Garwood W. C. T. U. Cookbook


Judy Talkington has two old W. C. T. U. Cookbooks from Garwood. One was published about 1911 and the other in 1927. She has listed the contributors for us as well as copied several pages of recipes. Enjoy.

If you are the college student who recently contacted Judy about the cookbooks, please e-mail her again. She has lost your contact information.

The first list of contributors gives what information she could find on the internet about the person and the names of the recipes which they contributed.

Mrs. E. C. Krumholz
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (7) Yeast and Bread, Ginger Bread, Fruit Cake, Angel Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Jelly Roll That Will Roll, Molasses Doughnuts

Mrs. MacLachlan
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (3) Boston Brown Bread, Ginger Bread – Good, One Egg Cake,

Mrs. I. G. Wallace
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (2) Graham Bread, Waffles

Mrs. Martha Ward
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (8)
Liquid Yeast Light Bread, Liquid Yeast Bread, Burnt Sugar Cake, Burnt Sugar Candy, Chocolate Pie, Washing Fluid, Hard White Soap, Mayonnaise Dressing

Mrs. F(red). W. Goodell
(?)Goodell, Camilla A.; born: Oct 8, 1890; died: Apr 10, 1986; cem: Lakeside
Daughter of John and Ella Lou Evans

Recipes: (6)
Soft Ginger Bread, Nut Bread, Salmon Loaf, Banana Pie, Ice Cream, Washing Fluid, Fried Celery

Mrs. A. H. Loughridge
See Obituary Flossie E. Loughridge

Recipes: (1) Biscuits

Mrs. J. W. Fling
Fling, Cynthia A.; born: Jul 1, 1858; died: Jan 23, 1941; cem: Myrtle
Née Field, married Joseph W. Fling, Feb 24, 1884

Recipes: (1) Noodles

Mrs. Franklin Otto
Otto, Dollie Alma; born: Jan 29, 1880; died: Jun 26, 1916; cem: Garwood
Née Wilson, married Franklin Otto, Feb 22, 1905. No obit.

Recipes: (4) Buns, Strawberry Short Cake, Egg Salad, Stuffed Pepper, Pickles

Mrs. Edna Otto
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (1) Scolloped Potatoes

Mrs. Almanor Crim
Daughter of James Lyde and Susie Pinchback Chapman. Married Forrest Crim in June of 1924. See story under weddings.

Recipes: (2) Light Rolls, Chocloate Pudding

Mrs. O. L. Archer
No obit or burial record

Recipes: (1) French Cream Cake

Miss Kittie Clapp
No obit or burial record found, but we don’t know married name if any.

Recipes: (11)
Caramel Cake, Cream Candy, Butter Scotch Candy, Chocolate Caramel Candy, Braised Beef Liver, Roast Spare Rib, Scalloped Oysters, Baked Fish, Fruit Salad, Salad Dressing That Will Keep, Cheese Straws

Mrs. Bessie Martin
Martin, Bessie; born: Oct 6, 1873; died: Dec 7, 1967; cem: Lakeside
Daughter of Phillip and Ellen Hastie

Recipes: (18)
Hickory Nut Cake, Tip Top Cake, Snow Cake, Brown Stone Front Cake, Cookies, Beef Tea, Swiss Steak, Cream Pie, English Pudding, Cottage Pudding, Potato Salad, Salmon Salad, Cucumber Pickles, Piccalilla, White or Cream Sauce, Boiled Dressing, French Dressing, Cream Onions, Stewed Apples in Syrup

Mrs. Elva B. Martin
Martin, Elva Kaziah; born: Jul 20, 1891; died: Aug 3, 1983; cem: Lakeside
Née Brown, married Ralph E. Martin, Mar 19, 1914

Recipes: (2) Banana Cream Pie, Delicious Beets

Mrs. George N. Brown
No obit or burial record found.

Recipes: (4)
Aid Society – Eggless, Milkless, Butterless Cake, Lemon Filling for Cake, Mock Oyster Soup, Pineapple Sherbet

Mrs. J. L. Chapman
Chapman, Susan; born: Sep 25, 1873; died: Apr 21, 1941; cem: Eagle Lake MasonicDaughter of John Joseph and Almanor Frances (Howland) Pinchback, married James Lyde Chapman, Dec 1, 1895. See obit.

