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March 1890


The following letters remain in the postoffice at Weimar for the month of February, 1890:
Armstong Callie
Baptista Simon
Batto Charles
Batto John
Benson Louis
Blanshaw M B
Bogie Mr
Benge Wm
Bullocks Mary Q
Campbell James
Hickey John P
Hill Mrs.
Harvey Frank
Hines John Q
Hradecny John
Lyons Adelia
Lowrey J. D.
Larner Mat
Love Marion
Mays Nancy
McCurdy A M
Wieland Rob’t
Parties desiring any of the above named letters will please call for “advertised” letter.

Paul Mende. Assistant

Weimar Mercury


May 30, 1890

The postoffice at Unity, this county will be discontinued on and after May 31. All mail matters will be transacted at the Weimar office.
Weimar Mercury


 November 15, 1890

A Texan in Germany

We learn that not a great while ago a Colorado county boy of German parentage went on a visit with his father to Germany. While there the Colorado Citizen reached the father. The people were surprised to see a paper from Texas, where they supposed that buffaloes, deers, Indians, desperadoes, and the bowie knife and pistol reigned supreme. A professor, learned in many languages, was called on to read the paper in English. The Colorado county boy was then called on to read, and he out read the professor. The boy then played “keeps” with the native boys of the town, and won nearly all of their marbles. An average Colorado County boy can hold his own wherever he goes. That boy is the son of Henry Boedeker, our county treasurer.
Weimar Mercury


November 16, 1890

Sheriff Townsend

Sheriff Townsend, of Colorado County, published a long letter last week in the Colorado Citizen, vindicating his course as sheriff of that county in certain matters, wherein he was charged by his political enemies for dishonest conduct. Sheriff Townsend bears the reputation of being one of the best sheriffs of the state and a terror to evil-doers, and, as it is almost impossible for an officer that has been before the public as long as he to so conduct himself as not to secure the enmity of some, it is probable he is receiving their unjust criticism or at least unwarrantable attacks.

The Gonzales Inquirer,:
Submitted by Deborah Smith


December 4, 1890

Mr. Alford Williford, a farmer and stockman living about sixteen miles south of Weimar, was in the city one day last week, visited our ”city of the dead” where he has a father buried and says since our cemeteries have been taken charge of by the ladies a wonderful change in improvements has been made. He donated liberally to the association, for which he has the thanks of the ladies.
Colorado Citizen


January 24, 1891

Courthouse Clock

The Citizen says the clock has been placed on the new courthouse at Columbus by Bismark Heyer, and is now keeping time for the community. When it strikes it can be heard all around for a distance of three miles. A man could not sleep with such a noisy clock in his bed room.
Weimar Mercury


June 11, 1891

Miss Mary Whitley, daughter of Rev. Daniel Whitley of this place, returned last Thursday from the Mary Allen Seminary for colored people, at Crockett, where she has been in attendance the past nine months. She will probably attend the Prairie View State Normal next year.
Colorado Citizen


August 8, 1891

Election Judges

Citizen: The following are presiding officers of election, precincts of Colorado county:

James E. Binkley, Columbus, Precinct No. 1,
W. C. Jones, Jones’ store, Precinct No. 2,
J. T. Warner, Johnson’s schoolhouse, Precinct No. 3,
J. T. Eason, Oakland, Precinct No. 4,
J. A. Hall, Weimar, Precinct No. 5,
Ben. H. Neal, Frelsburg, Precinct No. 6,
H. Neumann, Mt. Pleasant schoolhouse, Precinct No. 7,
F. Lillie, Brushy settlement, Precinct No. 8,
Jacob Brod, Harmony Hill, Precinct No. 9,
H. C. Gaedeke, Alleyton, Precinct No. 10,
H. M. Johnson, Eagle Lake, Precinct No. 11,
H. A. Buescher, Union schoolhouse, Precinct No. 12,
W. T. Burford, Borden, Precinct No. 13,
Maret Hoover, Jake Burtschell’s store, Precinct No. 14,
C. D. Howland, Altair, Precinct No. 15.

Weimar Mercury


Yesterday morning Mr. K. Vogel was tried before Judge Delany as being of unsound mind. Mr. Vogel has been for several months under treatment at the Charity hospital at Galveston for this malady, with no improvement. He was once a prosperous merchant in our city, but his inability to conduct business has reduced his family to most straightened circumstances. The jury decided to send him to the asylum.
Colorado Citizen, January 7, 1892, page 3


January 25, 1892

A Group of Lefties

It is quite interesting to walk into Judge Hancock's office wherein are Hon. J. C. Kindred, C. T. Hancock, Constable Frank Taylor and Marshall Hatch York, who have their separate desks and what is extraordinary, is that all four are badly left handed, using their right hand only when writing. Parties entering said office should be on their P and Q's or they might possibly get a left hander.

Colorado Citizen


January 25, 1892

Delegates to Stockmen's Convention

The following gentlemen are hereby appointed as delegates from this county to the stockmen's convention which will meet in Austin on February 2d nezt[sic]: E. J. Sandmeyer, Geo. H. Little, J. L. Townsend, F. G. Miller, Q. F. Walker, M. D. Flowers, H.J. Strunk, T. M. Insall, J. P. Smith, H. Amthor and Christian Paasch.

