Cremated or Body Donated to Science


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Allen, Manuel: born: unknown; died: Dec 2, 1903;
Accidently cremated in fire at Eagle Lake calaboose

Avery, John Edward; born: Feb 2, 1926; died: Sep 13, 2004;
Son of John and Annie May Avery

Avery, Margaret Elaine; born: Aug 11, 1927; died: Aug 15, 2007;
Nee Tankersley, married James J. Verunac, married John Edward Avery

Baird, Robert Lincoln Jr.; born: Dec 8, 1930; died: Jul 6, 2002;
Son of Robert Lincoln and Alli Monnie Mae (Willtrout) Baird

Bankson, Garland; born:Aug 23, 1917; died: Aug 14, 1996;
Daughter of Henry and Vera (Obenhaus) Scheller

Bertsch, Michael J.; born: Mar 13, 1951; died: Dec 22, 2006;
Son of Ernest J. and Mildred Bertsch

Besch, Howard William; born: Nov 10, 1944; died: May 16, 1992;
Son of Howard Alec and Eula Ruth (Rieger) Besch, killed in an automobile accident, called Shorty

Blanco, Aurelio Morelos; born: Jul 3, 1926; died: Sep 15, 1999;
Son of Aurelio and Maria Louise (Morelos) Blanco [buried in Forest Park East Cemetery, Webster, Harris Co, TX]

Botard, Evelyn; born: May 3, 1929; died: Aug 17, 1998;
Daughter of John Wesley and Nellie (Moss) Riddle

Briscoe, Margaret Mary; born: Aug 28, 1954; died: Jun 22, 2002;
Daughter of Adolph and Evelyn (Kosler) Dornak…married Charles Michael Briscoe

Burt, Nina Lee; born: Oct 17, 1928; died: Mar 4, 1998;
Daughter of Walter Otto and Adena Lawrence (Orr) Kraft, married Leroy John Burt, Jr., Oct 16, 1954

Butler, Albina Emily Mary; born: Jul 10, 1916; died: Apr 30, 1998;
Daughter of Theo and Julia Janak

Cabiness, Charles; born: unknown; died: Dec 2, 1903;
Accidently cremated in fire at Eagle Lake calaboose

Casey, Opal; born: c. 1917; died: Sep 15, 1963; body donate to science
Nee Stofla

Chapman, Aubrey I.; born: Feb 13, 1927; died: Sep 27, 1997;
Son of Aubrey I. and Willie Lee (Burttschell) Chapman

Collins, Lonnie; born: Sep 13, 1908; died: Aug 25, 1992;
Son of Ed Collins

Cooke, Claud; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Crawford, Anne; born: Jul 2, 1916; died: Jun 4, 2004;
Daughter of Franklin and Mary (Crisp) Baker, married Edward A. Hill, married Marvin Crawford, Nov 3, 2001

Crume, Carl Lee; born: Sep 20, 1937; died: Mar 22, 2003;
Son of Earl and Ethel (Gill) Crume

D'Amico, Brenda S.; born: April 29, 1956; died: Feb 13, 2007;
Daugher of Warren Schneider and Beth Bipes, married Frank M. D'Amico

David, Billy Wayne; born: Jun 1, 1951; died: Sep 18, 2008;
Son of Frank William and Hertha Louisa Willamena (Gundelach) David

Duncan, Massey; born: Sep 21, 1926; died: Dec 3, 2003; Body donated to science
Son of Rollon L. and Lois Pearl (Massey) Duncan, married Mari Hannah Walker on March 5, 1950

Elliott, Kevin William; born: Apr 22, 1955; died: Mar 16, 2000;
Son of Leo and Mary (Kane) Elliott, killed in an automobile accident

Evans, James Newton; born: Dec 25, 1950; died: Oct 30, 1992;
Son of Arthur and Fay Evans

Fain, William Marvin; born: Jul 29, 1976; died: Apr 16, 2004; cremated;
Son of Bill Marvin and Darlene (Ridge) Fain

