Golden & Later Wedding Anniversaries


These are Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations and other accounts of couples married 50 years and longer.

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Golden Wedding Anniversary

Editor Mercury:
Another golden wedding anniversary celebration took place in our community on the 8th of February, Mr. and Mrs. John Banse, Sr., celebrated on that day the fiftieth anniversary of the day they knelt before the altar arid swore the solemn oath to share faithfully all that fate had in store for them.

Mr. and Mrs. Banse are well known throughout this section and since their children married have made their home on the southern edge of our little city.

Their holy union was blessed with ten children, four boys and six girls (of which two girls, Mrs. Frank Wanjura and Mrs. Tengler, are dead), thirty-three grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

The celebration took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Banse, Sr., where the guests assembled at the noon hour. At 12 o'clock a splendid dinner was served, which really was a treat to all those present. The golden wedding cake, which was the talented work of Mrs. Adolph Polk, being beautifully decorated in white and gold, was placed in the center of the table.

Little Lillian, daughter of Mr. J. F. Banse, Jr., presented her grandparents with a golden wreath and boquet placed on a satin cushion trimmed with ribbon and gold embroidered lace. Miss Mary Ulrich, their grandchild, decorated all the guests with a gold cedar spray, which really seemed to be a finishing touch.

The affair was a quiet one, only children, grandchildren, a few neighbors and friends being present.

Besides dinner, a splendid luncheon and supper were served, and thereafter a few more happy hours were spent with the dear old couple. When time came to bid farewell, all united in the wish that they be blessed with many sunny days in the future.

May our dear Lord bless them with many more years of health arid happiness, so they may live to celebrate their diamond anniversary, is the sincere wish of


Weimar Mercury, February 16, 1917, page 5


Boeers Celebrate 50th

Around a hundred friends and relatives dropped in at New Bielau Community Center last Sunday afternoon to help Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boeer celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

At noon the Boeers had enjoyed a family dinner in the Center, an open house was held from 2 to 5 afterward.

They were married Dec. 30, 1908, and except for two years in San Antonio both are lifelong Weimar residents. Some years go they retired from farming on their place south of here and moved into town.

Mr. Boeer was 86 years old last July 19 and Mrs. Boeer was 67 on July 30. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boeer, and she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Brunkenhoefer.

Helping welcome the many visitors were the Boeers’ five children and their families. They have one daughter, Mrs. Lonnie (Lillie)Beard of San Antonio; four sons, Albert and Werner Boeer Sr. of Weimar, Hilbert Boeer of Pasadena and Walter Boeer of Houston; and nine grandchildren.

Mrs. Boeer is the last of her family, but Mr. Boeer has two brothers and a sister still living; Rudolph Boeer of Austin, Henry Boeer of San Antonio and Mrs. Chas. Stech of Weimar.

Weimar Mercury, January 16, 1959, page 1



An occasion of much moment and interest. to all the residents of this section was celebrated last Sunday, same being the golden wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. Eilert G. Brandt and wife, honored citizens of the Adkins' Lake community for many years. Hundreds of invitations had been issued, and upon the appointed day a steady stream of vehicles of all kinds was to be seen headed for the scene of the festivities, some nine miles northeast of Weimar. The bulk of the crowd had reached there by 10 o'clock, and after listening to the sweet music of the Schindler band and greeting and chatting with friends, about 11 o’clock Rev. Paul Piepenbrok, Lutheran pastor, pronounced the words of the marriage ceremony in which the happy but aged couple again dedicated their lives to one another. A crowd numbering fully 1000 persons was present for the occasion. At the conclusion of the interesting ceremony, dinner was announced, and great tables “loaded to the guards” with every imaginable good thing to eat were turned over to the visitors, while scores of ladies and men kept busy replenishing the dishes of turkey, chicken, mutton, pork, beef, coffee, salads, cakes, pies, pickles, fruits and other delicacies, of which there was a profusion on hand, and if there was one complaint of the food, its quality or quantity, or lack of attention, we failed to learn of it. Every one present enjoyed the splendidly cooked viands, and ate of same to their hearts content. It was without doubt one of the greatest feasts ever served in this section.

The grounds and residence of the aged couple were elaborately yet tastefully decorated for the occasion, while the couple themselves seemed as happy (and almost as youthful) as on their original wedding day, seeming to absorb much pleasure at being the hosts of such a great gathering of people. They were the recipient of many handsome and useful present, as well as attentions from the guests throughout the day.

