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May 21, 1936

Donkey Game Makes Crowds Sides Sore

More laughing wad done at the ball park Friday night than there has been for many a day when the donkeys pranced and pitched just at the right moment to cause discomfiture to the players in the big donkey baseball that the local boys put on.
The attendance was good, the gate being around seventy dollars and the crowd enjoyed the event so much that the equipment was held over for another game Saturday night.
Many of the observers went home with sore sides from the violent laughing caused by the game.

Weimar Mercury,
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington


July 13, 1933

Irwin Sees Babe Get Home Run In Chicago

Irwins and Evans Touring Eastern States After Seeing World’s Fair and Air Races in Chicago

The Irwin and Evans two-car party left Chicago last Saturday for a tour of the Eastern states before returning home. They expect to be gone about another week now.

The party is having the time of their lives according to a letter received here by air mail Monday. The letter follows:

Palmer House, Chicago, July 8th

We are leaving shortly for Detroit and Niagara Falls. Will drive from Detroit to Niagara through Canada. Have had a good time at the Fair, and only wish we could stay longer and see more, but will go on and see something else through the East and then home.

The Fair is grand. We have looped the loop about all we can digest. We took a steamer ride on Lake Michigan and the weather has been very comfortable all the time we were here. I spent one afternoon at the air races and went to the big ball game and saw Babe Ruth knock that famous home run off of Wild Bill Hallahan and incidently [sic], that was the deciding factor in the ball game. It was a fine day and a great crowd.

This Fair has been a life-saver for Chicago. Mr. Evans and I attended a Chrysler meeting yesterday and they banqueted the bunch in the Gold Room of the Congress Hotel. And what a banquet! And what a room!

Plymouth sales in the north are very close to Chevrolet and are ahead of Ford.

We will call at Western Union, Washington, D. C. and mail at Powhoton Hotel Washington, D. C.

Will be home in about two weeks. I’m sure everyone has had a fine trip. Hope everyone is well.

E. E. Irwin

Colorado County Citizen
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington


 August 9, 1946

Cats Drub Cubs, 8-2; Tie Demons Again for Lead

By Frankie Bartosh

A very large crowd of fans saw the Wildcats win the third game from the Lions of Brenham 8 to 2, here Sunday, thereby sweeping the series of three games for the regular season.

The win put the Cats in a tie with the Demons of La Grange for the league leadership, as La Grange was beaten by Burton. It was the seventh victory in the last eight tries and the season’s ninth for V. “Jiggs” Kana, ace Wildcat hurler, against two setbacks. “Jiggs”, after pitching for La Grange in the Houston Post Baseball Tournament Saturday night came back Sunday afternoon to pitch four hit ball for six innings.

Polach Relieves

Richard Polach showed great form in a relief role, allowing no hits nor runs in the three stanzas he worked on the mound. The two Brenham tallies were counted in the fourth when L.Dannhaus homered with one on.Boeer 3 for 4.

Weimar scored two in the first, three in the third, one in the fourth and two more in the sixth. Hilbert Boeer, star Cat third sacker, was poison at bat, getting three for four. He, by the way batted .579 in the Houston Post Tournament, getting eleven hits in nineteen tries and has a good chance to win the $100 offered to the leading hitter of the tournament.

Wildcats to La Grange Next Sunday

Next Sunday the cats go over to La Grange to play for the league lead. Another thriller is in sight and believe you me the Weimar Wildcats will be out to make it two out of three over the La Grange Demons. In the first game there, the Demons came from behind to nose the cats out in the ninth 5 to 4, and the other game saw the Wildcats defeat the Demons 6 to 2. A large crowd of Wildcat fans will no doubt motor to La Grange to see this game. All support is really appreciated by the Wildcats. See you at the Fair grounds at La Grange Sunday afternoon.

Weimar Mercury, August 9, 1946
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington

March 3, 1933

Howard Fitzgerald To Play With New Orleans

Howard Fitzgerald, well known Texas league baseball center fielder, has signed a contract to play with the New Orleans Pelicans this coming season. Fitzgerald played seven years in the Wichita Falls Club, one year with Fort Worth and last season with the San Antonio club. He holds the record of hitting better than .300 for six years in the Texas league.

Eagle Lake Headlight, March 3, 1933
Transcribed byJudy Talkington


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fitzgerald, who have been in Houston since the close of the baseball season, are spending the week with her relatives here. Mr. Fitzgerald, who will be on the Indianapolis team the coming season, expects to leave during the latter part of the coming week for Sarasoga, Florida, where he will go into training with the Indianapolis club. Mrs. Fitzgerald and children will remain in Eagle Lake with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dromgoole and her grandmother, Mrs. F. P. Herbert, during the coming baseball season.--Eagle Lake Headlight
Weimar Mercury, March 6, 1931

“Pats” Townsend, “Smiles” Anders, Lawrence Frazee and Joe Verunac, a quartette of our best baseball players, left via auto Saturday for Henderson, N. C. The first two players we understand, are already lined up with the Henderson team, having played there last season. The other players are going up for a “try-out” with several teams in that state. We feel sure that “Cach” and “je”, if given the chance, will make good. They are both splendid ball players.
Weimar Mercury, March 27, 1931

January 3, 1935

Last Baseball Game Of Season Will Be Played Here Sunday Afternoon
Lefty Matthews, Tom Waddell, Seth Cooper And Joe Frazar May All Be Seen In Action Again Here Sunday.