Recipes: (7)
Chocolate Cake, White Cake, Cocoanut Pie, Osgood Pie, Butter Scotch Pie, Sweet Cabbage Pickles, Tomato Catsup

Mrs. Ed. R. Frnka
Frnka, Annie; born: Jul 26, 1885; died: Aug 19, 1957; cem: St. MaryDaughter of Jan and Katerina (Procoska) Kallina...married Edward R. Frnka. No obit.

Recipes: (17)
Caramel Cake, Marble Cake, Plain Fruit Cake, Fig Cake, Pistachio Cream Cake, Pound Cake, Fruit Cake Without Eggs, Clove Cake, Chocolate Cake, Coffee Cake, Chocolate Sponge Cake, German Stuffed Cookies, Stuffing for Baked Fish, Rice Muffins, Doughnuts, Salad Dressing, Tomato Jelly

Mrs. Ben. H. Frnka
No burial record or obit found

Recipes: (9)
Chocolate Layer Cake, Cocoa Cake, White Cake, Chicken and Macaroni, Escolloped Chicken, Beefsteak Rolls, Hashed Mutton, Milton Pudding, Egg Sauce

Mrs. C. L. Raver
Could be wife of Christian L. Raver, possibly Carrie A. Raver both buried Mrytle Cemetery but no proof. No obit.

Recipes: (7)
Chocolate Cake, Nut Cake, Spice Cake, Oat Meal Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Junket Ice Cream, Sweet Spice Pickles

Mrs. H. Taylor
Obit and/or burial record has not been identified.

Recipes: (1) Ginger Cake

Mrs. J. C. Taylor
No obit or burial record.

Recipes: (1) Mayonaise Dressing

Mrs. L. E. Cornelius
Cornelius, Lydia Gertrude; born: Aug 29, 1883; died: Apr 11, 1970; cem: Garwood
Daughter of Frank and Eva (Burttschell) Krumpholtz...married Luther Elmer Corneilus. No obit.

Recipes: (10)
Hot Water Sponge Cake, Fruit Cake, Spice Cake, Cookies, Ginger Snaps, Chocolate Pie, Jelly Rolls, Slaw, Salmon Salad, Baked Prunes

Miss Louise Hartmann
Possibly a daughter of Henry and Julie (Swboda) Hartmann.

Recipes: (2) Orange Cake, Cocoa Doughnuts

Mrs. Rose Marschall
No obit or burial record found.

Recipes: (10)
Nut Cake, Mashed Potato Cake, Tongue Rag-UT, Cranberry Souffla, Frozen Desserts, Egg Omelet, Sea Foam Candy, Strawberry Punch Ice Cream, Bavarian Cream Ice Cream, Grapefruit Marmalade

Miss Lena Utterson
No obit or burial record found.

Recipes: (1) Checker Board Cake

Mrs. W. J. Roberts
No obit or burial record found.

Recipes: (15)
Fruit Cake, Chocolate Cake, Spice Cake, Oat Meal Cookies, Tea Cakes, Boiled Ham, Cocoanut Pie, Molasses Pie, Butter Milk Pie, Muffins, Sweet Pickled Peaches, Lemon Sherbet, Chow-Chow, Stuffed Cabbage, Tomato Catsup

Mrs. Jake Brower
Brower, Bettie Florence; born: Oct 4, 1878; died: Jun 29, 1918; cem: Myrtle
Née Jackson, married Jacob Brower

Recipes: (2) Devil’s Food Cake, Angel Food Cake, Chess Pie

Mrs. W. D. Williams
Mary C. Williams, wife of William Deming Williams, Proprietress of the Hotel Garwood.
Williams, Mary; born: Jan 13, 1867; died: 1914; cem: Garwood
Daughter of Jacob and Rebecca (Shouse) Cummins...married William Deming Williams, Sep 27, 1885. No obit.

