Colorado County United Daughters of the Confederacy

1901 - 1902

The following information on Colorado County Chapters was extracted from Texas Division United Daughters of The Confederacy - 1902 found in an attic in Marshall, Texas and given to Tony Pierce. His daughter, Renee Pierce Smelley, transcribed the book for use on the TXGenWeb Project. The complete transcription may be found at


360 Gen. Jno Dunovant Eagle Lake Colorado 113 104 1
361 Shropshire-Upton Columbus Colorado 57 47 0
--- Sunny South Alleyton Colorado 8 0 0
529 Glidden Glidden Colorado 0 15 0
533 Larkin-Secrest Altair Colorado 14 0 0



John Dunovant Chapter, No. 360, Eagle Lake.-This Chapter on March 1, 1901, had only 33 members. It was organized in March, 1900.

Since March, 1901, we have gained 80 new members, making in all 113. This year we have met twice a month, with very good attendance. Mrs. Ella Gwynn, our president, is a good workier in the cause and commands the love of all the members. It was through her untiring energy and zeal that we have gained as we have. We observed Decoration day, April 26. The Chapter constitution has been printed, and almost every member has a copy. Our flower is the pansy. Our Chapter motto is "In Today Walks Tomorrow."

We have responded to every call, both small and large, and as yet we have no place of meeting except at private houses. Harmony and patriotism rule our Chapter, the prevailing sentiment being to pay rightful tribute to the bravery and fidelity of our Southern soldiers, living and dead, and to show forth with what abiding affection and zealous care the conquered banner is still cherished.

We have furnished fifty-five certificates of membership to our Chapter, and have applied for twent-four badges of honor for Confederate Veterans.



Organized 1900. Chartered 1900.


Mrs. Ella Guinn.......................President
Mrs. Frank Huey............First Vice-President
Mrs. S. R. Bruce..........Second Vice-President
Mrs. W. A. Daller..........Third Vice-President
Mrs. A. G. Harral.........Fourth Vice-President
Mrs. G. W. Deaton...........Recording Secretary
Mrs. Scott Watson.......Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Mattie Jenkins...................Treasurer
Miss M. Connor........................Historian
Miss M. Johnston.......................Regisrar


Bruce, Mrs. S. R.
Bruce, Miss Jacoklin
Bruce, Miss Jennie Byrd
Bork, Mrs. Nina
Bork, Miss Lizzie
Bates, Mrs. M. C.
Boedicker, Mrs. Charles
Balhorn, Miss Edna
Bailey, Miss Bertha .
Bailey, Mrs. Weston
Beckham, Mrs. Ben
Beard, Miss Ella J.
Conner, Mrs H.
Conner, Miss Mollie
Conner, Miss Alice
Causey, Mrs. Fannie
Carnegie, Mrs. Emam
Callison, Mrs. Fannie
Dallas, Mrs. N. A.
Deoton, Mrs. G. W.
Dobbins, Mrs. F. A.
Davidson, Miss Mollie
Deoton, Miss Eula
Deoton, Miss Margarett
Davidson, Mrs. J. F.
Davidson, Mrs. Sam
Davidson, Miss Virgie
Dunn, Mrs. A. B.
Davis, Miss Kate
Eldridge, Mrs. W. T
Ficklin, Mrs. Belle Battle
Flowers, Mrs. Florence
Flowers, Miss Cleo
Frazier, Miss Julia
Frazier, Miss Bettie
Guynn, Mrs. Ella
Good, Mrs. M. E.
Griffin, Miss Alice
Green, Mrs. Lalie
Gibson, Mrs. Lula
Green, Mrs. A. B.
Hahn, Mrs. Laura
Huey, Mrs. Frank
Henry, Mrs. J. Q.
Hearn, Mrs. Eula R.
Hays, Mrs. Lilly
Harris, Mrs. D. W. .
Harral, Mrs. A. G.
Hughes, Mrs. Netta Johnson .
Hilliard, Miss Eunice
Herbert, Mrs. Myra
Herbert, Miss Agnes
Jenkins, Mrs. Mattie
Johnson, Miss Myrtie Sue
Johnson, Hattie B.
Johnson, Miss Bess
Jones, Miss Jimmie
Jones, Miss Althea
Kuykendoll, Mrs. S. E.
Lezendecker, Miss Sue
Lezendecker, Mrs. M. V. .
Levy, Mrs. Leo
McCarty, Mrs. J. T.
Mersfelder, Mrs. M. E.
Mersfelder, Mrs. Idena
McRhea, Mrs. Rebecca
Murray, Mrs. Georgia
Merriwether, Mrs. W. T.
McRhea, Mrs. Hoace
Myer, Mrs. Etta
Norris, Mrs. A. W.
Newsom, Mrs. E. P.
Norris, Miss Madeline .
Nunn, Mrs. R. E.
Neblett, Miss Cora
Newsome, Miss Bessie
Newsom, Mrs. Sarah
Odem, Mrs. M. E.
Putney, Miss Nellie
Pipes, Mrs. Bettie Tracy
Putney, Mrs. R. J.
Putney, Mrs. R. W
Rathe, Mrs. Ella
Roberts, Mrs. J. T
Sparks, Mrs. Irene
Simmons, Mrs. Julia
Stewart, Mrs. Addie
Smith, Mrs. Lena
Strickland, Mrs. O. A.
Strickland, Miss Lillie
Strickland, Miss Della
Thatcher, Mrs. John
Thatcher, Miss Mildred
Tucker, Dr. Henrietta
Taylor, Mrs. E
Underwood, Mrs. R. H
Westmoreland, Mrs. Buelah
Westmoreland, Mrs. Sallie
Westmoreland, Mrs. Ida
Wright, Mrs. E. S.
Westmoreland, Mrs. Nancy
Westmoreland, Miss Ella
Waddell, Mrs. M. E.
Wicker, Miss Belle
Walker, Mrs. Annie R
Webb, Mrs. Mamie
Webb, Miss Willie
Welford, Mrs. W. E
Watson, Mrs. Geo. S.
Watson, Miss Annie
Watson, Mrs. Mary
Waugh, Mrs. A. M.
Waddell, Mrs. Joe