That aggregation of Alligators which Manager Howard Fitzgerald proposes to put on the field here Sunday in the season’s last game, against the LaGrange Colorado Valley League team, should bring out a crowd. The game is scheduled to be called at 3:30 sharp.

“Lefty” Matthews will be seen in action again. “Lefty” tried to make a come back a few weeks ago but was able to hold out for but only four innings. Manager Fitzgerald, however, has signed him this time to go the full nine round or get no pay. Tom Waddell, another one of the old-time popular players, will be uniformed and right in there. Fitzgerald is also trying to get Joe Frazar and Seth Cooper to take part in Sunday’s slaughter, but both want to thoroughly work out before they sign up for the exhibition.

Another thing that Manager Fitzgerald wants for this game is an umpire. He wants an umpire that can stand plenty of punishment and plenty of criticism. If we are not out of order, we suggest W. P. Wade.

This is going to be a game at which you’ll get your money’s worth. Fitz’s Alligators are not only going to make a last game attempt to put over a score, but Fitz willingly admits his aggregation is going to do their darndest to win a game before the season closes. And the season closes after this game! So you see why the requirements in the selection of an umpire may be necessary.

Eagle Lake Headlight
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington


August 27, 1948

Truckers First Post Tourney Game Tonight

Jiggs Will Pitch; Many Local Fans to See Tilt Begin At 7

The road from Weimar to Houston will be jammed with carloads of Herder Truckers fans late this evening and on several other days between now and September 6 as they follow the Weimar team to the Houston Post Tournament.

Opening game for the Truckers in the tourney will be tonight (Thursday) at 7 o’clock, against Finger Furniture Company, a team of high school stars who have completed eligibility. Second half of the double header tonight will be Sweeney against Southern Select of Galveston.

Jiggs to Pitch

The Truckers, who last week completed an outstanding season of play, will start veteran Jiggs Kana on the mound, Johnny Miksch, manager, and Allen Winters will catch. Other probable starters tonight will be Bill Midkiff of Gonzales at first base, Cotton Lindhoff of Texas A. & M. at second, Frankie Kana at third, Al Joe Hunt at short, Richard Polach in left field, George Billeck in center, and either Murray Wall or Hilbert Boeer in right field.

Skipper Miksch has plenty of reserve material lined up for the tournament, including three other top-notch pitchers.

Plenty Mound Strength

In the hurling department Murray Wall, who has shared pitching duties for Weimar this season, and Al Kasparek, who has also tossed a number of games here, will be on hand in addition to Harvey Krause of Temple, playing with Weimar for his first time.

Standing by for catching chores will be Dutch Schroeder, an Austin boy who has been playing for Baylor. Infielders on the roster include Frank Bartosh and Jack Kana in addition to the starters named above. Jimmie Mazoch will be available for outfield duties. Baseball is a fast-moving business, and before this sees print, several more names may be added to the roster.

Who’s Next

Neither the opponent nor date of Truckers’ second game in the tournament will be known until the outcome of the first round of games.

If the Truckers win -- and several hundred Weimar fans will object to that “if” -- they will play on Saturday or Monday the winner of the Friday game between Angelo’s Café and Kasbar Grill. If the Truckers lose tonight -- perish the thought!-- they will face the loser of the Angelo-Kasbar game, on Saturday or Monday. In no event will the Truckers play on Sunday.

The first elimination game of the tournament will start Saturday’s card.

Admission 60 Cents

Admission fee will be the usual 60 cents per person, first come, first served, for the seating. A ticket will entitle the holder to all games being played that afternoon or night. The gates will open as early as 6 p.m. for the night double headers.

Six of the 14 teams entered in the tournament will share in the 1948 tournament melon. The winning team will receive 40 per cent of the pool with 25 per cent going to the second team; 15 per cent to third place; 10 per cent to fourth; fifth and sixth places receiving 5 per cent each.

The 10-run rule will apply to all games through the semifinals. Any team leading by 10 runs through five innings (four and one-half innings if the home team is in front) will be declared the winner. Each team is permitted to carry 20 players.

Weimar Mercury, August 27, 1948
Transcribed byJudy Talkington

The following members of the Columbus first nine were here Wednesday to play the Weimar nine: Messrs Ed Peschke, catcher; Joe Stafford; pitcher; Tom Garner, first base; Albert Hahn, second base; George Bell, third bse; Mike Haskell, short stop; Lonnie Wallace, left field; Lavo Hahn, center field; and Leo Heser, right field ...
Weimar Mercury, July 27. 1895

