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Potthast, Adolph Hans

Popular Weimar Doctor Expires After Operation

“Dr. Adolph” Potthast Had Practiced Here 32 Years

A shadow of gloom was cast over Weimar shortly after noon Thursday of last week when the news reached here that Dr. Adolph Hans Potthast had died after an operation in M. & S. Hospital, San Antonio.

Funeral services for the 57-year-old physician were held from the Hubbard Funeral Home Saturday morning, April 26, 1947, with the Revs. J. L. Atkison of Weimar and H. T. Morgan of Houston officiating. Hordes of friends from all over South Texas came to pay final tribute. Interment was in the Weimar Cemetery.

Although “Dr. Adolph” had been in uncertain health for a long time, his death came as a severe jolt to the many who knew and loved him. It was as if they thought of him as indestructible, probably because he kept administering to others for so many years while waging a bold battle for his own life.

The loss of an eye might have made some men slow down, but not he; with the loss of his hearing, he equipped himself with a hearing aid and kept up his normal pace; finally, he contracted X-ray poisoning in his hands from excessive exposure while treating his many patients. The X-ray machine was a favorite piece of equipment with him, because it enable him to more quickly get at the roots of a patient’s ailment and thereby more quickly heal the sick. Death came to him shortly after an operation for a liver ailment.

Perhaps if he had quit soon enough his devoted healing of others, he could have saved himself a comparatively early death. But that would not have been “Dr. Adolph”.

He loved children. Many grown men and women of Weimar today can remember when “Dr. Adolph” used to pass by a group of them as children playing and toss out a handful of balloons and other playthings for them; he bought candies and toys by the gross to distribute to kids. He was often heard to say that when he died he’d rather the money intended for flowers at his funeral be sent instead to an orphans’ home. The Methodist Men’s Bible Class of which he was a member remembered that and carried out his wish by sending a cash gift to one of the homes instead of buying a spray.

Had he lived until June, “ Doctor Adolph” would have completed his 32nd year as a Weimar physician. The son of Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Potthast, he was born March 11, 1890, in the old Potthast residence here. His own home is only a few yards from the site of the old house, which was torn down only this year.

After graduation from Weimar High School in 1907, he graduated in 1911 from Texas A. & M. College, where he was a member of the famous Ross Volunteers and captain of Company H in the R. O. T. C. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas School of Medicine in 1915. On Nov. 17, 1915, he married Miss Olga Laas, daughter of Weimar’s present mayor, at Columbus.

He was a member of the Methodist Church, a life member and physician of the Weimar Fire Department, and physician for the past 25 years for the Weimar Knights of Columbus. He was also a member of the Colorado-Fayette chapter of the Texas State Medical Association, of the American Medical Association, the Texas Railroad and Traumatic Association, and the Southwest Texas District Medical Association. A member of both the Weimar and Columbus Masonic Lodges, he was also a member of the Columbus Commandry of Knights Templar, Scottish Rite and Alzafar Temple of San Antonio, and Order Easter[sic] Star, Columbus chapter.

During the recent war he served as examiner for Selective Service for this entire area, recently having received medals and awards for his services.

Surviving in addition to his wife are one daughter, Mrs. Hollis Massey of Columbus; two brothers, Dr. Otto J. Potthast and Eugene B. Potthast of San Antonio; and two grandsons, John Hollis Massey and Henry Potthast Massey of Columbus.

The Weimar Fire Department attended the funeral in a body, with uniforms and complete equipment. Weimar stores closed in tribute during the hours of funeral services.

Pallbearers at the funeral were Henry Brasher, Jr., E. Lauterstein, Grady Shaver, Paul Schulz, Dr. L. J. Peters, Dr. A. H. Neighbors, Dr. A. J. Watzlavick, and Dr. W. T. Youens.

Weimar Mercury, May 2, 1947, page 1

Potthast, Albert Otto

Final Rites for Albert Potthast Held Here Tuesday

Funeral services for Mr. Albert Otto Potthast, 40, who expired early Monday morning after a heart attack, were held from the Hubbard Funeral Home here Tuesday, Dec. 24, the Rev. Christian Emigholz, officiating.

Interment was in the Odd Fellows Cemetery here.

An Army volunteer, Mr. Potthast, then a Staff Sergeant, received severe wounds in and explosion in February 1945, while in action on the Siegfried Line in Germany. In May of that year he was transferred to a hospital in Virginia, after six months overseas duty, and, from there, to another hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was honorably discharged as a Mess Sergeant, after about three years Army service.