Ford, Mary Jane; born: Dec 21, 1944; died: Jun 10, 1993;
Daughter of Stephen F. and Mary (Agee) Ford, married ? Ventura

Frers, Rosalind Gail; born: Aug 16, 1944; died: Feb 24, 2002; donated to science
Daughter of Lester and Elsie (Heinsohn) Schweke…married Harvey Glenn Frers in 1963

Gallaher, Alice P.; born: Nov 24, 1923; died: Sep 24, 1988;
Daughter of Bruce and Stella (Stevens) Rainey, married Frank B. Gallaher, Nov 22, 1941

Galvan, Domingo C.; born: Mar 17, 1940; died: Feb 4, 2003;
Son of Raymond and Estefana (Caballero) Galvan

Garcia, Isabel Moreno; born: Nov 5, 1920; died: Jun 26, 2008;
Son of Segundo Z. Garcia and Trinidad Moreno

Goldberg, Rita; born Sep 26, 1925; died: Jul 23, 2002;

Glascock, Ray; born: May 16, 1922; died: Dec 1, 2000;
Son of Edward Lee and Lula (Reed) Glascock, veteran of World War II

Gosch, Helen; born:Sep 28, 1903; died: Jun 5, 1995;
Daughter of Harry Seaborn and Margaret Belle (Sigler) Walker, married Vastine Goschin 1925

Gowen, Frances C.; born: Mar 17, 1922; died: Apr 7, 2003;
Daughter of George and Doris (Hollis) Williams, married Kenneth Gowen, Mar 20, 1942

Gowen, Kenneth Arthur; Born: Dec 19, 1919; died: Sep 5, 2005;
Son of Harold and Elizabeth (Litchfield) Gowen, married Frances C. Williams March 20, 1942

Green, William A.; born: Jun 11, 1940; died: Jun 24, 1991;
Son of William Robert and Lucille (Walker) Green

Hall, Exis Roberta; born: Aug 8, 1909; died: Feb 9, 1991;
Married William J. Hall, Jul 26, 1930

Hall, William J.; born: Feb 5, 1907; died: Apr 5, 1991;
Son of Andrew Jackson Lee and Carrie (Brooks) Hall

Hanna, Robert F.; born: Nov 15, 1931; died: Aug 3, 1995;
Son of Ballard F. and Olive H. (Dawson) Hanna, married Audrey Ann Zapalac Mar 8, 1959

Harrell, Janice Marie; born: Jan 6, 1934; died: Jul 12, 2001;
Daughter of Harper Carl and Alice Marie (Sahlen) Jacobson, married Jack Harrell, Aug 25, 1957

Harrison, Rosanne Stephen; born: Oct 6, 1915; died: Sep 8, 2009;
Daughter of Joseph William Eugene and Violet Lee (O'Farrell) Stephen, married William H. Harrison in 1938

Hodde, William Edward Jr.; born: Sep 23, 1939; died: Jul 24, 2002;
Son of William Edward and Ella (Borak) Hodde

Holcomb, Martha Ann; born: Oct 24, 1945; died: Jun 3, 1978;
Daughter of John and Eva (Baggett) Gilbreath, married Dennis Wayne Holcomb

Holub, George Herbert; born: Jan 29, 1926; died: Nov 15, 2006;
Son of Willie J. and Bessie (Rypple) Holub, veteran of World War II

Hooper, Robert J.; born: Feb 14, 1950; died: Aug 23, 2004;
Son of Dan and Doris (Briscoe) Hooper

Ilse, James; born: Sep 25, 1925; died: Nov 22, 1999;
Son of James Henry and Mildren (Berry) Ilse, veteran of World War II, called Dick

Johnson, Whiteson M.; born: Jan 1, 1909; died: Sep 23, 1993;
Son of William and Katherine (Owens) Johnson, veteran of World War II

Jones, Minnie Louise; born: Jul 27, 1932; died: Oct 20, 2008;
Daughter of Hildredge and Minnie (Jarman) Forteson