Glidden Chapter, No.---, Glidden.-The Glidden Chapter was organized in October with a membership of 13 charter members. A charter was applied for, through the State Secretary, Miss Katie Daffan, and promptly received. The Chapter will for the present be known as the Glidden Chapter, and, with a fine set of officers, we hope to add many new members and do good work for the cause.

MRS. B. F. MOORE, Secretary.


Organized No. 20, 1902. Chartered 1901.

Glidden, Texas, Jan. 23, 1902.

Mrs. B. F. Eads, Marshall, Texas:
Dear Mrs. Eads--As Secretary of the Glidden Chapter of the U. D. C., I have been requested to reply to your letter of the 17th inst. Your letter was given to me to-day and I reply immediately, Although I don't know what is required to be a correct report. Our Chapter was organized No. 20, 1901. We have had some trouble in getting our members to come out, and haven't done any work to be reported. Our chartered members are as follows;

Our Charter Officers are: Mrs. Eugnia[sic] Darby, Preaident; Mrs. Mollie Williams, 1st Vice Pres.; Mrs. Annie Tubbs, 2d Vice Pres.; Mrs. J. M. Alley, 3d Vice Pres.; Mrs. B. F. Moore, Rec. and Cor. Sec.; Mrs. E. E. Jones, Treas.; Mrs. T. J. Oakes, Jr. Registrar; Mrs. L. F. Stafford, Librarian; Mrs. Fannie Finucane, Historian; Miss Virgi Wills, Standard Bearer.


Darby, Mrs. Eugenia .
Folts, Mrs. T. O
Williams, Mrs. Mollie
Turner, Mrs. W. R.
Alley, Mrs. J. M.
Stafford, Mrs. L. F.
Tubbs, Mrs. Annie
Oakes, Mrs. A.
Moore, Mrs. B. F.
Folts, Mrs. Mary
Oakes, Mrs. T. J. Jr.
Jones, Mrs. E. E.

We have two new members-Mrs. Fannie Finucane and Mrs. Alf. Young.

The number of our Charter is 529. I hope this letter will furnish the information wanted; if not, let me know exactly what you want to know and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Yours sincerely,
Secretary Glidden Chapter, U. D. C.



Barnett-Jarmon Chapter, No. 469, Weimar.-Our Chapter having been organized only a few months ago, we have not yet accomplished very much, nor have we paid any dues. We hold regular meetings, have a good attendance and endeavor to carry out as much of the regular programme as we can obtain information about. Each member takes an interest in the work and I trust we shall obtain the greatest pleasure and benefit from our meetings.

Truly yours,
Secretary Barnett-Jarmon Chapter, U. D. C.



Mrs. C. D. Barnett..........................President
Mrs. H. S. McCormick.............First Vice-President
Mrs. J. W. Holloway.............Second Vice-President
Miss Hallie McCormick.......................Secretary
Miss Eddie Hill.............................Treasurer
Mrs. J. D. McGregor.........................Historian
Miss Douglas McLeary........................Registrar


Barnett, Mrs. C. D.
Brasher, Mrs. Laura
Carlton, Mrs. H.
Card, Miss Jessie .
Chinn, Mrs. H. W. .
Duve, Mrs. Charles E.
Terrell[sic], Miss Katie .
Fisher, Miss Anna
Grace, Miss Susie
Grace, Miss Kate
Hill, Mrs. Annie
Hill, Mrs. T. A. .
Hill, Miss Eddie
Holloway, Mrs. J. W.
Holloway, Miss Mariella
Hubbard, Mrs. J. C.
Hall, Mrs. Annie
Hall, Miss Berry
Heyer, Mrs. Rosa
McCormick, Mrs. H. S
McCormick, Miss Wade H
McCormick, Miss Hallie Emily
McGregor, Mrs. J. D
McLeary, Miss Mana
McLeary, Miss Douglas
Moore, Mrs. Cara Brasher
Munn, Mrs. J. H.
Shatto, Mrs. A. P
Sparks, Mrs. Pearl Hill
Taylor, Mrs. Sallie E.
Watson, Miss Maria
Walker, Miss Lucille