Some of the particulars regarding this aged couple we feel would be of interest to our readers, are herewith given:

Eilert Gerhard Brandt was born Dec 4, 1838, in Oldenburg, Germany, Mrs. Brandt was born Sept. 15, 1844, in Oldenburg, Germany, her maiden name being Miss Sophie Friederick Wilhelmina Westing. The couple was married on the 2nd day of May, 1865. To this union fourteen children were born, eleven boys and three girls, ot which four boys and one girl still survive, their names being as follows: Emil Brandt, George Brandt, Mrs. Chas. Kahlden, William Brandt and Theodore Brandt, all of the surviving children residing at or near their aged parents in comfortable homes, surrounded by thousands of acres of valuable lands, the accumulation of the family within the past twenty-five years.

The first member of the family to come over to this country was the eldest son. Emil Brandt. He was soon followed by his brother, George (in 1888), and then the parents, with the daughter and two younger sons, also came over. The Adkins' farm, as it was then known, was purchased and to this was gradually added other tracts, until now the family owns over 3000 acres of valuable land, 2300 acres of same lying in one solid body. The senior Brandt and wife reside in he Adkins residence, a splendid sample of old-time builders' art, where the best of material was used and things were put up in a substantial manner. Although erected sixty-five years ago, it is still in a fine state of preservation and provides a comfortable, commodious home. A grandson of the builder of this residence (a man named Schawe.) resides just across the river from the Brandt estate. Handsome residences of the children of the Brandt couple, together with commodious barns, rent houses, silos, and thousands of acres of fertile lands surround the home place.

April 2, 1888, the elder Brandts and three younger children came over to America. This aged couple possesses five living children, as before stated, together with twenty-six grandchildren--eighteen boys and eight girls.

One of the witnesses at their first wedding was Mrs. C. Wilks, who is an aunt of the couple, and she was present upon the occasion of their golden wedding celebration. She also was the oldest person upon the grounds, being 87 years old.

The Mercury is glad to join with hundreds of friends of this aged couple in wishing for them many happy returns of this occasion. No family in the county stands higher or is more popular. Long life, much happiness and more prosperity is our sincere wish.

Card Of Thanks.--We hereby extend heartfelt thanks to all who honored us with their presence at our golden wedding anniversary celebration, and more so for all the beautiful gifts showered upon us. Many, many thanks, kind friends,
Respectfully, Eilert Brandt and Wife.

Weimar Mercury, May 7, 1915, page 1



More than 400 guests helped Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard W. Brandt celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, Dec. 18, in Veterans Memorial Hall here.

The Brandts, who have lived in Pasadena since 1943, were married Dec. 18, 1916, at the home of the bride’s parents in Wildwood community near Weimar. The minister was Rev. Paul Piepenbrok.

Their attendants were Elsie Schriefer, Alfred Butschek, Lydia Schmidt and Otto Kahlden.

Rev. Piepenbrok was present Sunday to give the table blessing and lead a devotional. Rev. F. H. Horak offered the closing prayer. Mrs. Anton Schmidt and her children sang “Ich Liebe Dich” and other songs.

The Brandts have three sons; and a daughter, Elo, Arnold, Emil Fredrich, and Mrs. Gladys LaFitte, who live in Pasadena and Houston. They also have ten grandchildren.

Weimar Mercury, December 22, 1966, page 1


'Humble Christian' Lived In Same House 68 Years

“Just an humble Christian whom God has endowed with the spirit of Grace and Truth”--that is 88-year-old Will Hunter's description of himself as he rests on his farm nowadays and looks back over a life three wars long.

The aged but alert colored farmer and his wife have celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary, and those 68 years have been fruitful. The couple has 77 living descendants, including 12 children, 32 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren. and two great-great grandchildren. Their entire life together has been spent in the same house on their farm near Weimar.

"All my children and grandchildren have been visiting with me and receiving my message of Grace and Truth," Will says, "and I hope those two things will overshadow all of our communities and towns, for then we will have peace all over the land."

Will's wife is 86. He retired from farming 15 years ago and only the past several weeks has he been a “shut-in”. Here's wishing them both many more good years without a fourth war.
Weimar Mercury, April 12, 1946, page 1


Iselt, John and Jane (Grabow) Golden Wedding

On January 12th Mr. and Mrs. John Iselt, Sr. of Mentz celebrated their golden wedding in a manner appropriate to the occasion.

The day was given over to pleasure and enjoyment, and a dinner was served to the assembled relatives and guests that will long be remembered by those who were present and participated.