Never fully recovering from his service-incurred disability, he suffered an attack Sunday night, and a doctor was called to attend him; however, at about four o'clock Monday morning he succumbed.

Born March 4, 1906, in Weimar, he was the son of Mrs. Bertha Potthast and the late Mr. Chas. Potthast. He was married in Schulenburg to Miss Marie Baumgarten of that city, on Aug. 31, 1925. They lived in Houston for eight years, where he was manager of a Weingarten Store. Later, he worked for a road construction company in several Texas towns. He was a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Surviving are: his mother, Mrs. Bertha Potthast: his widow; one son, Albert William, 15 and three daughters, Mary Ann, 16, Jacquelyn, 11, and Florence, 10. Two brothers, Arnold of Sacramento, Calif., Henry Ford of Cotulla and one sister, Mrs. Vida Reimers, Columbus, also survive.

The Weimar Mercury, December 27, 1946
Transcribed by Dennis Boatright

Potthast, Bertha M.

Final Rites For Mrs. B. Potthast, 65, Held Wednesday

Funeral services for Mrs. Bertha Potthast, 65, resident of Weimar for the past 45 years, were held from the Hubbard Funeral Home Wednesday afternoon, Rev. W. E. Brown of the First Baptist Church officiating. Interment was in the City Cemetery.

Mrs. Potthast succumbed at about 8 o'clock Tuesday morning, Dec. 6, following a heart attack the evening before that had left her paralyzed and in a coma from which she never awoke. She was the widow of the late Chris, H. Potthast, former Weimar business man, and for a number of years had been a practical nurse.

Mrs. Potthast was a native of Markafal, Finland, where she was born Oct. 10, 1885. She came to this country in 1887 with her parents, and in 1903 was married to Mr. Potthast at Galveston. She was a member of the Lutheran Church and Ladies Guild, and a charter member of the Order of Eastern Star chapter here. That organization held graveside services.

Surviving are one daughter. Mrs. Alfred (Vida) Reimers of Columbus; two sons, Henry Ford Potthast of Cotulla and Arnold Potthast of Sacramento. Calif.; 11 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. A son, Albert, and a daughter, Florence, preceded her in death.

Pallbearers were Albert Janecka, Eddie Anders, Bill Hopper, Rudy Lichey, Raphael Veselka, Grady Shaver, Ed Rabel and Benno Rose.

Weimar Mercury, December 9, 1949, page 1

Potthast, Charles H.


Chas. H. Potthast, native of this place, son of the late Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Potthast, died very suddenly Tuesday night of last week, while on duty as night watchman for the city, and while standing in front of the city hall. Heart trouble was the cause of his death. It was not generally known that friend Charlie was afflicted with this trouble, but to his brother, Dr. Adolf H. Potthast he had confided his troubles, and the latter after an examination found him in serious condition and at once was proceeding to make arrangements to carry his brother to San Antonio for expert treatment. However, Death stepped in and interfered with his plans.

The body was tenderly conveyed to his home and prepared for burial, interment taking place at the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock, the local Masonic Lodge (of which deceased had long been a consistent member) having charge of the funeral. Rev. Paul Piepenbrok, local Lutheran minister, conducted the religious services. The funeral was largely attended, attesting the universal popularity and esteem in which poor Charlie was always held. The Weimar Fire Department and Herman Sons Lodge, of which he was a member, attended in a body.

Chas. H. Potthast was born and raised in this city, and was about 45 years of age at the time of his death. At one time he was considered one of the prominent business men of the community, having the Ford automobile agency and accredited with selling more cars than any firm in this section. Business reverses overtook him however, and in a way poor Charlie “lost out.” But his unfailing pluck and good nature never deserted him. Although he may have grieved secretly over the reverses forced upon him, he never showed it, and was apparently the same carefree, generous, good hearted man as of yore. Charlie Potthast was one of the biggest hearted men we ever knew. He was generous to a fault with what he had and it has often been said (and truly) that he would pull the shirt off his back to accommodate a friend. No call for assistance of whatever nature ever passed him unheeded. He may not have possessed much, but he was always willing to share that little with anyone needing it. As a friend he was true as steel, ever willing to do whatever he could to help out his fellow man. His legion of friends throughout this section will truly say of him, “He is gone, but not forgotten.”