Recipes: (2) Mahogany Cake, Ice Cream

Alla Pinchback (Mrs. J. J. Pinchback)
Pinchback, Almanor Frances; born: Jul 22, 1847; died: Jun 6, 1932; cem: Pinchback
Daughter of Elijah Piggott and Evelyn Griffin (Sinngs) Howland...married John Joseph Pinchback 1869. See obit on website.

Recipes: (5) Ribbon Cake, Flavoring for Country Sausage, Lemon Pie, Molasses Pie, Date Pie

Mrs. Otto Bishop
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (1) Angel Food Cake

Mrs. Howard
Cannot determine which Mrs. Howard this might be.

Recipes: Metropolitan Cake, Home Fruit Cake, Rice Cakes

Mrs. W. S. Griffits
Likely Fannie Brownson Griffitts, wife of W. S. Griffitts. No obit or burial record found for her. See obit for W. S. Griffitts on website.

Recipes: (2) Buttermilk Yeast Cake, Sweek Pickled Peaches

Mrs. E. Root
No obit or burial record found.

Recipes: (1) Raised Loaf Cake

Miss Evelyn Root
No burial record or obit found

Recipes: (1) Sour Milk* Old book only

Mrs. Charles Mrazek (See husband’s obit on website.)
Bertha Frnka Mrazek, wife of Charles Mrazek, a newspaperman who worked for the Eagle Lake Headlight, established and ran The Garwood Express and bought the Colorado Citizen in about 1916. He died in 1919 and is buried in Schulenburg. No burial record or obit for his wife.

Recipes: (5) Caramel Cake, Spice Cake, Cover for Layer Cake, Chicken Sandwiches, Tongue Mexican Style

Mrs. J. B. Smith
Smith, Nanette; born: 1871; died: 1940; cem: Eagle Lake Masonic. No obit, but see obit of her husband on website.

Recipes: (1) Bachelor’s Cake

Eleanor Chapman
Chapman, Eleanor Adair; born: Jan 9, 1849; died: Sep 14, 1923; cem: Osage
Née Lide, married George S. Chapman, Oct 18, 1867. See obit on website.

Recipes: (1) Angel Food Cake

Mrs. Clara Brate
Brate, Clara Belle; born: Apr 30, 1877; died: Feb 6, 1938; cem: Eagle Lake Masonic
Daughter of Edward Gerrard. No obit.

Recipes: (7)
Caramel Icing, Gold Angel Food Cake, Nut Cookies, Caramel Nut Pie, Sour Cream Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream, How to Cook Rice to Keep the Grains Separate

Mrs. Hanly
(?)Hanly, Mary Luella; born: Mar 7, 1870; died: Apr 5, 1954; cem: Eagle Lake Masonic
Daughter of John Pinkerton, married Edward William Hanly. No obit.

Recipes: (2) Chocolate Cake, Chow Chow

Mrs. Lloyd D. Chappell
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (2) “Schooldays” Cake, Salmon Turbet

Mrs. J(ohn). E. Coffeit
Coffelt, Elizabeth; born: unknown; died: Apr 1975; cem: Myrtle

Recipes: (1) Cake

Mrs. Corinne Pinchback
Pinchback, Corinne; born: Jun 30, 1893; died: Jul 12, 1983; cem: Eagle Lake Masonic
Née Jones, married James R. Pinchback

Recipes: (5) Marshmallow Icing, Pineapple Pie, Cocoanut Pie, Waffles. Pimento Salad

Mrs. Pansy McLeod
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (2) Apple Sauce Cake, Plain Pickles

Mrs W. Chapman – Mrs W. T. Chapman
Possibly Blanche Howard Chapman first wife of William Seagler Chapman

Recipes: (2) Stuffed Eggs (with salmon filling), Salmon Croquettes

Mrs. Myra Chapman
Chapman, Myra I.; born: Jun 12, 1896; died: Jun 9, 1968; cem: Garwood
Daughter of William D. and Mary C. Williams...married William S. Chapman. See obit on website.

Recipes: (2) White Cake, Cake Icing

Mrs. Lena Venghaus
(?)Venghaus, Adelina Elisa Christine; born: Sep 26, 1890; died: Sep 18, 1966; cem: Lakeside
Daughter of A. C. Kramer, married August John Venghaus. See obit on website. She lived in Garwood at one time.