Mr. Iselt was born in Germany and was 75 years old on June 8th, 1911. Mrs. Iselt, who was formerly Miss Jane Grabow, was 68 years of age on the 8th day of August last. They were married January 12th 1862 and they now have ten living children, seven of whom were present on this occasion. The youngest child is grown and married. The absent children were Mrs. Chas. Howe of Mentz who was sick, August Iselt of Sealy and Henry Iselt of LaGrange. Those present were Frederick of East Bernard, William of Sealy, Mrs. Otto Ticlsch of Sealy, Julius and Louis and Mrs. John Muechmann of Mentz and John Iselt of Rosenberg. In addition to the children there were about forty of the neighbors present to enjoy the dinner and festivities. The Citizen extends congratulations and trusts that Mr. and Mrs. Iselt may be spared to enjoy many more happy years in our midst.

Colorado Citizen, January 19, 1912 Transcribed by Judy Talkington



On Dec. 9, 1897, young J. F. W. Koehn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Koehn married Miss Mary Weiss daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Weiss of Sublime and brought her home to his parents' farm.

Today, half a century later, the "bride and bridegroom" are still on that farm, living in the house where they began housekeeping, and even happier than when they began.

Many changes have been wrought on the old place in the last half-century; many improvements have been made to the 60-year-old house and the farm surrounding it. And on three sides of the Koehns today live three of their four children; the fourth is living with her parents.

Last Tuesday, Dec. 9, Mr. and Mrs. Koehn and their descendants had a merry time marking the golden wedding anniversary, in spite of the drizzly, cold weather outside that kept some other family members and friends from attending. There was a big dinner with every good food imaginable weighting down the table around which sat the children and grandchildren. And there was a large cake bearing the lettering: "For Your 50th Wedding Anniversary". It was a day the Koehns would recall and discuss many a time in their remaining years.

Mrs. Koehn was born in Austria and came to this country as a small child with her parents, who settled in Lavaca County, near Sublime. Mr. Koehn,born in Austin County, moved at the age of two years with his parents to this County, the family settling at New Bielau. When he was 14, the family moved to the present Koehn homestead.

The Koehns have two sons, Arthur and Oscar: two daughters, Mrs. Lester Johnson and Miss Elvie Koehn; and four grandchildren, the oldest or whom was recently discharged from the Navy. Miss Elvie Koehn lives with her parents.

The Mercury joins their many other friends here in extending congratulations and best wishes to this popular couple.

Weimar Mercury, December 19, 1947, page 1

Frank Krejcis

Children Honor Krejcis On Golden Wedding Day

One of Weimar's most popular farm couples on New Year's Eve looked back with mingled motions on their 50 years of married lie[sic] as relatives and friends joined them in their golden wedding celebration.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krejci Sr. were honored by their children with a dinner and afternoon celebration at Hill's Place near Weimar.

It was a great day for the Krejcis, because they are always happiest when they are among their children and their many good friends.

Good Times and Bad

New Year's Eve and golden weddings are times of recalling, and this couple who emigrated to America a half-century ago could not help but recall some sad times along with their many happy years.

Misfortune has visited them often, but they have come through it smiling and ever optimistic, grateful for the good things life also has brought them.

Beginning their life in America as immigrants of meager means, they managed to buy their own farm here just 10 years later, and in the following years to get the best available education for their children. Educating their children has given, them perhaps their greatest satisfaction.

To Galveston in 1905

Mr. Krejci came from Czechoslovakia, landing at Galveston in March of 1905. Mrs. Krejci (Otillie Valenta) arrived at Galveston in June that same year, coming from Yugoslavia.
They were married in Galveston and lived there 6 years. In 1911 they moved to Fayette County, where they lived four years (and through three floods). In 1916 they bought the farm south of Borden where they live today.

5 Children Died

Of their nine children, they lost 5. Two died in infancy. Martha died in 1929 at the age of 12. Flight Officer Frank J. Krejci Jr. died in January of 1943, in a World War II plane crash. Their oldest daughter, Mrs. Mary Suler of Richmond, died in 1947. In 1951 they lost a grandson, Julius Suler Jr. of Rosenberg.

The four living children are: Dr J. C. Krejci of Phillips; Mrs. O. E. (Tillie) Helmcamp of Houston; Mrs. Andrew (Alice) Braikovich of Galveston; and Mrs. Harley (Viola) Cox of Houston.

