Colorado County in World War I

Alphabetical List of Area Service Men
Who Died During World War I

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The following is a beginning attempt to compile the names of those men who died while in service during World War I. Many of them died from influenza or pneumonia. Nevertheless, they died while in the service of our country. We know this list is incomplete and ask your assistance in completing it by furnishing names of those who made the supreme scarifice or additional information on those that we have listed. Links are given to additional information available onsite.

Ashford, William C. ; born: Dec 14, 1901; died: Jan 28, 1918; cem: Odd Fellows Rest; Co. L 143 Inf
Son of Redden H. and Lula Maud (Carroll) Ashford , was shot and killed by a comrade while at Camp Bowie.

Brast, Otto Louis; born: Feb 1896; died May 27, 1919; cem Kolatschny Cemetery in Austin County
Son of Theodore and Lina Brast, living in Colorado County in 1910, Pvt Co D 144 Inf. Died of typhoid fever following pneumonia

Brune, Ernst; born: Jul 6, 1893; died: Dec 3, 1917; cem: Brune; Co. I 144 Inf
Son of Herman and Mary (Laas) Brune, died of disease while serving during World War I

Cherry, William Richard; born: Mar 5, 1895; died: Feb 13, 1919; cem: Eagle Lake Masonic
Son of William Stephen and Mary Ellen (Wyman) Cherry, veteran of World War I, died in France

Feyrer, Edward C.; born: unknown: died: Feb 1918;
Son of Joseph and Johanna Feyrer, went down on the Tuscania during World War I.

Fisher, Terry L. Killed in action in France, April 22, 1918

Freeman, Frank W.; born: Sep 1894; died: Nov 10, 1918; buried in Schulenburg
Killed while a member of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I, son of Frank L. and Annie (Schindler) Freeman, lived in Glidden

Fried, Adolph; born: Feb 2, 1893; died: Oct 21, 1918; cem: St. Mary
Son of Jan/John and Anna (Svoboda) Fried, died in World War I

Harrison, George Little; born: Sep 1887; died: Jul 1918; cem: unknown
Son of Robert H. and Hattie (Little) Harrison, killed in France in World War I

Hawkes, John P.; born: 1894; died: Oct 28, 1918; cem: Weimar Masonic
Son of William Henry and Theresa (Merion) Hawkes, killed in France during World War I

Hines, Square; born:unknown; died: Oct 1918; cem: unknown; Det Camp Unasgd Ft Worth Tex.
Veteran World War I, died of influenza at Camp Bowie

Koller, Louis (private) (1896 - Nov 1918) ; Co E, 114 Inf Died of Wounds
Son of Louis George and Katherine Koller. Killed in battle in France.

Kollman, Wilson Edward; born: Dec 1894; died: Oct 15, 1918
Born Osage, son of Louis Ernst and Leila May (Wilson) Kollman, married Minnie Lorena McMillan Oct 1914 at Osage, Died of Influenza in San Antonio during World War I.

Kretzschmar, Arthur; born: Jun 7, 1893; died: Dec 3, 1917; cem: Adams; Btry B 344 FA;
Son of Emil and Augusta (Johse) Kretschmar, Died of other Causes, Domestic Death during World War I

Kulhanek, Vladimir J. (March 1894 - October 31, 1918); Pvt 1cl Co K 360; Killed in Action
Son of Frank and Annie Kulhanek, buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in France.

Larsen, Raymond Roy (October 1982 - Feburary 19, 1918); cem: Myrtle; Hq Co 143 Inf
Son of Jacob and Georgiana Ann (Forster) Larsen, died at Camp Bowie during World War I

Lee, Isaac Hillard; born: Jan 31, 1893; died: Nov 28, 1918; cem: Live Oak; #3,522,533 Pvt Co I 62 Inf
Son of Isaac Abraham and Emma Lee, served in World War I, died of measles at Camp Mills, NY

Leidolf, Edgar F. (January 20, 1896 - October 12, 1918); cem: St. Michaels; Unv of Tex Student Army Corps
Son of Frank E. and Josephine (Hoelscher) Leidolf; did of pneumonia at Camp Mabry Austin