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bertha Potthast, three sons, Arnold, Albert and Henry Ford, and one daughter, Vida; also by three brothers, Dr. A. H. Potthast of this city, Dr. O. A. Potthast and Eugene Potthast of San Antonio, all of whom were present at the funeral except Arnold, who could not be located.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his bereaved ones.

Weimar Mercury, June 17, 1927, page 1

Potthast, Eugene

Death Of A Pioneer Physician

Dr. Eugene Potthast Succumbs After a Long and Painful Illness

Confined to his bed since the first of May with an attack of rheumatism and neuritis, the spirit of Dr. Eugene Potthast, one of the oldest and most successful physicians of this section, passed unto its Creator Monday morning at 11 o’clock, surrounded by his wife, sons and their families. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon at 4:20 at the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Rev. Paul Piepenbrok, Lutheran minister, conducting the funeral ceremonies, assisted in the song service by the Baptist choir, after which the burial service of the Hermannn Soehne was performed by members of Julius Schuetze Lodge of Ammannsville, of which he was an honorary member.

Honorary pall bearers were H. J. Laas, T. A. Hill, George Herder, Sr., John H. Brooks, Judge W. A. Van Alstyne, W. B. Watson, Rev. Isaac Sellers, G. Buske, A. P. Shatto, Sr., J. W. Holt. Active pall bearers were Henry Oncken, Jos. Fletsam, Chas. And Hermann Munke, Richard Otto and Mr. Boehm.

A large crowd of sympathizing relatives and friends from many neighboring counties was present and the grief shown over the death of Dr. Potthast was deep and genuine for he had lived among these people for many years, had done much to alleviate their suffering and was personally popular with all classes.

Dr. Eugene Potthast was born in Groszherzogthuna, Oldenburg, Germany, July 29, 1954. His mother died when he was 2 years old and his father died when he was only 9 years old. He was raised by his grandparents. On September 1, 1976, he landed in New York. He first came to Weimar on Jan. 1st 1877. He stayed here about six months then went to San Antonio and west Texas. He returned to Weimar a year later and engaged in the general merchandise business. On July 10, 1880 he was married to Miss Fredericka Schawe, who still survives. To the couple were born six children, of whom two died – Henry at the age of 3 months and 2 weeks and Mary at the age of 10 years and 11 months. Four sons are living – Charles Henry Potthast, Dr. Adolf Hans Potthast, Dr. Otto James Potthast and Eugene Potthast. In 1881 Dr. Potthast gave up the merchandise business and engaged in the study of medicine at the University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky. He graduated in 1883 with the highest honors in all branches. He then engaged in the practice of medicine at Weimar, in which he was very successful. In 1902 he retired to office practice only, on account of failing health. He was confined to his bed since the first part of May of this year and forced to give up the practice of his profession altogether. He gradually grew weaker and a week ago complications set in which rapidly hastened the end. He suffered very much during his illness, but the end cam peacefully.

During his many years’ residence in Weimar, Dr. Potthast gathered around him a large circle of friends. He was a physician of rare ability and during the time he was in good health and able to go upon such errands, his services were in much demand. He was a well read, highly educated man, one who took great interest in the affairs of the times. He was a man of temperate habits, generous to a fault, outspoken in his likes and dislikes, yet a friend as true as steel. He was a devoted husband and father and being well fixed financially, gave his children every educational advantage, with the result that his sons are young men to be proud of. As a physician he did much to alleviate the sufferings of the people of this community; as a friend he was true and sincere, and in his death there are many hearts bowed down with sorrow. To the bereaved widow and sons our heartfelt sympathy is extended.

Weimar Mercury, August 31, 1917
Transcribed by Judy Talkington

Potthast, Florence Eugene

Death 0f Little Florence Potthast

A death that brought forth universal expressions of sorrow and regret on the part of all our citizenship occurred early Friday morning, when the spirit of little Florence Potthast, baby daughter of Chas. H. Potthast and wife, was wafted unto its Creator. This bright and beautiful little baby, too sweet and pure for this earth, had been sick for several days prior to her death, but this fact was not generally known to our people, hence the shock was even greater when news of her death was flashed over the city. The little one’s illness was not at first considered serious, but when capillary bronchitis developed, it was realized that a desperate situation confronted the family to save the life of the little patient, and everything that human ingenuity and medical skill could devise was done to save her life, but without avail. At 8 o'clock Friday morning, after a desperate all-night battle to stay the hand of death, the tired little spirit "fell asleep in Jesus,'' there to await the coming of papa, mama, little brothers and other loved ones. Oh, it is hard indeed to give up this little darling! She had been with them just long enough to twine her affections about their hearts until she was idolized by all--not only parents and grandparents, but all who knew this bright little angel. But she is gone from us, and all our hearts are bowed with sorrow. We can only drop the tear of sympathy with the bereaved ones, and extend to them the condolence that come from the aching hearts of those who loved her. God be with and comfort them in their sorrow is our heartfelt wish.