They have eight grandchildren: Fay Deen and Mary Joe Krejci, Jeannette Helmcamp, Ronnie Braikovich, Bonnie Sue and Donnie Cox, Mrs. A. Hochman, and Airman Second Class Frank J. Suler. They also have five great-grandchildren.

Barbecue Dinner

Falke's Orchestra provided music last Saturday while the Krejcis and their guests enjoyed a barbecue dinner. At the honorees’ table there was a three-tiered white cake, decorated with gold leaves and rosebuds and topped by a large “50" ornament. Mrs. Adolph Falke and Mrs. Minnie Noblet were in charge of serving the dinner.

During all the fun there were many who remembered how close, the happy couple had come to great tragedy in their golden wedding year. Just a few months ago a small tornado struck their farm, wrecking their barn, windmill and garage and narrowly missing their house. It took a considerable amount of time, work and money to repair the damage but they have constantly reminded their it was no worse. Through everything they have constantly reminded their children how lucky they are to be living in America instead of the countries they left.

Among the guests at the celebration were a number from Weimar and these from out of town: Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Krejci and children, Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Helmcamp and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Cox and children, Sharp McFarland, all of Houston: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Braikovich and son, Galveston; Mrs. Kay Yarbo, Dallas; Mrs. A. Hochman and children, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Krejci, Rosenberg; J. Suler, Richmond; A-2C Frank J. Suler, New Mexico; Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Gold and sons, Columbus; Mrs. Minnie Noblet, Houston; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sedberry, Redwood City, California.

Weimar Mercury, January 6, 1956, pages 1 & 8

Joe Krejcis

Krejcis, Married 60 Years, Plan ‘Open House’ Sunday

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Krejci, who live 4 miles southwest of Weimar, this Sunday will celebrate an event that few couples live to enjoy--the 60th anniversary of their wedding.

It will be “open house” at the Krejci house that afternoon, and while they are not mailing out any invitations, they hope all their friends will drop in for some refreshments.

Hosts and hostesses will be the Krejcis’ four children and their mates, Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Shumbera of the Weimar area; Mr. and Mrs. Emil Krejci of Rosenberg; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Krizak of Baytown; and Mr. and Mrs. Alredge Rosenbaum, who live with the Krejcis. Another son, Charles, died in 1933 at the age of 20.

Both Mr. Krejci, who will be 83 next Wednesday, and Mrs. Krejci, who is 78, were born in Czechoslovakia, he in Pochaply and she in Prevonin. They were married in Bechlin, Czechoslovakia, Sept. 29,1893.

With their four children they landed in Galveston, Texas, in 1911 and settled immediately in Fayette County. After several years there, they lived in New Bielau a year, and in 1916 bought the farm where they live today.

Nowadays they leave most of the farm and housework to their son-in-law and (daughter, the Rosenbaums.

They enjoy having visitors, especially the visits of their 21 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, and looking forward eagerly to their big day Sunday.

Weimar Mercury, October 2, 1953, pages 1 and 8


Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Borden, Tex., Jan. 12, '17.
To The Mercury:
Having been requested to report a golden jubilee to the Mercury, I herewith. do so.

This golden wedding anniversary was celebrated in our community Jan. 7. Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Anna Matzke, Sr., celebrated on that day the fiftieth anniversary of the day they knelt before the altar and swore the solemn oath to share faithfully all that fate had in store for them--alike in happiness, alike in grief. The venerable couple is well known and loved in our community and in and around Weimar. Their holy union was blessed with six children---Joseph, Edward and Adolph Matzke, and Mrs. Max Gobalt, Mrs. John Herring and Mrs. Jos. Keiner, twenty-eight grandchildren and one great-grandchiId. Their sons and sons-in-law had secretly prepared everything for the jubilee festival. This gave a touching example of love and devotion to their dear old parents. All their relatives and neighbors were invited, and all gathered at the home of the son, Edward, Sunday morning. A splendid dinner was served at noon. Three of their granddaughters--Iittie VioIa` Matzke, Tillie Herring and Miss Josephine Herring--were bridesmaids. The two little ones carried a basket full of gold leaves, and Miss Josephine decorated every one present with a gold leaf. At the dinner Rich. Muehr addressed the wedding guests, explaining the significance of the occasion. Tile day was spent in mutual merriment and harmony, and when the time came to bid farewell, everyone left with the conviction that he or she had been treated to a real golden time, and all united in the sincere wish that the dear old couple be blessed with many a sunny day in the future. The guests present were Mr. Ed. Matzke, Columbus, Mr. Matzke's only living brother; (his only sister, Mrs. Heinrich of High Hill, was unable to be present on account of illness); from Borden were Messrs. H. Freidrich, F. F. Michalke, Rud.Muehr, J. B. Keiner, Mrs. __ Sohr and their respective families, Mr. and Mrs. A. Yackel, Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Hoelscher, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hattermann.; Mr. and Mrs. Muehr, Rich. and Anton Muehr, Ed. Liermann, Willie Ripper, J. Guenther, Schulenburg; Mr. Ferd. Heinrich, Mrs. Anton Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Muehr, New Brunn; Mr. F. Kosler and family, Moravia; Mr. John Woellert and family, Dubina; Mr. F. Schenk and family.