Recipes: (4) Devil Cake, Mustard Pickles, Corn Relish, Tomato Catsup

Mrs. W. A. Dallas
Dallas, Georgie; born: Jul 1875; died: 1959; cem: Eagle Lake Masonic
Née Ziegler, married William Andrew Dallas in 1895. No obit.

Recipes: (5) Fudge Cake, Sticky Pecan Cake, Candy Balls, Candy, Lemon Ice Cream

Mrs. F. J. Kallin(a)?
Likely Emilie Frnka Kallina, wife of Frank Joseph Kallina. See obit on web site.

Recipes: (1) Date Stick Cake

Miss Josephine Kallina
No obit or burial record found. Possibly a granddaughter of Emilie and Frank Kallina, Josephine K. Kallina mentioned in Emilie’s obit.

Recipes: (1) Lemon Pie

Mrs. J. L. Mabrey
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (1) White Squares Cake

Mrs. John J. Hopkins
Hopkins, Kate; born: Nov 25, 1877; died: Sep 10, 1973; cem: Lakeside
Daughter of James Wright and Fannie (McGary) Gillespie, married John J. Hopkins, Jul 10, 1907

Recipes: (13)
Hawaiian Cake, Mocha Filling for Cake, Date Loaf, Divinity Fudge, Date Rocks, Delicious Custard Pie, Cocoanut Pie, Lemon Pie DeLuxe, Pineapple Pie, Chess Pie, Pineapple Pudding, Cherry Pudding, Cheese Souffle

Edna Schilling
Schilling, Edna Letha; born: Jul 9, 1900; died: Apr 2, 1971; cem: Columbus Odd Fellows
Daughter of Earl and Willie (McGinnis) van Dorn, married Louis C. Schilling

Recipes: (1) Golden Orange Cake

Lillie Schilling
Schilling, Lillie Marian; born: May 11, 1890; died: Jan 19, 1978; cem: Myrtle
Daughter of Louis and Rebecca (Poehler) Beckmeyer, married Fritz Marcus Schilling

Recipes: (1) White Cake

Mrs. H. W. Huvar
Huvar, Frances; born: 1885; died: 1969; cem: St. Mary
Née Matcek, married Henry William Huvar. No obit.

Recipes: (5) White Cake, Dressing for Fish, Lemon Cream Pie, Doughnuts, Cheese Straws

Mrs. Slawson
No burial record or obit.

Recipes: (15)
Oat Meal Cookies, Jellied Chicken, Smothered Steak, Beef Loaf, Stuffed Ribs, Slamon Croquettes, Cream Puffs, Slamon Salad, Chopped Pickles, Mustard Pickles, Mixed Pickles, Marbled Beans, Marshmallow Icing, Mayonaise Dressing, Italian Potatoes

Mrs. J. W. Pinchback
Pinchback, Ada G.; born: Mar 12, 1891; died: May 3, 1967; cem: Lakeside.
See obit on website

Recipes: (6)
Oat Meal Cookies, Date and Nut Bars, Pecan Roll, Tamalla Loaf, Osgood Pies, Corn Relish

Mrs. J. R. Pinchback
Pinchback, Alma J.; born: Jun 1, 1847; died: Jan 22, 1929; cem: Columbus Odd Fellows
Daughter of Caswell and Mary Young Pinckney (Allen) Coates, .married John Robert Hester, Jan 1, 1868, married James Richard Pinchback, May 1893

Recipes: (1) Peanut Butter Fudge

Miss Mary Sue Pinchback
No obit or burial record found.

Recipes: (1) Salad Dressing

Mrs. F. C. Kouns
No burial record or obit.

Recipes: (3) Superior Chocolate Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Fudge

Mrs. Otto

Recipes: (1) Strawberry Short Cake*

Mrs. Lewis Brownson
Brownson, Sidney Ann; born: Apr 15, 1849; died: Jan 19, 1918; cem: Golden Rod
Daughter of John D. and Melissa Harris, married Lewis Brownson, Feb 28, 1869

Recipes: (1) Sweet Pickled Peaches

Mrs. Leona Otto
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (2) Christmas Cookies, Paulines Ginger Cookies

Mrs. William K. Lehrer
William Kaiser and Dottie Ann (Shaw) Lehrer per burial record of their son, Willliam Newton Lehrer. No obit.