The funeral took place at the Masonic cemetery Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. Paul Piepenbrok, the Lutheran minister, conducting the services in a most impressive manner.
Weimar Mercury, December 20, 1912, page 1

Potthast, Friederike (Schawe)


Mrs. Frieda Potthast, Widow of Late Dr. E. Potthast, Passes Away at Family Residence.

The people of our community were greatly shocked Tuesday morning to learn of the death of a most popular and greatly beloved lady, Mrs. Frieda Potthast, widow of the late Dr. Eugene Potthast, which occurred that morning at 7:15 at the family residence in the western part of the city, after a comparatively brief illness. News of her illness was generally known,but it was not understood to be so serious. She had been ill only a few days. Every attention that loving hearts and hands, the best of physicians and nurses, could administer, was given her, but it was all in vain. “God’s finger touched her and she slept.”

The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon at 4 o’clock, when the remains were gently interred by the side of her late husband in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery, the funeral being one of the most largely attended ever witnessed in this section attesting the popularity and universal esteem in which this beloved lady was held by our people. The funeral services were held under the auspices of the local Chapter of the Eastern Star, of which decedent was for many years one of the leading and most faithful members. Rev. Paul Piepenbrok, Lutheran minister, also assisted in the services in a touching and beautiful tribute, and the several church choirs assisted in the song service.

Active pall bearers at Mrs. Potthast’s funeral were F. J. Nitschmann, O. Hilden, Henry Guenther, J. F. Shimek, E. F. Gold and Henry Birkmann. Honorary pall bearers were T. A. Hill, W. A. VanAlstyne, Chas. Fahrenthold, George E. Carey, F. E. Leidolf, Dr. Chas., G. Cook, Dr. C. E. Duve, P. J. Shaver, Jno. C. Hubbard, John H. Brooks, Henry J. Laas, I. Lauterstein, John Barta, W S. Shaver, Geo. Herder, Sr., and J. B. Holman.

Mrs. Potthast was also president of the Sisters Lodge of Sons of Hermann, and her’s was the first death in this order since its organization ten years ago.

Mrs. Frieda Potthast, daughter of Henry Schawe and wife, was born March 10, 1862, on a farm near Brenham, Washington county, this state. She, with her parents, moved to the vicinity of Weimar when she was four years of age, and she had lived in or near Weimar practically all her life. She was married to Dr. Eugene Potthast in this city July 10, 1880. Her beloved husband preceded her in death about three years.

Mrs. Potthast was one of the most friendly, thoughtful women we ever knew. Her delight was in doing good, and it mattered not whether the suffering one was of her own immediate family or that of a friend--she was always on hand to do all she could to relieve them. She was popular in all circles of society, and her cheerful personality made her at all times a welcome guest. As a wife and mother, she was faultless. The exceedingly large attendance at her funeral proved the universal esteem in which she was held. Much sorrow is expressed over the death of this truly good woman.

Mrs. Potthast was the mother of six children, of whom two preceded her in death--Henry, a son, and Mary, a daughter. The four children still living are Chas. H. Potthast, Dr. Adolf Potthast of Weimar, Dr. Otto J. Potthast of San Antonio, and Eugene Potthast, also of this city. Besides these, she is survived by an aged father, Mr. Henry Schawe, a sister, Mrs. Chas. Fahrenthold of this city, and two brothers, Adolf and Albert Schawe of Nursery, Victoria county, to all of whom our heartfelt sympathy is extended.

Weimar Mercury, July 9, 1920


Potthast, Lillian Marie

Accident Fatal to Potthast Baby

Rites Here Friday

Lillian Marie Potthast, 9-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert (Buddy) Potthast of Austin died Wednesday night in an Austin hospital after unsuccessful attempts to remove a bean she had swallowed a short while earlier.

The raw pinto bean, which she picked up unnoticed, became lodged in either her windpipe or digestive tract, doctors said. She expired as they were trying to remove it.

The baby’s grandmother here, Mrs. Marie Potthast, was notified of the tragedy by phone Wednesday night.