W. S. Delany, County Judge Colorado County

Colorado Citizen


October 15, 1892

Weimar, Texas, Oct, 9th, 1892.

The democrats of precinct number 5 (Weimar) were in convention in the opera house this evening for the purpose of selecting delegates to the county convention at Columbus next Tuesday at eleven o'clock, a.m., Oct. 11th, to nominate a candidate to fill the vacancy occasioned by the declination of Hon. M. Kennon, the regular nominee of the July convention for that office.

The convention was called to order by Precinct Chairman, W. C. Munn, and he was also made permanent chairman and J. W. Holt secretary.

The following named delegates were appointed: A. Klockmann, B. F. Mitchell, R. E. Malach, J. A. Lockett, O. Heyer, J. ?. Hall, Chas. Fahrenthold, Wm. Walker, J. P. Webb, F. Von Lengerke, John H. Brooks, John Koym, J. T. Cone, Wm. Bulls, R.A. Jarmon, A. B. Rogers, John Wendt, W. A. Baar, B. Helscher, J. J. Holloway, Henry Heller, John Heinsohn, F. E. Brandes, J. J. Kubala, Wm. Brandes, T. W. Hunter, Chas. Gerstenburger, S. McCormick, W. H. Lagging, C. T Hancock, G. T. Holman, S. H. Hancock, Boyce McCormick, Geo. Chandler, T. L. Townsend, jr., J. W. Holt, H. Garrett, W. C. Munn, T. M. Insall, Stephen Lowrey, J. P. Taylor, W. P. Watson, C. S. Tatum and W. C. Crebbs, and upon motion they were instructed to vote for Hon. J. C. Kindred as nominee for county judge first, last and all the times.

A motion instructing our precinct chairman to act in conjunction with the chairman of Borden precinct and call a convention for the purpose of nominating a candidate for the office of Justice of the peace and one for constable was adopted.

On motion the Houston Post, Galveston News, Colorado Citizen and Weimar Mercury were requested to publish the proceedings of this convention.

W. C. MUNN, Chairman,
J. W. HOLT, Secretary.

Weimar Mercury


July 29, 1893

Rev. Sam Small's Lecture

Some half dozen of our citizens went down to Columbus Saturday evening to hear Rev. Sam Small's lecture, and were highly entertained by the splendid talk given by that gentleman.  Rev. Small is a very highly educated gentleman, has a fine flow of language, is a first-class mimic, and carries the attention of the audience with him througout the discourse.  His illustrations were good, and elicited considerable applause.  The audience present was small, considering the ability and prominence of the speaker, but then the people of Columbus do not take to lectures very enthusiastically.  Those from Weimar, who attended report that they were splendidly entertained.
Weimar Mercury
Submitted by Deborah Smith


November 9, 1893

Weimar Notes

Mr. Buda Styers and family removed from this place Tuesday, having leased the railroad hotel at Glidden and bought out the present landlord.  Mr. Styers will run the hotel in future.  Buda is a rustler and we wish him much sucess in his new move.
Colorado Citizen
Submitted by Deborah Smith


Octobert 9, 1896

Mexican War Veterans

THE CITIZEN is indebted to the old Mexican war veteran, Mr. A. C. Herford, for a photograph of the veterans taken at their last reunion at Rockdale, Milam county. The photos of Messrs. A. C. Herford, G. S. Walton and A. J. Nave, Mexican war veterans of our county, are to be seen in the picture. We are glad to have the picture, as it repressents a gallant band of men whose heroism made history for our common country, added to our territory and enriched our people. The number of these valiant heroes is being rapidly diminished, and the old grizzled veterans are "beating funeral marches to the grave," and answering roll call in a happier land. Their deeds of prowess and splendid achievements on the ensanguined field remain with us a precious heritage for the patriotic emulation of succeeding generations, and the lettered book and stroried tradition of the future will enshrine in the hearts of their countrymen their virtues, their sufferings and their accomplishments.

Colorado Citizen



August 11, 1898

The commissioners' court met yesterday and appointed Mr. Pete Whitfield constable, to serve out the unexpired term of L. S. Hope, deceased. The appointment is a good one, as "Pete" has had no little experience in dealing with tough characters when he was night watchman at Glidden, and he says he is going to do his duty the best he knows how.
Colorado Citizen

December 29, 1898

Buda and Flem Styers of Waller county arrived last Saturday night to spend Christmas with the "old folks".
Colorado Citizen
Submitted by Deborah Smith


Musician Will Wallace of Columbus was in our city last Saturday and Sunday.
Weimar Mercury August 5, 1899


The Taylor brothers--R. B. and Alex--two of the best and most prosperous colored farmers of the Clear Creek settlement--dropped in this week and renewed their subscriptions to the MERCURY. Thanks.
J. W. Jones, an energetic and prominent colored farmer of the Clear Creek settlement, dropped in the other day and had his subscription figures moved up a year. Thanks.
Weimar Mercury, August 12, 1899


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