Key, William Earl; born: Jan 4, 1923; died: Apr 25, 2006; body donated to science
Son of James Joseph and Flora Victoria (Long) Key, veteran of World War II

Kinchen, Calvin W.; born: Apr 24, 1933; died: Sep 17, 1977; body donated to science
Born in De Valls Bluff, Arkansas, a son of John Calvin and Clara (White) Kinchen, an anesthetist, was the administrator of the Columbus Hospital from Jan 1968 until Feb 1975

Lopez, Adan; born: Aug 5, 1934; died: May 28, 2003;
Son of Valentin and Aurora (Balboa) Lopez…Korean veteran

Lynn, Paul (Rev.); born: Oct 27, 1945; died: Feb 7, 2002;
Son of Francis and Jean (Everhart)Lynn , married Helene Dunnin Winfield, Kan. on Feb. 3, 1967, was a Methodist minister

Madrid, Cecilia; born: Sep 8, 1944; died: Jun 16, 2008;
Daughter of Roger and Belia (Moreno) Saenz, married Alejandro Madrid

Marczak, Stanley A.; born: Mar 7, 1921; died: Mar 22, 2007;
Son of Andrew and Helen (Szalenga) Marczak, called Ski, veteran of World War II

Martin, Yvonne; born: Jan 30, 1924; died: Apr 22, 2005
Daughter of James Leonard and Sunbeam Gladys (Williams) Northrup, married John Edwin Martin, called Bonnie

Martindale, W. R.; born: Aug 16, 1932; died: Jun 22, 2000;
Son of Wiley Roy and Myrtle (Bailey) Martindale, called Dub

Martinez, Amos Sidney; born: Apr 12, 1961; died: Jun 23, 2004;
Son of Severa Longoria, called Goose

MacBride, Cecelia Long; born: Mar 9, 1917; died: Jan 27, 1998;
Daughter of Thomas P. and Edna (Druding) Strittmatter

McCage, Jewel; born: Jun 17, 1924; died: Feb 17, 1994;
Daughter of Harley and Edna (Witcher) Tumlinson, married Junior McCage

McGlothlin, Mitchell; born: Dec 11, 1923; died: Jun 9, 2007;
Daughter of Staley Kessinger, married William McGlothlin

McGraw, Philip B.; born: Jul 18, 1923; died: Apr 22, 1997;
Son of Andrew Charles and Jennie (McGhee) McGraw, veteran of World War II

McKennan, Bruce; born: Oct 15, 1905; died: Oct 31, 1990;
Son of Samuel and Edith (Addison) McKennan, veteran of World War II, married Phyrne Tanner

Meyer, Lynn Ray; born: Mar 15, 1950; died: Jan 12, 2006;
Son of Roger J. and Angeline Meyer

Miller, Frank Sr.; born: Jun 9, 1928; died: May 3, 2003;
Son of Larua Kyles and William Shorter..adoped by Otto Miller

Molano, Rueben Alex; born: Oct 5, 1951; died: Oct 28, 2006;.
Son of Alejos and Eulalia Juarez Castillo Molano

Nash, Carlton Ray; born: Jan 20, 1920; died: Apr 26, 2004; donated to science;
Son of John and Minnie Nash, veteran of World War II

Nash, Clara May; born: Sep 20, 1915; died: May 17, 2003;
Daughter of Frank Norris and Bertha (Davis) Davidson

Naumann, Chester Bryan; born: Aug 28, 1953; died: Feb 23, 2006;
Son of Prince Alvin and Ester Lucille (Niemeyer) Naumann

Nelson, Jeanie; born: Oct 1, 1958; died: Jun 19, 2003;
Daughter of Raymond Clay and Bernice (Koch) Henry

Nelson, Raymond; born: Jan 10, 1918; died: Nov 12, 2003;
Son of Augustus and Angeline (Neland) Nelson

Parker, Johnnie Harold; born: Jul 3, 1930; died: Mar 11, 1996;

