Victory Service League in Weimar

Weimar, Texas, Receives National Recognition

Most of us in Weimar remember December I6, 1942. when the National Victory Service League was formed here, but few of us realized the far-reaching effects and importance of that day.

Weimar became the first town in the United States to make the VSL a community-wide organization. The people of Weimar have been held up to the entire nation as an example of what a united community can do.

Since the beginning of the VSL, thirty-six governors have thus far headed the membership in their respective states and as soon as time permits the others will become members of this patriotic organization. It is one organization in which governmental leaders, industrial magnates, businessmen, farmers, and laborers can all unite to work-will-and win victory without fear of regimentation.

Henry Brasher,Jr., as director of the Weimar VSL was chosen to represent the Houston Zone at a recent regional meeting of the VSL held in Dallas. There he was selected to represent the Southwest at a meeting held in Detroit last week.

Mr. Brasher returned home Tuesday more enthusiastic than ever concerning the growth and patriotic work of the National Victory Service league. While a guest at a banquet held for the sixteen national representatives of the VSL, he heard the following broadcast by John B. Kennedy, nationally famous news commentator, broadcasting on February 25, from CBS in New York, over a nation-wide hook-up of 116 stations covering the whole of the United States:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you a little story--a true story. It's a story of Weimar, Texas. Weimar--the name of a city in Germany, where lived the great Goethe and Schiller--birthplace of the Weimar Republic that Hitler sabotaged. Here In America, we gladly perpetuate the names of great places and great men of all lands--and, sometimes, by recalling former greatness, this serves to emphasize how far has been the fall from greatness. Weimar, Texas, was originally settled by people of foreign birth. They came seeking greater freedom and opportunity. Even today it consists largely of naturalized citizens from almost every region of Europe. But it’s American through and through! Listen:

"One evening not so long ago, the Chevrolet Dealer in Weimar-Henry Brasher, gave a little supper, with the purpose of announcing the Victory Service League. There were movies, a few short talks--that's all. But the mayor, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, the superintendent of Schools and the editor of the local paper were so inspired that they insisted on presenting the facts of the Victory Service League to the entire community.

"The 'Weimar Mercury' came out with front page stories. The Chamber of Commerce set up a Victory Service League Day. The Congressman from that district--81-year-old J. J. Mansfield--asked to be allowed to help. The local movie theatre was turned over for one day. A Victory Service League membership committee was formed. By leaps and bounds enthusiasm spread.

"Mayor Laas addressed a mass meeting. So did Congressman Mansfield. Beside him on the platform sat Mrs. Joe Hauser, mother of five sons in the armed forces of the United States.

"Everybody in Weimar learned about the Victory Service League.

"There must be something to an organization that can appeal so strongly to people. Something you want to know! And you can find out from the radio station to which you are listening, or from the Chevrolet Dealer near you who is backing the Victory Service League. Hats off to Weimar, Texas--the first city of America to join the Victory Service League 100%. And hats off to all you men and women who have thrown your hats in the ring!"

We, here in Weimar, may wonder what the VSL is doing and what part we members of the organization have in helping win Victory.

In a nutshell, here are some of OUR activities:

"The Victory Service League is a national Patriotic Organization, organized and financed by private capital, designed to lend the greatest possIble aid in the war effort by cooperation with such movements as the following (and these are but a few):

Office of War Information

"By gathering and distributing to millions of people, by mail, and by radio, interpretations of needs and suggestions as expressed by our government.

War Production Board

"By Actively participating in a continuous drive for the reclamation of Metal, Rubber, Clothing, and any other materials asked for by this board.

Office of Price Administration

"By keeping before its millions of members, suggestions as to ways in which they can help in complying with the conservation of all rationed commodities and thus provide a greater amount of these commodities for direct war use.

U S War Department

"By broadcasting the needs as expressed from time to time by the War Department, for the donation of such things as hunting knives for soldiers over seas, books for distribution to the armed forces, and such other items as may be sought. By actually setting up receiving depots for the collection of such things.

Office of Defense Transportation

"By endeavoring to keep America's automative transportation system operative by the maintenance and repair of vehicles now on the highways. By systematically distributing information on the care and maintenance of motor vehicles and tires to millions of America's motorists. By encouraging strict compliance with our 35-mile speed requirement and any and all other similar suggestions as made by this and other Baords(sic).

Treasury Department

"By actively helping keep alive a continuous drive for the purchase of War Bonds by the millions of people contacted by the VSL.

Office of Civilian Defense

“By encouraging, through all its communications to the millions of people on its mailing list, the public's active participation in such activities as Air Raid Warden and many other undertakings of this office.

United Service Organizations

"By constantly encouraging millions of American citizens to lend their support to the needs of the USO.”

Let us here in Weimar hold the eyes of the nation upon what can be done by a united community by keeping our pledge to:

"In the name of Victory and in full allegiance to my country, the United States of America,

"(1) Remember that this is every man's and every woman's war and that it behooves us all to serve as we can serve best.

"(2) Co-operate wholeheartedly in each and every national, state and community effort to safeguard the freedom for which America stands.

"(3) Conserve--and to help others conserve--America's vital transportation lifeline by protecting and preserving the cars and trucks that will keep America mobiles and make it an invincible nation of free men and women.

“(4) THINK Victory--WILL Victory--WORK for Victory--and to continue doing so until Victory is completely and decisively won."

Weimar Mercury, March 5, 1943, pages 1 and 8

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