Funeral services will be held at Hubbard Funeral Home tomorrow (Friday) morning at 9:45, followed by services at St. Michael’s Catholic Church and burial in the church cemetery [Weimar Odd Fellows’ Cemetery].

The Potthasts also have a son, Albert Eugene, 2 1/2 years old.

Weimar Mercury, May 17, 1957
Transcription by Judy Talkington

Potthast, Mary

Mary, the eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Potthast, died last Monday morning at the family residence, after a brief illness, and on Wednesday morning the remains were committed to mother earth at the Odd Fellows’ cemetery. In the loss of their loved daughter, they have the sympathy of the entire community.

Weimar Mercury, December 21, 1895

Potthast, Olga (Laas)

Mrs. A. H. Potthast Claimed by Death

Services Monday

Funeral services for Mrs. A. H. Potthast were held at Columbus Funeral home Monday afternoon. Dr. Herman T. Morgan of Houston and the Rev. J. Wesley Jones of Columbus officiating. Burial was in the Masonic cemetery at Weimar.

Mrs. Potthast died early Sunday morning in Columbus hospital. She had been in ill health since January.

Born Olga Laas in Weimar Aug. 2, 1894, she was the daughter of H. J. and Clara Buske Laas. She moved to Columbus with her parents at the age of 5 and lived here until her marriage to Dr. A. H. Potthast of Weimar, Nov. 17, 1915. Dr. Potthast, one of the best loved doctors in the county died Apr. 24, 1947 and Mrs. Potthast continued her residence in Weimar until after the death of her father in 1953, when she moved to Columbus and built a home near her daughter, Mrs. Hollis Massey and family.

Here she was active in the WSCS of the Methodist church and was a member of the Eastern Star and the UDC.

Besides her daughter, she is survived by 3 grandsons, John Hollis Massey, Henry Massey, who came for the services from Wyoming, where he is attending the University of Wyoming, and Tom Massey.

Pallbearers were J. D. and Sam K. Seymour, R. L. McMillan, Reginald Taylor, Ford Wegenhoft and R. E. Wolters of Columbus, Henry Brasher of Weimar and H. L. Duncan of Eagle Lake.

Colorado County Citizen, August 13, 1964
Transcribed by Judy Talkingon

Potthast, Otto J.

Dr. Otto Potthast Expires at 84 [sic]

Dr. Otto J. Potthast who was Bexar County's longest practicing surgeon when he retired in 1973, died Friday, January 5 in a San Antonio hospital at the age of 85.

He resided at 419 King William Street in San Antonio.

A specialist in proctology, he began private practice in San Antonio in 1919. He had graduated from Texas A&M and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in 1915 and interned at Santa Rosa Hospital, San Antonio.

Born in 1893 in Weimar, he was a son of Dr. Eugene Potthast, a physician who had immigrated from Germany.

He was an honorary member of the Bexar County, Texas and American Medical Associations, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a fellow of the International College of Surgeons.

Also, he was a member of the King William Street Area Association, Travis Park Methodist Church, 50-year member of Alzafar Shrine, a member of the Eastern Star and Hermann Sons Lodge, and Anchor Lodge No. 424.

Services were conducted from Riebe Saunders Chapel by Rev. Dr. Dan Solomon with graveside services under the auspices of Anchor Lodge No. 424 at Mission Burial Park.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Edna Potthast, a nephew, Henry Ford Potthast of Cotulla, and three nieces, Mrs. Dorothy Potthast Massey of Columbus, Mrs. Phyllis Potthast Alford of Henderson, and Cynthia Potthast of San Antonio.

Weimar Mercury, Jan 18, 1979
Transcribed by Judy Talkington

Potthast, unknown

Weimar Local Matters

Mr. Potthast lost his only child by death last Sunday; Mr. John Walker his little darling on Monday; and on the same day Mr. Mason Penny lost his only child also. We understand that these little ones died of congestion. How the hearts of parents run out in sympathy for these bereaved households, none but those who have been called upon to suffer like afflictions can truly feel the pangs that now fill the bosoms[sic] of these stricken parents. [Places of interment unknown]

Colorado Citizen, October 27, 1881

Potthast, Unnamed Girl

Potthast Infant Buried

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford Potthast of Cotulla was buried here [Weimar Oddfellows Cemetery] Saturday morning, July 19, at 6 o’clock, with only close members of the family present. Ford’s friends here deeply sympathize with him in the loss of the baby.

Weimar Mercury, July 24, 1947, page 1
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