Shropshire Upton Chapter, No. 361, Columbus.-It is with pride and satisfaction that we review the excellent work accomplished by our chapter in the year that has passed. Many and various have been our perplexities in this secind year of our organization, but we are now established upon a firm economic business basis. Our Chapter room is furnished in a manner that bears unmistakable evidence of an active desire on the part of our members to secure substantial benefits, while the decoratins are such as to delight the most artistic sense, and books of value, rare pictures and precious releics are still finding their way into this temple wherein are enshrined priceless treasures and holy memories. Now that we have set our house in order we are prepared to respond to appeals from abroad, for we consider it our duty to render necessary assistance to the various enterprises that are everywhere testifiying to the onward sweep of development and progress in the U. D. C. numerical strength we do not boast, but like the giant trunks of our stately oaks, we are firmly rooted, and as in their spreading branches we behold the outward growth of a inward fervor, our influence, widespread and gracious shall everywhere extend to bless and ennoble all within its sphere. As in our historical pursuits we become more familiar with the Confederate soldiers' record, we know their magnificent courage and sublime sacrifices could have been inspired only by that light that never hath shone on land or sea, and in silent reverence we bow before that figure in grey outlined against the eternal sky.


SHROPSHIRE UPTON CHAPTER (Note: No. 361, Columbus)

Organized 1900. Chartered 1900.


Miss Mittie A. Oakes......................President
Mrs. Kate Ransen...............First Vice-President
Miss Lillian Ilse.............Second Vice-President
Mrs. Sophia Bridge.............Third Vice-President
Mrs. S. L. Green..............Fourth Vice-President
Mrs. Jennie Baker...............Recording Secretary
Mrs. Byrd Wesson............Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. S. V. Wesson.........................Treasurer
Mrs. Hattie Middlebrook..................Historian


Miss Adelia Dunovant


Andrews, Mrs. Nannie
Ayers, Mrs. Beulah
Brunson, Mrs. Chas.
Baker, Miss Bennie .
Baker, Mrs. Jennie
Best, Mrs. Nora
Bridge, Mrs. Sophia
Brinkley, Mrs. Ella
Brooks, Mrs. Lizie
Delany, Mrs. Carrie
Delany, Miss Blanche
Delany, Miss Em.
Gegenworth, Mrs. Alice
Goss, Mrs. Josephone
Green, Mrs. Lula
Green, Miss Myrtle
Ilse, Mrs. Maggie
Ilse, Miss Ella
Ilse, Miss Lillian
Jones, Mrs. Ida
Hansen, Mrs. Kate .
Harrison, Mrs. Affie
Harrison, Mrs. Hattiess
Littlefield, Mrs. Maggie
Mahon, Miss Annie
Mathee, Miss Dora
McCormick, Mrs. Myra
McCormick, Miss Etta
Middlebrook, Mrs. Hattie
Monroe, Mrs. Nettie
Moore, Miss Lottie
Mix, Mrs. Ada Baker
Mahon, Mrs. J. N
Mansfield, Mrs. Annie
Montgomery, Mrs. Fannie
Oakes, Miss Mittie A.
Pinchback, Mrs. Alma
Stafford, Mrs. Lizzie
Sronce, Mrs. Edna
Sronce, Mrs. Hattie Anerbach
Tait, Mrs. Bedie
Toliver, Miss Jennie
Thatcher, Mrs. E.
Taylor, Mrs. Kate
Townsend, Mrs. Alice
Towell, Mrs. Laura
Wesson, Mrs. S. J
Wesson, Miss Byrd
Williamson, Mrs. C. A
Williamson, Miss Daisy
Williamson, Miss Ruby
Wooten, Mrs. Pearl
Weete, Miss Henrietta
West, Mrs. Erma
Williams, Mrs. Warner
Zwiener, Miss Ella
Zwierner, Miss Lily


SUNNY SOUTH CHAPTER, ALLEYTON (Note: No number assigned.)

Organized Nov. 1901. Chartered Nov. 1901.


Mrs. W. C. Davidson.......................President
Mrs. W. A. Burttschell.........First Vice-President
Mrs. J. J. Everett............Second Vice-President
Miss Lillian Lureman......................Secretary
Miss Lucy Davidson........................Treasurer
Mrs. R. H. Harrison.......................Historian
Miss Annie Davidson.......................Librarian
Miss Fannie Davidson......................Registrar

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