Pate, Frances Lynn; born: Feb 28, 1954; died: Mar 16, 2001;
Daughter of R.W. and Lola Belle (Wallace) Pate

Peeples, Dorothy; born: Jun 13, 1921; died: Jul 21, 1995;
Daughter of E.B. and Elva (Blocker) Peeples

Pence, Sellas Gene; born: Jan 31, 1920; died: Sep 23, 2002;
Son of Elby and Ruth Pence

Pennington, Donald; born: Mar 3, 1932; died: May 14, 2001;
Son of Seth and Lethea Ellen (Marling) Pennington

Perry, Barbara; born: Jun 25, 1940; died: May 20, 1995;
Daughter of Hugo and Alice (Dorstal) Hintz, married John Perry, Jun 21, 1959

Pesak, Anton Kenneth; born: Sep 20, 1958; died: Jun 4, 2005;
Son of Anton John and Pauline (Lucko) Pesak

Piccolini, Anthony; born: Aug 14, 1953; died: Jul 2, 2008;
Son of Artillio Piccolini and Jean Weseloh

Pierce, Leroy; born: Apr 1, 1922; died: May 10, 1996;
Son of Marvin and Mary (Sweeny) Pierce

Pifer, Olney B.; born: Dec 6, 1904; died: Jul 9, 1997;
Son of Soloman M. and Olive (Gregory) Pifer

Pifer, Pauline; born: Jul 8, 1904; died: Jul 14, 1997;
Daughter of William T. and Ida Laura (Crews) Ferguson, married Olney B. Pifer Dec 16, 1924

Ragland, Ellana Irene; born: Feb 12, 1958; died: Nov 27, 1999;
Daughter of Ralph and Jeanette (Causey) Johnson, married Gerald Ragland

Ray, Pearl B.; born: Sep 30, 1922; died: Jan 31, 2003;
Daughter of Harmon and Laura (Wilson) Jackson

Rees, Bertha Anna; born: Aug 25, 1918; died: Feb 9, 2008;
Daughter of Jaroslav Francis and Bertha Eva (Macha) Herold, married Melvin C. Rees, Jun 30, 1946

Reichle, Welfred Stanley; born: Jan 21, 1928; died: May 20, 2006; cem: donated to science
Son of Otto Earl and Mary Hattie (Kollmann) Reichle

Reid, Blanche; born: Mar 23, 1909; died: Oct 29, 2002;
Daughter of Nelson and Elsie (Robinson) Ober, married James Reid

Reyes, Linda Sue; born: unknown; died: Mar 26,2007;
Daughter of Henry and Sue Basham

Rhodes, Claude Conrad; born: Feb 10, 1916; died: Nov 16, 2004;
Son of Conrad and Mattie (Clark) Rhodes, veteran of World War II

Riley, Louise; born: Nov 30, 1912; died: May 15, 2006;
Daughter of August and Pauline (Niedermertl) Walla, married Gus B. Riley

Rogers, Maynard Livingston; born: Dec 7, 1942; died: Jun 30, 2003;
Son of Maynard Livingston and Pearl (Bolin) Rogers, called Tex

Rogers, O'Farrell Hastings; born: Feb 28, 1938; died: Sep 21, 2004;
Son of John Otto and Mary Ethyleene (Wallace) Rogers

Samora, Manuel Jr.; born: Aug 27, 1919; died: Dec 17, 2007;
Son of Manuel Sr. and Rafaela Samora. married Mary Rivera Jun2, 1945

Savich, Thomas Louis Jr.; born: Aug 31, 1957; died: Jan 22, 2008;
Son of Thomas Louis and Janice Ann (Hosking) Savich

Sekerka, Dolores Marie; born: Dec 31, 1934; died: Jul 22, 2002;
Daughter of Frank and Rosie (Nohavitza) Sekerka

Sheldon, Luther Dale; born: Aug 27, 1914; died: Jan 23, 1991;
Son of Jay S. and Bessie G. Sheldon, veteran of World War II

