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The County Line Cemetery was adjacent to the old County Line Methodist Church and County Line School which were located near the Lavaca/Colorado county line, a short distance from the old community of Shimek.

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County Line School

County Line Methodist Church

The following lists of pastors and members of the old County Line Methodist Church came from Kenneth and Marjorie Freeman and is provided here by Deborah Smith.

Pastors of County Line Methodist Church

1887 A G. Nolen
1888 B H Passmore
1890 T S Armnstrong
1892 W E Rector
1893 J C Wilson
1895 W J Sims
1898 J P Garrett
1900 W A Drum
1901 J L Kennedy
1903 W C Bracewell
1904 H B Henry
1905 J E Buck
1910 J T Gibbons

The County Line Methodist Church

Photo courtesy of Charles Sherman

Register of Members 1888 - 1910

John F Allen
E Lee Allen
Thomas Jackson Allen
Charles A Allen
Georgia A Allen
Ellen V Allen
R B Allen
Charity Allen
Minnie Allen
J M Allen
Kate Allen
Nettie M Allen
Joda Allen
Nettie Allen
William M Allen
Ruth Allen
Georgia Allen
John T Eason
Olive G Eason
James Rice Eason
William Thomas Eason
Earnest Lee Eason
Lizzie Eason
Addie Eason
Sarah English
James L English
Albert J Grobe
Sarah A Houchins
Leonora Kersh

Herman Kyle
Joseph McCreary Little
Mary Jane Little
Susie Martha Little
Robert Little
Maggie Long
J Walter Long
Callie Long
Addie McFall
Henry Bingaman Myers
Camilla Phoebe Myers
John Henry Myers
Robert Paweleck
R F Rees
Nancy Rees
J W Rees
Alice Rees
John W Simmons
Maggie C Simmons
Mohala Smith
Elizabeth Taylor
John A Wadsworth
James Milton Wadsworth
Julia Ann Wadsworth
Katie Wadsworth
Georgia A Weller
S D Williams
Kate G Williams

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