September 5, 1896

The ball game between the Oakland and Weimar nines, on the ball grounds east of this city, last Friday afternoon, was witnessed by quite a large crowd, and much interest was taken. The Weimar team was the victor on a score of 12 to 4. The Oakland players were: the Wooldridge brothers, VanWagner, Ruder, Peschke, McKennon, Benson, Hutchins and Ragsdale. The Weimar players were: Hutch and J. K. tooke, Dan Armstrong, Lester Holt, Tom Hubbard, Harry Smith, John White, Will McKinney and Thornton York.
Notes Struck out by McKinney, 15.
Struck out by Ragsdale, 12.
Hits off McKinney, 6.
Hits off Ragsdale, 14.
York caught to a queen's taste, while McKinney pitched a splendid game.
Weimar Mercury


July 6, 1939

Columbus Day Scheduled for Sunday at Buff Stadium

Local Fans May Buy Tickets At Low Prices
Local School Band May Play On Sunday’s Double-header Program

Plans for a big “Columbus Day celebration at Buffalo Stadium in Houston are rapidly moving forward, according to local chamber member Sam K. Seymour Jr., chairman in charge of the event. Seymour announced today that a great amount of general publicity is being given through the newspapers.

“We are going to put this thing over in a big way,” said Seymour, “because we believe it is a good thing for Columbus. The Chamber of Commerce decided to sponsor this event for three reasons. First, the Buffs will permit all Columbus children to see the games between Houston and Oklahoma City free of charge. We believe this is a fine opportunity for our Columbus youngsters to see a Texas League game. Secondly, we believe such an event is a good thing because it focuses the spotlight of publicity on Columbus. Third, we know that every man and woman who attends this special “Columbus Day” is going to have an enjoyable afternoon at very little expense.”

At the present time the possibility of taking the Columbus school band along with the group is being investigated. Buff officials have granted permission for the band to execute maneuvers on the field prior to the game and have agreed to admit all of the band members to the game free.

Meanwhile, the Houston Buffs continue to set the pace in the hot Texas League race, assuring every Columbus fan that they will see some great baseball Sunday, July 9th, when they attend the big double-header between the Buffs and the Indians from Oklahoma City. Nick Cullop, Hal Epps, Murry Dickson, Eddie Lake and other Buff stars will be seen in action on “Columbus Day” at Buffalo Stadium. Being an afternoon double-header, the first game will get under way at 2:30 p.m.

Tickets for “Columbus Day” are on sale at S. K. Seymour’s and may also be obtained from members of the committee in charge. If purchased before the day of the game, men fans in the Columbus area get a regular $1.10 box seat for only 75 cents. Feminine fans can get box seat tickets which regularly sell for 65 cents for only 40 cents. Children 16 years of age and under will be admitted to both games free of charge.

“It is important to order your tickets early,” explained Chairman Seymour, “since we have to make an accounting of the tickets with Buff officials before the day of the game. This is necessary because these reduced price tickets are only being offered to Columbus fans. Regular prices will prevail at the gate on July 9th.

In conclusion, Seymour urged all Columbus citizens to make early plans to join in the fun this outing to Buffalo Stadium will provide. He pointed out that a man and wife can attend and see two ball games for only $1.15. They can bring all their youngsters without cost, as long as they are 16 years of age or under. Since a double-header happens to be staged on “Columbus Day” it means that a Columbus couple get box seat for about 25 cents per game. This is a real bargain when one considers that the regular bleacher seat prices for men is 40 cents.

Colorado County Citizen, July 6, 1939
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington

July 31, 1897

News from Columbus

Keity Wallace, Roy Oakes and Tom Mulvihill visited Altair last Friday. [This was included to identify Wallace and Mulvihill.]

Tuesday last Glidden condescended to give us a game of ball through our promise to loan them Murray to put in the box, as he is one the best amateur pitchers in the state. Game was called, and both sides played a ragged game. The features of the game were a running catch of a low fly by A. Hahn, batting of Mulvihill, Wallace and Townsend, pitching of Waites and Murray, two running scoop plays of Latting to A. Hahn on first, and a double play by Mulvihill, Latting and Hahn. The greatest feature was the inability of Ferguson to judge a foul ball; as Mulvihill hit five beautiful base hits over third, and was euchred out of all them. The score, owing to ragged playing and errors, ran up to 15 to 18 in favor of the home team. Batteries--Columbus, Waites and Luitich; Glidden, Murray and Johnson. Umpire, Ferguson of Glidden.

Weimar Mercury, July 31, 1897
From the files of Dorothy Albrecht. Contact Rox Ann Johnson

The Columbus and Weimar third nines “locked horns” at the baseball grounds in this city last Wednesday afternoon, and Columbus was badly “gored,” the score being 23 to 6 in favor of Weimar. Prof. G. A. Moore umpired the game. Chas. Stafford caught and Ed Peschke and K. L. Wallace pitched for the Columbus team, while Emil Hillje and Lester Holt pitched and Frank Bacot caught for the team. Columbus is anxious for another game.
Weimar Mercury, June 5, 1897, page 5

The game of ball played at Glidden on Sunday a week ago, which terminated in the second inning on account of a bursted ball, was finished on Last Sunday, resulting in a score of 13 to 16 in favor of Columbus. Batteries--Columbus, Wallace and Peschke. For Glidden--Cain and DeLane. Struck out, Wallace, 18; Cain, 5.
Weimar Mercury, June 12, 1897,page 8


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