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September 23, 1927

One Block of Main Street Now Tarviated

Through the enterprise of North Main street business men and the city officials, that part of said street from the Brasher Buick Co. corner to the Herder Mercantile Co. corner was tarviated or asphalted the first of the week. The middle stretch of the street (or highway) had already been tarviated, and the business men and officials of the city felt that it would be a good investment to finish it out from curb to curb.

The crew in charge of the highway work did the job during off hours, and made a good job of it.

It is hoped that city officials and business men around the east, north and west sides of the main business block will get together and have the remainder of said block treated in a similar fashion. That part of the block a few years ago was graveled, but the gravel has worn down and been washed away until chuck holes are everywhere in evidence, making travel over said street anything but comfortable.

With the city paying one-third of the cost and the business men or property owners the other two-thirds, it ought not to be a very expensive undertaking, and it will prove a splendid investment. The street is in such bad condition that something will have to be so to it before very long.

Weimar Mercury,
Submitted by
Judy Talkington


75 Years Ago (June 28, 1929)

Mr. James A. Darby has resigned his position as manager of the Weimar Power and Light Co. and the ice, light, and power plant at La Grange.

He will soon move to Houston to accept a position with a big corporation or holding company, which recently was formed to take over numerous creameries, ice, power and light plants.
[See Obit for James Andrew Darby]

Weimar Mercury, June 24, 2004, Long Ago Column


September 2, 1921

Bible in Loot When Weimar Home Boldly Burglarized

A burglar with use for a family bible was discovered by Rev. Sellers, Baptist minister at Weimar, Tuesday morning, when he found that sometime the previous night, intruders had ransacked the lower floor of his home while himself and family were sleeping upstairs, and stolen among other things, the cherished volume. Two watches prized by Rev. and Mrs. Sellers were among the loot carried away. Incidentally, the nocturnal prowlers entered the pantry and consumed two fried chickens.

In the same town and night, presumably the same parties entered the home of Antone Beck and carried away several pairs of trousers.

Sheriff J. F. Wegenhoft was notified of the occurrences and made an investigation, but at this time no arrests had been made.

Colorado County Citizen
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington


50 Years Ago (Feb. 8, 1929)

The city council has voted to stop the dangerous practice of motorists here who make a left turn in the middle of the block in order to park on the other side. The council has dug up an old ordinance that prohibited this, among other things, and has instructed Marshal Tom Roberts to enforce it to the letter.

Weimar Mercury, February 8, 1979
Submitted by
Judy Talkington


April 14, 1922


Washington, April 8.--A round of applause greeted Representative Mansfield, democrat, of the Ninth Texas District today when, in a wheel chair, he entered the house chamber for the first time in nearly a year.
Ill since last spring, Mansfield has been a patient at Walter Reed Hospital here.

Weimar Mercury, April 14, 1922, page 5


50 Years Ago (May 7, 1926)

Erwin and Eugene Herzik, Victor Russek and Buster Carver of Schulenburg are claiming they are entitled to medals for being champion waders of America. These boys were enroute from San Antonio to Schulenburg, and the San Marcos River was on a rampage at Gonzales. Cars were lined up for a long distance, unable to cross the deep water. But these modern Romeos piled their suitcases and grips on the top of their Ford Coupe, jumped into the water, all except Eugene, who was the pilot of this steamer, and across the water the boat moved. The water got deep and cold, but the elements did not daunt them. They pushed the Lizzie right ahead until they were on the other side. Then it took hours to dry the engine so it would run but what's that? Are they the champions?

From The Weimar Mercury, May 6, 1976
Transcribed by
Judy Talkington


May 22, 1925

Testing Stations For The New Headlight Law

In another column of this issue is a notice asking for bids from Weimar garages for the establishment of testing stations for the new glaring headlight law, which goes into effect Sept. 1st. Twelve stations will be established in Colorado county &endash; two at Columbus, two at Weimar, two at Eagle Lake, and one each at six other points in the county.

These stations will issue certificates to those whose lights conform to the state requirements. All cars must be supplied with non-glaring headlights and certificates by Sept 1st otherwise a severe penalty will be attached

Weimar Mercury
Submitted by
Judy Talkington


June 17, 1927


County Superintendent B. H. Meinert reports grammar school diplomas awarded to the following pupils in the county:

Wildwood-Helen Schwegemann, Hugo Vornsand, Josephine Hudec, Bertha Oncken, Alfred Vornsand.

Vox Populi-Hubert Treybig, Annie Bell Treybig, Monroe Krenek, Charlie Waligura.

Borden-Lillian Neimeyer.

Santa Anna-Alvin Kovar, Annie Koehl, Milton Girndt.

Harmony-Louise German.

Nada-Urban Hemmie, Elizabeth Popp, Mary Labay, H. Schoellmann; George Gerbermann, Margaret Popp, Beatrice Schoppe, Laura Kosler.

Rock Hill-Alice Krenek, Leera Schneider.

Sheridan-Miller Kincheloe

Eldridge-Bessie Pickett, Edgar Bricker, Esther Foster.

Bois D'Arc-Agnes Ripper, Agnes Barta.

New Bielau-Content---John Shimek, Jr., Robert Lichey and Hertha Koehn.

Oakland-Erwin Teltschik, George Teltschik, Ioma Reaves and Roy Mayes.

Herman Seminary-Tennie Kickler, Olga Brune.

Shaws Bend-Mabel Hilmer and Ornell Hillebrand.

Oak Grove-Louise Pachal.

Altair-Richard Green, and Cleo Green.

Mentz-Agnes Kaiser.

CoIter-Marie Eaton, Dorin Lunquist, Mildred Lunquist, Curtis Fling.
--Columbus Citizen.

Weimar Mercury, June 17, 1927, page 3


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