Here follows a short sketch of the lives of the jubilee couple: Jan. 7, 1867, they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony in Deutsch-Jasonik, Austria-Hungary. They emigrated to Texas in 1884 and settled near Weimar, where they are well-known, loved and respected. Mr. and Mrs. Matzke are respectivelv 74 and 72 years of age.

May they be spared to their children many years yet, is the sincere wish of

A Participant.

Weimar Mercury, January 19, 1917, page 2


Muehrs Wed 50 Years

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Muehr honored them on their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, Nov. 16, with a mass of Thanksgiving at St. Michael’s Church and a turkey supper at the church dining hall.
Rev. Oswald Kahlich was celebrant of the 1 p.m. mass.
Center of attention in the hall was a three-tiered cake, iced in white nd decorated with gold colored sugar roses. It was baked by Mrs. Walter Lucas of Houston. The hall was decorated with gold crepe paper. On the tables were arrangements of yellow asters. At the lace-covered table where Mr. and Mrs. Muehr sat there was an arrangement of gold feather mums.
Mrs. Muehr wore a gold bonded crepe dress and a yellow carnation corsage.
Grandchildren registered the guests, recorded the gifts, and served the cake.
Mr. Muehr was born in 1888 in Austria, a son of Franz and Theresa Muehr. Mr. Muehr was born at Schulenburg in 1896, a daughter of Ferdinand and Mary Meyer. They were married Nov. 14, 1919, in St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church at Schulenburg, with Rev. Joseph Neiser officiating.
Their two witnesses are still living, Rudolph Muehr, Mr. Muehr’s brother, was present for the golden wedding celebration. The other witness, Joe Meyer of Moulton, Mrs. Muehr’s brother, was unable to attend.
The Muehrs settled in the Bois d’Arc community northeast of Weimar and are still living on the same place.
They have two sons and four daughters: Milton of Houston Herbert of League City, Mrs. Joe (Leona) Banse and Mrs. Elnore (Dorothy) Kretzschmar, both of Houston, Mrs. Lad (Mildred) Kunz and Mrs. Raymond (Gertrude) Herzik, both of Weimar. They also have 23 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and four step-great-grandchildren.
Friends and relatives at the celebration were from Schulenburg, Moulton, La Grange, Columbus, Alleyton, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Houston, League City and Weimar.

Weimar Mercury, December 18, 1969, page 7


Children Honor Mr. and Mrs. Poppe On 50th Wedding Anniversary

Surrounded by about 150 of their relatives and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Poppe celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday with a dinner and open house given by their children.

Before dinner they were honored at their church, Faith Lutheran church in Weimar, with a 50th anniversary blessing by Pastor H. Zimmerman.

The dinner for the family and close friends and the open house during the afternoon were held at Andel’s Guest House, where yellow mums and glads were used in decorations and the cake was a replica of an open book containing the names of their children and grandchildren.

Mr. Poppe is a lifelong resident of the New Bielau area, where he was born Oct. 9 1893, son of Henry and Meta Poppe.

Mrs. Poppe was Emma Ehlers before their marriage on Nov. 6, 1917, at Runge. Born June 9, 1896, at Shiner, she was a daughter of John and Annie Ehlers.

They settled on the Poppe home place south of here and fifty years later are still active enough in farming and ranching to call themselves only “semi-retired.”

heir two children are Lee Earl Poppe and Mrs. Lawrence (Elnar) Muehr, both of Weimar and their grandchildren are Lee Earl Poppe Jr., Robert Wayne Poppe, Lawrence Allan Muehr, Glen Muehr, Gary Muehr and Donald Muehr.

Attendant Present

Only one of their four attendant, Mr. Poppe’s brother Henry of Weimar, is still living, and he was at the celebration Sunday. The others were Mrs. Willie Otto (Lora Ehlers) and Mrs. Fred Wiese (Martha Ehlers), Mrs. Poppe’s sisters; and Eddie Piwetz.

