Colorado County in World War II

First 25 Drawn From Colorado County Registrants in Lottery

The following are the first 25 numbers drawn in the lottery Tuesday in Washington and the order in which questionnaires will be mailed in Colorado County:

Order No. 1, Serial No. 158, Clifford Austin, Altair, Col.
Order No. 2 Serial No. 192, Lester Koehn, Weimar, \Vh.
Order No 3, Serial No. 105, L. V. Sims, Eagle Lake, Col.
Order No. 4, Serial No. 188, Victor Laake, Eagle Lake, Wh.
Order No. 5, Serial No. 120, Herbert Baines, Oakland, Col.
Order No. 6, Serial No. 846, Clarence Henry Beken, Weimar, Wh.
Order NO. 7, Serial No 161, Edwin Brake, Alleyton, Wh.
Order No. 8, Serial No. 14, Peter Roach, Columbus, Col.
Order No. 9, Serial No. 57. Charlie' Eniii Dittrich, Weimar, Wh.
Order No. 10, Serial No. 153, Alfred J. Kainer, Weimar, Wh.
Order No. 11, Serial No. 19, Noldon Jackson, Weimar, Col.
Order No. 12, Serial No. 766, Willie Mathews, Eagle Lake, Col.
Order No. 13, Serial No. 172, Fay Murphy Smith, Eagle Lake, Wh.
Order No. 14, Serial No. 126, Edmund Emil Schindler, Alleyton, Wh.
Order No. 15, Serial No. 187, Felix Frank Barta, Weimar, Wh.
Order No. 16. Serial No. 1854, Rudolph Bittner, Garwood, Wh.
Order No. 17, Serial No. 167, August Jacob Braden, Columbus, Wh.
Order No. 18, Serial No 1369, John Henry Johnson, Columbus, Col.
Order No. 19, Serial No 162. Eufemio Vasquez, Columbus, Wh.
Order No. 20, Serial No. 147, Arthur Waddle Jr., Columbus, Col.
Order No. 21, Serial No. l700, Raymond Rau, Columbus, Wh.
Order No 22, Serial No. 1355, Martin Long, Eagle Lake, Col.
Order No. 23, Serial No. 689, Jesse Wink Tengler, Weimar, Wh.
Order No. 24, Serial No. 1295, Lee Earl Willie Poppe, Weimar, Wh.
Order No. 25 Serial No. 1234, Clarence Bratcher, Columbus, Col.
Colorado County Citizen, October 25, 1940, page 1


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