Colorado County Bible Records


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Turner Family Record

found on paper in the Zachariah Payne Bible of Frederick and Mary Turner, copied for Nancy Payne by William Turner.

Bible of William Jacob Taylor and Susan Laura Jones Taylor

Published by American Bible Society in 1884 (was in possession of Ernest Mae Seaholm, Eagle Lake, TX)


Wm. J. Taylor was born November 16th 1850
Susan L. Taylor was born June 28th 1852
Samuel Albert Taylor was born March 12th 1872
Elizabeth Alberter Taylor was born Dec. 21st 1874
William Warren Taylor was born June 3rd 1877
George Thomas Taylor was born Jan 19th 1880
Henry Judson Taylor was born September 23rd 1882
Susan Effie Taylor was born July 7th 1885
Robert A. Taylor was born 22nd of Sep. 1889
Dan Stafford Taylor was born Nov. 20th 1893


W. J. Taylor and Susan L. Jones was married March the 28th 1871


William Warren Taylor died Feb. 17th 1882 [buried in Georgia]
Susan L. Taylor died May 22nd 1923 [buried Masonic Cem. in Eagle Lake, TX]
Samuel Albert Taylor died Nov. 3, 1923 [buried in Lakeside in Eagle Lake, TX]
W. J. Taylor died April 8th 1930 [buried in Masonic Cem. in Eagle Lake, TX]
Dan Stafford Taylor died April 25th , 1956 [buried in Masonic Cem. in Eagle Lake,TX]
Henry Judson Taylor died Jan. 28, 1952
Robert A. Taylor died Oct. 18, 1945
Lizzie Payne died Aug. 17, 1972 [buried in Masonic Cem. in Eagle Lake, TX]

Bible of James Paine Taylor and Nannie Windrow Taylor

(in possession of Sally Witchell of San Antonio, TX when copies were made)

Submitted by Ernest Mae Seaholm


James Paine Taylor and Wife Nannie Windrow and their Children

James Paine Taylor son of James Lee and Mary Elizabeth Taylor was born in Haywood County Tennessee September 27th 1847

Nannie C. Daughter of Cleve and S. A. [Sallie Payne] Windrow was born in Columbus Colorado County Texas on the 17th April 1861

Sallie Elizabeth Daughter of Jams. P. and Nannie C. Windrow Taylor was born in Colorado County Jan. 22nd 1881 at farm home near Weimar & Baptized by Methodist minister

Frankie Windrow Daughter of James P. & Nannie C. Taylor was born in Weimar Colorado County Jan. 4, 1883

James Lee was born in the town of Weimar on the 7th day of August a. d. 1885 son of James Paine Taylor & Nannie Windrow Taylor

Florence Augusta dau. of James Paine Taylor and Nannie Windrow Taylor was born September the 29th 1888 in the town of Weimar Texas Baptized May 3rd '89 By Reverend T. B. Graves

Cleve Windrow son of Jam. P. and Nannie C. Taylor was born in Weimar Texas August 12th 1892 Baptized by Methodist minister

Nannie Alice Taylor daughter of James Paine Taylor and Nannie Windrow Taylor born Apr 3 1899, Weimar Texas baptized by Methodist Min.


Grandchildren and gr. Grand children of Nannie Windrow Taylor and James Paine Taylor

Dorothy Elizabeth daughter of Arthur S. & Sallie [Taylor] Witchell Nov. 23-1910 606 Adams St. San Antonio, Tex.

Arthur Sidney Witchell son of Arthur S. & Sallie [Taylor] Witchell Aug. 2nd 1918 606 Adams St. San Antonio Tex. Died Jun 1st 1976

Grandson Cleve Lee Taylor son of Cleve Windrow Taylor and Pearl Klein Taylor 2nd wife March 8-1941 San Francisco, California

great grand daughter Patricia Ann Rose daughter of John L. Rose and Dorothy Witchell Rose born May 11, 1938 M & S Hospital, San Antonio TX grandparents Arthur S. and Sallie Taylor Witchell; Albert F. and Amelia Blane Rose Christened at St. Marks Church Edith Herndon Grd. Mother

great grand daughter Phyllis Diane Rose daughter of Dorothy Witchell and John L. Rose born July 5th 1946 S. A. Texas Santa Rosa Hospital Christened at St. Marks Church Dorothy Witchell Grd mother; Arthur S. Witchell, Jr. Grd father; Edith Hermon Grd mother also Grand parents Arthur S Witchell, Sr. Sallie Taylor Witchell

Helen Barbara Taylor Daughter of Cleve Windrow Taylor and Helen Taylor San Francisco Calif. Feb 23 1915

Sidney Alice Price daughter of Sidney Earl Price and Nannie Alice Taylor Price born Nov 6, 1923 Marya Ville, California

Jean Anne Grosjean Daughter of John C. Grosjean and Florence Augusta [Taylor] Grosjean Born March 4, 1929 Mariposa, California

James Daniel Price son of Sidney Earl Price and Nannie Alice Taylor Price born June 26, 1930 in Oakland, California.

Great granddaughter Shanon Pitkin, daughter of Thos. Pitkin and Barbara Ann Hayln Pitkin born Oct. 27, 1946 Presbyterian Hospital, San Juan, Puerto Rico grandmother Marrion Pitkin

Charles William Tait Bible

John E. Potter and Company, No. 617 Sansom Street, Philadelphia
Bequeathed to Elbert Tait, submitted by Ernest Mae Seaholm


Charles William Tait married to Louise E. Williams Feb 14th 1848 in Fayette Co., Texas
Martha married Dec 18th 1845
Sarah married Jan. 5th 1848
Charles married Feb 14, 1848
Rebecah married Nov. 29th 1848
Caroline Louisa Tait married July 21st 1859 to John S. Shropshire
Caroline Tait married Wells Thompson Feb 1871
William Tait married to Mathilda Louise Auerbach June 23rd 1896
Robert Elbert Tait married Alice Pohler June 26, 1934 Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church Shiner, Texas


Charles Wm Tait born June 4th 1815
Louisa M. Tait born July 23rd 1827

Issue of Charles Wm and Louisa M. Tait

Head born Feb 8, 1849
Caroline born Sept. 28, 1850
Jane born April 13th 1854
Gilmer born April 13th , 1854
Robert born Oct. 18th 1855
Martha born Aug 4th 1859
William born Feb 14th 1861
Louisa born Tuesday May th 1863
Ultima born Dec 31st 1865
Hattie Louise Tait born July 12th 1897
Charles William Tait born Oct 9, 1894
Robert Elbert Tait born Nov 1, 1902
Frank Auerbach Tait born Sept 6, 1907
Joseph Tait born March 19, 1911
Mathilda Louise Auerbach Born July 2, 1870, Died May 24, 1954
William Tait Feb 14, 1861
Charles William Tait Oct 9, 1899


Head Tait died August 6, 1849
Jane Tait died May 1st 1853
Gilmer Tait died Feb. 6th 1854
Ultima Tait died Feb. 6th 1866
Martha Tait died Sept. 2nd 1869
Charles Wm Tait died Nov 2nd 1878
Louisa M. Tait died Dec 18th 1896
Joseph Tait died March 25, 1911
Charles Tait died

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