Texas from Mississippi in 1855 on a wagon train with 30 families

Moore, Melmuth; 1854; 1880;
Born in MS; son of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore

Moore, Winnie Adeline; 1827; 11 Mar 1910;
Nee Moore; married James Barnett Moore

Morgan, Robert Green; 1805; ca 1878 ;
Unmarked grave; son of Robert H. and Rebecca (Cox) Morgan born in NC; married 1) Ellender [Sally] Shook 6 Feb 1829 in Bedford Co, TN 2) Lucy Coffee ca 1846 in TX. "Citizen of the Republic of Texas" marker

 Morgan, Sallie (Sarah); 1839; 9 Dec 1888;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Robert G. and Ellender [Sally} (Shook) Morgan; born in TN; was crippled. "Citizen of the Republic of Texas" marker


Nash, Hallie L.; c 1869; 17 Mar 1883;
(Unmarked?) Daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth "Lizzie Nash"; buried next to her sister Mollie (Mrs. J.B.) Harris (See St, John's Episcopal Church records)

Nave, Peter; 19 Mar 1848; 22 Oct 1873;
Son of Mike and Rhoda Nave; born in OH

Newsom, Clara; 1888; 1889;
Daughter of Wm. H. and Onie Newsom

Newsom, Littleberry McLemore; 1831; 7 Jan 1884; (tombstone photo)
Married Sarah S Jenkins 1 Jul 1856 "Grandfather" ,Confederate Veteran

Newsom, M. Eugene; 9 Apr 1861; 22 Nov 1935;
Son of Littleberry McLemore and Sarah Susanna (Jenkins) Newsom Uncle

Newsom, Sarah Susannah; 4 Apr 1836; 2 Jun 1912; (tombstone photo)
Born in TN; daughter of James Hugh and Nancy (Harbert) Jenkins; married Littleberry McLemore Newsom 1 Jul 1856 "Grandmother"


Rosewall, Elizabeth B.; 3 Jun 1893; 27 Aug 1987;
Nee Berttram

Rosewall, Grace; 30 Jul 1928; 18 Aug 2007;
Daughter of Richard and Lauretta Bowdon, married Robert Oscar Rosewall 

Rosewall, Robert Oscar; 11 Feb 1925; 5 Aug 1986;
Son of ____ and Elizabeth (Berttram) Rosewall; married Grace Bowden


Scates, Sarah (Sallie); 28 Jul 1819; 26 Apr 1881;
Daughter of John and Margaret (Edwards) McMillan; born in AL; came to Texas in early 1840's; married 1) ____ Willson, 2) William Bennett Scates 24 Mar 1850. Body was exhumed and re-interred 15 Sep 1929 at Austin State Cemetery.

Scates, William Bennett; 27 Jun 1802; 22 Feb 1882;
Born in Halifax Co, VA; son of Joseph W. and Elizabeth Eggleston (Bennett) Scates; came to Texas in 1832; signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, fought at San Jacinto; married 1) Theodocia Clardy Smith (divorced) , 2) Sarah Ann McMillan Willson 24 Mar 1850. Body was exhumed and re-interred 15 Sep 1929 at Austin State Cemetery 

Shaw, Frank L.; 31 May 1867; 11 Sep 1896;
Son of Robert Hamilton and Mary C. (Hubbard) Shaw

Shaw, Hubbard C.; Apr 12, 1883; 5 Nov 1906;
Son of Robert Hamilton and Mary C. (Hubbard) Shaw

Shaw, Infant;
Infant of William Henry and Annie Beresford (Frazer) Shaw

Shaw, Phebe E.; 22 Jan 1831; 28 Nov 1874;
Daughter of Jonathan and Nancy (Chaffin) Burford, married Franklin T. Shaw

Shaw, Robert David; 28 Feb 1865; 7 Aug 1920;
Son of Robert Hamilton and Mary C. (Hubbard) Shaw; married Dora Garrett 21 Oct 1890

Shaw, Robert Hamilton; 18 Dec 1825; 2 Sep 1893;
Born in Tennessee; son of Thomas and Euphemia (Hamilton) Shaw, married Mary C. Hubbard on 24 Mar 1859

Simms, Mr.;
unknown; Dec 1894


Taylor, Infant boy; 8 Dec 1911; 9 Dec 1911;
Son of Thomas John and Julia Willie (Appelt) Taylor, buried with his mother who died the same day