Mahalitc, Joseph Jr. (May 19, 1893 - Feb 7, 1918); cem: Odd Fellows Rest, Columbus; 165 Dep Brig
Son of Joseph and Veronika/Verona (Jasek) Mahalitic, died of disease in World War I,

Matcek, Jan; born: Nov 4, 1893; died: Nov 6, 1917; cem: St. Mary's; MG Co 6 Inf
Son of Adolph Ben and Mary (Krobot) Matcek, died of disease during World War I

Mosmeyer, John: born: Jul 1891; died: Sep 14, 1918; Pvt Co. I 64 Inf,
Son of John and Margaret Mosmeyer,
died of other cause in foreign country during World War I. buried at St. Mihiel Cemetery in France

Oncken, Henry G. (October 13, 1892 - Septembe 27, 1918); Co I 357 Inf
Son of Henry and Helene (Harms) Oncken, died of influenza in France. reinterred in Weimar Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Otto, Hermann H. (March 15, 189- October 14, 1918); VC Hosp # 16, Camp Lee, Va.
Son of Edmund and Mathilda (Zoeliner) Otto, died while in training camp. interment in New Bielau Cemetery

Perry, Martin ( August 6, 1891 - October 22, 1918)
Son of Nash and Mattie (Brickeer) Perry Killed in WWI, reinterment in Lakeside Cemetery, Eagle Lake

Raezer, John—died in France of Pneumonia? [This must have been in 1919 -see article]

Rahlwes, Otto E. (November 17, 1895 - Novermber 1, 1918); Co K 360 Inf
Son of William and Mary (Schwede) Rahlwes, killed in WWI, reinterment in Weimar Odd Fellows Cemetery

Schneider, Johann J.; born: May 9, 1893; died: Oct 12, 1918; Hq Veterinary Hosp #15, Camp Lee, VA
Son of John and Mary (Hemmi) Schneider, died of influenza during World War I, interment in St. Mary's Cemetery

Schobel, Walter W.; born: Mar 30, 1896; died: Nov 9, 1918; Co M 110 Inf
Son of August W. and Louise (Staffeldt) Schobel), killed in World War I, buried in St. Mihiel American Cemetery, France

Seaborn, Benjamin F.;; born: Dec 1973; died: Nov 5, 1918; cem: unknown; Sup Sgt Co M 143 Inf.
Serial No. 1,496,269, Married Annie Vogelsang, father of two daughters, Alice and Marian,
Killed in World War I

Skeeter, Jasper; born: Dec 1891; died: Jul 18, 1918; cem: Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, France
Son of John and Nancy Skeeter, Killed in World War I

Ulbricht, Edward Julius; born: Apr 12, 1897; died: Oct 11, 1918; University of Texas Tng Det Austin, Tex.
Son of Max and Hedwig Emma (Gerstenberger) Ulbricht, died of pneumonia at Camp Mabry, Austin, TX during World War I, interment in New Bielau Cemetery

Vogelsang, Robert John; born: May 20, 1895; died: Dec 22, 1918; Co H 55 Inf
Son of Franz Gottlieb and Annie (Fischer) Vogelsang, died in a hospital in France during World War I, interment in Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Frelsburg

Walker, Roy B.; born: unknown; died: October 8, 1918; Pvt 2cl Co M 106 Inf, Killed in Action
Possibly son of Lee and Rosa Walker, buried in Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in France

Winkler, Fritz D.; born: Mar 5, 1889; died: Oct 14, 1918; Co K 3 Bn Inf Repl & Eng Camp Camp MacArhur, Tex
Son of Henry and Minnie (Sauer) Winkler, died of pneumonia while at Camp MacArthur, Waco, World War I casuality, interment in New Bielau Cemetery

Worrell, Marion Hamilton; born: Nov 22, 1891; died: Oct 3, 1918; Weimar Masonic
Son of Rev. J. .D. Worrell, married Grace Hill, died in an accident on board a troop ship bound for France during World War I

Young, Nugent (private) Aug 1894 - May 14, 1919 died from pulmonary tuberculosis in France. Grandson of Ned Jones of the New Bielau community. Buried in St. Mihiel American Cemetery


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