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Capture of Santa Anna
Mexican Veterans – Capture of Santa Anna

New Orleans, May 6, 1874
Editors Democratic Statesman:

At the last celebration of the veterans of the Texas revolution, held in the city of Austin on the 21st of April last, I noticed comments in some of the Texas papers of a speech made by Gen. J. B. Robinson at that celebration, as being the captor of Gen. Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto, 1836.

Gen. Robinson was one of the party of, I think, five, with myself, that left the main body of men under Gen. Ed. Burleson at Nince’s Bridge – who, with volunteers, was in pursuit of Gen. Santa Anna and stragglers of his army – on the 22nd, the day after the battle. Proceeding back to our main camp on Buffalo Bayou, we separated for the purpose of hunting. During our separation I espied Santa Anna, but neither Mr. Robinson or any of the party was within five hundred yards of me when Santa Anna was captured, they coming up a few moments after.

I have always awarded the same credit to that party that I felt was due to myself. But you will find among the archives of the Texas Historical Society a full account of the capture as also what passed between Gen. Santa Anna and myself in the presence of Gen. Sam Houston and nearly the whole of our little army; as also a complimentary card from Gen. Houston and the expression of thanks and gratitude from Santa Anna himself to me when captured.

Probably many of the old veterans have either forgotten me, or supposed me dead – as I left Texas in 1843 and have resided in this city ever since where I have had the pleasure of meeting many of my old comrades and friends among them my old and honored commander and friend Gen. S. Sherman, who has “gone to that ______ from whence no traveler returns,” and many others whose names are ennobled among the “honored dead.”

Make what use of this you please, as it is only intended to correct a historical error and place myself in a proper light before the veterans.

Yours Truly,

Colorado County Citizen, May 28, 1874
Transcribed by Judy Talkington

We were pleased to grasp the hand yesterday of that Texas veteran, Mr. W. B. Scates, living near Weimar in this county. Though verging on eighty years of age, he is hale and hearty, and yet does more or less daily labor on his farm. He corrects an error made by __ __ ___ copied in the CITIZEN that Dr. Sewart[sic], of Montgomery, was the only living signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. He says besides the Doctor, there ar two others, Jno. W. Blont [sic] [Stephen W. Blount], of San Augustine, and himself. Mr. Scates returned home this morning.
Colorado Citizen, February 10, 1881, page 3

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