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MEXICAN VETERAN.--Last Saturday we had the pleasure of inspecting the bronze medal presented the veterans of the Mexican war, belonging to Mr. A. C. Hereford, of our county. The vignette is made of brass from cannon presented by Gen. Grant for this purpose, and is very pretty. Mr. H. has his silver plated, improving its appearance. Engraved upon it are the words, “National Associations of Veterans--Mexico--1846,” with appropriate embellishments. Mr. Herford was a member of the company commanded by Capt. Jno. C. Dent, (brother-in-law of Gen. Grant,) in Col. Sterling Price’s regiment, and served throughout the war. His medal is, of course, very highly prized.
Colorado Citizen, September 9, 1880

Chronicle Special: Round Mountain, June 2.--John Rufus Alexander died here Friday at 10 a.m. He was born in Missouri in 1817 and came to Texas at an early day. He was in the Meir expedition and was captured with the rest of the brave Texans and drew the white bean and made his escape from the Mexicans. Mr. Alexander is no doubt the last man that was in the expedition. He leaves a widow, three sons and three daughters.
Weimar Mercury, June 6, 1908, page 1

There was quite an interesting character in our city Monday and Tuesday--known to his friends here as "Uncle Jacob" Hahn of Alleyton.  "Uncle Jacob" was here to secure identification papers as a Mexican war veteran, to receive back pay.  He was a gallant old soldier and fighter in the Mexican war, having served in Company D of Jack Hayes' regiment, and many are the stories told of his bravery.  He acted as a butcher for quite a while, but there was never a fight on hand that he didn't take part in, and he bears the marks of those battles, too, in the scores of wounds that ornament (?) his person.  He met many friends while here.
Weimar Mercury, November 21, 1891
Submitted by David Hahn


Yesterday in the office of Judge C. T. Hancock came two old Germans, veterans of the Mexican war of 1847-48, viz: Andrew Ammann, late of Ammannsville, Fayette county, Texas, and Jacob Hahn of Alleyton, Colorado county.  Both draw pensions as Mexican war veterans, both having soldiered in Jack Hayes' regiment of Texas volunteers.  Mr. Hahn was badly wounded at the City of Mexico in November, 1847, and during his illness was nursed by Mr. Ammann, who returned to Texas with him.  Though long off citizens of the United States and of Texas, they both speak English brokenly and it is amusing to hear them tell their tales of that war, in which both no doubt were good and true soldiers.  But Mr. Hahn could tell more, better and more amusing antedotes relative tot he war between the States, and his recollection of the battle of Seven Pines, which he is pleased to call "Chickenhominy," seems to be vivid.  He was also a soldier in Company B, Fifth Texas regiment, Hood's Texas brigade, and bore himself well during the entire struggle.  He ways he draws a pension as a Mexican war veteran, but if the "Jankees" knew he had killed "a lot of 'em" during the war they would stop his rations at once.
Weimar Mercury, November 21, 1891
Submitted by David Hahn

Eagle Lake, Texas, April 13.--Following is an account of the organization of the veterans of he Mexican war at Eagle Lake on the 13th instant. The house was called to order by G. S. Walton, chairman. J. Y. Criswell was elected chairman and G. S. Walton secretary. The following parties responded to roll call,giving address and age. W. J. Herbert, Eagle Lake, company 1, First regiment, Texas cavalry, 80; J. Y. Criswell, Flatonia; M. T. Gray, Sixth Texas cavalry, 71; Jacob Hahn, Alleyton, Sixth Texas cavalry, 73; G. S. Walton, Alleyton, Second Missouri cavalry, 74; A. C. Hereford, Columbus, Tex., Second Missouri cavalry,70; A. J. Nave, Columbus, Tex., Second regiment, Kentucky, 70; Daniel Haynes, Sealy, M. P. Lamar’s, 86; P. E. Edmondson, La Grange; J. H. Everett, Eagle Lake, Tex., Sixth Texas, 77.
This association shall be known as the association of Veterans of he Mexican was of 1740 to 1846, and shall consists of a chairman, a secretary, a corresponding secretary, a treasurer, a captain and first and second Lieutenants. The object of this association shall be social and benevolent. Our ranks are fast thinning out and there will soon be none to answer the roll call. We want our names enrolled in the association so hat when one of us passes away he remainder will known and we can pass suitable resolutions and have the names enrolled ina book kept for the purpose, that our names may live while our flesh may pass away.
The following officers were elected: J. Y. Criswell, chairman, secretary, G. S. Walton; corresponding secretary, P E. Edmondson; captain, W. J. Herbert; first lieutenant, A. C. Hereford. J. Y. Criswell ws made a committee to notify Mr. Edmonson of his position; W. J. Herbert and G. S. Walton a committee to ask for reduced rates on the different lines of Texas railroads.
The next place of meeting will be at Flatonia on the 12th of July, 1895, and we especially invite all Mexican veterans, their wives and daughters and the widows of deceased veterans. We want a large attendance with a view of a reorganization wen all can participate.
A vote of thanks was tendered the citizens of Eagle Lake for their hospitality, and especially J. K Davidson and T. J. Roberts for their untiring devotion in making our stay social and happy, and to our host and hostess for the bountiful supply set before us.
A vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Dennis for the use of his hall, also a vote of thanks to Mrs. Walton for a beautiful boquet[sic] presented to the old vets through Commander A. C. Hereford.
J. Y. Criswell, Chairman
J. S. Walton. Secretary
Weimar Mercury April 20, 1895

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