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Bible of Tom and Lizzie Payne Wadsworth

No title page when records were copied in 1982. Bible was in possession of Wiley Wadsworth McIntosh,
daughter of Lizzie Payne Wadsworth.

Submitted by Ernest Mae Seaholm



Wiley Fleming Wadsworth was born Dec.15, 1893

Thomas Jefferson Wadsworth was born June 8, 1895

Edgar Lee Wadsworth born June 16, 1897

James Roy Wadsworth was born July 21, 1899

Fredric Turner Wadsworth was born Dec. 20, 1900




Thomas Dixon Wadsworth and Miss Lizzie Payne were married Jan. 3. 1893

Edgar Lee Wadsworth and Miss Leona Becker married July 20, 1928

Thos. J. Wadsworth and Miss Babe Rouse married 1931

Wiley F. Wadsworth and Atlee L. McIntosh married Jan. 24, 1932




Mrs. T. D. Wadsworth Died Jan. 17, 1901 [in Colorado Co., TX]

James Roy Wadsworth Died Feb. 2, 1900 [in Colorado Co., TX]

Fredric Turner Wadsworth Died March 13, 1901 [in Colorado Co., TX]

Samantha Ellen Wadsworth Died Nov. 4, 1910

Thomas Dixon Wadsworth Died Feb. 24, 1926

Thos. Jefferson Wadsworth Died Feb. 5, 1932

Frank L. Wallace Bible

Transcription of Bible of Frank L. and Mary Emma Wallace
by Dorothy Albrecht (Contact Rox Ann Johnson)
(Frontice piece was not available)


Frank L. Wallace and M. E. Baldwin married at Columbus, Texas Jany 2d, 1878

Keity L. Wallace and Ida Mae Ramsey married at Altair, Texas by H. Thomas June 12, 1901

Arthur Jefferson Wallace and Jewel Marie Rives married at San Antonio, Texas Mar 21, 1911

Edwin Eugene Miller and Maud Wallace married Dec. 22, 1906 at Houston, Texas

Agnes Ford Wallace and James W. Murray married May 4th 1911 in San Antonio, Texas


Ida May Baldwin born Nov 14, 1871 at Columbus, Tex

Eddie Heywood Wallace born Oct 20th, 1870 at Boque Chitto. Miss Pike Co

Ida Lula Wallace born in Lavaca Co Tex Dec 15, 1872

Clifford Larett Wallace born in Harrisburg, Harris Co., Tex June 15, 1875

Alonzo Fredrick Wallace born in Columbus, Tex Nov 5, 1878

Willie Franklin Wallace born in Columbus, Tex July 8, 1880

Arthur Jefferson Wallace born in San Antonio, Tex March 12, 1883

Maud Wallace born March 28, 1887 Columbus, Tex

Agnes Ford Wallac born Oct.24. 1887 at Columbus, Texas

Jewel Marie Wallace born May 16th, 1912 at San Antonio, Tex

Marguerite Miller - Dec. 20. 2907 at S. A.

Jewel Miller - June 19, 1909 at S. A.


Ida May Baldwin Died Aug 12, 1878 at Columbus, Texas

Eddie Heywood Wallace Died Oct 20th, 1873 In Lavaca Co. Texas

Mr. Frank L. Wallace Died Aug 9th, 1887 at Columbus, Texas

Mrs. Ida May Wallace died Oct 22, 1918 at Glidden, Texas

Mrs. Mary Emma (MeMa) Wallace died June 30, 1941 at San Antonio, Tex

James Wright Bible

Transcription; Bible of James Wright, early Colorado County plantation owner(1852-1867)

From: Robert W. Gillespie

Marriages of children:

Julia Ann Wright married Feby 13, 1844

Mary E. Wright married July 31, 1856

Births and Deaths:

James Wright born Sept 11, 1796 died February 1, 1867

Joanna P. Wright born Sept 14, 1806 died August 6, 1843

John W. P. Wright born Feby 18, 1824 died August 1, 1844

Julia Ann Wright born Feby 10, 1826 died Dec 8, 1897

Thomas Griffin Wright born Feby 14, 1830 died June 27, 1864

Mary Emily Elizabeth Wright born Oct 27, 1835 died November 1st, 1865


James Wright Gillespie born Novemb 2, 1844

Thomas H. Gillespie born Jan----------5

Martha J. Gillespie born May 1st, 1849

John W. P. Gillespie born August 1852

William E. Gillespie born July 1852 (mistake?)

Andrew J. Gillespie born 1855

Slave Birth dates:

Roseanne born March 1855

Booker born 1855

Mary Eliza born March 1856

Mitcheal born Dec 1st 1857

Job born Dec 29 1857

Amanda born Jan 1858

Phill born Feb 1858

Frances born April 1858

Lizzie born Dec 1858

Antionette born March 1859

Edmond born Oct 15 1859

Louis born Feb 1860

Laura born March 1860

Rosetta born June 22nd 1860

Sxxxaline born 1852

Rena born 1852

Sallie born 1850

David born 1852

Jesabelle born July 20, 1860

Victoria born xxxx 24th 1861


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