Taylor, James August; 15 Aug 1902; 2 Aug 1904;
Son of Thomas John and Julia Willie (Appelt) Taylor

Taylor, James Stuart; 22 Feb 1875; 30 Sep 1899;
Born in Scotland; son of Thomas William and Susannah Maria (Clayden) Taylor; came to TX in 1878; married Lella May McMillan 20 Nov 1895

Taylor, Julia Willie; 8 Aug 1882; 9 Dec 1911;
Daughter of August E. and Caroline W. Appelt; married Thomas John Taylor 15 Nov 1898 Mother

Taylor, Leon; 8 Dec 1907; 15 Jan 1910;
Son of William Henry and Rose Lee (Neal) Taylor

Taylor, Olga Willie; 3 Jan 1904; 1 Jun 1926;
Daughter of Thomas John and Julia Willie (Appelt) Taylor

Taylor, Rose Lea; 12 Mar 1870 29 May 1946;
Daughter of Dr. Benjamin H. and Ann Jane (Lee) Neal; married William Henry Taylor

Taylor, Sarah; 31 Mar 1850; 1 Feb 1937;
Daughter of James Barnett and Winnie Adeline (Moore) Moore; born Holly Springs, MS; married G.B. Taylor

Taylor-Wilson, Susannah Maria; 28 Feb 1842; 3 Jul 1918;
Born in Stepney, Middlesex, England,; came to TX in 1878; daughter of John and Susannah (Birchmore) Clayden; married 1) Thomas William Taylor 3 Mar 1864 in London, Eng. 2) William W. Wilson 5 Sep 1883

Taylor, Thomas John; 26 Oct 1865; 8 Nov 1942;
Born in Scotland; son of Thomas William and Susannah Maria (Clayden) Taylor; married Julia Willie Appelt Father

Taylor, Waymond W.; 7 Nov 1896 24; Aug 1897;
Son of James Stuart and Lella May (McMillan) Taylor; age 10 mos. 21 ds

Taylor, William Henry; 21 May 1867; 26 Nov 1923;
Born in Scotland; son of Thomas William and Susannah Maria (Clayden) Taylor; married Rose Lee Neal

Thomas, Henry C.; 1848; 29 Dec 1881;
Had a grocery-dry good store; married Mattie R. Nave 30 Nov 1871

Thomas, Robert Lee; 17 Dec 1872; 7 Jul 1874;
Son of Henry C. and Mattie R. (Nave) Thomas

Tolleson, Laura Alice; Sep 1851; 9 Mar 1913;
Born Lancaster Co, Georgia, daughter of R. G. and Elisabeth Miller; married Virgil Addison Tolleson

Tolleson, Sov Virgil Addison; 26 Dec 1849; 17 Aug 1906;
Born in Fishmingo Co, Miss; shot by Ned Burford after having cut E. C. Pinchback's throat; [Sov is Woodman of the World title]

Trousdale, Willie Gray; 20 Jul 1891 ; 6 Mar 1893;
Unmarked grave; son of William Asa and Mary Ellen [Maid] (McMillan) Trousdale


Watson, Clement M.; 1900; 5 Jun 1979; (tombstone photo)
Son of George S. and Eva J. (Newsom) Watson; [a birth date of 9 Oct 1899 appeared from somewhere]; married Elizabeth B. Joyce

Watson, Elizabeth B. (Joyce); 7 Feb 1898; 14 Dec 1973;
Born at Newton, MA; daughter of Louis and Mary (Landry) Joyce; married Clement M. Watson

Watson, Pierce Butler; 25 Oct 1903; 13 Apr 1961; (tombstone photo)
Son of George S. and Eva J. (Newsom) Watson; married Winifred Kolberg Albright

Watson, Winifred Kolberg; 3 Jan 1917; 8 Mar 1973;
Daughter of Olaf Gustav and Gail (Brown) Kolberg; married 1) Harry Rudolph Albright, 2 Feb 1942, 2) Pierce Butler Watson, 25 Nov 1949

Weber, baby; unknown; 18 Aug 1900;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Will Weber of Borden vicinity

Weber, Mrs. Will; unknown; 21 Aug 1900;
Unmarked grave; wife of Will Weber of Borden vicinity

Weller, Annie Cordelia; 30 Oct 1878; 9 Mar 1881;
Unmarked grave; buried next to her brother; daughter of Cyrus Ottway and Florence M. (Burford) Weller

