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Robert Boyd Miles Family Bible

The Holy Bible

Published by Peter J. Talty, Dallas, Tx

Submitted by Ernest Mae Seaholm

(Bible now in possession of Mrs. Jean Linke Williams of Eagle Lake, TX)

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated

between R. B. Miles of Colorado Co. and M. E. Simmons of Colorado Co. on

31st day January 1878 at Mr. Benj. Simmons by Rev. J. S. Miles.

Witness: A. L. Townsend and A. R. Cone


F. Miles Julia Obenhouse was married the December 24-1907

J. H. Miles Mary Halyard was married October 6-1908

Benard F. Miles and Julia Obenhaus was married Dec. 24-1907

John H. Miles Mamie Halyard was married Oct. 6 1908

Alvin W. Linke Beulah M. Miles marries Dec. 2-1923 Sunday at home


Benj. F. Miles was born in Colorado Co.Texas on 22nd day October A. D. 1880

John H. Miles was born in Colorado Co. Texas January 15th A. D. 1885

William E. Miles was born in Colorado Co Texas September 20th day 1887

Beulah Maud Miles was born in Colorado Co, Texas. January 1st day 1892

James Robert Linke born Aug 21 1951

Jerald Dale Williams born Nov 8 1955

Derward Miles was Borned November 5th 1908

Roxie D. Miles Borned August 17th 1909

Duglas J. Miles Borned Septem 12th 1911

Margurite Miles was born Nov.22 1921

R. B. Linke. Born October 3-1925-9 O'clock

Dortha Gene Linke was borned November 4 1931 at Eagle Lake, Tx. 6 o'clock


William E. Miles departed this life on 26th day September, 1887

Benard F. Miles departed this life on June 7. 1923 at 1: o'clock. Weimar Texas.

John H Miles passed away Feb 12. 1948 at Eagle Lake Hospital Rev. Albert BrownOfficiated. Buried at Lakeside Cemetary.

Mrs. R. B. Miles. Esther M. Miles Died Sept 9, 1943 at the home of her only daughter at Eagle Lake Texas was intered in Family Cemetary at Live Oak near Weimar Texas

R. B. Miles Died Dec 9. 1944 at the home of his only daughter was buried Dec. 11 Monday 1944. Live Oak Cemetery

Mrs. Cordelia Simmons died 25 of November in 1929

Mrs. C. Simmons died the 25th of Nov 1929 home of her daug. Mrs. R. B. Miles

On page labeled Family Temperance Pledge

Esther M. Simmons Miles was born June 24 1860 near Weimar Texas

Robert Boyd Miles, Born in LaFayette Co. Mississippi Mar 16 1853. Came to Texas 1869 Settled near Ramsey Texas. 4 children born to this union. 2 preceded him in death.


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The Herbert-Montgomery-Dromgoole Bible


James Steen Montgomery Bible

Submitted by Dorothy Elkins Cox

Family Record


James S. Montgomery and Frances Gilbert married June 7 1814

Thomas H, Webb and Jane Sophia Montgomery married Aug 17th 1845

John G. Montgomery and Ann E. Stockton married Feby 11th 1853

Laura Ann Montgomery and John Shelby McNeele married April 16th 1844


James S. Montgomery was born May 11th 1788

Frances Montgomery was born Novr 25th 1794

Sarah M. Montgomery was born Sepr 14th 1815

John G. Montgomery was born Feby 21 1817

Samuel Montgomery was born Dec 27th 1818

Jane Montgomery was born Sepr 11 1820

Samuel S. Montgomery was born June 10th 1822

Wm. W. Montgomery was born May 15th 1824

Jane S. Montgomery was born March 22 1826

Laura Ann Montgomery was born Jany 22nd 1829

John G. Montgomery was born Nov 11 1850

James B. Montgomery was born Dec 22 1834


James B. Montgomery died July 1836

Laura Ann Wynn  (nee Montgomery) died Sepr 17th 1855

Samuel Montgomery died Sepr 1819

John G. Montgomery died Oct 1827

Jane Montgomery died Aug 1826

James S. Montgomery died May 1st 1864 in the 76th year of age

Mr. B. F. Montgomery died Dec 18th 1889

Mrs. Frances Montgomery died March 28th 1872

Wm. W. Montgomery died Novr 1874

Mrs. Jane S. Webb (nee Montgomery) died Jany 7th 1878

John G. Montgomery died June 10th 1878

Samuel S. Montgomery died .......

Dr. T. H. Webb died May 23rd 1889

Mrs. Margie Watts, daughter of J. G. Montgomery died March Tuesday 24th 1891 10:30 PM in the 27th year of her life.

W. W. Watts died Monday April 3rd 1893 at 8:30 o'clock

Mrs. Jennie M. Elliott (nee Montgomery, daughter of J. G.) died 10.30 o'clock Friday April 7th 1893

(This Bible record appears to have been written at a later date.) 

Some marriages are not recorded here.  Some of the early births of James S. and Frances Gilbert Montgomery were born in Jefferson Co. MS. and died there before the family came to Texas.  Search has been made to locate their graves but they have been lost.


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