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June 12, 1858


ALL person indebted to M. A. Bryan are requested to come forward and settle up, or they will have to do so with an officer.

M. A. Bryan

Colorado Citizen


June 12, 1858


THAT I have lost the Unconditional Headright Certificate, No. 23, Class 3d, issued to Samuel W. Barry by the County Court of LaVaca county , and dated 12th July, 1847, and unless, intelligence of it be received at the proper department within three months after the date of this publication, I will apply to the proper offices for a duplicate of the paper so lost. This April 22, 1858.

George Metz

Colorado Citizen

September 4, 1858

Colorado College

The fall session will open on the First Monday in September. A competent Assistant will be emplioyed, if any be needed.
Primary English branches. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00
English Grammar, Geography, etc. . . . . . . . $15.00
The Latin and Greek Languages . . . . . . . . . $20.00
There will be no deduction made for lost time except in cases of protracted illness.
August 13 C. P. Ray, Principal
Colorado County Citizen

Transcribed by Judy Talkington

April 2, 1852

Stolen from the house of the undersigned on the Colorado River 10 miles below Columbus, a gaucheared iron gray horse, 4 years old 15 hands high. Also one old riflegun, flint and steel, by a man who called himself McDonald. The said McDonald is about 4'8" high, has a scar in his forehead, then visage, darkskin, black eyes and hair. I will give $50 for the apprehension and delivery of the thef in any County Jail in this State, and the horse and gun delivered to me; or, I will give $25 to any one delivering the horse unto me, and the gun described either at my place or in the town of Columbus at the store of Mackey and Winfrow.  Charles Winfree
Telegraph and Texas Register
Submitted by Jane Winfree Beaty

June 12, 1858

WM. M. BYARS, M. D.,

HAVING removed to Columbus, offers his professional services to the citizens and public generally. His long experience in


and the very particular attention he has paid to diseases of women and children, give him confidence to hope that cases entrusted to his care will give entire satisfaction. In operations for club foot, cross eye, hair lip, &e, as well as amputions of all sorts, he has long experience and an unfailing successs.


HON. R. E. B. Baylor....WashingtonCounty
President Burleson........Independence, Texas
Alfred Gee................... ..Washinton County
Mr. Kellog..........................Fayette County
Mr. Pettis.........................Prairie Lee, Texas
Mr. Vincin...........................Houston, Texas
Mr. Chapman.....................Richmond, Texas
Col. Herbert.....................Colorado Co.Texas

Columbus, September, 1957

Colorado Citizen


September 4, 1858

Administrator’s Notice

The undersigned having taken out letters of administration upon the estate of Joseph C. Megginson, deceased, hereby gives notice to all those who have claims against the estate to present them for allowance in the manner prescribed.
R Robson, Administrato

Administrator’s Notice

Letters of administration on the estate of Gerd Ficken, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned by the Hon. County Court of Colorado county, Texas at it July Term, A. D. 1858, all persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to present the same duly authenticated by low or they will be barred.
John F. Kaiser, Administrator
August 25th, 1858


A. M. McMillan administrator of the estate of Agnes Miller, deceased has filed his account duly sworn to, and petition for a final settlement of said estate, which will come up for the action of the county court of Colorado county Texas, at the next regular Term, to be held at the Courthouse in Columbus on the last Monday in September 1858. All persons interested are required to appear and contest said account, if they see proper. This September 1, 1858
C. Windrow, C.C.C.C.C.
Colorado County Citizen
Transcribed by Judy Talkington

June 5, 1858

The Rev. Godfrey Goodner, of the Protestant Methodist Church, will hold divine service in the Lutheran Church, of this place, tomorrow, (6th inst.,) at ten and a half o'clock, A.M.

Colorado Citizen


April 24, 1858


THERE will be a meeting of the Board of Trustees of Colorado College on Saturday, 1st of May, at 9 o'clock, A. M., to hear the reports of the Committees of the Board. The Committees on By-Laws, Teachers and Location are expected to report. All the members of the Board are requested to attend.

P. Riley, Chaairman,
J.J. Scherer, Secretary

Colorado Citizen


 Saturday Morning, June 5, 1858

The Rev. Godfrey Goodner of the Protestant Methodist Church, will hold divine service in the Lutheran Church, of this place, to-morrow (6th inst.) at ten and a half o’clock, A.M.

A few evenings since, as the stage for Richmond was just going out, the horses turned suddenly and capsized the vehicle. Fortunately no one was hurt, though we observed several on the street who did not wish to interrupt the horses on their way to the stable!

An Alligator some ten feet in length was killed near town the other day while leisurely taking a survey of the green foliage on the banks of the river. Alas! How often are we cut down in the midst of fancied pleasure!

We direct the attention of those desirous of having blacksmith work done to the card of Mr. M. McLAMORE to be found in another column. He guarantees to do work well, and on liberal terms.

We have received the Caddo Gazette _______, a newspaper published in Shreveport, La. By W. H. and J. M. Scanland. It is one of most attic sheets now printed – not that it is published in an attic, but from the fact that it abounds with wit and humor, and is the best recipe for the blues we know of. Terms $2 a year. Ye who love fun call at our office and give us the tin to send for the Gazette.

Capt. Ford is doing gallant service on our frontier. We publish t0-day an account of a battle he had with the Indians, in which seventy-six of the latter were killed. A few such men would soon rid our frontier of these everlasting pests.

We have received a copy of the Independent, published and edited in Bonham, Fannin county by Jno. M. Crane. It is a quarto sheet, neatly printed and well edited, independent, of course in politics. It is gotten up with great care and order, the different departments as the Editorial, Agricultural, Literary, etc. being arranged under their distinctive heads. It is a first class county paper, and will doubtless be the means of doing much good for that flourishing portion of our State. We are pleased to notice that the merchants of Bonham are giving it a liberal patronage, by giving it whole columns advertisements. Terms $2 per annum in advance. We shall be pleased to exchange with the Independent.

Judge Beckley has written a letter to the people of Texas in answer to one of the charged made against his character. It is rather inexplicit, but we suppose it will suit those would support him in any event. We will publish it next week and mayhap make some remarks thereon.

Departed – Mr. Willis McMickan, Esq., leaves on the stage to-night for South Carolina, where he intends luxuriating among the hills and vales for a short time, after a manner peculiar to his own. Ye prosperous winds, bear him safe to us again!

An Irishman calling himself McMay who we mentioned in our last was arrested for attempting to steal a horse, was tried before Mayor Darden on last Saturday and bound over in the sum of $500 to make his appearance at the next term of the District Court. Being unable to give bond, he is now boarding at the expense of the county.

Good showers of rain fell here on yesterday and last night and the weather is still showery this morning. It came in good time as corn began to suffer for want of it. An abundance of corn in this county is now beyond a doubt. Some of our citizens are eating messes of roasting ears.

Colorado Citizen, June 5, 1858
Transcribed by Judy Talkington


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