Recipes: (3) Nut Cookies, Cream Pralines, Date Nut Pudding

Mrs. W. H. Shaw
Shaw, Annie B.; born: Dec 3, 1870; died: Apr 1, 1943; cem: Weimar Odd Fellows
Daughter of Robert Frazer, married William H. Shaw. See obit on website.

Recipes: (2) Cookies, Salad Dressing, Velvet Ice Cream

Mrs. Edith Martin
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (2) Nougat, Divinity

Miss Marietta McLachlan
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (3) Margarittes, Boston Cheese Roast, Cheese Souffla

Mrs. McLachlan
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (2) Emergency Pudding, Sliced Cucumber Pickles

Mrs. Mary M. Horn
Horn, Mary M.; born: Jan 12, 1901; died: Jan 12, 1988; cem: Lakeside
Married Thomas Horn. No obit

Recipes: (3) Peanut Butter Fudge, Bacon and Egg Sandwiches, Egg Plant

Miss Era Mae Pinchback
No burial record or obit, but I don’t know her married name.

Recipes: (1) Taffy

Mrs. J. F. Ulery
Likely the wife of Joseph F. Ulery. No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (1) Pecan Candy

Miss Clara Linder
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (1) Date Loaf

Mrs. Boyd Nave
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (3) Chicken Salad, Peach Sweet Pickle, Egg Salad

Mrs. Will Ludwig
(?)Ludwig, Katie Rose; born: Aug 9, 1883; died: Oct 29, 1964; cem: St. Anthony
Daughter of John and Elizabeth (Witte) Braden. Probably. See her obit on website. She lived in Garwood at the time of the cookbook.

Recipes: (3) Baked Chicken and Sweet Potatoes, Potato Salad, Watermelon Ice

Mrs. Joe Ludwig
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (1) To Can Corn, Can Tomatoes

Miss Lena Utterson
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (1) Veal Loaf

Mrs. M. L. Heiman
Heimann, Elizabeth; born: Nov 19, 1886; died: Aug 22, 1964; cem: Columbus Odd Fellows
Daughter of John Benedict and Johanna Marie (Osthoff) Walling, married Martin Lewis Heimann. No obit.

Recipes: (4) Buns, Tomato Soup, Sugar Cured Meat, Bran Muffins

Mrs. E. B. McLaughlan
No obit or burial record found.

Recipes: (5) Chocolate Tart, Clabber Pie, Snow Pudding, Apple Dumpling, Brine for Curing Meat

Mrs. Mary Thrasher
No obit or burial record found. Probably Mary Dickson Thrasher, wife of Arthur Thrasher.

Recipes: (3) Vinegar Pie, Fruit Salad, Cucumber Pickles

Mrs. O. A. Braden
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (1) Bread Pudding

Mrs. A. A. Maerz
Maerz, Josephine J.; born: May 1, 1876; died: Aug 14, 1967; cem: St. Mary
Married Adolph A Maerz

Recipes: (2) Sweet Pickled Peaches, Mustard Beans

Mrs. J. M. Harry
Harry, Martha Jane; born: Nov 24, 1889; died: Oct 6, 1976; cem: Lakeside
Daughter of John and Mollie (Brimage) Ferguson, married Jesse Mack Harry in 1906. No obit.

Recipes: (2) Salmon Balls, Stuffed Peppers

Mrs. Allen
No burial record or obit found.

Recipes: (1) Mayonaise Dressing

Mrs. C. N. Williams
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (3) Rumage Pickles, Spanish Pickles, Tomato Bullion

Mrs. W. H. Pinchback
Pinchback, Daisy B.; born: Nov 2, 1887; died: Jan 14, 1972; cem: Lehrer
Née Brownson, married William Howland Pinchback

Recipes: (1) Mince Meat

Mrs. Herriott
No obit or burial record found

Recipes: (1) Green Tomato Soy

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