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Colorado County Bible Records "G"

Allen A. Johnson Family Bible

Bible in fragile condition

The Revised Version of A. D. 1881

(Now in possession of Gene Linke, Eagle Lake, TX)

Submitted by Ernest Mae Seaholm



Allen Johnson was married to Lee A. Cooper on the Sixteenth of Sept 1885

Allen Johnson Was married to L. L. Green September the 12 1895


L. L. Johnson Born Nov 3 1874

A. Johnson born June the 21 1858

L. A. Johnson born January the 12 1868

J J Johnson born Oct the 1 1849

(one name cut out of the record)

Celia A Johnson Born Feb the 11 1864

Dan Johnson Born Oct 6th 1822

E J Johnson Born Nov 6th 1830

S J Johnson Born June 1th 1855

J G W Johnson Born May 25th 1848

B V Johnson Born May 1th 1851

Anie Johnson an Jane Born Nov 18th 18 [Page is torn and some information missing on this and following entries.]

S O Green Was Born Oct 3 1849

S N Green Was Born Jan;

Allen Lee Johnson Born 16

Violia J Johnson Born July

Leona Johnson---


Q. L. Green died April 3th 1917

John Johnson died Jan the 10 1880

R. B. Johnson died october third 1870

Dandridge Johnson died June the 27 1893

H. M. Johnson Born 1835 Died Feb 15 1905

Lee A Johnson died Jan the 20 1894

Allen Lee Johnson died Feb 12 1894

S N Green died Sept 12 1880

S O Green died Feb 8 1890

Celia A Johnson Died Dec 7 1897

George Johnson Died August 15 1896

R. E. Green Died dec. 6 1902

--J Johnson Died oct 5 1903 [Page torn and entried are listed as they are readible.

--V. Johnson Sept 23 1903

Died July 2 1903



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