Glidden Cemetery


List of Burials

Ammons, Maud; born: unknown; died: Jan 9, 1927; (tombstone photo)

Boone, Willie; born: c. 1892; died: Apr 13, 1910; (tombstone photo)
Son of W. Boone [Father's name and birth year from death certificate]

Calloway, George; born: Mar 18, 1899; died: Oct 17, 1932 (tombstone photo)
Son of Steve and Margie (Burrell) Calloway [Parents' names from death certificate]

Grace, Inez; born: Mar 19, 1899; died: Feb 2, 1910; (tombstone photo)

Grace, Jesse; born: May 3, 1871; died: Jul 31, 1937; (tombstone photo)
Son of Carrel and Lucy (Burford) Grace

Lowe, Minnie; born: Mar 8, 1863; died: Feb 24, 1928; (tombstone photo)
Daughter of John and Jane (Grace) Holeman [Parents' names from death certificate]

Moore, Ben; born: Oct 1888; died: Feb 27; 1933; (tombstone photo)
Son of Abe Moore [Dates amd father's name from death certificate]

Moore, Elisha; born: Jun 4, 1871; died: Jul 20, 1940; (tombstone photo)
Son of Abe Moore

Walker, James; born: Sep 2, 1909; died: Dec 17, 1935;
Son of Simon and Ella (Robertson) Walker

Williams, Mary; born: Dec 23, 1860; died: Oct 29, 1913;(tombstone photo)

Wright, Joe; born: Dec 1, 1899; died: May 5, 1931;
Son of Simon and Lucy (Sandres) Wright [Parents' names from death certificate]

 Tombstones found in the Glidden Cemetery

Photographs on file at Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus

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