Weimar Mercury, November 9, 1967, page 4



On the 21st last, a number of the descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Prause, of this city, surprised him with a pre-arranged celebration of their golden wedding. Those attending where his son, Arnold Prause, of the Bernard, Reinhardt Prause, of Bastrop county, and Mrs. Clara Bock, of this city, also Rudolph, Arnold, Bernhard, George, Gustav and Louise, children of A. Prause, of the Bernard Prairie, who are all musicians, and comprise the band which furnished music for the occasion, and Misses Clara and Norma Bock of this place. Arnold Prause, Sr., was married to Miss Juliana Scharlotte Koehler in Waltenburg, Preuslach Schloeslen, on the 21st of May, 1838; immigrated to Texas in 1854, has resided 34 years in the State, 17 of which were in Columbus--has three sons and one daughter living and nineteen grandchildren. The party came in equipped for a good time on Monday, and they had it--not the least attractive part being the excellent music furnished by the band of grandchildren from the Bernard. Mr. Prause and his good lady reside in our town, the former in his 77th year, and enjoyed this “surprise party” immensely. May the aged couple have many happy returns of the same.

Colorado Citizen, May 24, 1888, page 3


Mr. and Mrs. Gus Ripper, Sr., Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary Sunday

Last Sunday proved one of the greatest (as well as happiest) days in the history of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Ripper. Sr., honored citizens of our little city for many years past. Saturday was the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, but the day passed away uneventfully at least it seemed that way. However, unknown to the elder Rippers their children were plotting and a great surprise for them. Secret conferences between these children, resulted in a resolve to have a great feast on Sunday, Nov. 27. at the home of one of the daughters, Mrs. Frank A. Seifert, in honor of said event, and accordingly. it was done.
The elder Rippers were "taken for a ride" Sunday, and when finally the car in which they were riding stopped at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Seifert and a large number of cars and people came into view, doubtless these good people were a bit puzzled, if not surprised. They were invited to enter, and marched into the spacious dining room, where a great feast of everything imaginable in the way of good things to eat, with turkeys and cakes predominating, met their startled gaze. However, they were asked to "feel at home", as the feast was In honor of their golden wedding anniversary. And. assisted by between fifty and sixty relatives and near friends of the family, all Joined in the feast, with many a word of congratulations and good wishes.

Centered in the array of eatables set before the crowd was a beautifully decorated cake, surmounted by a beautiful trellis, from which hung in figures of gold, the magic token "50". ThIs wonderfully fashioned cake was the handiwork of Mrs. Bertha Potthast, purposely created in most artistic fashion for this special occasion, and came in for much praise from the assembled guests.

It is needless to add that this proved one of the greatest occasions in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Ripper, and that they enjoyed it to the fullest was very evident. They were recipients of many handsome and useful gifts from children and guests present on that occasion.

Mr. Gus Ripper, Sr., is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ripper, and was born May 26, 1868, In Kunwald, Austria. Mrs. Ripper is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt Witte, and was born April 10, 1868, at Frelsburg, this county. Mr. and Mrs. Ripper were married Nov. 26 at the Dubina parish house, Rev. Lachleder officiating. To this union six children were born, one of whom died many years ago. The five surviving children are as follows: Mrs. Frank Frels. Sr., Mrs. F. A. Seifert, Mr. Gus Ripper, Jr., Mrs. W. H. Hollien and Mr. Frank Ripper, all of whom live In this community except Frank, who lives in the Holman section. The elder Rippers also have fourteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Mr. Ripper came to this country in 1886, settled at Weimar and worked for the late Anton Schindler in the blacksmith business for two years. then bought out Mr. Schindler, and has worked at the blacksmith trade for the past fifty-six years. Mr. and Mrs. Ripper have occupied their family home in the northern part of the city for the past fifty years.

In closing this mention of their golden wedding anniversary, the Mercury wishes to tender to Mr. and Mrs. Ripper its sincere congratulations, with the hope that they may be here a little later on to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

Weimar Mercury, December 2, 1938, page 1



Valentines Day was an "extra-special” day this week for Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ro[d]gers, Weimar area couple. It was their Golden Wedding Anniversary as well.