Simpson, James A.; born: Nov 20, 1943; died: Jul 26, 2004;
Son of Fred Lonzo and Charline D. (Leyendecker) Simpson

Spencer, Elijah; born: Oct 8, 1909; died: Feb 18, 2005;
Son of William and Pearl (White) Spencer

Stevens, Warren B., Jr.; born: Aug 26, 1926; died: Sep 26, 1997;
Son Warren B. and Mary Jewel (Balkum) Stevens

Sullivan, Margie; born: Aug 24, 1909; died: Mar 2, 2003;
Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Nelson) Davis…married Frank Sullivan, Jun 11, 1927

Thomas, Ralph; born: Jan 15, 1918; died: Apr 16, 2003;
Son of Moses and Clara Bell (Causey) Thomas…called Rusty

Thompson, William H.; born: Oct 12, 1933; died: Apr 3, 2001;
Son of Ollie and Prince Etta (Green) Thompson, ashes scattered at Miller's Lake

Tuttle, Cora; born: Nov 22, 1907; died: Apr 14, 1999;
Daughter of Robert and Emma (Cook) Roddy, married James O. Tuttle

Urdiales, Pete M.; born: Sep 15, 1931; died: May 9, 2000;
Son of Benancio and Josefa (Mendiola) Urdiales

Voulgaris, Virginia Ann; born: Sep 16, 1958; died: Jun 3, 1990;
Daughter of John Reagan and Joel Ann (Middlebrook) Laughlin, married David Voulgaris, Sep 20, 1980

Wagley, Vernon Oliver.; born: Sep 22, 1948; died: Aug 1, 2007;
Son of Oliver Miles and Leona Wagley

Ward, Lucy; born: Aug 27, 1897; died: Aug 17, 1992;
Daughter of Jesse Bethea and Lucy (Callaway) Walter, married Charles A. Ward, Jr.

Washburn, Judith Ann; born: Jun 15, 1943; died: Jan 11, 2003;
Daughter of Henry Kretschmar and Margaret Krieger

Watkins, Jerry R., Jr.; born: Mar 14, 1930; died: Nov 14, 1992;
Son of Jerry R. and Lucille (Greer) Watkins

Whitelock, Allen R., Jr.; born: Jul 11, 1916; died: Sep 17, 1988;
Son of Allen R. and Eloise (Brown) Whitelock

Whitelock, E. Virginia; born: Jul 10, 1919; died: May 6, 1988;
Daughter of Millington A. and Mae (Weigand) Schaeffer, married Allen R. Whitelock, Apr 6, 1940

Wicks, Lannette; born: Jun 8, 1943; died: Nov 18, 2004;
Daughter of Leonard E. and Verna (Johnson) Flowers

Willis, Lucy Elvada; born: c. 1930; died: Oct 23, 1988;
Daughter of Walter and Beatrice (Downey) Mills, married Jack Willis

Witte, Victor Herman Jr.; born: Jan 13, 1927; died: Dec 27, 2003;
Son of Victor H. and Adele (Scherbig) Witte…veteran of World War II

Wood, Rosemary; born: Jun 20, 1926; died: Jan 30, 2003;
Daughter of John and Rosa (Price) Wortham…married Dick Wood

Yuen, Joe Linden; born: Oct 28, 1939; died: Jun 10, 1991;
Son of Joe D. and Ila (Whitehead) Yuen, called Sonny

Zajicek, David Manly; born: Aug 12, 1944; died: Jan 29, 2008;
Son of Adolph Frank and Florence Gladys (Leyendecker) Zajicek

Zapalac, Kimberly Denise ; born: Feb 15, 1955; died: Dec 20, 1993;
Née Adams

Zatopek, Leland Frank; born: Jan 12, 1921; died: Jun 30, 2006;
Son of Ignac and Ada (Buenger) Zatopek, veteran of World War II

Zimmerman, Jean; born: Aug 2, 1910; died: Jan 3, 1995;
Daughter of Hugh and Louise (Ulery) Darsie, married Edward Zimmerman

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