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Col. H. E. Carey,. a deserving ex-Federal soldier, now a resident of this city, received the pleasing information Saturday last that he had at last been granted a pension for services during the late war -- his application having been on file for over ten years. Col. Carey has been a sufferer during the late years from rheumatism, brought on by exposure during “the late unpleasantness,” which has almost totally disabled him from any kind of labor, and his pension--dating from Oct. 14, 1864, to Dec. 19, 1889, at the rate of $4 a month, and amounting to some $1208--will indeed be a lift to him, crippled as he now is. He served as a volunteer in Co. A., Eight Michigan Infantry. Our hearty congratulations are extended him on his good fortune.

Weimar Mercury March 29, 1890

If the Feds. and Rebs. in Congress could only respect one another as we do in Weimar there would be no wangling and exhibition of the bloody shirt. Among the best citizens of Weimar are ex-federal soldiers, and they have as many friends as anybody. We can call to mind now four of this class living here, viz: Geo. Bishop, H. E. Carey, R. M. Hunsberger and John Styner, than whom better men and citizens can’t be found. May be why we get along so smoothly is because none of us were brigadiers.

Colorado Citizen, June 1, 1882, page 3


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