So that their children could attend the observance. Mr. and Mrs. Ro[d]gers "celebrated" a few days early, however, and Sunday, at the family home about eight miles southeast of Weimar, they had open house to their children and friends for an enjoyable occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Ro[d]gers were married Feb. 14, I889 at Weimar by the pioneer Baptist minister, Rev. Miles. They have resided in this section for more than a half-century.

Mr. Ro[d]gers is a native of South Carolina. He was born in that state on August 23,1865. the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Ro[d]gers. He came, for the first time, to the Weimar section when he was 21 years of age.

Mrs. Ro[d]gers. whose maiden name was Miss Lula Bowen, is a native of Georgia. She's 68 years of age and her birthday is October 2. She came to the Weimar area, along with her parents, at the age of 5.

The golden wedding celebrants have five sons and two daughters. Sons include Earl and Edgar of Weimar,. Urban and Everett of Galveston, Homer of Garwood; and two daughters, Mrs. Elvie McGowen of Genoa, Texas, and Mrs. Pearl Wagley of Weimar.

All children attended Sunday's fete with the exception of Mr. Homer Ro [d]gers of Garwood.

The Mercury extents hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ro[d]gers and wishes far them many more happy anniversaries.

Weimar Mercury, February 17, 1939, page 1



Mr. and Mrs. John Schindler quietly celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Wednesday, Feb. 26, at their home at 400 E. Jackson.

They were married Feb. 26, 1914, at Shiner where the bride Miss Martha Fahrenthold, lived.

The Schindlers have two daughters, Mrs. J. C. (Gladys Marie) Campbell of Odessa and Mrs. Louis (Jonie Mae) Muzny of Eagle Lake; and three grandchildren.

Mr. Schindler, a native of Austria whose family settled in the New Brunn area in 1892 and later moved to Sedan community on the outkirts[sic] of Weimar, was a postal clerk here for 26 years. At the age of 70, in 1948, he became the first postal clerk to be retired here.

Weimar Mercury, February 27, 1964, page 1



Times might be to hard to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary, but their children, grandchildren et al, including relatives and friends, decided otherwise, so a great crowd descended upon the quiet home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schriefer, worthy couple of the Wildwood community, Thursday night of last week and "taking the bull by the horns," they brought along lots of fine "eats" refreshments, etc., and saw to it that the “old folks" and everybody else had a big time.

We have been told that the affair proved such a pleasant one that it did not break up until 3 o'clock Friday morning. But, be that as it may, it is evident everybody in attendance had a royal good time. And among the participants there were none who enjoyed it any more than the honorees themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. Schriefer are among the most honored and respected residents of this entire section. They have lived here for many years, they are honest, honorable, upright people and possess the respect and esteem of everyone who knows them. They have raised a large and respectable family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and now In their declining years it is an honor and a pleasure for their descendants to show them every kindness and attention possible.

And along that line we are going to give a little family history of this estimable couple, furnished us by one of their descendants, a Weimar lady:

Mr. and Mrs. Schriefer are '72 .years old. Mrs. Schriefer before her marriage was Miss Hilke Eliza Evers. She and Mr. Schriefer were united in marriage Oct 5, 1883, in Etzel, Germany, by Pastor Gossel. Ten child were born to them, of whom six are living, four died in infancy, one the late Fritz Schriefer, dying in young manhood at a time when the flu was raging all through this section.

The living children are as follows: Mrs. Wm. Wienken, Mrs. Ferdinand Vornsand, Sr., Mrs. Reinhard Brandt, Mrs. Alfred Butschek, Mr. Hugo Schriefer, Mr. Otto Schriefer, and Mrs. Anna Schriefer, widow of the late Fritz Schriefer. All are residents of the Weimar section except Mrs. Butschek, who lives near Nordheim.

There are thirty-two grandchildren living, one having died in infancy. There are fourteen great-grandchildren, all living.

In the year 1889 the young couple left Germany and landed in Galveston. From Galveston they came to Weimar where they resided several years in the New Bielau community. From there they moved to the Holman section and lived several years. In 1902--thirty-two years ago-the family moved into the Wildwood community, and have since resided there, surrounded by many of their descendants, relatives and friends, honored and respected by all.In conclusion the Mercury desires to join their innumerable host of friends in wishing for this splendid couple many, many more years of wedded bliss and that their diamond wedding may find them as hearty and happy as on their golden wedding morn.

Weimar Mercury, October 13, 1933, page 1



Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Stavinoha of Ganado celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, Oct. 2. They were honored with an open house at the home of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Werner J. Stavinoha, in Weimar.

Relatives and friends called between the hours of 2 and 5 o’clock to offer congratulations.