Weller, Marion Ottway; 5 Feb 1871; 21 Oct 1873;
Unmarked grave; son of Cyrus Ottway and Florence M. (Burford) Weller, died of yellow fever in Columbus, TX

Wheeler, Betty L.; 30 Mar 1940; 21 Dec 2012;
Daughter of Nels and Jewel Seaholm, married Kenneth A. Wheeler Jun 24, 1956

Wheeler, David A.; born: Mar 23, 1962; died: Jul 14, 2004;
Son of Rev. Kenneth and Betty (Seaholm) Wheeler

Williford, William Lindsie; 15 Feb 1840; 22 Jul 1903;
Served in Co A 5th Tex Cav CSA; son of Hilliard Lawrence and Barsheba (Batts) Williford; married 1) Mary E. Snavely 6 Mar 1864, 2) Laura Reynolds, 3) Mary E. Kenan 14 Dec 1890

Willson, James; ca 1843 ;3 Oct 1874;
Unmarked grave; son of ____ and Sarah Ann (McMillan) Wilson Scates.

Willson, John; ca 1845; 30 May 1868;
Unmarked grave; son of ____ and Sarah Ann (McMillan) Wilson Scates.

Wilson, C. J.; 10 Mar 1862; 5 Dec 1891;
Son of Colville and Emaline Wilson, married S. E. Williams 27 Nov 1882; also known as "Stonewall" "My Husband"

Wilson, Colville E.; ca 1813;3 Feb 1887;
Unmarked grave; married Emaline Reeves

Wilson, Daniel H.; 19 Dec 1870; 26 Dec 1907;
Son of William S. and Margaret J. (McMillan) Wilson; married Callie S. York 12 Sep 1889

Wilson, Emaline; 13 Dec 1838; 22 Dec 1884;
Unmarked grave; married Colville E. Wilson; nee Reeves

Wilson, Hallie Pearl: 1879; 14 May 1886;
Unmarked grave; daughter of William Stone and Margaret Jane (McMillan) Wilson

Wilson, Infant; ca 1891; 20 Jan 1891 ;
Unmarked grave; one month old son of Daniel H. and Callie S. (York) Wilson

Wilson, Verna; Sep 1893; Mar 1904;
Unmarked grave; twelve year old daughter of Daniel H. and Callie S. (York) Wilson

Wilson, William S(tone).; 26 Feb 1844; 24 Dec 1885;
Son of Colville and Emaline Wilson; married Margaret J. McMillan 5 Oct 1867

Wilson, William W.; 1 May 1833; 16 Dec 1892;
Born in England, came to Tx in 1878; married 1) Mary______, 2) Susannah Maria (Clayden) Taylor 5 Sep 1883


York, A. Sandstone Marker?
[This was in original listing. Neither grave nor obituary found.]

York, Calvin; 20 Dec 1814; 11 Jan 1877;
Married Martha Jane Goode 10 Feb 1845 in Miss. Aged 62 yrs & 22 ds

York, "Hatch" Harrison; 14 May 1855; 22 Jan 1896;
Law enforcement official in Weimar; son of Calvin and Martha Jane (Goode) York; married 1) Laura Wilson 21 Apr 1877, 2) Pattie Holman 24 Dec. 1894 "In Loving Memory of my Husband"

York, Hezekiah K. [Poss]; Apr 1847; 1 Nov 1889;
Unmarked grave; son of Calvin and Martha Jane (Goode) York; married Nina Neal 22 Oct 1872 (Fayette Co.)

York, Laura; ca 1856; 10 Nov 1883 ;
Unmarked grave; daughter of Colville E. and Emaline (Reeves) Wilson; married Harrison "Hatch" York 21 Apr 1877; died in Lampasas

York, Martha Jane; 24 Nov 1825; 1 Mar 1916;
"Mother" Daughter of Hezekiah M. and Giney (Walker) Goode, married Calvin York 10 Feb 1845 in Miss.

York, Matt; ca 1862; 4 Jan 1891;
Unmarked grave; died of smallpox; named Madison; son of Calvin and Martha Jane (Goode) York

The James H. Fisher tombstone lies below the surrounding area and, in recent years, had become covered by about four inches of soil. Kudos to Mary Anne and Bob Pickens for locating and unearthing this marker!


There are no visible names on these false crypts. It has been said that they marked Goode graves.

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