Mr. and Mrs. Stavinoha are both natives of the Weimar area. Mr. Stavinoha grew up at Ammannsville and Mrs. Stavinoha, the former Theresia Berger, was born and reared in Weimar.

They were married in St. Michael’s Catholic Church here Oct. 2, 1916, by Rev. Joseph Szymanski.
Weimar Mercury, October 13, 1966, page 1


Thumanns Wed 50 Years

Fifty golden years of marriage were celebrated last Sunday, Jan. 4, at New Bielau Community Center by Mr. and Mrs. Otto Thumann of Glidden, among a large crowd of relatives and friends gathered for a dinner and afternoon of visiting.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Thumann are lifelong residents of Colorado County and for many years lived in the New Bielau section, where they had been married in the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poppe Sr. They lived in Eagle Lake for 7 years, at Shaw’s Bend 3 years, and for the past 7 years have made Glidden their home.

Both are enjoying good health. Mrs. Thumann will be 67 on Jan 27. Mr. Thumann, who retired from active farming in 1957, was 72 last May 13. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Thumann.

They have six children: Rudolph, Adolph and Herman Thumann of Weimar, Ernest Thumann of Pasadena, Mrs. Aaron German of Weimar, and Mrs. Henry Rutledge of Eagle Lake.

Mr. Thumann also has one sister, Mrs. Fritz Beken of Pasadena, and two brothers, Hugo Thumann of Weimar and Oscar Thumann of Seadrift. Mrs. Thumann has one sister, Mrs. Annie Koller, and three brothers, Willie, Emil and Henry Poppe, all of Weimar.

The golden wedding coupe has 18 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Weimar Mercury, January 9, 1959, page 1


Married 67 Years

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ulrich of Weimar have been married longer than most people live, but they made no great to-do over it when their 67th wedding anniversary came around Monday, November 19.

They celebratd the event quietly with some of their children at the home of their son-in-law and daughter,Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wick of Weimar.

For the past 20 or 25 years they had lived with one of their sons, Otto Ulrich, near New Bielau, but last winter they moved so they could be nearer medical aid.

The Ulrichs are natives of Germany. He came to this country at the age of 12 and she at about the age of 14. Mr. Ulrich will be 89 on Dec. 6 and on Dec. 31 Mrs. Ulrich will be 86. They retired from active farming in about 1934.

Of the 10 children born to them, all but two are living. One daughter died as an infant and another, Mrs. Emma Holik of Houston, died in 1948.

Their other two daughters are Mrs. Wick here and Mrs. Charlie Schimcek of Oakland; the six sons are Adolf, Otto and Fred Ulrich of this area, Frank and Willie of Schulenburg and Emil of Smithville. They also have 8 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Weimar Mercury, November 23, 1956, pages 1 & 10



Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wanja of Columbus celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Kuhn.

The Wanjas were married Oct. 9, 1916, in St. Michael’s Catholic Church here. Mrs. Wanja was the former Miss Mary Kasper of here.

They have five children; Mrs. Gertie Harry, Mrs. Jack Rau, Mrs. Barney Kuhn, all of Columbus; Mrs. Joe Fink and Edward Wanja of Chicago. They also have ten grandchildren.

Weimar Mercury, October 13, 1966, page 1


Wedding Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Welch Celebrate Golden Wedding.

On Tuesday last a very unusual event was celebrated at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Welch, eight miles west of Columbus. To give the reader a clearer understanding as to who J. M. Welch, is, we will explain that he is more familiarly known as “Uncle Doc” Welch by his many friends in this section.

On that day fifty years ago Mr. and Mrs. Welch accepted each as a helpmate through life and have lived happily together since that time.

Although this couple may be aged in years, they are youthful in actioin and spirit. No one would ever suspect that they had reached this age in years had they not been informed what this celecbrration represented. Both Mr. and Mrs. Welch are well and favorably known here, having been born in Colorado county and have spent their entire life here. Since their marriage they have made their home on the place where they now live with the exception of a few years they spent in the city of Columbus.

To this union were born a son, Robert, who died in infancy, two daughters, Misses Ninon and Lorena, who make their home with their parents at this time. Their home is also shared with two sisters, Misses Ada and Jennie Clapp.

This event was celebrated by the immediate family and a few very close friends only, owing to recent illness of one member of the family.

We extend congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Welch on their long and happy unioin, and wish for them many more such events in the future. Columbus Citizen.

Weimar Mercury, November 25, 1921, page 5


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